Cardio is a great benefit of bicycling

84 Benefits of Bicycling

Benefits of Bicycling

It can be argued that the benefits of bicycling outweigh every other physical activity. There's really no exercise that can provide both the mental and physical advantages that biking can. You can enjoy biking benefits whether you're 8 or 80. You can ride your bike to work and save money. By opting for two wheels instead of four you're saving the environment. In a word, bikes are 'awesome.' Especially Dutch Bikes.  Let's take a look at more of those bicycling benefits:

Great Form of Cardio Exercise

Regular cardiovascular exercise like biking is something we can all benefit from. Even if you don't want to be a 'musclehead' and pump iron at a gym, getting your lungs and respiratory system in shape while dropping a few pounds in the process is a responsible lifestyle choice.

Unfortunately, a lot of cardiovascular exercise is either hard on the body (running), inconvenient (swimming), or offers minimal benefits (elliptical). Bicycling is almost the perfect form of cardio because you can ride your bike to work or to do errands and get exercise during tasks you were going to do anyway.

Tones Your Calves and Thighs

Another benefit of bicycling is that it is a multi-functional exercise. In many ways you're combining cardio with strength training when you go for a cruise on your two-wheeler.

Obviously one of the biggest areas that you're going to tone up on your body is your legs. Specifically, your calves and thighs are going to get an incredible workout, especially if you choose to take your Peace Bicycle up hills or on the beach where the terrain is rougher. You'll really feel the muscle burn of your strengthened and toned calves, thighs, hamstring, and glutes.

bicycling benefits include stronger calves

Helps Build Arm Strength

Don't assume that if you're going to be biking regularly that you're going to have ripped legs but a flabby upper body to go with it (the opposite of skipping leg day.) Instead, you'll find that your arms are going to get a heck of a benefit as well.

It takes some upper body strength to steer your bicycle while balancing and controlling it as you encounter different terrains. While your legs are going to bare the brunt of the workout, you'll notice your biceps, triceps, neck, back, and even hands become stronger over time after bike riding.

A Low Impact form of Exercise

Some people might argue that if they want to get exercise and a good cardio workout it is much less expensive just to pick up running/jogging. While it is always good to vary up your exercise types so they don't get stale, over the long term biking is much better for you than running.

Running is great cardio, but it is also very stressful on your feet, ankles, and knees. Every time you pound the pavement, it reverberates a shock that penetrates through your legs. The recovery time is greater after a run and there's simply no way runners can put in the volume of exercise as bicycle riders without risking severe damage to their body.

avoiding knee pain while running is a health benefit of biking

Helps Build Your Brain

Biking benefits your blood flow regardless of the intensity of your pedaling. That blood flow is a good thing as it aids in increasing muscle mass but also brain power. Cycling allows the capillaries to extend into the brain which helps to deliver it more oxygen and nutrients. Pedaling, steering, and focusing on the roads causes your nerve cells to fire which helps intensify the creation of proteins. Not only will the exterior of your body become toned, so will your insides.

the brain benefits from bicycling

In Big Cities, Bicycling Commuting is Faster than by Car

Some people might feel that they'd be hours late for work if they opted to commute on two wheels instead of four. On the contrary, in many urban markets biking is actually faster than driving in rush hour traffic.

For example, the speeds for rush hour traffic in some big cities can be excruciatingly slow. Austin (6MPH), Cincinnati (9MPH), L.A (8MPH), and New York (8MPH) are prime examples. When you consider that in many of these cities the average bicycling speed is about 12-14MPH or more you can actually leave home much later while arriving to work with time to spare.

a bicycler enjoys a benefit of biking by pedaling around a traffic jam

Cycling Can Be a Low Intensity or High Intensity Workout

Another great benefit about becoming a regular bicycle rider is the fact that there's so much variety to the hobby. You can bike in any weather with some proper precautions. You can also choose what kind of rewards you want your body to reap from your ride. Do you prefer a casual morning or afternoon ride with more mental than physical benefits or do you want to pedal intensely so your legs feel the muscle burn? Then again, why not do both?

You'll Fall Asleep Faster

There are many benefits of bicycling to your sleep. For one, if you decide to wake up early in the morning and get your ride in, you'll be ready for bed earlier at night. On top of that, riding tires you out which gives you a more restful, deeper sleep. Plus, exercise eases anxiety which is a major cause of insomnia. When you pedal regularly you'll also lose weight while increasing your respiratory system efficiency - two ways to fight sleep apnea.

Reduces the Signs of Aging

Experts have found that regular exercise staves off the natural effects of aging and in some cases starts to reverse them. The reasons are somewhat obvious. First off, exercise reduces stress which is one of the main causes of aging you beyond your years. A benefit of bicycling helps you sleep better which is also good for your body inside and out. Pedaling gets your blood flowing which delivers oxygen and nutrients to skin cells all the while flushing out toxins from your body. Since you can ride a bike well into your 70s or 80s, it is also an exercise that will keep your body toned and trim into your twilight years.

two kids enjoy the health benefit of bicycling that is staying young

Eliminates Sedentary Transportation Times

Commuting by bicycle is great for the environment, but it's also extremely beneficial to your body. Even if you hit the gym religiously before or after work, you still have the sedentary times of sitting in your car on the way to and from work. Riding by bike kills two birds with one stone by getting you to your job, but also achieving some exercise (and mental clarity) on the way. When you ride your bike to work you could probably even skip the gym a couple times a week to rest - therefore adding a few hours to your free time at night.

a bicycling benefit poster that says you are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic.

Combats Depression

Depression is a debilitating illness that seems to effect more and more people each and every year. There are many causes of depression but at the same time, there are many hopeful escapes out of the disease. One such way that many have found to combat depression is with the benefit of bicycling.

Exercise in general has a positive effect on your body but perhaps no other workout provides the multitude of benefits that bicycling can. Biking rewards you both physically and mentally. Your body gets stronger when you ride but you also achieve mental clarity on solo rides through the backwoods trails. Biking helps you sleep more soundly, aids you to feel better about yourself, and can be a gateway activity to meeting new people among a plethora of other bonuses.

a woman displays the positive benefits of biking by displaying self esteem

Aids in Trimming Your Waistline

One of the obvious benefits of bicycling is the fact that it's a fun way to burn calories. The key to any exercise or diet success is burning more calories than you take in. The great thing about bicycling compared to joining a gym or taking up running is the fact that it is so convenient. You can ride your two-wheeler to and from work, down to the store to get groceries, or just around the block with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Helps You Improve Your Balance

The biggest obstacle that kids face when taking their training wheels off for the first time is struggling to keep their balance on two wheels. Something that regular bicycle riding as an adult does is optimize your balance which is beneficial in many ways you may have never even considered.

Balance can be learned, challenged, and ultimately improved upon. Bicycle riding helps you to control the balance of every movement your body makes. You'll become more aware and will improve your hand-eye coordination, You also improve your core stability and become stronger - which is a big help if you have a physically demanding career, are taking up other sports and activities, or just want to become a bigger hit on the dance floor.

a boy stands on his bicycle showing improved balance as a benefit of biking

Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Of the many benefits of bicycling perhaps it's the preventative measures that are the most rewarding. Regular bicycling has specifically been shown to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes up to 20%. In a recent study that number decreased even more after 5 years of regular biking and the introduction of other exercise and dietary changes to the participants.  We all know we need exercise (especially as we get older) so why not choose the funnest one - bicycling!

Lowers the Risk of Some Cancers

If you could lower the risk of some cancers just by going on a daily bicycle ride - which also offers mental and other physical benefits - it would be a no-brainer that you'd do it right? Well get ready to browse the Peace Bicycles inventory because a study showed that just a half hour of bicycling per day reduced your risk of some cancers by as much as 34%. Daily bikers were also found to be 33% more likely to survive and recover if they happened to be diagnosed with cancer. So, lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, stronger bones, a better night's sleep and a lowered risk of cancer? Cycling truly is a miracle drug.

It's a Great Activity for a Date

There's a niche for almost every kind of dating type you're into these days from only farmers to gluten free singles to those who have a thing for mullets. Despite the fact that you may have found a soulmate who shares in your most common interest, the fact remains that dating is still hard.

With the traditional dinner, it can be hard to think of enough mullet-related questions to keep the conversation flowing. At a movie, you barely get to know somebody (and you run the risk of the theater not offering gluten free popcorn.) Bicycling is pretty much the perfect date activity because it offers the best mesh of spending time with somebody but at the perfect rate of conversation. Heck, you can even find a date that's into bicycling to begin with.

Kermit and Miss Piggy enjoy bicycling benefits as a date activity


Bicycling Is a Wonderful Group Activity

Biking is a very fun one-on-one activity but it's even more exciting when done in a group. The biggest challenge is tackling the intricacies of riding alongside multiple people. Once you've done that you'll enjoy the challenge of keeping up to the group pace while at the same time meeting a bunch of new people with your same interest in bicycling. Once you've mastered riding in a group, you're ready to partake in fundraising rides and other specialty biking events that provide you the ability to give back to your community.

the muppets enjoy the benefits of bicycling in a group

Serves as a Great Gateway to Other Exercises

One thing we preach at Peace Bicycles is just how versatile an exercise bicycle riding really is. It can serve as the only workout you do or it can be a subsidiary exercise for a strength training regimen. Likewise you can be a dedicated bicycler from ages 20-80+ or you can use biking as a kind of 'gateway exercise.'

There is a lot of stigma attached to joining the gym or playing in a recreational team sport league especially if you've taken 2 or 3 years (decades) off. A great benefit to bicycling is that you can pick it up at your own pace and in a pretty secluded manner around your neighborhood, on back roads, or on bike trails. After riding for a bit, you'll notice positive benefits to your body and your self-esteem so that you'll have more confidence to join a gym or start playing pick-up hoops. Plus, bicycling helps your ability at these activities by improving your leg and core strength as well as your balance.

Increases Energy Levels and Capacities

Another reason that bicycling improves your abilities at other exercises and sports is because it expands your cardiovascular health. When your lungs are in shape, you'll be able to go longer and harder in every aspect of your life whether it be exercising, playing sports, chasing kids, or just walking up stairs at your job. Plus, biking makes you sleep better which actually improves your energy levels throughout the day.

It's a Sport/Activity That Can Be Done Solo

Sometimes it's not just energy or motivation that's keeping you from playing a sport, it's the fact that none of your deadbeat friends can put down the booze to play with you. The alternative is to go to the gym or the YMCA where you can always work out by yourself or join a pick-up game. However, another great benefit of bicycling is that it's an exercise that can be done completely solo, by yourself, out in the comfort of nature (some people even prefer riding alone). Pop in your ear buds and zone out or enjoy the melodic sounds of nature as you cruise - either way you're getting just as many mental health benefits as you are physical when riding by your lonesome.

a rider enjoys the health benefits of biking solo at sunset

Reduces Stress Levels

People always say biking is good for your mental health but you still may have the question, "but, why?" The biggest reason is because it produces feel-good endorphins in your brain which aid to reduce stress levels in your body. Being sedentary produces a stress hormone that runs through your system but exercising (which actually produces a good stress) forces you to process it as you are supposed to. Even the repetitive act of pedaling serves as a form of calming meditation while the natural cold, heat, and wind of being outdoors is also beneficial in processing your stress in a good way.

Helps Prevent Arthritis

Cycling is a very knee-friendly activity that helps improve joint mobility and stability. Compared to the alternatives of jogging or 'doing nothing' cycling can actually ward off arthritis or at least reduce the pain effects of the condition. Biking accomplishes this by putting your knee joints through their complete range of motion, but also strengthening the muscle surrounding the knee in the process.

Helps Boost Self-Esteem

a rider enjoys freedom and improved self esteem as a health benefit of bicycling

Almost the minute you hop on your Peace Bicycle you'll instantly feel happier, healthier, and more confident. According to scientists this change actually happens after about your 10th riding session. It's nice to know that whenever you feel this positive change it IS out there - science says so.

It's not hard to see why bicycling can benefit your self-esteem and confidence. For one, you're burning calories which accordingly helps trim your waistline which in turn makes you feel better about your body. Plus you're getting toned and can actually see some muscle definition when you look in the mirror which helps provide a nice dose of swag in the morning. Besides,your physical improvements however, you're actually building up your mind and internal body when bicycling regularly. You're sleeping better which puts you in a better mood and you're getting more oxygen and nutrients to your brain and body which gives you more energy. All these factors combine to help you feel like the baller you always pretended to be after a bottle of wine on karaoke night.

Bicycling Aids in Reducing Anxiety

Simply put, anxiety is the worst. There's nothing that sucks the life out of you like worrying and fretting over every little thing. Your brain constantly running also uses up mind RAM which could be used for writing, drawing, and doing other creative tasks.

Enter again the wonderful world of bicycling which can legitimately calm your persistent anxiety. Biking is a concentration activity much like martial arts of gymnastics. It has been proven that activities which require balance, focus, and quick decision making skills have a natural way of occupying and soothing the brain. Therefore if you've got some thoughts running through your head, put a helmet on that noggin and go out for a pedal. Plus, you'll be tired afterward so you'll be ready for bed instead of being stuck staring at the ceiling for an hour after you turn in.

A Great Way to Enjoy the Outdoors and It's Many Benefits

If you have a day off (or work from home) and don't really have any errands or appointments planned it can actually be really easy to spend a whole day indoors. This is unhealthy for a number of reasons but mostly due to the fact that the outdoors has natural mood boosting benefits available for free.

Scheduling a daily bicycle ride is a great way to make sure you have an appointment with the outdoors. The first benefit is not being indoors - where pollutants are 2-5X higher than outdoors. Fresh air boosts your creativity and focus, which could actually assist you if you are working remotely. The sun itself gives you a boost of Vitamin D which fights infections and a number of chronic diseases. Finally, it's also important to get natural light during the day to fight depression and for other healing benefits.

Incentive for Getting Up Early in the Morning

There's people out there that have set their alarm for 5:30 AM for the past 3 decades only to continue to wake up at 8:45 regardless. We can agree the snooze button is evil but most of us would also benefit tremendously if we actually could wake up and get moving earlier than we currently do.

It's going to be difficult at first, but if you can motivate yourself to go for a bike ride in the morning you're going to reap dozens of benefits. For one, you'll get your daily exercise out of the way at sunrise which helps you feel positive for the rest of the day. Not only that, you'll have more free time because you're awake and can do household errands when you return from your ride if you prefer. You'll also enjoy the mental clarity of setting your circadian rhythm to the sunrise and you'll sleep better at night thanks to the long and fulfilling day - just in time to do it all over again tomorrow.

a bicycler enjoys the benefits of biking on a sunrise beach cruise

It's a Way to Get Children in to Physical Activity the Fun Way

Kids are very impressionable which is why dads who play Madden after work will probably have sons who play Madden. It's easier than ever to become sedentary, especially for kids who have 1000 games at their disposal on tablets and via the Internet.

For both parents and kids sake it's about time we become proactive in getting active. Therefore, its parents responsibility to show these impressionable children just how fun a family bike ride can be. If the youngsters want technology, give them a Fitbit and tell them they have to reach a certain level of daily activity before they can have tablet time. In essence, make bike riding fun again.

a family takes a ride together to reap the benefits of bicycle riding

Improves Your Memory and Expands Your Hippocampus

One thing we can't stress enough is the fact that your legs and thighs aren't the only part of your body that becomes bigger and stronger as you begin to bike regularly - so does your brain. Exercise makes your hippocampus grow and the hippocampus isn't a college for zoo animals. In fact it's the part of your brain that controls long-term and spatial memory. It makes sense that the bigger this area of your brain is, the better capacity it will have for memory. This means that regular bicycle riding can also stave off cognitive disorders as you get older and possibly help you avoid Alzheimer's and/or dementia.

Gets Your Immune Cells Activated

It makes sense that employers could benefit from a healthier workforce mostly to keep their health premiums lower and so that their workers aren't a group of hacking, coughing, and sneezing zombies. This is why so many companies incentivize bike commute plans or gym memberships - because exercise makes you healthier.

When you work out it stimulates your immune system and thus has the cells standing on-guard ready to attack bacteria and diseases. Roughly 30 minutes of cycling just 5 days a week can actually cut your sick days in half. For hangovers, you're still on your own.

Increases your Vascular Health and Sex Drive

couple enjoys increased sex drive as a health benefit of bike riding

Being physically active, or basically non-sedentary, improves your vascular health. This has a correlating effect of boosting your sex drive and when you do 'get it on' it will be better because you're in shape and have blood pumping more efficiently. In fact, men over 50 who cycle at least 3 hours a week have a 30 percent lower risk of impotence than those who barely exercise. That's more than enough incentive to buy a Peace Bicycle today.

Oxygen In Your Brain's Grey Matter Sparks Creativity

Your calves and thighs are going to produce the most noticeable changes from your decision to take up bicycling but it's the internal rewards that you may benefit the most from. If you accept the fact that the brain can grow, you can really start to take advantage of using bicycling to boost your creative spirit.

A benefit of bicycling is that it helps improve and strengthen both the white matter of your brain as well as the grey. The grey matter is the command center of your brain (the furnace) while the white matter is the connectivity and delivery modules (the duct work). The increase of oxygen associated with bicycling and cardio exercise helps grow both of these areas which provides many benefits, including increased creativity.

a man displays his increased creativity as part of a bike riding benefit

Saves a Parking Spot for Somebody Else

Many people bike for their own personal benefit either to improve their mental and physical capacities or just to save money from operating a vehicle. It's also possible that your decision to ride your bicycle could have a trickle down effect to a complete stranger. Specifically, the parking spot you're not going to be using can allow somebody else to have closer building access for their vehicle. For the sake of argument, we'll assume that stranger is a pregnant lady, and elderly woman, or a guy with a broken leg so bicycling ends up being a very humanitarian activity.

Cities are More Bicycle-Friendly than Ever

If you aren't yet a bicycle commuter, rest easy that it is ever-becoming easier than ever to make this a part of your life. Cities are seeing the advantage of reduced traffic congestion, better air quality, and healthier residents and are implementing on-street bike lanes at a record pace. These advances mean not only a faster, more convenient ride to work or school, but also a safer one.

infographic displays bike benefits of increaed bike lane development in U.S

You'll Love Customizing Your Bicycle

an added bicycling benefit of a customized ride with a wine holder

Peace Bicycles are some of the most respected in the industry because our bikes are quality built and come fully equipped with a rear carrying rack, lights, and fenders as well as the ability to add all kinds of other accessories. This doesn't mean however you can't cater the bike to what you're going to be using it for. The six pack holder is a popular accessory or you can tote along a pop up tent just in case you have too many of those six packs. These customized perks only further increase the enjoyment of your bike ride.

You'll Get Addicted - But That's Good

The best thing about bicycling is the fact that you get better every single ride. While it might seem like a new or awkward activity at first, after roughly 21 days your brain adapts to accept bicycle riding as an everyday habit. In fact, bike riding can take the place in your brain of more harmful addictions such as boozing or gambling. This means instead of going on weekend benders, you'll instead be out expanding your personal record for speed and mileage - there's no hangover from that and you have money left over Monday!

It Helps Relieve Hangover Symptoms

Many times if you have overdone it the night before you have two options to relieve your hangover -1) wait it out and die a slow painful death or 2) grab some hair of the dog and put the headache off for a day.

We recommend option 3 - forcing yourself to go on a bike ride. Your first benefit will be sweating out all the poison and toxins you consumed the night before in the name of a good time. You'll also be forcing yourself to be thirsty and thus rehydrating yourself. You'll get your brain moving again and might give yourself a fighting chance at being a contributing member of society on Monday morning.

hangover movie character could use a health benefit of biking after a late night

A Morning Ride Helps Wake You Up

A bike ride in the morning gets your exercise out of the way for the day which essentially frees up your schedule for other activities. What it also does however is get your brain in active mode earlier. The fresh air as well as a calibrated Circadian rhythm can combine to make you sharper at work earlier in the AM. While your co-workers are all reaching for the coffee and rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, you'll already be performing at peak levels. Essentially biking can get you that promotion.

Has Amazing Carryover Effects to Other Sports

Starting off with bicycling becomes a great 'branch-out' activity for other sports. You'll strengthen your legs which will make you better at soccer. You'll increase your stamina which can boost your effectiveness on the hoops court. You'll also increase your core strength which can benefit you in martial arts or gymnastics. You'll have better balance which can correlate to a better result in your annual Thanksgiving turkey bowl.

It all starts with bicycling.

Prevents Emissions of Greenhouse Gases

One of the biggest assets of your bicycle is what it doesn't have - an exhaust system. Vehicles give off greenhouse gases (among other toxins) which have harmful effects that include:

  • depleting the O-zone layer and thus make the sun's UV rays more harmful every year.
  • the gases trap heat which helps contribute to a global rise in temperatures
  • these hotter temperatures melt polar ice caps that are thousands of years old which raises the sea level.
  • creates the potential for harmful floods that damage property and results in loss of human and animal life.

Therefore if you're in peak physical heath and are at the top of your mental game you can still benefit from opting for a bike over a car - mostly so you don't contribute to the further desecration of Earth.

Cycling is a Noiseless Mode of Transportation

When we think of a heavily congested vehicle traffic area, we immediately conjure up images of all the pollution that is created from the car and truck exhaust systems. That is hardly the only pollution however as the noise infiltration created by vehicles can legitimately ruin the allure of a once pleasant neighborhood.

Riding a bike not only helps create a clean community environment, it also helps attribute to a quiet and peaceful one. Most of us would rather hear the chirping of birds as we enjoy a neighborhood stroll compared to the roaring of a diesel engine or the backfire of Uncle Buck's muffler.

downtown commuter center shows a benefit of biking that is no noise pollution

It Saves You Oodles Compared to Owning a Car

infographic shows a biking benefit is the low cost compared to vehicle ownership

It's an Easy and Affordable Exercise to Get In To

Once you buy your Peace Bicycle you're good to go. You don't need any special running shoes or even a workout outfit to go bike riding. There is no annual gym or YMCA membership fees and even bike repair and maintenance costs pennies compared to the physical and mental benefits of biking that you'll reap.

It's an Exercise for All Ages

After you turn about 2 or 3 years old,  bicycling is one of the few activities you can legitimately do for the rest of your life. Don't be surprised to see 3 or 4 generations of families out enjoying a cruise on the bike trails. As you get older, bicycling is actually a great way to keep your knees and joints in good shape while also working out your cardiovascular system and reducing other signs of aging.

couple shows a healthy bike benefit is that you can do it at any age

Cycling Gets Rid of the Blues

In many ways we use bicycling as a preventative activity in order to avoid getting sick or stressed out down the line. It can actually also be a very effective way to get rid of the blues in the moment. Cranking up your ear buds and cycling at max intervals is an intense mood boosting workout similar to pounding on the heavy bag or dance boxing out in the woods.

Presents Wonderful Photo Opps

You can find some pretty great scenery the farther off the beaten path you roam. If you're a photography connoisseur or just enjoy the tranquil effect of nature then perhaps a bike should be your mode of travel. How peaceful is a weekend in the hills riding around in natural forestry as a way to recharge your batteries for the week ahead?

two riders in the mountains show a benefit of biking is the scenery

It's an Adequate Way to Extend Your Comfort Zone

One of the keys to life is breaking through our comfort zones to try new things. Some people have no problem with this and in fact won't take the same vacation or eat the same meal twice on purpose. For others, we like the sanctity of familiarity even though we secretly yearn to spread our wings.

Interestingly enough, bicycling can help you break through those personal barriers. Even a short ride around your neighborhood might be something you didn't think was possible either due to your age, health, weight, etc. After those first few jaunts eventually you can go on longer rides, hit the local bike trails, and even ride on the road or commute to work. Next thing you know you'll be traveling the world, trying exotic cuisines, starting your own business, etc. It all starts with that first cruise...what are you waiting for?

a health benefit of bicycling is expanding your comfort zone on a solo road ride

You Feel Like a Kid Again

anne frank quote that a benefit of bicycling is feeling young

Our brains have a weird way of cataloging past experiences and then accessing them at certain times in the future. A particular smell for example might take you back to your grandmother's house eating apple pie or a particular song could invoke memories of a first kiss. Most of us began riding bicycles as a child so each time you go for a pedal around town you have the chance of either consciously or subconsciously conjuring up thoughts of your youthful exuberance.

You Save Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle (and Retain Its Value)

How many times have you started your car and let it warm up simply for a 4 minute trip down to the post office? It's these hundreds if not thousands of basically unnecessary trips that really start to contribute to early failure of all your vehicle's components. Now, think if you would've taken all those short jaunts and errand runs on your bicycle - you'd be in better shape and so would your car.

It Saves You Time at the Gym

Now, of course there's nothing wrong with getting a gym membership to work on strength training or cardio when the outside elements are working against you. That being said, for many people it's hard to fit in gym time and making the trip out of your way can be tedious. Plus, whose to say the equipment you want to operate isn't going to be in use or covered in some stranger's sweat and other bodily excretions?

The good thing about a bicycle is that it is your gym. You'll never have to wait for any equipment to open up and you can change the background scenery at your whim. When you decide to commute by bike to work, you're getting your exercise without adding extra time to your schedule which essentially gives you more hours in a day.

You Get the Best Parking Spots

One of our tips for staying healthy is parking as far away from your destination as possible so you get some extra leg work walking into the building. It's a great tip, but sometimes you want to be able to see your bike as you dine or the walk might be extremely long like at an amusement park or a large shopping mall. When you arrive by bicycle, you almost always have front row parking in spots that are the safest, most secure, and offer maximum convenience.

bikes parked in the front row of shopping center show access is a biking benefit

It Allows You a Bigger Lunch

If you drive your car to work and end up being at your job for long hours at a time  or are too tired to hit the gym at 5 o'clock, you really have to watch what you eat in order not to 'accidentally' pack on some pounds. When you commute by bicycle however, burning calories after work is guaranteed if you want to get home. For many of us, this means we can afford to divulge in that extra fifth helping of all-you-can-eat breadsticks or have that one extra slice of pizza without compromising our waistline. This is one of the many benefits of biking regularly - and many would say it's the best!

It's an Opportunity to Take Part in Pedal Pubs, Charity Rides, and Other Bike Events

Not that you ever need an excuse to get on two wheels to pedal out for a relaxing bicycle cruise, but sometimes destination rides add a little spice to your bike lifestyle. One example is the charity bicycle rides that are really growing in popularity. You can get pledges for donations per mile or simply ride with the pack to raise awareness for certain causes.

Some other examples of specialty rides are 'Bike to Work Week' or 'Bike to Work Day' where you can help persuade your friends and family to get into this healthy habit. Some communities also have a weekly 'pedal pub' where riders get together and visit local shops, bars, and restaurants via bicycle. These are all variations to bike riding that ensure the activity never gets stale.

two riders do a charity bike ride as a benefit of biking

To Challenge Yourself with Longer and Longer Rides

One thing you'll learn about prolonged bicycle riding is that it brings out your best. You might buy your first Peace Bicycle with the only intention being a couple cruises around the neighborhood once or twice a week. Pretty soon though you'll be pedaling your bike to run errands or riding it to work. Next you'll hit local bike trails on your free time and eventually be expanding your ride radius to some road bicycling. Who knows, some day you might even take your bicycle on a trip across America to really prove your mettle. The bicycling possibilities are endless.

Bikes Reduce Road Wear

A lot of the benefits of bicycling affect yourself personally. You'll enjoy a sound body, mind, and spirit while connecting with nature and improving your overall mood. That being said, your choice to ride a bicycle can also benefit others around you. One such example is the reduced road wear that bikes cause compared to cars and trucks. Sure you're just one person, but if you persuade your friends and neighbors to choose 2 wheels over 4 whenever possible, you'll allow your community roads to last longer and thus save local tax dollars for other causes...such as implementing more bike lanes perhaps? Either way you'll be helping to preserve your city while getting some valuable exercise in the process.

a worn down road stress the bicycling benefits of less wear and tear

An Abundance of Apps Will Increase the Enjoyment of Your Cruise

Bike rides are awesome because all you really need for a fun adventure is your Peace Bicycle and a tank of energy. Your background is always changing and you can choose the intensity of your ride. That being said, many people choose to bring their cell phones with them on a pedal powwow either for tunes or for GPS access or for emergency purposes. Recently developed Smart phone applications can also be downloaded to enhance the reward of your ride.

The most popular apps are ones like Strava which keep track of your biking statistics such as time, speed, distance, and even more detailed info such as calories burned. CycleMaps and the like are also very beneficial to help you plan A to B bike routes or to keep track of your favorite paths from the past. Fill That Hole is a nice national database for potholes - helping you both avoid them and report them. Weather and First Aid apps are also important for improving safety but no ride is complete without catching some bike trail Pokemon.

The Air Quality is Better on a Bike Compared to a Car

a traffic jam of cars and their exhaust stresses a bicycling benefit of reduced carbon emissions


Bumper-to-bumper traffic on your commute is frustrating enough but it's only exacerbated by the same Bieber song on the radio every 5 minutes not to mention the constant inhaling of exhaust from fellow drivers' cars. Another benefit of bicycling is that you're always on the move and therefore continually have fresh air circulating through your system. Not only do you not have to inhale the exhaust, you're also doing your part for protecting the environment by not producing any of your own emissions.

You'll Learn About Bike Maintenance

You can drive a car for decades and still not know how to change your oil, swap out a windshield wiper, calibrate your brakes, etc. Plus, you probably don't want to try these repairs if you're not a comfortable DIY mechanic.

With a bicycle however, learning maintenance almost becomes a necessity for the simple fact that there's no AAA to call when you're out on the trails. One good thing about learning bike maintenance - even for the novice- is that the bicycle system really is very simple. As long as you know how to pump your tires and fix your chain you'll always have the capacity to at least get home. Many regular cyclists however choose to learn more about bike maintenance just to enhance their ride. You too will want to have balanced tires, reliable brakes, a well-adjusted seat post, a centered handlebar stem, etc.

Bicycles Can Legitimately Replace a Second Car in Today's Landscape

Cities are becoming more bicycle-friendly than ever which means a two-wheeler can legitimately serve as a primary source of transportation a majority of days. Of course many people still choose to own a car for emergency situations, transporting kids, or to drive in inclement weather. This doesn't mean a family has to own two cars however.

Swapping your second car for a reliable Peace Bicycle can save you thousands of dollars per year. The money you save on gas, insurance, maintenance, and a car payment can be put towards a vacation or for retirement or it can be invested back into your home to help you make money. All the while you replace your car you're getting exercise, improving your mental clarity, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Owning a Bicycle Frees Up Storage in Your Garage

Another big benefit of replacing a second family car with a bicycle is the added space you'll have in your house - specifically if you have a garage. This added space is essentially just like adding on to your garage. Now you have extra room for storage or a workroom/hobby area and you can park your mowers and other lawn equipment indoors to save on wear and tear. At the very least you've got an open area to have some beers with the neighbors.

bikes parked neatly in a garage indicate a benefit of bicycling is added space

People are Enjoying the Challenges of Year-Round or Inclement Weather Riding

It's fun - but not necessarily a bold move - digging out your Peace Bicycle in the 60° San Diego Winter weather. In fact, this is one of the reasons our popularity has grown in this area because people can enjoy their Dutch bike year-round. However we do ship to the entire USA and other parts of the world where Winter weather isn't so pleasant.

Dedicated riders in Minnesota, Canada, and the Northeast don't shy away from the snow, ice, and cold temps - they embrace them. Winter bike riding has become a rite of passage in cold weather states and is in itself a sport much like skiing or snowboarding. Of course you've got to dress appropriately and alter your riding style a bit, but many riders report a more rewarding cruise in the Winter elements than they do in prime Spring, Summer, and Fall conditions.

a bicycler riding in the snow shows that health benefits of bicycling are year round

You Can Lead the Charge for Your Employer to Reward Bicycle Commuters

Most people who have become fairly regular bicycle commuters feel the positive physical and mental changes to their lives is a reward in itself. Of course that doesn't mean they can't lead the push to reward others (or increase their own incentive) for biking to work.

One benefit of becoming a seasoned bicycle rider is that you'll gain the knowledge to push your employer to provide benefits for 2-wheel commuters at your workplace. Why would an employer want their workers to commute by bicycle?

  • a healthier workforce means fewer unscheduled days off
  • less medical claims means corporate insurance rates stay reasonable
  • more parking on the grounds for clients and visitors
  • save vehicle wear and tear on parking lot and company grounds
  • a more focused and mentally sound workforce increases productivity

So what kind of pedal perks can employers invoke? The most obvious option is money, paying their employees something like $2 a commute or providing monthly bicycle tune-up reimbursement. Other incentives can be longer breaks, shorter work days, or free lunch Fridays for 2-wheel commuters.

You Can Take Your Pets on Bike Rides!

Exercise is not only important for humans, it's essential for your pets as well (specifically dogs.) Taking your pups on a bike ride is a great way to stimulate their brains, get them their valuable outdoors time, and perhaps most of all, tucker them out for a good sleep at night (for you and them).

There are many ways to accommodate your puppers on the bike ride such as a leash that attaches to your 2-wheeler, a tow behind trailer, or a doggy back pack.

two dogs enjoy the health benefits of bicycling by walking with their owner as he pedals

It's Easier to Pick Back Up Biking After a Break

One thing that exercise experts proclaim is to try and suffer through a workout even though your brain is telling you there's 100 other things you should do instead and most involve Netflix. While it's true that you do feel better even after a crummy workout compared to if you skipped it altogether, sometimes breaks are needed for health reasons, vacations, etc.

With weight lifting and even running, it seems that 3-4 off days resets your progress back to 0. This really isn't the case when you use a bicycle as your main form of exercise. Of course the old adage goes something like, "you never forget how to ride a bicycle" and the truth remains that bike riding is kind of like a Paula Abdul song - "you take two steps forward, but only one step back." If you take some time off your bike, you aren't risking as much lost progress as you would with other exercise - just don't make it too long of a break!

It's an Easy Way to Get Off the Beaten Path

A big benefit of bicycling is that it provides you access. You have access to places cars simply can't go which in turn provides you contact with scenery and activities that non-bicycle owners simply don't have. All across the USA people are using their Peace Bicycle to ride on bike trails or to cruise to a secluded hiking spot. Some of our customers even use their bikes to carry their gear out to their hunting grounds. One of the main reasons that riding a bicycle provides you so much mental clarity is because it provides the opportunity to 'get away' but to a place much more serene than the Interstate.

a rider enjoys the biking benefits of solitude pedaling alone in the desert

Bicycling is the Most Efficient Mode of Transportation in History

No other form of transportation provides you the return on investment that a bicycle does. Not only are you traveling while producing 0 emissions compared to a car, you're doing so by using your own strength but with less force than running. You can look for alternative methods of transportation that might compete with the bike, but most cityscapes aren't set up with horse lanes! Until flux-capacitor powered hoverboards come onto the market, the bicycle will be your cleanest, most efficient form of transportation so take advantage of it.

it's a Good Excuse to Expand Your Snack Game

There's two things that regular bicycle riders must develop - their clothing preferences and their snack game. Whether you choose to ride in casual gear or head-to-toe spandex is up to you, but you better pack some snacks somewhere in there.

The great thing about biking is that it burns calories, hence the reason why your waistline shrinks the more you ride. Burning calories also expends energy which you need to replace via water/sports drinks as well as snacks. The last thing you want to do is be too tired to pedal home from work which gives you an excuse to try new energy inducing treats in the granola bar, nut, and yogurt niche to name a few.

It's a Very Non-Judgmental Activity

One of the hard things about starting up at a gym is being surrounded by people who have been there religiously for years. As comedian Jim Gaffigan stated, "what are you doing here, you're done!"


gruff man on pink bike proves a biking benefit is that it is non judgmental

Bicycling on the other hand is an exercise that can be done on the privacy of trails. Even if you are just starting out bicycling and are surrounded by others, they are very non-judgmental (have you seen the spandex outfits?) In fact, many people start off bicycling as a way to get a good 'fitness base' so they can join a gym without basically starting from scratch.

The Cycling Society Has Great Camaraderie

Another reason that bicycling is such a non-judgmental activity is because cyclists have such a good vibe with each other. In much of the same way that motorcycle riders have the 'hand down casual index finger point of respect' when you encounter a fellow rider you're usually greeted with a nod of approval.

Other bicycle riders will almost always offer you assistance if they see you broken down on a trail. Biking is also great networking as you share encounters of animals in the road or wax poetic about the different conditions of trails. It's not uncommon to be asked to join a group of riders for a beer or to make regular friends just from seeing the same people riding on a bike trail.

You'll Enjoy Encountering Different Terrains

The great thing about Dutch style bicycles is that they are so versatile. Granted you might want to opt for your mountain bike when scaling the side of a peak but for almost every other type of terrain a Peace Bike is more than capable of answering the bell. Whether it's the boardwalk, sand, road, trails, or even snow you'll enjoy the challenges that each different type of surface provides and thus adds to your cycling prowess.

It's Great Networking into Your 80s and Older

As we get older it's an unfortunate fact that their are less and less activities available to us. Who the heck wants to play Bridge with Gladys 5 nights a week? "Boomer Biking" is growing profoundly in popularity mostly because it's a form of both physical exercise (but not too physical) and a great way to network with friends old and new. If you think this is hyperbole, check out the great Jack Thacker, the 100 year-old with his legendary 12 mile daily bike rides. If you're 40 and think it's too late to start riding...think again.

a group of older riders enjoy health benefits of bicycling and meeting new people

You'll Become a Better Love Maker

Except for maybe Sting who is supposedly adept at week-long tantric love sessions, who wouldn't want to be a little better performer in the bedroom? Bicycling can probably achieve that goal better than any article in the back of Redbook or Men's Health and there's some science behind it.

For one, becoming a regular bicycle rider puts you in better shape so you'll not only be able to rock  longer, you also won't "Along Came Polly" your partner with sweat and slobber. Getting in shape from bike riding also helps you tone your body which gives you better self-esteem and confidence - which is 3/4 of the battle of becoming a better lover.

It Doesn't Feel Like Exercise

One of the best benefits of bike riding is that it doesn't even feel like exercise. Many people ride our Dutch cruisers more for function rather than as a workout. They ride down to the beach, hit the shops on the boardwalk, run simple errands around town, or visit neighbors while almost getting exercise as an accident. One of our biggest mottos is that, "if you're going to do it anyway, you might as well do it on two wheels."

two casual riders enjoy bicycling health benefits on leisurely stroll

You'll Have Benefits from Head to Toe

Bicycling really is beneficial to your entire body both inside and out. For example:

  • Head - increased focus and mental clarity
  • Eyes - develop great peripheral vision
  • Ears - improve your ability to be alert to approaching traffic/riders
  • Neck - strengthened by keeping your head up while pedaling
  • Arms - develop from steering and controlling your bike
  • Back/Core - worked out by being the connecting block between your legs and arms
  • Lungs - cardio exercise like biking is great for the lungs
  • Heart - blood pumping improves the amount of oxygen in your circulatory system
  • Glutes/Legs - the driving force of your bike ride becomes incredibly stronger and toned in just a very short time riding.

benefits of cycling infographic

It's a Great Activity to Enhance Many Careers

There's a rule that you shouldn't talk about your job on nights and weekends. This doesn't mean you can't use your free time to get better at your career however either by taking classes, getting certified, etc. Bicycling is actually an activity that can have a profound effect on a variety of different jobs.

Any physical job such as a construction worker or other kind of laborer can benefit from being in better shape. Biking improves your strength, stability, and balance which is are all good assets to have when climbing on ladders or scaffolding. The mental clarity achieved from bicycling can give you the focus to nail a big proposal while a good night's sleep can only improve your sales acumen. Don't talk about your work - get better at it with bicycling

a benefit of bicycling is that it can help in your construction career

It Benefits Your Community in Many Ways

We've got to push for at least local tax breaks for people who commute by bicycle fairly regularly simply because of the benefits that doing so brings. You might just choose to pedal as a way to get exercise and clear your head but look at all the positive effects it has on your city:

  • Reduces air pollution from vehicle exhaust
  • Creates quieter neighborhoods thanks to the lack of an engine and exhaust
  • Saves wear and tear on and thus tax dollars to repair roadways
  • Frees up parking spots so customers can shop at local businesses
  • Creates a need for bike trails which can eventually bring in tourists

You Can Hand Down Your Old Bikes

You can polish up a 92 Buick as much as you want but it's still going to be a hand-me-down that has a definitive lifespan. With bicycles on the other hand, people are actually seeking out vintage rides that remind them of their childhood - a 65' Camaro so to speak.

The reason bicycles barely depreciate is because they are so easy to overhaul. You aren't replacing a costly engine or transmission with 170,000 miles on it, you're instead replacing tires, brakes, and maybe welding the frame often times for under $50. These refurbished bikes can be sold for profit or better yet handed down to somebody who might not have access to their own 2-wheeler. We can rebuild them, we have the technology.

an older bike which means a benefit of bicycling is that they do not go out of style

It Feels Good to Be the 0.6%

A few years ago it was said that something like 0.6% of Americans commuted to work by bicycle on a fairly regular basis. That number is rising for a bevy of reasons, but it's still a pretty exclusive club that feels good to be a member of.

The bicycling community isn't like the Sturgis Rally which has largely been taken over by doctors and lawyers that ride their motorcycles one or two weekends a year. Instead, you're welcomed into the commuting lifestyle as people respect that you're making a personal lifestyle change that also benefits the environment. Even if other people at your work or school start to commute by bike (which is a good thing) you were the first.

two riders enjoy healthy biking benefits as they commute to work

Bikes are 50% Faster Than Cars During Rush Hour

Not only do you avoid inhaling exhaust when you opt for a bike to commute to work instead of being stuck in rush hour traffic, it turns out you actually add more hours to your day. This is because during rush hour traffic in urban areas, commuting by bike has actually been proven to be up to 50% faster than a car. So you're cutting down on emissions production by riding a bike instead of driving and you're also getting exercise and getting to work faster? Please say you're going to contact Peace Bicycles today!!!!

You'll Lose 13 Pounds On Average the 1st Year of Bike Commuting

13 pounds of weight loss in a year might not seem like much, but there's much more to this statistic. First of all, you lose this weight simply by riding a bike - it doesn't account for a diet or joining a gym or anything but pedaling around town. Plus, the reason the number may seem somewhat low is because you're not only losing that excess weight, you're adding muscle in its place. Your scale might not show it, but your body is going to be more slim and toned and you're gonna feel so much healthier.

Plus, people who have taken up biking on a fairly regular basis usually become enamored with the lifestyle. You'll find yourself taking extra rides more than the average pedaler. Many people also incorporate a healthier lifestyle in general that expands to eating healthy and venturing out into other physical activity like strength training or running in 5K races. Bicycling can serve as a gateway exercise.

You Can Save an Average of $544 on Medical Expenses Annually

A major benefit of bicycling is the fact that it saves you thousands of dollars compared to operating a vehicle. That's only a portion of your savings however when you consider the positive affects of making yourself more healthier.

The reason many employers offer incentives to their employees to get healthier (pedal perks, gym memberships) is because when you are in shape, you're sick less. A mere 30 minutes of bicycling per day can actually save $544 per person, per year in health expenses. When you ride a bike you have less stress and thus improved mental and physical health. You have reduced anxiety which sometimes would've weakened your immune system and thus forced yourself to be sick. Plus, bicycling is a low impact exercise that doesn't have negative effects on your joints. Some people choose to ride their bicycle simply so they don't get sick!

a couple shows the healthy bicycling benefits by being in great shape


Operating a Bike Costs 1% of Operating a Car

One of the saddest things about buying a new car is the fact that just driving it off the lot decreases the value by up to 11%. This means you lose over $2,000 on a $20,000 vehicle essentially just by buying it.

That barely scratches the surface of the costs of car ownership however. Each week you're spending hundreds of dollars on your car when you consider gas, payments, and insurance. Then you have to factor in regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotation and any major repairs such as replacing brakes. Comparatively, what are your costs for operating a bike over that same time? $20 annual maintenance? Putting $0.25 in a gas station air compressor to pump up your tires? A new $15 tire tube every 1-2 years? Plus, your bike doesn't depreciate - in fact many consumers are willing to pay more for vintage bikes!

Peace Bikes are Affordable to Begin With

When looking for a car you often see the 'base price' which ends up being thousands of dollars less than the model you buy when you figure 'add ons' such as a steering wheel, tires, and a radio. For many consumers this is the same thing they go through with bikes. Peace Bikes however come fully furnished with everything you'll need for an enjoyable cruise. From a rear rack to a seat mounted carrier to even front and rear lights you'll not only be legal, but ready for touring.

a furnished Peace Bicycle shows you can enjoy benefits of biking at an affordable price

Biking Is Safer Than Driving a Car

One of the biggest hangups many people have about starting to ride bicycles is that it's too dangerous to share the roads with unsuspecting vehicle drivers. Granted, you have to be aggressive and proactive when riding in non-biking lanes, but the risks are nowhere near what you might expect - especially compared to driving a car.

For one, as more cities push the bicycle commuting initiative it becomes a safer and safer activity each year. More bike lanes and trails means less interaction with vehicles which is only positive. It's said that for about every cyclist that dies on a bike, roughly 56 people die in cars. In 2014, 726 bicyclists died in collisions with cars. Even one is too many but compare that number with 4, 884 pedestrians who died in the same manner. Plus it's hard to know how many of those cyclists died because they failed to wear a helmet, didn't have adequate lighting, or were under the influence? The numbers show biking might be our safest mode of travel even compared to walking.

More People Taking Up Biking can Reduce Urban Landscapes

The world is expanding, which is a good thing in some ways. There are more places to shop, work, and live but at the same time city planners must also accommodate access for people to get to these places. This means wide roadways and ample parking lots to bow to the mercy of cars and trucks. Perhaps if more people took up bicycling, these roadways and parking lots could be minimized and thus preserve some plush green landscape for future generations in the process.

a typical concrete urban landscape growing because people are not enjoying benefits of bicycling

Now that you've read through some of the many benefits that regular bicycling has to offer, it's time to experience some of these rewards for yourself. Visit Peace Bicycles to browse our selection of frames and accessories that will help enhance your mind, body, and soul. We deliver 100% assembled in Los Angeles and ship out to the rest of the world on the same day if ordered before 2PM PST.

There's simply too many advantages of becoming a regular bicycle rider to wait any longer to get on two wheels. Contact us today!


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