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How to bike to work

Biking to work will make your life better!

Bike riding to work is an amazing thing! It's a great way to get some exercise and save some money. Riding Dutch bikes to work is becoming more of a popular thing and is definitely a great way of transportation for the environment. There are so many benefits from riding your bike to work, which can be encouraging for others to join in on the trend!

how to bike to work take breaks.

Taking coffee breaks is allowed!

Bike riding to work seems simple but successful biking to work has a slight learning curve. Nonetheless, it's an amazing challenge to conquer. Our Peace Bicycles happen to be perfect for riding to work just like the Dutch do. What you need to do is get yourself prepared before heading out to work on your bike. Depending on the time you have to be at work, it's always a great idea to get there earlier. You want to carefully calculate the distance from your home to your job and keep that in mind the timing it will take to get there. So for example, if your job is 10 minutes away you want to maybe leave an hour and a half before the actual time you need to be at work. This way it gives you time to ride your bike without rushing or panicking. Then, by the time you get there you might have a half an hour to spare, which is great. The distance is really important, but these days you can easily bring bikes on buses and trains to make the commute reasonable. You might have to start riding your bike several hours before the time you need to be at work. It might get seem hard in the beginning but if you bike ride to work regularly, your body will get used to it and not find it as challenging. You might even get fit and add bike riding to work as a part of your daily workout routine!

It's so important to bring all the work things you need and any cool bike accessories with you just in case. We have a great list of accessories here. You most definitely need water, snacks, a first aid kit, and anything else you may need. Preparing for any incident or interruption when bike riding to work is always a good thing to do. You can truly avoid a lot of things by being prepared and on the safe side. You might have to stop and take a rest if the distance is long, if you have the time to, and if you need to hydrate yourself or have a snack. Having the luxury and the feeling of security that you've packed essentials and in case of emergency items can definitely make a difference towards a more successful bike ride to work!

In order to have a positive experience while bike riding to work you have to be to be alert and conscious of your surroundings. Being able to pay attention to the road and to stay aware of all cars and traffic is a definite must. When bike riding to work you have to be extra careful of so many things at once. For instance, the cars around you, the roads, anything lying on the roads, traffic, and construction are all important factors to be aware of. All these things are equally important to look out for. You need to also be sure to follow all the rules of the road while riding your bike to your job. Just because you're riding a bike and not driving a car doesn't mean that you don't have to follow the same rules. All the rules are the same and everyone on the road should be careful and consistent. It's important to note that often times car drivers will overlook bike riders and maybe cut them off or not give them the right of way, which is rude and can be very dangerous. This is why as a bike rider you should be very cautious and expect the unexpected. Keep your eyes peeled for anything around you and as long as you're alert, you should have a pleasant bike ride.

A great way to have a pleasant and fun experience bike riding to work is go with your friends and maybe go as a group. You can make it a fun group activity and be there to help one another if need be. Having your peers, co workers, or friends riding bikes with you to work is something very fun. You can keep each other company. You can talk and enjoy yourselves at a good pace. It's also nice if you're all riding in the same direction or to fairly close places. You can watch out for each other and assist one another if needed. Having friends or co workers riding their bikes by your side definitely provides support. Support you may need on a daily basis to start off your day on your way to work right!

Bike riding to work doesn't mean you have to do it everyday. If you're new at it, start off slowly. You want to allow your body to get used to the bike rides to work so that you can become more confident and comfortable. You don't have to ride your bike every single day to work if you don't want to or simply can't. You can create a schedule and ride your bike to work on certain days. Maybe three times a week is good enough, maybe more or less. It truly depends on you, your capacity, and what you feel comfortable doing. You can drive your car to work or take public transportation a few times a week, then add in bike riding to work. You can absolutely switch it up and customize your transportation to work each day to what ever mode you want!

Safety Equipment

It's always cool to be safe and wear bike riding safety equipment. You absolutely need a helmet while riding your bike to work, there are no excuses. Safety comes first and being prepared for anything is a positive thing. You'll truly thank yourself in the long run and realize how much bike riding safety equipment truly means. It can save your life, the life of others, and avoid huge accidents. It's unfortunate that many people who ride their bikes to work or even ride their bikes for a living, don't wear a helmet or have safety equipment handy. It shouldn't be about how you look while bike riding but instead it should be about the safety aspect. You can truly save your life by being on the safe side and that's truly a phenomenal thing!


how to bike to work

While riding your bike to work it's a great idea to wear the appropriate clothing for the bike ride, especially if it is long distance. You might want to wear comfy clothes and not your work clothes like your uniforms or a suit, depending on your work attire. Dressing comfortably can make your bike ride to work that much easier and comfortable for you. Bring your work clothes with you and change into them as soon as you arrive to your job. This would probably be very beneficial for you so you can also avoid damaging or messing with your work attire. Keeping your work attire crisp looking, fresh, and looking professional is something you should definitely consider!

The best is when you work at a start-up atmosphere where you can come to work in casual clothing. If your work doesn't have this, then there's always casual friday!

Biking and Work

how to bike to the office

A very important part of how to properly ride your bike to work is to discuss your form of transportation with your boss. They would need to know that you're bike riding to work, how often, and other important details. This way you and your boss are on the same page and just in case your boss will understand certain things better. You might not be punctual once or twice and you'll definitely need to advise your boss. Bike riding to work is not something most people do but these days things are changing. No matter how many days out of the week you decide to bike ride, let your boss now all the details pertaining to that. Any miscommunication can cause for problems to arise at work. Explain to your boss your reasoning behind bike riding to work and how great it is for you. As long as you do what you normally do, abide by work laws and rules, then everything should be in order!

Bike riding to work shouldn't be stressful or make you overthink while you're in the process of getting there. If you find yourself overly stressed, nervous, or feeling anxiety then you might want to stop bike riding to work until you feel comfortable enough to continue. Remember, this is all about living a healthier positive lifestyle. It should be a fun interesting and even a fulfilling experience for you to improve your form of transportation to work. You can save a ton of money not using gas for your car or money for public transportation. You can avoid the overcrowded areas on buses or trains and you can be in your own space riding your bike. You can get fit and use bike riding as a form of exercise. You can also save the environment riding a bike to work by not polluting the air. There are so many great benefits that you can gain from simply riding your bike to work. It's something that has become a lifestyle for many and is a great thing to see.

Bike riding to work should be a positive thing and in no way become negative. Be sure to be safe, aware of your surrounding, responsible, and have fun while riding to work. Riding your bike to work is something that can give you a sense of liberation and make you feel as though you're accomplishing something great!

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