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What’s light, luxe, comfortable, and flattering enough to wear anywhere? A caftan by designer Monica Patel-Cohn, who has reimagined the shapeless cover-up as a chic essential that floats fluidly from pool to dinner party.


Planning a wedding and getting married is stressful and exhausting; give a gift that helps make post-wedding time off more relaxing.


In the last three weeks, I have ridden this thing to and from the beach at least once a day.


The saddle is a fine place to spend some time; the upright position is easy on the back; and the big Schwalbe Fat Frank balloon tires offer a magic carpet ride.

Available in both mens and womens models (pictured above), Peace is releasing the Dreamer line of bikes to launch their brand. The Dreamer comes in two frames, (step thru and straight bar) each outfitted with a lengthy list of accessories, including fenders, a chain guard, battery powered lights (front and back), reflectors, rear rack and a classic bell.


They’re comfortable, because you sit straight up on a cushy saddle rather than hunched over the handlebars as on a road bike. They’re practical, because they’re outfitted with high-quality racks, lights, and seven gears as opposed to stripped-down fixies with limited direct drivetrains. They’re stylish, because they’re beautifully sculpted, classically styled, and available in a wide range of colors. And they feature full fenders and chain guards, so you can ride one to work without getting your pant leg caught in the gears. Peace Bicycles also places a high emphasis on safety, and to lower the barriers of entry into bike commuting the cycles come fully loaded with front and rear lights, a gold bell, and reflective strips on the tires.


What makes the dreamer sensitive to life in the urban environment is the bike guard standard found in each of the four bikes, which allow riders to get around in any type of clothing. whether you need to head to the office in a suit and tie, or are out for a relaxing weekend ride in a long sun dress, this component will let you show off your best outfit, without it getting caught in the spokes or chain, and keeping it clean while doing so.


“Nobody’s making fully equipped bikes, even though it’s such a necessity especially for women, one of the biggest barriers to entry is safety,” Pikus says.


This bike takes me back to a time when life was simpler. When air was cleaner. And time stood still when I rode my bike. Introducing The Dreamer by Peace Bicycles of Los Angeles.


Dutch-style bikes are back in style, along with a kickin 7-speed transmission, balloon tires and a host of other awesome features, as brought to you by Los Angeles-based start-up brand Peace Bicycles. The Dreamer is the latest and greatest in two-wheel transportation, available in the Dreamer Step-thru and Dreamer Straight-bar models.