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Is a 26 Women’s Cruiser Bike Right for Me? – Buy w/ Free shipping!

When determining if a 26 women's cruiser bike is right for you, you probably go through a list of questions in your head:

These questions are typical of any bike purchase, but the questions you should be asking are a bit more specific.

Here are some of the women's cruiser bikes we offer for sale online:


You should consider questions like:

26 women's cruiser bike

The more specific your questions are, the more informative the answers to those questions will be.

Purchasing a 26 women's cruiser bike could require that you are at least somewhat aware of bikes, bike accessories, bike materials, and more. We also recommend getting a women’s cruiser bike with basket while you're at it!

Contemplating purchasing a cruiser bike is a lot like purchasing electronics. Before you step into the store, or go to an online shop, you need to know which product specifications you want. Some of the seemingly insignificant bike accessories, like tires, can be incredibly important, especially when it comes to tire size. The more research you do prior to actually purchasing, the better.

Different Tire Sizes, Though 26 Women's Cruiser Bike Most Common

Tire sizes for cruisers range generally from 16 inches, to 26 inches. You can purchase wheels that are smaller and larger than this range, but fewer manufacturers make and sell such tires. When choosing tire sizes, it is common to choose a size, based either on height (in feet) or age. These are the two easiest methods to determine the proper wheel size to purchase.

Sometimes, a rider can avoid having to upgrade his or her cruiser bike frame when purchasing larger wheels. 15 inch bike frames, for instance, can accommodate wheel sizes of 24 inches to 26 inches. In other instances, for example upgrading from 20 inch wheels to 24 inch wheels, riders will usually need to upgrade from a 12 inch bike frame to a 15 inch bike frame. To find the bike frame size when looking at women’s beach cruisers, attempt to locate a sticker on the frame with that information, or ask the company for their bike manufacturing specifications.

How to Choose Tires Based on Height

A beach cruiser rider can choose their tires based on their height. However, depending on how tall a rider is, there can be some overlap regarding which tires to purchase. Some tires can work in multiple height ranges. A person who is 5 feet tall, for instance, can use tires that are either 24 inches or 26 inches. While either tire size will do in such a circumstance, the best option is to go with 26 inch tires, especially if the rider is young and is growing.

For individuals who are anywhere from 5 feet and taller, 26 inch tires are recommended. 26 inch tires are great for adult-sized beach cruisers and most pre-teens, who have still yet to grow, are usually at or over 5 feet in height. In this case, purchasing 26 inch tires is a smart investment when it comes to biking around. Although physiologically, women are slightly shorter than men, a 26 women's cruiser bike will be able to accommodate the majority of adults of either gender.

26 Women's Cruiser Bike Tires are Mostly for Adults

When determining which tires to purchase based on your age, the most common setup is a 26 Women's Cruiser Bike. A 26 inch tire can be installed on a beach cruiser for riders aged 11 and up. At around age 11, a person will be the size of a small adult, anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5 feet, so it makes sense to use a small adult-sized beach cruiser at that time. 26 inch wheels are mostly used on adult beach cruisers.

26 women's cruiser bike cream tires

Why Does Tire Size Matter?

If your tires are too small for your bike frame, they may not fit properly. The same can occur if your tires are too large for your bike frame. You need tires that can be installed, and that will provide a comforting beach cruise. This means purchasing tires that are meant to for your bike frame, height, and age.

While some tire sizes can accommodate multiple bike frame sizes, not all can. If you are wondering whether you need a specific bike tire size when shopping for a women’s beach cruiser, contact the manufacturer of your bike frame or the dealer who sold you the bike. Or feel free to leave us a comment below and we'll get to it asap!

How Do I Know If a Tire Size is Right for Me?

The 26 women's cruiser bike features the most popular tire size in this bike genre. Adults need 26 inch tires due to their age, height, and bike frame size. As such, this size of tire should be the first one you consider when purchasing new tires for your bike. However, while most adult riders will use 26 inch tires, if a rider is under 5 feet and is an adult, he or she may be better off using 24 inch tires instead.

Budgeting for Tires

In general, bike tires can range in price from $20 to over $100. You are paying for quality. The more you spend, the higher quality your bike tires will be. When it comes to beach cruiser tires, you should spend as much as your cruiser tire budget allows. Beaches are not like tracks or flat pavement. There are little rocks, rough patches, shells, and more lining the beach that can deflate lower-quality tires. The tires we use on our cruiser are top quality to make sure you have a comfy low maintenance ride!

Even the best 26 inch bike tire may deflate once in a while. Purchasing quality tires means the difference between having tires that deflate rarely, and those that do regularly. Beach sand is also uneven and constantly varying in wetness, so you will be putting more pressure on the tires to control the bike.

Rather than purchase many sets of low-end beach cruiser tires, replacing them when they break, purchase higher-end tires instead. Better tires are better investments, because they last longer and contribute to the enjoyment of biking on the beach. Invest in a quality 26 women's cruiser bike!

26 beach cruiser tires fat

What to Look for When Purchasing Tires

While you want beach cruiser tires of a certain height, you also want to make sure that your tires have treads and are thick enough to go beach cruising with. When it comes to tire treads, you need treads that can withstand beaches. All women’s beach cruisers that you see will have treaded tires, as they are a necessity, but treads can vary in depth and ability. Beaches can vary in wetness, and are usually uneven. Unlike biking through the city on flat pavement, you need tire treads that can withstand a constantly-changing surface like the beach.

Make sure that your tires are at least 2 inches in width as well. Fat tires (also another name for beach cruiser tires) are essential for beach cruising. The larger the tire, the more control you can exert over the bike. The tradeoff is that your bike will be slower and take longer to accelerate, but these results do not matter when beach cruising or beachcombing like the old timers call it, which is slow and relaxing.

The Peace Cruiser and Why It Should Interest You!

When it comes to beach cruising, you need to purchase a quality cruiser. The quality of your cruiser will determine how much enjoyment you get out of biking on the beach. It is no fun to ride a bike that constantly falls apart, due to its low quality after all! The best women’s beach cruisers will be made of high-quality materials like a robust steel frame and alloy parts, feature quality cruiser parts, and lot of awesome features standard.

The Peace Puppy is one lightweight cruiser! It features standard calipers, a robust front basket, 3 speed internal gears, a small chain guard, front and rear lighting, and a comfy saddle. The Puppy Cruisers provides you with every bike feature you need to enjoy a comfortable ride around the beach, at any time of the day.

A Professional Is Defined by Her Tool Set

The best professionals use the best tools. Stone masons use the best chisels. Artists use the best brushes. Programmers use the best computers. In every industry, whether professional or personal in scope, the tools allow the professional to unlock their expertise and reach new depths. The same is true for beach cruising. When looking at women’s beach cruisers, choose the best one that you can afford. This is one market where you really get what you pay for!

The bicycle you choose, as well as the cruiser accessories and components that make up that cruiser, will determine your experience while riding. One of the most important accessories, the tire, is a necessity to get correct. Choosing the right tires is vital to ensuring your ride is slow, comfortable, and luxurious.

Next Steps

Purchasing a 26 women's cruiser bike is no small task. It requires a lot of research and planning. Beach cruisers are wonderful bikes that are enjoyed by many for leisurely rides, commuting, and even sport. As such, the more knowledge you have prior to purchasing women’s beach cruisers for sale, the better decisions you will make regarding the bike itself. You will be able to choose higher-quality bikes within your budget, made with higher quality materials like aluminum alloy. If there is one thing to take away from this article, it is that 26 inch tires are the most common tire for adult cruiser riders.

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