how to live a healthy lifestyle

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Tips: 200 of our Best

We've come up with 200 how to live a healthy lifestyle tips for you to peruse. These tips  are ones we ourselves try to practice as much as possible. It's easy to view the road to health, fitness, and happiness a long and windy one, especially if you're coming out of an extended slacking period of months or years. Granted, always living a healthy lifestyle is no easy task, but to quote Tony Horton of the P90X series, "You're closer than you think."

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Tips

The key on how to live a healthy lifestyle really comes down to five main principles (with many tips for each one):

Getting Exercise
Eating Right
Finding Mental Clarity
Miscellaneous Ways to get Healthy Overall
Getting Enough Rest

Even those five pillars may seem like a broad spectrum, but not so much when you incorporate a few small tips into your lifestyle routine at a time. The best part about getting healthy is that items from one of the five categories lead to improvement in the others. Riding a bike for example gets you exercise which in turn helps you sleep better at night while saving money which leads to better mental health.

The following consists of 200 how to live a healthy lifestyle tips that are easy to implement into your everyday life either in small doses or putting the chips "all-in". Try and work your way up to incorporate as many as possible, hopefully all 200 someday!

Exercise and Working Out

Physical activity is one of the biggest keys to a happier, healthier lifestyle mindset. As we get older it becomes harder to maintain weight but exercise helps burn calories while also releasing 'feel-good' endorphin's.

1. Ride a Bike

Riding a bike is one of the easiest and funnest activities to implement into your healthy lifestyle routine. Consider riding a Dutch style bike that you can comfortably and conveniently commute everywhere with. You'll save money/wear & tear on your vehicle while helping the environment and getting better mental clarity from the peaceful oneness with nature. Plus, you'll lose pounds and tone your entire body.

2. Give a Bike

how to live a healthy lifestyle tips

What better way to ride more consistently than adding multiple members to your "biker gang". Bikes make great gifts, you can easily buy a bike online,  and it's always funner to enjoy a group ride with kids, family, friends, and neighbors.  (Although solo rides are very peaceful and calming too). Check out Peace Bicycles for their comfort, utility, and go anywhere balloon tires.

3. Have Fun With Where You Are With Your Fitness Goals and Where You Want/ Need to Be

tips to live a healthy lifestyle

4. Don't Stare, Stair

It's likely that every day you pass an opportunity to get exercise without even really knowing it. One of the simplest tips is to use the stairs whenever possible in lieu of the elevator while you're at work,  shopping, visiting the doctor, etc. You'll be living a healthy lifestyle without even realizing it!

5. Park Over Yonder

Some people do 13 laps in the parking lot, taking 30 minutes to find a stall in what is a 5 minute visit. Another nonchalant way to get exercise when you were going to be out anyway is by parking in a stall far away. As a bonus, you'll be able to find your car easier as it's the only one parked on the "back 40" of the lot.

6. Explore Some New Leisure Activities

If you've ever been bowling for the first time in 10+ years you'll know that running, jogging, and biking aren't the only way to give your muscles some work. Make a point to try new activities that you'd ordinarily never dream of such as racquetball, adult dodge ball, footgolf, etc.  These are great ways to meet cool new people as well.

Josh Herder Editor-in-chief at recommends to:

"Schedule time for adventures. The work week can be grueling. If you're strapped to a desk job this is especially important. For relatively cheap you can plan a weekend backpacking trip. Pack up your sleeping bag, tent, gear and get out and enjoy nature. Hiking is great for the mind, body and soul. Spending time with under the stars and sharing good times with friends is a great way to recharge your system and gives you something to look forward to."

7. Download the Jog.Fm App

Your tunes are just as an important part of your how to live a healthy lifestyle ritual as a good pair of shoes. A cool app that assists with your running is The software lets you input your goals and then adjusts the pace of the songs so that you run accordingly as it senses when you are slowing down, or Heaven forbid, going too fast.

8. Don't Expect the Journey to be Easy

It wouldn't be as rewarding if you didn't feel the burn anyway.

9. Drink Chocolate Milk After Working Out

After you get done with a workout for the day, your focus should be on rest and recovery with an eye on tomorrow's goals. In order to get maximum results from subsequent workouts you need to revitalize your fluids with electrolytes and muscles with, interestingly enough, chocolate milk. Chocolate milk contains double the carbohydrate and protein content of other drinks, has high water content to replace lost fluids, and has the nutritional bonus of calcium.

10. Avoid “Gym Shame” By Going at Off-Peak Hours

Trainers always say, "you gotta start somewhere" but that's easier said than done when you're dripping in sweat just climbing onto the treadmill. Unfortunately, "gym shame" is one of the biggest reasons why people give up on their healthy lifestyle fitness goals before they really even get started. If possible, get your workouts in at an off-peak time (mid-morning, mid-afternoon) so that you can get caught up without feeling gawked at. (Remember that other gym goers are supportive of you though no matter what you may think.)

11. Know What You Want to Get Out of the Journey

Do you want to drop a few pounds before a wedding? Fit into clothes you haven't worn since your 20's? Know how to live a healthy lifestyle? Bench 285? Feel better and live longer? Set a definitive goal and make yourself stick to it instead of just saying, "I want to get into shape."

12. Wear Your Workout Clothes To Bed

We need to find any way possible to make sure we don't skip our workout. The very best way to get exercise in is doing it right away in the morning before you've had time to develop an excuse all afternoon. Going even further, wear tomorrow's workout clothes to bed the night before so that you're that much closer to getting the workout in.

13. Invest in a Vest (Weighted)

It should also be noted that exercise doesn't need to be done during a dedicated "workout time." In fact the best way to multi-task for busy people is to make their everyday tasks a workout. One way to accomplish this is by wearing a weighted vest (or ankle/leg weights) so that routine tasks such as doing laundry, cooking, or walking the dog are actually strength training exercises.

14. You Don't Want to Be Good Early

If you could hop on the bench and immediately toss up 300 or go out and jog 10 miles without getting tired it wouldn't even be fun. The real reward of working out is inching towards these goals, specifically starting out as horrendously bad as possible. You should want to struggle benching 145 pounds and get tired during mile 1 so that you can appreciate the effort when you do get there.

15. Bond with a Family Walk

An example of starting small with your overall fitness goals is by incorporating a nightly family walk around the neighborhood. You'll all be able to discuss your day while getting some mind-clearing fresh air and slowly building up your cardiovascular system. Eventually the walks will get longer, then they'll turn into runs, then they'll turn into weekend bike outings, and so on. You'd be surprising how addicting just a nightly walk can be.

16. If You Take a Bus, Get Off a Stop Early

We'd always recommend taking a bike to work instead of riding the bus or train but unfortunately the bicycle infrastructure just isn't available yet in some cities. Even if you do take mass transit, make sure to get your exercise in by getting off a stop or two early. You'll be able to clear your head a bit on the walk while also adding a couple extra hundred or thousand steps to your day.

17. Beat “The Wall” By Switching Workouts

Your brain undergoes a weird mindset when you start to workout regularly. If you stick with it after the first few days of wanting to quit, daily exercise will become less and less of a 'chore' and more of something you look forward to. That being said, you'll eventually hit the dreaded 'wall' even after working out regularly a few weeks. It's going to be tempting to quit but the best approach is to switch up your workout for a couple weeks (a rest week is also beneficial). Once you add variety into your training you'll be able to stave off these healthy lifestyle roadblocks much easier.

18. Remember It Doesn't Take An Hour or Two to See Improvements

Big tip: start small anyway possible. Even a 5-minute workout is better than nothing. In fact, it's these little workouts that help you form a solid and healthy base to gradually increase the workload. Ride your bike around the block before you hit the trail for miles - It won't seem like such a daunting task to start that way.

19. Reap the Rewards

Too many people get the mindset that working out is actually work. Granted, it is strenuous but you feel awesome afterward and the rewards really do get better each time you break a sweat.

20. Use a Commercial Break to Stretch

Contrary to what super intense workout dudes would have you think, the television is not a demon spawn used only by lazy slobs. On the contrary some TV time at night is a great way to wind down for the hustle and bustle of the day. If you find yourself in a longer binge session however, at least use the commercials to get up, stretch, go upstairs and back down a couple times, etc. just to keep your body loose.

21. Try Any Excuse to Leave Your Desk

One of the reasons people aren't where they need to be in terms of their health is because they sit for an hour on their commute, sit all day at a desk, sit for another our on the way home, sit while eating dinner, then sit and watch TV all night. An important goal is to limit these sitting times (ride a bike to work, use a standing desk, eat at the kitchen breakfast buffet.) If you do have a sit-down job, try and find any excuse to leave your desk during the day whether it is to fill your water bottle, to respond to a phone message, or to go outside and get some fresh air.

22. Follow the Guidelines Set Out For Your Gender

Men and women need to approach their health and happiness goals in a different manner from each other.

23. Drink Coffee Before a Workout

There's no doubt that you get a better workout when you've got a little buzz in your step. Hardcore gym peeps call this the rush they get when their pre-workout kicks in. Surprisingly coffee has a similar effect in helping you achieve maximum results from your session. Coffee helps to accelerate fat loss, improve focus, decrease pain, and even prevent diseases with it's high antioxidant presence. So there you go, have a cup of Joe.

24. Never Skip a Monday Workout

We can all agree that Mondays are simply the worst. That being said, they are arguably the most important day of the week as far as keeping your exercise mindset goes. Your brain resets on Monday after the weekend and it's important to get the first workout of the week in to keep your momentum moving.

25. Remember to Strength Train In Addition to Cardio

45 minutes a day on the elliptical is awesome, but it's important to put a little diversity into your workout. Specifically, don't forget to strength train in addition to your cardio. Building up muscle in your legs, core, arms, and back will actually help you reap more benefits from the cardio workout.

26. Follow Some Simple Do's and Dont's

27. If You Go For a Run, Do So Quieter

Running is great but if you sound like Ole' Jebediah running down the lane in his clodhoppers you're probably doing it wrong. Remember that part of a healthy workout is utilizing proper form. In running this means landing as softly as possible (either heel, mid-foot, or balls of feet) and transferring the shock quickly before picking up the feet again. Basically, if you can hear yourself run, work to improve.

28. Consider Running Barefoot?

Another option that very few of us utilize but more should consider is to actually run barefoot. Running without shoes has actually shown to limit the impact on our feet which helps to reduce the risk of injury from shock and absorption. Of course this is negated when running on a street filled with broken beer bottles but if you know a path is safe give the ol' Huck Finn method a try.

Eating Right

29. Eat Breakfast Every Morning

It can't be stressed enough that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast boosts your blood sugar and gives you energy for the all-important morning hours. Breakfast is a great time to get your daily fiber intake (breads, cereals) and eating right away in the morning helps balance your metabolism. Have some fun with it - switch up between cereals, eggs, bacon, fruit, and the occasional healthy breakfast pizza.

30. Brown Carbs Over White Carbs

No matter what those on a low carb diet might tell you, some carbs are actually a key part of a balanced diet - with portion control. Carbs help to improve mood, promote weight loss, are good for your heart, and assist with memory. One thing to remember when eating cabs though is to go for the whole ones as compare to the refined. An easy way to determine this is by going for brown (rice, bread) compared to white.

31. Don't Be Put Off By "High Costs" of Organic Food

32. Drink a Glass of Water with Lemon Every Morning

Just like hitting snooze 8 times every morning (more on that later) a good ritual to start the day is by chugging a glass of warm water with lemon. Warm lemon water aids in digestion, cleanses the system, boosts your immune system, balances your pH, clears the skin, freshens breath, hydrates the lymphs, and aids in weight loss. Not bad benefits for 20 seconds every morning.

33. Eat Salmon

When in doubt, eat salmon. It is arguably the best food you can possibly have due to containing B12, Vitamin D, niacin, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B6, helps with inflammatory joints, aids cardiovascular, protects your eyes, builds children's brains, and even helps you sleep. Plus, it tastes really good.

34. Follow this Simple Approach on What to Eat and What Not To

35. Try Cauliflower with Barbecue Sauce

Our brains trick us into wanting the instant reward from a soda or fast food compared to the admittedly bland taste of foods that are good for us. One of the many tricky workarounds for this is to dip cauliflower in barbecue sauce. It actually tastes like chicken nuggets while giving you 77% of your daily need of Vitamin C (among other benefits).

36. Know What to Avoid In Foods

37. Buy Smaller Plates

A lot of getting healthy and eating better is controlling the mental game. There are numerous ways to approach this but one of the easiest is to simply buy smaller plates. This helps with portion control because if you can't fit it on your plate, you won't eat it (as long as you don't go back for seconds, that is.)

38. Up Your Snack Game

Breaking news - snacks are great. Eating multiple healthy meals or snacks a day is actually the best way to improve your metabolism rather than just eating better three times a day. Snacks can also be fun so don't be afraid to put as much time into snacks as you would a meal.

39. Join a Fruit Club

Fruits are an important part of life and a healthy lifestyle but they can also be kind of weird to buy. Sometimes even when we buy fruit it goes bad while sitting on the kitchen table. One way to always ensure you have fresh fruit in your home is by paying to join a fruit club. The delicious goodies are delivered every week and since you're paying a little more you're more motivated to actually eat the fruit.

40. It Can't Be Reiterated Enough - Drink Water!

41. Watch When You Eat Dinner

Something that old timers have right is their dinner schedule. Granted 4:30 might be a little early for some of us to eat supper but the earlier the better. The earlier you eat supper the more time you have to burn off the calories and let the food digest. When you eat closer to bed you risk heartburn, insomnia, and weight gain.

42. Make Tomorrow's Lunch While You Make Supper

Packing your own food for lunch during the workday is a great way to avoid the tempting (and unhealthy) fast food or vending machine.  Agreeably though, it can be a task to have to make your lunch each morning when time is usually at a premium. A simple solution is to make your lunch the night before, specifically when you're cooking supper and already have the oven warmed up / pots & pans out, etc. Even better, make your portions of supper a little larger so that you have leftovers (it's cheaper).

43. Eat an Orange Before Working Out

As you hit the gym more you might start to notice people eating or sucking on an orange as they work out. Oranges are stimulating but also a fast-digesting carb that gives you much-needed energy as you near the end of a workout session. Plus, oranges give you vitamin C and fiber and eating something while working out helps to create a distraction so that your brain isn't focused on exercising.

44. It's Not Sexy, But Cabbage Is Awesome For You.

45. Sugar? Cream? Nope, Cinnamon

To some people, coffee is life. This doesn't mean that you can't get a little healthy while enjoying your morning cup of java. Cinnamon is a stimulant that invigorates the brain, fights menstrual cramps, helps with sore throats, relieves indigestion, gets rid of pimples, fights fatigue and prevents heart disease. For an added bonus put some pure honey in the coffee as well and you'll be feeling good to start the day.

46. Eat Slower, Savor the Flavor

It takes about 20 minutes between the time you start eating and the time your brain starts receiving "full" signals. One of the reasons people tend to pack on the pounds is because they eat too fast and thus have ingested way too many calories before their brain starts to tap out. When you eat slower, you give your brain time to comprehend the food and thus will be fuller on fewer calories.

47. Dieting Doesn't Have to Be Strict, It's a Lifestyle.

48. Use Seltzer Water to Get Over the Soda Blues

Giving up soda is hard, mostly because our brains are trained to appreciate the reward that caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates as a whole give us. One of the ways we can 'trick' our brains when trying to cut out soda is by using seltzer water as a substitute. The fizzing effect of seltzer water emulates soda and really does help with cutting down on the cola.

49. Fill Up Before You Fill Up

Going out to dinner is a fun, sociable event but also one of the easiest ways to pack on the pounds. An easy way to enjoy a trip to the restaurant without overeating is to have a small meal before you head out. You'll spend less, and more importantly eat less which helps you in your weight maintenance goals.

50. Frozen Fruits and Veggies are Your Friend

As much as we aim to always have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand in our kitchens, the truth is sometimes we are too busy during the week to eat the good stuff and it goes bad. One thing to remember is that frozen fruits and vegetables provide much of the same benefits as their fresh counterparts. In fact, many people are more inclined to use frozen fruits and veggies in their smoothies because they are quicker and easier to prepare.

51. Go Grocery Shopping after Supper

By now you've probably been brow-beaten about the importance of not going grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Taking that one step further, pick a dedicated time to buy your groceries for the week - specifically right after supper. You'll be full from just eating, walking around the aisles helps to burn the calories just digested, and generally the stores are less crowded.

52. Be The Iron Man (or Woman)

eat iron tips to living a healthy lifestyle

53. Set Water Deadlines

It's recommended that we drink at least a half a gallon of water per day. We all know the importance but many of us still struggle with the intake. It's easier to meet your water goals when you break it down into hours instead of a day. For example a 1/2 gallon is 2 liters so set goals of having 1/2 a liter by 10 AM, another 1/2 liter by noon, another 1/2 by 2PM, and another 1/2 by 4PM and you'll have your water intake over the course of a workday.

54. Find Your Trigger Foods (and Avoid Them)

Trigger foods are evil little beings that want to sabotage your health goals. When you eat these foods they trigger overeating and cause you to lose control. These foods are generally higher in calories, contain sugar and fat, and unfortunately usually taste pretty dang good. French fries, ice cream, potato chips, and cookies are examples of trigger foods that should be avoided.

55. Eat for Your Body, But Also Your Brain

56. Learn to Love Preparing Meals

Once you've gotten good at it, the preparation of the meal is as much fun as eating it. Stretch your comfort level a bit and try making foods that you normally wouldn't so that you eventually learn to love meal prep (making your own meals is more affordable and healthy.)

57. Learn About Food

It's important to not only know which foods you should avoid, but also why you should avoid them. Take some time and learn about trans and saturated fats, GMOs, gluten, and a lot of the other buzz words that are surrounding foods these days.

58. Supplement Your Foods With Spices For Health


Our friends at, a company that makes healthy teas, proteins, greens, vitamins, snacks, and sweeteners, recommend adding turmeric to your bag of tricks with recipes like Turmeric Protein Truffles and Tropical Turmeric Protein Smoothies. The spice is the main spice in curry and is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease.

59. Try Added Calcium Orange Juice

We all know the importance of orange juice to obtain Vitamin C and add some color to our screwdriver drinks. Did you know there's even more that can be obtained from your OJ however? For those who can't tolerate dairy or otherwise lack calcium and Vitamin D, an orange juice fortified with calcium citrate and malate can be a great way to obtain these minerals.

60. Take a Multi Vitamin Sometimes

Your #1 and #1a route to getting essential vitamins and minerals is by eating better with a wide mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat. There will be times however when we fall in a rut and hit the drive-thru instead of the produce section. When your diet starts to lack, you'll be down in calcium, Vitamin D, and potassium so supplement your fast food with some fast minerals in the form of a multi-vitamin.

61. Eat 7g Fiber Cereal For Numerous Benefits

Eating a 7g fiber cereal in the morning is a multi-functional health tip. First off, it means you're actually eating breakfast which as you may have heard once or a thousand times is the most important meal of the day. Second, the high fiber cereal helps you not only stay "regular", but also lowers cholesterol levels (heart health), controls blood sugar (diabetes prevention), improves the health of your skin, and helps with metabolism and weight loss. Those dads who serve 'cereal supper' might know what they're doing after all.

62. Blueberries in the Morning

Why not take that high fiber cereal one level further with some blueberries added into the mix? Blueberries are a super fruit that boosts memory and motor skills while controlling blood pressure and metabolism. The little blue friends are high in nutrients but low in calories and also have anti-aging properties among many other benefits.

63. Supplement With Your Womanly Needs in Mind

64. Go Nuts over Nuts

Nuts are a great afternoon snack or an additive to your meals. First off they taste good but they are also a source of "good stuff" such as unsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, and loads of protein. Individual types of nuts have their own benefits (almonds-calcium, Brazil nuts - Selenium, cashews - iron & zinc, chestnuts - carbs & fiber, pecans - plant sterols, pistachios - B6).

65. Ice Cream Can Be Good For You

If a health professional told you to eat ice cream for your diet, you might get a second opinion to see if you can have pizza and beer too (you can!) Ice cream after a workout provides a boost of insulin which aids in muscle building and helps avoid protein breakdowns. Taken in "doses" of 1/2 cup or less the cream can also help provide energy and increase your mood plus it's really good.

66. Double-Half Pizza is Healthier

Like character actor Billy Zabka always having to play a bad guy in 80's movies, pizza is generally typecast as a junkfood. The truth is, 'za can be one of the healthiest meals you eat as long as you're smart about the preparation. For example, double sauce and half cheese is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin C without weight-gaining tendencies. Add in a whole-grain thin crust (high fiber) ,smart ingredients (veggies, turkey pepperoni, Canadian bacon) , and a salad side before the main course and you'll get your healthy pizza fix in one or two slices instead of a whole Tombstone at 2AM.

67. Get Raspy

68. 2 Cups of Fruit and 2-1/2 Cups Vegetables Every Day

The old adage is to get 'plenty' of fruits and vegetables every day. Since 'plenty' is a pretty arbitrary denomination, what you should actually strive for is 2 cups of fruit and 2-1/2 cups of veggies. More is definitely merrier but these are your minimums.

69. Find the Best Way to Prepare Each Food

Sometimes with food it's not only what you make, but how you make it. Frying foods for example will add unnecessary fats and calories in the form of breading and absorbed oils. Whatever you are preparing research the best way to maintain essential minerals (tender meats - broiling, fish - poaching, lean cuts of meat - grilling, broccoli - steaming, carrots - boiling, ) and incorporate that method.

70. Try a Wheatgrass Shot to Really Start the Party.

71. Use Alternatives to Butter or Cooking Oil (Extra virgin Olive, Canola, Sunflower, Avocado)

Make sure to watch what you cook with. Canola and virgin olive oil are rich in monounsaturated fats which swap healthy for unhealthy cholesterol. The best recommendation is to mix up what you cook with on a regular basis and as the meal tastes dictate.

72. Set an Eating Example for Others

The old adage of practice what you preach definitely rings true when it comes to your diet. It's simply not fair to stand on the soapbox and make your kids or spouse eat healthy when you're over in the corner surrounded by Ding-Dong wrappers and soda cans.

73. Eat Only at the Kitchen Table

You should be vigilant when eating and do it with purpose. Too many times we're eating mindlessly while watching TV or working on the computer and we don't even realize when we're full. Invoking a kitchen table-only supper rule helps to appreciate the food, watch portions, and actually talk to your families in 'mouth words' instead of 140-characters.

74. Get Cumbersome

75. Eat as a Function

True 'foodies' know that eating isn't just something we do, it's a lifestyle. They have the right idea as the shopping, preparation, and eating of food is something that should be appreciated. Try to eat as a function and really enjoy your meal, savoring every bite compared to nuking a couple Hot Pockets and eating them during commercials of The Voice.

76. Devote 50% of Your Plate to Vegetables

When food is laid out and you're in control of your own portions, it can be hard to allocate items accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to think of your plate as a pie chart. Devote 50% of the pie chart/plate to vegetables but don't put an actual whole pie on there.

77. Eat Right, Regardless!

78. If You Don't Have It, You Won't Eat It

It can be nice to have a package of Chips Ahoy in your pantry as a snack but the next thing you know you're disoriented, the entire package is gone, and you're covered in chocolate chips and crumbs. There's a simple rule - if it's not in the pantry, it won't be in your belly.

79. Label / Organize Your Food

Not only should you eat as a function, you should shop with a purpose as well. For example, fill your cart specifically with healthy lifestyle snack foods and plenty of fruits and veggies for both smoothies and for meals. Then you should organize these foods or label them so that you use them all consistently and cut down your grocery store visit to once a week.

80. Find Some Healthy Recipes Online

81. Eat Chocolate (cocoa) to Get Through the Afternoon

When you first think about getting healthy you're probably assuming you need to get rid of chocolate, not add it to your diet. Don't be mistaken, the sugary chocolate can lower bone density, trigger headaches, and cause addiction and weight gain. Dark chocolate however contains nutrients, antioxidants, lowers blood pressure, and can improve cognitive brain function among other benefits. In moderation, this could be a nice afternoon snack to get you through the rest of the day.

82. Shoot for a Salad a Day

Something to remember with eating healthy is that it's not always about what you're not putting into your body and instead about what you are.  It's recommended to have a salad a day so you can get the benefits from leafy greens and vegetables. Does this mean you have to substitute a meal with a salad? Not necessarily, just have the salad as a side.

83. Load Your Refrigerator with Good Stuff. Hint - You'll Eat It.

84. Get Him (or Her) to the Greek... Yogurt

If you're gonna go yogurt, get the Greek kind. Greek yogurt is made from separating out the liquid whey which has fewer carbs and more protein including probiotics, B12, potassium, and iodine. Eat it as a workout recovery food or a way to keep your waist in check.

85. Splurge on a Meal If You Want

If you're eating healthy you should be commended and there are plenty of recipes that are both tasty and low in calories. That being said, a 'meal' doesn't have to become a 'diet.' What this means is that if you're starting to lull in your healthy food intake, mix it up and eat out or order in a pizza. This could actually help you recharge your palette as long as you don't allow the 'cheat' to turn into a trigger.

86. Spicy Foods Help With Portion Control

Adding chili peppers, habaneros, jalapenos, or cayenne gives your body an invigoration of capsaicin, or "heat." Not only will you eat less to avoid the pain, your body temps rise so that you start burning calories. A hot bowl of chili con carne for example can temporarily boost your metabolism by 8% while chili and ginger can also boost libido, aka it's getting hot in here.

87. You Work Hard in the Gym, So Work Hard in the Kitchen Too

88. Eat Apples to Help Clean Teeth

An apple a day will not only keep the doctor away, but the dentist as well. The acidic nature of apples acts as an astringent to  your teeth, whitening and cleaning them while supplying you nutrients.

89. Add Coconut Oil to Coffee

Why did Tom Hanks look so good on that deserted island in the movie Castaway? He probably found out the importance of mixing the plentiful coconuts in with his coffee which helps to aid in the immune system, speed up metabolism, and provide a boost of energy for those sand volleyball games.

90. Eating Good Doesn't Make You Hungry, It Makes You Satisfied.

91. Put your Utensil Down After Each Bite

"Eat now, taste later" might be an apt military decree but it shouldn't be used in your everyday life. Scarfing down food doesn't give your body enough time to digest and process when you are full. A strategy to implement is putting down your fork or spoon or chopsticks completely after each bite. Don't pick them back up until you swallow the food and you'll find out you're fuller faster.

92. With Food, Think Plants Not Plants

We want to put as much natural leafy food into our body (coming from Mother Nature's plants) as possible. We also want to eliminate as much processed food (coming from  manufacturing plants) as possible.

93. Not all Fruit Is Created Equal

94. Understand the “Superfoods”

Superfoods are items that provide multi-functional benefits in each bite. They are rich in nutrients and benefit both health and well-being - kind of like a home renovation that lowers your bills, improves your property's looks, improves your quality of life, and makes your home more valuable. Greek yogurt, quinoa, kale, blueberries, oatmeal, green tea, broccoli, salmon, spinach, and pistachios are just some examples of foods with all benefits and little to no downfalls.

95. Choose Reds over Greens

If you have the choice such as with cabbage, red peppers, tomatoes, grapes, and other foods always go with the red colors. Reds have more of the antioxidant flavonoids which are very good for you.

96. Asparagus for the Morning After

Instead of a bloody Mary with an entire fried chicken as a garnish, the real cure to a hangover just might be asparagus. According to researchers extracts from asparagus leaves and shoots boosts enzymes in the body which break down alcohol and may help both before and after a night on the town. A great alternative for those Sunday mornings when it seems death is the only option.

97. Just (Avoca)Do It.

avocado live a healthy lifestyle tips

98. Brighten Up Your Menu

Without truly understanding the ins and outs of ingredients in foods it can be hard to comprehend how your plate is stacking up in the heath department. A great rule of thumb to follow is the brighter in color the better. In other words, make your plate more Andy Warhol and less Jackson Pollock.

99. Strive for Foods that are Not Only Healthy, But Sustainable

100. Buy a Juicer (And Use it)

A blender is a great kitchen utensil but so is a juicer. Juicing your fruits and vegetables creates a quicker way to absorb immune boosting nutrients.

Mental Health

101. Cleaning Gives You a Boost When Feeling Depressed

You've heard of superfoods with nothing but positive benefits but how about superactivities. Chalk down cleaning to that list whether it be your house, yard, car, office etc. Not only will your area be clean and organized, it will be healthier physically (cleaning up dander and allergens) and mentally (science says disheveled spaces are stressful.)

102. There's One Person In Charge of Your Happiness.

103. Check Out Youtube Meditation

Sure it has cats playing the piano and 1-year old kids biting their brother but Youtube is also a great source to improve your mental health. Check out some top meditations for sleep, confidence, anti-anxiety and more.

104. Your Mother In Law's Dining Room Wall is Right: Live, Laugh, Love.

105. Rate Your Day as Either Positive or Negative

It's what's known as the 'Seinfeld Secret' stemming from the comic's act of marking each day on an entire year wall calendar with a big red "X" if he accomplished his goals of writing jokes for that day. Eventually you'll have a visual chain and won't want even a single negative link to interrupt the streak.

106. Make a Choice of How You Feel

107. Sit Outside and Do Nothing

Being outside is a natural healthy lifestyle ingredient, free medicine and science backs up this claim. Being outside gets you Vitamin D, improves your eye health, makes you sleep better, provides a break from indoor pollutants, and helps you to overall clearer mental health. We recommend an outdoor bike ride everyday but even just sitting in nature and doing nothing has noticeable health benefits.

108. Rescue a Pet

Forget the obvious benefits of giving a furry friend a new chance at life, rescuing a pet provides health benefits to the rescuer as well. Animals provide unconditional love (except some cats), and help to keep you calm, free of anxiety, and with lower blood pressure. Taking a dog for a walk or to the park can increase your social circle and rescuing specifically gives you something to talk endlessly about at the subsequent new parties.

109.  A Toned Body Begins with a Sculpted Mind

healthy lifestyle mind tip

110. Life's a Garden, so Dig It

Starting a garden is another one of our superactivities. First, you'll be getting exercise while doing the digging and tending. You'll also be enjoying the outside atmosphere while doing your gardening which is a proven stress reliever. Gardening is good for the environment and last but not least you'll be creating a sustainable and healthy food source.

111. Remember the 21 Day Theory

When we say, "you're closer than you think" to a healthy life style it's not just blowing smoke up your keister. In fact you could be as little as three weeks away from dropping bad habits in lieu of good ones. This is because research says it takes as little as 21 days to train your brain. This means that healthy eating, regular bike riding, quitting smoking, etc. might be grueling for the first couple weeks, but eventually your brain will look at it as second nature. Keep pushing!

112. Search For Happiness, Don't Wait for It.

113. Go Through a Facebook Purge

If you're like the 1 billion other people who are on Facebook, you've likely had to log off before completing a scroll because your 'friends' gave you anxiety. Whether it's the people complaining about the government, others bragging about their perfect lives, or those posting the ambiguous "ugh" social media can be taxing. Sometimes you need to block these serial problem-posters (not unfriend them as to not cause any friction) to help your mental health.

114. Start Friendly Competitions

What elicits a better reaction, a) we should lose weight together or b) I'll bet you $100 I can lose more weight than you? Competition is healthy and it could be the motivation you need to accomplish your fitness, financial, career, and other goals.

115. Try New Things

Make it a point to try something new very regularly whether it be taking a lesson, eating at a  strange restaurant, or even riding a different route home. When you expand your horizons you'll break free of your comfort zone (eventually for good) while also broadening your conversation range.

116. Workout Your Brain as Well

While we can't physically exercise our brains like we do our arms, legs, and core while riding a bike, there are ways to stay mentally sharp. It's proven that brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes, and just reading help to boost brain activity, increase memory power, reduce risk of dementia, improve concentration, teach analytical skills, and learn new subjects.

117. Being Upset is Literally Killing You.

118. Don't Be Like Eric Carmen – Be All By Yourself!

The 70's crooner wailed to anybody that would listen that he didn't want to be "all by myself" any more. Anybody with kids or who works in a crowded office probably thinks this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. You should seek solitude to let your brain unwind and recharge, to improve concentration, to think over things deeply, expand your creativity, and just overall disconnect for awhile.

119. Read Something Positive Every Day

The SNL character was onto something when he proclaimed, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it people like me." We need to tell ourselves this every day otherwise it can get easy to fall into a negative rut.

120. Get In Touch With an Old Friend Once a Week

Don't be afraid to call or meet a (different) old friend once a week or at least once a month - it's a very cathartic experience. When you talk about nostalgic experience you laugh and reminisce which helps your brain release 'feel-good' vibes.

121. If You're Worried About Contacting an Old Friend - Don't Be.

best friends tip for healthy lifestyle

122. Start Fresh Every Day

Momentum can be both positive and negative. Put a bunch of healthy eating and exercise days together in a row and it will become a habit. Have a bunch of bad days consecutively and it can runaway train you into depression. The best advice? Start new every day and stay hungry with your positive goals while cleansing yourself of negative vibes.

123. Listen With the Intent to Understand, Not the Intent to Reply

Conversation needs to be a two-way street. While you might not always agree with what your spouse, friend, or tavern mate what be preaching, it does benefit you to listen. Being a good listener helps you develop patience and it makes you a more desirable friend. Just think, do you like to hang out with the person who talks your ear off or who you can share laughs and insight with?

124. Find Motivation From Within (Not Facebook)

The main reason you go to the gym or lose weight should be to improve your health and wellbeing not to get "likes". It's OK to share your accomplishments (occasionally) but being a flooder will likely garner more negative responses than positive ones.

125. To Reiterate.

126. Follow the Happiness Philosophy

From the Happiness Institute:

Happiness is the ultimate purpose in life.
Happiness is achievable, for all of us.
Happiness is determined more by our minds than by our circumstances.
The disciplines that will lead to and enhance happiness (such as helpful thinking and good
habits) can be learned and mastered, with practice.

127. Sometimes You Gotta Chill Out and "Let It Go"

128. Write Down What Gives You Pleasure

When you 'feel good' it's because there are positive pheromones released and you're riding an actual natural high. When you have these feelings, try and document the experiences and activities that led to it in a 'pleasure journal.' If you're feeling blue, go to the book.

129. Spend Time With the Old and Young

If possible spend time with people from ages 2 to 92. You can benefit from getting the young's positive, uncorroded takes on life and the elder's life lessons from years on the front line.

130. Missed Goals are Depressing

exercise eat healthy tip lifestyle

131. Remember that the Past Has Passed

Until McFly and Doc Brown show up to your door with a DeLorean, there's not a whole lot that can be done about the past. Even if you have made mistakes, people will be impressed by your ability to rise above those transgressions.

132. Lose Arguments

If you've never lost an argument in your life there's a pretty good chance you're probably a jerk. Keep debates friendly, pick your battles, and know when an argument is a lost cause. You'll never change everybody's mind but if you keep yours open you might learn something.

133. Be Happy With Other People's Lives

It can be easy to resent and be jealous of our friends who take weekend trips to their cabin or go out on their yacht. Harboring ill feelings towards them produces a negative effect on you though. Instead, choose to be happy and positive about their lives and realize that yours is about what you do have, not what you don't have.

134. Be Accountable

If your life isn't where you want it to be right now, it's either because others have conspired against you for your whole life or because you've made poor decisions. Hint, it's usually the latter. Once you start being accountable for your own actions, you'll realize the only path to change is from within, Sensei.

135. Remember that Situations Change

Don't get comfortable in your surroundings and situations whether they are positive or negative. Take time to enjoy good experiences but know your life can change on a whim. Likewise don't wallow in negative aspects because they can and will improve.

136. There Really Are Only a Couple Tips for a Good Life

137. Be Replaceable At Work

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is thinking (and worse, proclaiming) that they are the only person at their work that can do their job. First off, that just means you haven't been proactive enough to train somebody if you aren't there. Plus, it means you won't be able to take time away from work and will have to stay long hours. Finally, it means you can never be promoted because you're locked into certain tasks and in your words, irreplaceable.

138. Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up

Follow the three simple rules when it comes to your engagements (work, parties, meetings, ball games, dinners, etc.) Unless you are ill, don't be lazy and instead get up, dress up, and most importantly show up.

139. Other People Might Want you to Fail But Only One Can Ensure It.

140. If You Wake Up in the Morning You're Already Ahead

No matter how bad yesterday was or how many things on your docket today, it beats the alternative. If you're above ground, make the most of it.

141. Commitment is the Road to Improvement

If you want something in life, you gotta really want it. Just know that the road is going to be long, there are going to be bumps along the way, and you'll feel like giving up probably multiple times. When you stay committed though, the payoff will be that much more rewarding. This goes for living a healthy lifestyle!

142. Plan an Adventure Travel

A great way to recharge the batteries is by planning some sort of adventure.  Something like a camping bicycle tour or a rafting trip or even a hike have numerous benefits. You'll be out in the environment, you'll have physical activity, you'll undergo mental challenges, and you'll have better dreams and memories to lack back upon.

143. Remember That Grudges Wear You Down

Grudges are physically detrimental because they stress you out and hurt your heart, stomach, back, and head. Grudges are usually defined as a conflict that is eventually repaired which means you'll miss out on a lot of important life events of friends and family while throwing your fit. Along those same lines, if you never plan on reconciling, don't even hold the grudge just let it (and the person responsible) go.

144. Every Day You Don't Get Back on Track Is One More to Recoup

145. Grit is the Best Four Letter Word

Out of all the personality traits you can develop in life one of the most beneficial is grit - which is defined as courage, strength, and resolve. When you have grit, people and things won't knock you down, instead they'll fuel your inevitable success.

146. Start a Journal for a Brain Dump

Instead of the hard of hearing old guy at the tavern who you dump your problems on, try starting a journal to get negative feelings off your mind. If something is bothering you, it can be cathartic to put it in writing. If after flipping through your journal you find that the same triggers are the central thesis, it may be time to change those things for the betterment of your health.

147. Be Patient, You're Getting Better Even If Results Aren't Visible.

148. Start Your Day with Some YouTube Comedy

Have a laugh in the morning it will help you to get in a positive mindset for the day.

149. Write a Gratitude Journal

When you are thankful for something, document it in your gratitude journal. Look through at the people that make the most appearances and reciprocate the love.

150. Think Happy

happiness goal tip healthy lifestyle

151. Make the Most of a Weekend

Make plans for your couple of days off work. Clean the house or the car or take a family bicycling trip to a nearby town. Even if you are just using the downtime to recharge your batteries don't forget to meditate, eat right, and keep your sleeping patterns on track.

152. Start Traditions

Some of the best things in life are the repeating of traditions whether it be a fantasy football league, an annual Spring girls shopping getaway, a family Christmas in July, etc. Traditions give you something to look forward to and are a great resource for laughs and memories.

153. Give Things to Goodwill

Donating your items is another simple yet multi-beneficial activity. You'll be helping the less fortunate while organizing and tidying your home. Great for mental health and increasing the health of others.

154. Babysit for a Friend

If you have a weekend or evening free, offer to babysit for a close friend or family member. You'll allow those close to you the opportunity for a night out to benefit their mental health while spending time with a youngster to improve yours. Best of all, they'll owe you a favor!

155. Even the Greats Have Wanted to Throw In the Towel at Some Time.

156. Put a Distraction Block on Your Computer

Procrastination leads to stress, lack of sleep, and a possible interruption to your exercise schedule.  If you frequently scroll Miley Cyrus' Instagram instead of doing your taxes or get lost at the outer depths of YouTube when you have a work report do put on a productivity blocker.

157. Value Your Friends and Family Over Your Job

It's a downright travesty when a person chooses working excessive hours instead of attending a child's musical play or heading to the game with friends. Understandably a good employee will back up their employer when needed, just don't let occasionally become frequently.

158. Use This Calm Down Technique:

- exhale completely
- inhale 4 beats
- hold 7 beats
- and exhale 8 beats

159. Read Instructional Books

Read anytime you can. Better yet, instead of Supermarket tabloid gossip, digest something productive like an instructional book.

160. Fight Stress ... With Food!

161. Buy a New Outfit

There's no doubt that looking good helps you feel good. Don't be afraid to purchase a new outfit for a weekend getaway, a holiday party, or just a random "Feel Good Friday". Retail therapy is real.

162. Make a To-Don't List

It's beneficial to create a detailed to-do list to help keep you on track with your home chores or job work. When you look at that list however, there are undoubtedly tasks that feasibly won't be done in the here and now. Jot all these items on a "to-don't" list, making your actual sheet accomplish-able and providing you motivation to get to the 2nd page.

163. In Downtime, Make Yourself More Talented

Use any downtime you have to try and make yourself more well-rounded. This could include something as simple as practicing your penmanship, learning a new language, memorizing some jokes, etc.

Getting Good Sleep

164. Turn off Your Phone/Tablet/Computer at 7PM

TVs, computers, tablets, etc. all provide cognitive stimulation which makes neurons and electrical activity in the brain start to race. As expected, these waves don't simply slow down once you hit the power button. Your lack of sleep could be caused by being on the computer, tablet, and phone for long hours right before bed.

165. Lack of Sleep is Costly

166. Take a Warm Shower Before Bed

A warm shower helps raise your body temperature. Coming out of that warm shower into a cool bedroom signifies to your body that it's time to rest and it slows down breathing, the heart rate, and the digestive system allowing you to fall asleep faster.

167. Try Honey to Ease Nighttime Coughs

It can be hard to fall asleep while you're laying in bed hacking away (not to mention your partner feels the pain too). One of the best cures is honey, which is said to calm the respiratory system even more than cough medicine does. Try taking two teaspoons of honey before you hit the sack when you have a cough. Your partner, your dogs, and your cat will thank you.

168. Call Last Call (For Caffeine) at 2PM

Sometimes caffeine is the only fuel to get our engines running in the morning but it's a big hindrance to our sleep at night. Caffeine even a few hours before bed can have a negative impact on sleep which is why experts recommend you to ween of the 'feine by 2PM every day.

169. Lack of Sleep Really Does Kill You

170. Upgrade Your Alarm Clock Game

Technology has changed the alarm clock game in a huge way. There's no reason to awake to the common shriek that Thomas Edison programmed into the first alarm clock (probably). Check out some cool new advances such as the:

171. Sleep in a Cool Room

When we fall asleep for the night, our bodies slowly start to cool down. It makes sense then that the quicker we can get to optimum body temps, the faster we'll zonk out which is why it's recommended to sleep in a cooler room. Sleeping in a room between 60 and 68 degrees also helps release melatonin (anti-aging) and increases the good fat in your body which helps burn calories instead of store them.

172. Try Some Sleep Assistance

173. Sleep On Your Left Side to Avoid Acid Reflux

For those who suffer heartburn that keeps you awake at night, try to proactively sleep on your left side.

174. Be Honest With Your Alarm Clock

Are you really going to get up at 4:30 in the morning and do crunches? If you are, awesome but if you know that isn't happening don't dip into your valuable REM sleep with a screeching alarm. The bursts of sleep between you hitting the snooze are basically worthless in regards to quality. You'll find yourself just as refreshed whether you simply get up at the first buzz of the alarm or set it to when you'll realistically wake up.

175. Let Kids Sleep

It's crucial for their growing bodies and gives you some peace and quiet.

176. Throw On Clean Socks Before Heading to Bed

Putting on clean socks before bedtime helps blood vessels in the feet dilate which sends a signal to the brain that it's time to sleep. You'll fall asleep faster, but also have body temperature regulated to prevent night sweats. Plus, socks add a layer of protection to help avoid dry cracked feet in the Winter.

177. Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Make your bedroom a mecca for sleep. Paint the walls in calming colors, install dimmers on the lights, turn the temperature down with a programmable thermostat, use sleep friendly scents such as lavender, chamomile, and jasmine, and upgrade your covers, pillows, and mattress. Super key for your zen healthy lifestyle.

178. Keep Your Bed Reserved for Two Functions

Your bed shouldn't be an area for eating, working on the laptop, watching TV, or even reading. Experts recommend training your brain to use the bid for only two functions, one of which is sleeping.

179. Sleep is Good, But Watch Your Sleep Patterns

180. Greet The Sun When It Rises

The sun is a great force of spiritual energy. A great practice is to wake up each day as the sun is rising to pay homage to the star that gives us food, health, light, and energy. Greeting the sun is said to recharge your brain and give you energy for the entire day as well.

181. Get Into a Nighttime (and Morning) Ritual

Your brain needs to know when it's time to sleep and when it's time to prep for the day. You can train your brain by getting into a healthy, consistent, ritual both at night while winding down and in the morning when starting up.

Other Health Tips

182. Take Supplements

No matter how healthy you eat, it's still hard to get all the vitamins and minerals that are recommended for our bodies. A multi vitamin helps provide a lot of these important minerals and, depending on what your body is lacking, other supplements can help restore balance and order to your system.

183. Surround Yourself with "Real" Friends

fake friends live a healthy lifestyle

184. Bathe in Epsom Salts

A long soak in a bath is a great stress reliever in itself. The effects are magnified when you add Epsom salts into the mix 2-3 times a week. Epsom salts break down into magnesium and sulfate in water and is absorbed by your body. This helps relax muscles and loosen stiff joints which helps with Arthritis pain and swelling, eases bruising, helps with sunburns, aids ingrown toenails, helps with insomnia, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, and more.

185. Take Peppermint for Concentration

The peppermint scent helps to increase oxygen saturation and blood which offers a physiological arousal. Oxygen travels to your brain and thus improves your concentration and focus. Our scientists are testing whether this theory works with Schnapps as we speak.

186. Take a Probiotic

If you aren't already, you should be taking a daily probiotic. A probiotic helps to promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system which we all could use.

187. Get Yourself Some Apple Cider Vinegar Son (or Daughter)

188. Take a Cold Shower

It can be nice to soak in a hot shower but there are huge benefits to sucking it up and taking a cold shower for a healthy lifestyle. A cold spray helps to improve circulation, relieves depression, keeps your skin and hair healthy, increases testosterone and fertility, and gives you energy and well-being. Cold showers are a miracle drug!

189. Love Yourself and Your Body (It's the Only One You Got!)

190. Make Sure to Floss

Brushing your teeth is important but even the best toothbrush struggles with removing all the plaque you have inherited throughout the day. This eventually hardens into calculus or tartar and should be removed by flossing at least once a day.

191. 20/20/20 Rule for Eyes

You're likely reading this on a tablet, phone, laptop, or computer much like we use more and more each day. The technological advances are excellent, but they are putting an increased strain on our eyes. The 20-20-20 rule has been developed to help combat "digital eye". It states that every 20 minutes you should walk 20 feet away from your screen and take a break for 20 seconds.

192. Fight Colds With Echinacea

When we have a cold that just drags and drags on we'll resort to anything to try and combat it. A nice suggestion is an Echinacea supplement that not only fights, but also prevents colds and respiratory infections.

193. Use Amica to Combat Swelling

Amica is a nice alternative to prescription anti-inflammatory medicines. The cream can help ease bruising, swelling, and pain after an injury or surgery.

194. Japanese Food Good For Oral Hygiene

Japanese restaurants and their assortments of tea, onions, nuts, seeds, Shiitake mushrooms, etc. are really good for oral hygiene. Japanese foods give you healthier gums and have anti inflammatory properties - something to consider next time your significant other shoots down every "where do you want to eat?" suggestion.

195. Respect Your Back

196. Cayenne Pepper in Your Socks

It might sound like an Internet myth but it never hurts to try. Sprinkling cayenne pepper in your socks is said to keep your feet warm in cold weather because the capsaicin helps to circulate blood flow. Hey, it doesn't cost anything to try!

197 Scrape Your Tongue

You may not have one but should - a tongue scraper. When you sleep your digestive system removes toxins from your internal organs but unfortunately leaves them on your tongue (kind of like a cat giving you a dead bird as a "gift"). A tongue scraper is more effective at removing these toxins which gets rid of bad breath, improves immunity, helps your digestive system and even makes food taste better!

198. Smile Whenever Possible

199. Get Some Aloe Vera In Your Life

200. Give High-Fives!

High fives promote the power of touch and make you feel good while giving the high five-ee a boost of self esteem. Instead of the power hug, which can be uncomfortable, make high-fives a regular part of your day.

High Five to that!

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev



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