santa monica bike path

Santa Monica Bike Path – Iconic Southern California Biking

Santa Monica Bike Path

The Santa Monica Bike Path is what comes to mind when  people think of riding bikes, like our Dutch bikes in Los Angeles along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. The ride my boyfriend and I did last week IS that iconic Southern California bike ride-the ride from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. If you are a California native or an out-of-stater like myself, you must ride this bike path!

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I was nervous to go biking on this one because the Santa Monica Bike Path is in an area where there is a lot of foot and wheel traffic. The pathway between Santa Monica and Venice is full of people enjoying the beach using every way of transportation you can think of. Just some of the many sights to see during this ride are other people riding Dutch style bikes, people roller blading, people riding on segways, skateboarders, people using strange one-wheeled gyroscopic contraptions, and pretty much any other thing that has wheels on it you can think of! You will see all sorts of wild things on this bikeway.

Dog on Santa Monica Bike Path

Total wild thing on the bikeway!

When biking along the beach, it is super important to park your bike for a moment and enjoy putting your feet in the sand. What feels better on tired feet than a little warm sand between your toes?! Once we had a little toe sand and some chill beach vibes, it was time to go biking along the path.

Santa Monica Bike Path Bikes

Bikes being beach bums

The pathway from Santa Monica pier to the area of Venice where there are shops on the beach is about 3 miles. It is a flat and easy ride. There is a lot of traffic, especially if a person goes on the weekend, so I made sure to stay alert. It's easy to enjoy the surroundings of ocean waves and great sea air blowing through your hair as you ride!

santa monica bike path shops

You will know when you get to Venice when you come across shops on the boardwalk, all sorts of street vendors and signs on the ground stating "Walk your Bike." I am a rule follower so I followed the signs (plus I am too scared to ride around near heavy foot traffic).

Santa Monica walk your bike

Following the rules, as usual

Walking down Venice Beach Boardwalk with a Dutch bike isn't exactly comfortable since there is a lot of foot traffic and you will encounter crowds, so if you like, you can go biking down the Santa Monica Bike Path which is a little bit closer to the sandy beach! If you go on the walking path; however, you will come in contact with lots of neat shops and local craftsmen selling their wares.

Venice Beach Boardwalk Flower Art

Gorgeous pressed-flower art

Santa Monica Bike Path Attractions

Venice beach Freakshow!

At the end of these shops, there is an area where you can stop for a bite to eat or a cold brew.

bike path santa monica

There are also a lot of really cool and unique million dollar houses that run parallel to the bike path . This one speaks for itself.

Venice Beach bike path house

There is a nice bike path here so you can see some of Venice while enjoying your bike ride! When you stop for food and drink, it is also a great idea to use the restroom. If you haven't used a beach bathroom, well, let's just say, that's an experience you can miss!

Venice Bars and Restaurants

Heading back to Santa Monica pier from Venice is a little more of a challenge. It has slightly more of an incline. The wind was also blowing against us this day so it made riding the bikes back a little more difficult. Maybe I imagined that it was more difficult because I didn't want the good day to end and that was happening with each pedal forward.

But, I had something to look forward to in getting back to Santa Monica pier, which happens to be one of my all time favorite things--CORNDOGS. Oh yes, right down off Santa Monica Pier is the original Hog Dog Stick stand. I consider this stop an essential part of going to Santa Monica. I simply cannot have a proper beach day without my corndog treat!

Santa Monica Hot Dog Stick

They also have hot dogs in a bun, if that's what you're into

Once we had our carbohydrate energy from our spectacular corndogs, we chained our bikes and went to the end of the pier for cocktails and nachos. Watching the sun set over the water and enjoying drinks with my sweet boyfriend really rounded out this great bicycle adventure for me! We made sure to leave a little bit before the parking lot was closed to avoid the evening traffic. All in all, it was a wonderful day for a great ride!

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