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Abbot Kinney Bike Adventure!

The weather was feeling fabulous and it was time for my next big Dutch bike adventure in LA! My boyfriend and I headed out to the ever-entertaining Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice. If you have never been there you should know that it's a hotbed of pop up shops, great bars, and one of the best pizza places in all of LA.

We started off by stopping at Sushi Stop, right off of the 405 which is right across the Nuart theatre. Our Dutch bikes strapped to the back of our car waiting to be ridden.

sushi stop santa monica

Once we arrived (by car) we took our step through bike and diamond frame bike off the bike rack, attached a basket so I could hold on to my purse and book, and off we went. This would be my first time to use bike lanes on a major, busy street.

Abbot Kinney at Erewhon

Ready to enjoy a beautiful day!

We rode a few times along the stretch of road and people watched. It was a wonderful leisurely ride! We also cycled through the back alleyways and enjoyed a lot of street art and murals! We decided soon that it was time to stop for a break so we chained our bikes to one of the many parking areas and stopped for a drink.

The Other Room Abbot Kinney

Very "LA" industrial style bar

The place where we stopped was called The Otheroom. While the design style was industrial, there was a lot of light coming through the windows and, as you can see, it was a busy place! It was a great break just after a bike ride. They had many different beers on tap and comfortable seating for my tired hiney!

After having drinks, we wanted to ingest some tasty sustenance before getting back on the saddle. So we stopped at one of the best pizza places in LA, Abbot's Pizza.

abbot's pizza abbot kinney road

Abbot's Pizza at Abbot Kinney


This pizza is large and in charge. It is truly a delicious delight and an Abbot Kinney staple. They offer whole pizzas and pizza by the slice! The crust is an especially wonderful part of the pizza as it is "bagel" flavored and seasoned to match. But beware, they will warm your pizza and it may burn your tongue if you are too eager to feast (like I was).

We unlocked our bikes and headed around the back of the buildings again where there is more neighborhood riding. Because I recently learned how to ride a bike, I much prefer bicycling in a less crowded area where cars (if applicable) are moving slowly. It was such a perfect southern California day. There was a slight breeze and the area was not too hilly-a perfect day for a bike ride!

shops abbot kinney

Circling back around to Abbot Kinney to see the sights before we headed home, we had to stop in many of the shops along the street and browse. There are all kinds of interesting and very niche stores there!

Another thing that is fun about Abbot Kinney is that there is a lot of really eclectic and wonderful street art. We even ran into some inspirational yarn bombing. I crochet myself so I had to snap a pic.

Abbot Kinney Yarn Bomb

There's nothing that will make you feel as warm and cuddly inside as yarn

I was already feeling pretty warm and fuzzy and having a wonderful day with my sweetheart but, thanks to this yarn bomb, I remembered that I also sparkle.

We also saw this cute sign which inspired us to keep moving forward.

if you are a dreamer come in

As the sun started to set and the shops were closing, the weather turned chilly and we realized it was about time to head home. We took one more spin up and down the street on our Peace Dreamers. It was quite the successful day if you ask me!

Black Peace Dreamer at Abbot Kinney

A wall mural our beautiful step through bicycle for your viewing pleasure;)

Peace Bicycles


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