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77 Beach Cruiser Accessories You’ll Love!

There are so many cool beach cruiser accessories out there that it is difficult to choose just 77. We've searched and scoured the internet and made this list to hopefully help you come up with ideas and make a purchase. This list of 77 best beach cruiser bike accessories is meant to improve your bike riding look, safety, and comfort.

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Read on to learn about these cruiser bicycle add-ons including grips, baskets, front and rear lights, apparel, fenders, seats, gears, flair, bike storage, bike locks, and tools. These beach bike supplements are awesome, and more importantly, mostly affordable. Here are some of the most common and most uncommon accessories to purchase and install:

Beach Cruiser Accessories

Hand Grips
Front and Rear Lights
Bike Apparel
Bike Storage
Bike Locks

Beach Cruiser Accessories - Let's Start with Grips!

1. Silicone Grips


beach cruiser accessories esi silicon grips Silicone grips are a great investment if you're looking for cool beach cruiser accessories that will last a long time. They are great in all weather conditions and easy to maintain and clean. They also will not lose their color over time, as they are UV resistant.

Recommended products:

2. Foam Grips

beach cruiser accessories foam grips

Photo via


Foam grips are affordable, comfortable, and provide great grip in rain and other wet conditions. However, foam grips are adversely affected by sunlight. They are also not as durable as other types of bike grips. That stated, they can overly comfortable.

Recommended product:

3. Ergonomic Grips

egon bike grips cruiser accessories


Beach cruiser accessories like these ergonomic grips conform to your hand grip, allowing you to have a more natural grip when riding. This will give you more control over your beach cruiser with less effort.

For the best ergonomic grips, check out Ergon Bike (picture above).

4. Rubber Grips


rubber grips as cruiser accessories

Many riders enjoy the look and feel of rubber grips. While they are not as durable as other types of grips, they are affordable and therefore easily replaceable. If you are on a budget, but still want to change up your grips, choose rubber grips.

Recommended and affordable products:

5. Alloy Grips

black alloy grips beach bike accessories

Alloy grips are incredibly durable. This is because they feature a metal core lining, with a coating made of rubber or gel. If you are looking for cool beach cruiser accessories that last a long time and are very comfortable, choose alloy grips.

Recommended product:

6. Cork Grips

linus cork bike grips

If you are after that classic beach cruiser look, you need classic cork grips. While cork grips are mostly a fashion statement, they require more maintenance than other types of grips.

Recommended product:

7. Gel Grips

schwinn gel bike grip accessories

Gel grips are soft and comfortable. If you want to increase the enjoyment of cruising along the boardwalk on the beach, choose gel grips.

Recommended products:


1. Wicker Baskets

nantucket wicker cruiser bike basket accessory

Wicker baskets are one of our favorite beach cruiser accessories because they provide you with the classic beach cruiser look. Although they are not as strong as metal baskets, metal baskets do not provide the vintage look that wicker baskets do. If you want to retain a retro look for your beach cruiser, choose a wicker basket. Also, check out our Women's Cruiser Bike with Basket guide for more ideas.

If you are looking for a classic wicker basket, look no further than Nantucket Bike Basket Co. They really do carry the best wicker baskets in the business.

2. Metal Frame Baskets

nantucket metal frame bike basket for cruiser bikes

Metal frame baskets are constructed of thick, welded metal. They feature a lattice-style of construction, making them great for large parcels, but not small ones. You should choose a metal frame basket if you need to carry a laptop, for instance, but not coins or keys.

Looking for a metal basket? Nantucket has you covered once again. Check out this amazing basket.

3. Wooden Baskets

wooden bike basket cruiser accessory


Wood is becoming an increasingly popular choice for bike baskets. You have to admit, wood makes for a cool vintage basket! If you are unsure of whether you want a wicker basket or a metal basket, wood is a good third option. Wood is stronger than wicker but not as durable as metal. What wood baskets have, however, is that retro look that beach cruiser owners long for.

As much as we love Nantucket, Curbside Cycle makes a pretty awesome wooden crate basket that is extremely sturdy.

4. Metal Mesh Baskets

nantucket metal mesh bike basket

Beach cruiser accessories like these metal mesh baskets provide the best of both wicker baskets and metal frame baskets. They are light and can hold items of varying sizes and weights. You can screw them onto the handlebars and front wheel hub, making metal mesh baskets the perfect compromise.

On a budget and want a quick and easy mesh basket? Nantucket has you covered.

5. Canvas Baskets

canvas bike basket for beach cruiser


Canvas baskets are made from woven fabric, laid over a metal wire mesh. This construction method allows you to have a basket that looks nice and is functional. If you want a waterproof bike basket, all you need to do is wax the canvas!

Recommended product:

6. Leather Bike Basket

leather bike basket cruiser accessory


Leather bike baskets a definitely niche beach cruiser accessories. They are not as popular. However, they are very fashionable, durable, and strong. They will need maintenance though to keep the leather looking fresh. You will also need to treat the leather if you want to use it in rain and other wet weather conditions.

If you're looking for some of the best leather bike baskets and accessories, make sure to check out Brooks England (pictured above).

7. Plastic Bike Basket

plastic bike basket accessory

Photo via AliExpress.

Many people like plastic bike baskets, even on their beach cruiser. While most beach cruiser accessories are not made of plastic, the material does provide several advantages. It is light, affordable, and works well in all types of weather. However, it is not as durable and will not last as long as wicker, metal, or canvas.

Recommended product:

Front and Rear Lights

1. Light Mounts

BioLogic FlashMount hi for bikes

Photo via BikeLogic.


Light mounts are simple and easy to install. You simply mount them onto your bike frame. You can mount them with straps, screws, or clamps. Light mounts are great for the beach cruiser rider who wants to install their lights and then forget about them.

Recommended products:

2. Handlebar Lights

cateye volt 100 bicycle light


Handlebar lights are great for alerting oncoming traffic and pedestrians of your location at night. They are also great for when you are biking in flat rural areas. With enough lumens and power, handlebar lights can illuminate the night to show you where you are going.

Call us biased, but Cat Eye (pictured above via Evans Cycles) makes some of the beast bike lights in the business.

Recommended products:

3. Headlights

bike helmet light for cruiser

Headlights can either be attached to the front of your helmet, or under it. If you do not like clutter on your bike frame or handlebars, headlights are a great choice. They are great as you can simply illuminate different areas just by turning your head.

Recommended product:

  • Topeak Headlux Helmet Light (pictured above)

4. Hub Lights

monkey light wheel lights

Hub lights attach to the front and rear wheel hubs of your bike. These are really cool beach cruiser accessories because they are very reliable and efficient. You also do not need to worry about changing the aerodynamics of your bike by attaching lights, because hub lights are tucked into the wheel base where the hub is.

Are you looking for the coolest wheel lights? Check out Monkeylectric (pictured above via Materialicious).

5. Reflective Light Strips

bike back light

Photo via

Reflective light strips can be installed either on the wheel rims, or on your bike frame. They simply reflect light that is shone on your bike while riding. This is great because they do not require batteries, and oncoming traffic will be able to instantly see you.

Recommended product:

6. Halogen Lights

cateye halogen bike light accessory

Halogen lights provide a classic beach cruiser look, making them very cool beach cruiser bike accessories. You can simply mount them to your handlebars and you are good to go! Halogen lights are very bright, making you instantly noticeable when riding your bike out at night.

Looking for a solid halogen bike light? Cat Eye is your go-to company once again.

7. Necklaces and Wristbands

led wristband biking

Photo via AliExpress.

You can purchase LED-powered necklaces and wristbands. Simply push a button and they are on! Wearing these is a great idea because people are more likely to notice lights when they are moving. You will increase your presence to car drivers and pedestrians while biking at night.

While necklaces and wristbands aren't common bike attire, Flashing Blinky Lights make some decent LED accessories that will help you standout at night.


1. Scarves

generic scarf for biking

photo via EveryGuyEd.

No matter how warm and sunny it is outside, it will get cold. This is especially true if you like to ride fast. While most of your body will be covered, most people leave their neck exposed. A light fabric scarf is a great idea to keep warm. If you get too warm, you can tie it around your arm or bike frame.

No product recommendations here, because scarves are highly subjective. Make sure to pick one that fits well and keeps you warm.

2. Gloves

Gloves, while not common, are essential beach cruiser accessories if you want to increase your grip on the handlebars and are great for keeping your hands warm. You will expend less effort and therefore have a more enjoyable ride. Ride quality is everything so, if you feel like you need more strength to control the bike, pick up a pair of bike gloves.

Recommended products:

3. Shoes

trisport road bike shoe

Bike shoes can be the difference between your feet staying on the pedals, and them flying off. If you like to leisurely ride your beach cruiser while also going fast, purchase a pair of bike shoes today.

Cycling shoes are such a personal thing to choose. A few recommended companies include: Izumi, Bontrager, Shimano, Specialized, and more.

4. Socks

compression biking socks

Socks are not high on the list of biking gear that most people think about. However, once the sweat accumulates in your shoes, they will be. Good bike socks will feature compression technology, vertical arch compression, and a flat toe seam.

Recommended product:

5. Cycling Jersey

black red biking jersey


A quality biking shirt is vital to help you deal with sweat and it will leave you feeling refreshed for longer. The less sweat you will feel on your body, the longer and farther you will be able to cruise on your beach cruiser. If spending a few hours biking around is relaxing for you, pick up a sweat-resistant shirt.

There are many men's cycling shirts out there. When looking for one, find the right brand, colors, and fit. Check out Amazon's cycling jersey's to see what is available.

6. Cycling Shorts

cycling shorts btwin

Photo via

Pants, leggings, or shorts, are vital when riding. You need your legs to breathe, especially since that is where the power comes from. If your legs get tired, you will tire out while biking, and your ride quality will suffer.

If you are in the market for a pair of cycling shorts, check out various styles on Trek's website.

7. Helmets

giro white bike helmet

Photo via Evans Cycles.

Everyone needs a helmet. Even if you are just cruising around the beach and there is no one else around, you should wear a helmet. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, and you can easily find one that provides you with the protection you need, as well as the fashion you like.

Recommended brands:


1. Full Fenders

sks black front and rear fenders

Full fenders attach permanently to your bike frame. They hang over your wheels, protecting your clothes and bike parts from dirt, dust, and rain. Full fenders are more stable than other types of fenders, because they are permanently attached to the bike frame.

Recommended product:

2. Partial Fenders

partial bike fender black

Partial fenders are great if you are not biking through really bad weather. In addition, partial fenders are also great for bike frames that cannot accommodate full fenders. Partial fenders do not cover the entire wheel, just the back, so they are more versatile.

Recommended product:

3. Front Guards

sks black front fender

Front guards attach to the down tube of the bike frame, near the tire. You can install a front guard, as well as rear fenders if you would like, since front guards only deflect dirt and grime from the front tire.

Recommended product:

4. Rear Guards

rear fender purple bike

Photo via

Rear guards are like front guards, but for the rear wheel. They hold all the same advantages and benefits that front guards do, but they protect your bike frame at the rear wheel. If you purchase a front guard for your bike, you should purchase a rear guard for full coverage.

Recommended product:

5. Clip-on Guards

clip on fender on red bike

Photo via


Clip-on guards are great for beach cruisers that are ridden year-round. Simply attach the clip-on guards when you need them and remove them when you do not.

Recommended product:

6. Mud Flaps

planet bike mud flaps

Mud flaps do not replace fenders. Instead, they add to the protection that rear fenders provide. They are attached at the base of the rear fender in order to provide even more protection for your bike frame and clothes against mud, dirt, dust, and grime.

Recommended product:

7. Seatpost Mounted Fenders

seatpost mounted fender blue bike

Photo via


Seatpost-mounted fenders are a specific type of rear fenders that attach to your seat post. They can be screwed on or clipped on. If you want rear fenders that are attached to your seatpost but not the rear bike frame, you should choose seatpost mounted fenders.

Recommended product:


1. Gender-Specific Saddles

female bike saddle

Photo via


You can buy gender-specific saddles for any bike, especially beach cruisers. Women’s saddles are often more cushioned and wider. They also have a shorter horn in the front of the saddle. Men’s saddles are slimmer and less cushioned. There are also differences in design. Women’s saddles may use more “female” colors like pink and light blue. I suggest using the saddle that is the most comfortable, regardless of its gender-specificity.

Recommended products for women:

Recommended products for men:

2. Comfort Saddles

bikeroo comfort bike seat

You often find comfort saddles on tour bikes, but they are just as useful on beach cruisers. They are meant for long-distance travel at low speeds, which is perfect for beach cruiser riders. If you like to bike for long periods of time, you should purchase a comfort saddle.

Recommended product:

3. Inflatable Saddles

inflatable bike saddle cruiser bike accessory

Photo via AliExpress.


Inflatable saddles are saddles that are filled with air. The air is sealed and can provide a more-conforming shape for your body. It is like sitting on a cushion while biking. That being stated, you may need to re-inflate your saddle from time to time.

However, if comfort is key, you will not be disappointed.

Recommended product:

4. Gel Foam Saddles

schwinn gel seat cruiser accessory

Photo via hip2save.


Gel foam saddles are the perfect compromise between a form-fitting cushioned saddle, and the stability and durability of racing saddles. These saddles retain their shape and last a long time, making it a great investment and one of the coolest beach cruiser accessories that you can buy.

Recommended product:

5. Double-Cushioned Saddles

schwinn black gel seat cover cruiser accessory


The double-cushioned saddles have two cushions, one for each butt cheek. They are great for riders with larger frames or body sizes, or riders who just want the extra support. These types of saddles are wider, so keep that in mind if the width of your bike parts is of importance to you.

Recommended product:

6. Leather Saddles

leather bike seat brooks
Leather saddles are comfortable and durable. They last a really long time and look really nice. If you are looking for a classic beach cruiser look, pick up a leather saddle like the one above. This saddle also includes tool bag clamps in the back for easy tool bag attachment.

Recommended products:

7. Racing Saddles

black fizik bike saddle

Just because racing saddles are more appropriate for touring and racing bikes does not mean that you cannot benefit from one. If your idea of beach cruising is biking long distances at a fast pace, you will like a racing saddle. In addition, it all comes down to comfort. If you are comfortable with a racing saddle, why not add it to your beach cruiser as well?

Recommended product:

  • Any saddle by Fizik (pictured above)


1. Derailleur Gears

shimano ultegra derailleur gear

Derailleur gears are also called external gears. They are installed on the outside of the rear wheel hub, and attach via a chainring to the bike frame and rear wheel. You switch gears by moving the chain from one sprocket to another. You can move the gears via a thumb switch on your handlebars.

The type of derailleur gears you choose will depend on what kind of performance you want. Check out this guide for some advice on what to pick.

The only company to consider when it comes to gears and shifting is Shimano.

2. Crossover Gears

shimano front bike cogs

Photo via Bike Radar.

Crossover gears feature overlapping gears. The gear ratios therefore overlap, which means you can duplicate the gear ratios on multiple gears. A great thing about crossover gears is that they do not require as much maintenance, since you can distribute the wear and tear of riding a beach cruiser on multiple gears.

As mentioned above, Shimano tends to be the best.

3. Multi-range Gears

bike gears front and back

Multi-range gears have two chainrings. With multi-range gears, you can achieve a constant speed and maintain it much easier. However, it is more difficult to change gears, since you have to move the chain up or down 3 to 4 gear sprockets in order to change your gear ratio.

4. Full Chain / Gear Guard

full chain guard

Photo via

If you do not want to see your gears on your beach cruiser, you should invest in internal gears. The gears are kept in a hub, which is located at the center of your rear wheel. You do not see it. It just works. The best benefit of internal gears is the lack of maintenance, since dust, dirt, and grime cannot get into, or clog, the gear system.

5. Flip Flop Hub

flip flop hub black

Flip-flop hubs have cogs and a freewheel on either side of your rear wheel. This allows you to switch or “flip-flop” between them. Each side has different gear ratios, so you can switch from one side to the other easily without the added complication of a derailleur system, for instance.

Recommended products:

  • Any flip flop hubs from Nelo Cycles (pictured above)

6. Half-Step Gears

half step gears on red bike

Photo via Bike Forums.

Shifting can be a bit more complex with half-step gears, as you have to alternate between shifting between the rear wheel cogs and front wheel cogs to move up or down gears. Half-step gears are more for riders who like using half-step gears. You usually have to custom order this gearing system. This is a great system for intermediate riders and experienced riders with experience using half-step gears.

If you want to learn more about this, check out this informative guide.

7. Granny Gears

granny gears bike

Photo via Wick Werks.

Granny gears are a third internal chainring in your gearing system, allowing you to tackle tough terrain with ease. While beach cruisers are made for flat, easy terrain, you might like granny gears for the odd hill or rough road in the city or on the beach. If comfort is your priority, you will like granny gears.


1. Comfort Tape

bike handlebar tape

Photo via


Instead of grips, many people purchase comfort tape. Comfort tape fulfills the same purpose as grips, but it can be removed more easily. You can also buy comfort tape that is decorated with varying patterns, colors, and images.

Recommended product:

2. Phone Holders

bike phone holder black

Photo via


Since everyone has a phone nowadays, it makes sense to purchase and install a smartphone holder on your beach cruiser. Never be without your social network, even at the beach!

Recommended product:

3. Drink Holder

bike water bottle cage black

Photo via


Drink holders differ from bottle holders because drink holders can usually only carry a can. This is a great accessory if your idea of beach cruising is purchasing a coke and riding along the boardwalk.

Recommended product:

4. Handlebar Streamers


beach cruiser accessories handlebar streamers

We all remember handlebar streamers from our childhood, but it does not mean we cannot use them as adults. Streamers are quaint and fitting for beach cruisers, since the bike itself is filled with nostalgia of times past.

Recommended product:

5. Decals

branded bike decals

Photo via AliExpress.

Decals are a great way to decorate your bike without the need for a paint job. You can decal anything you want onto your bike and you can truly make it your own.

Your best bet for bike decals is to checkout eBay.

6. Stickers

beach cruiser accessories bike decals

Photo via AliExpress.

Stickers are like decals but less permanent. They are a great idea if you want to add a last-minute design flair to your bike frame. You can also use stickers to let others help decorate your beach cruiser. Your bike will then become an extension of individuals you hang around, rather than just yourself.

Once again, check out eBay or AliExpress for the best bike stickers.

Bike Storage

1. Ground Bike Rack


black bike rack ground

Photo via

A ground bike rack is probably the most familiar bike storage solution you will find. Made of metal, you simply walk your bike in between the rack lines, secure your bike with a lock, and you are done. Many people prefer bike racks due to the familiarity and simplicity of them.

Recommended products:

2. Bike Shelter

bike locker pod

Bike shelters are usually made of hard plastic and can be locked, leaving your bike in a secure place overnight.

However, this is one of the best beach bike accessories because you can rest assured that your bike will be there in the morning. However, you will need space to install a bike shelter.

Recommended product:

  1. Locker Pod (pictured above)

3. Wall Hooks

wall mounted bike hook

Photo via


Wall hooks are a semi-permanent solution for storing bikes off the ground. You can bolt the hooks on, or there may be attachments on the hooks to attach to certain materials like metal.

Recommended product:

4. Bike Tents

tidy tent bike storage

Photo via Bike Radar.

Bike tents are a semi-permanent storage solution that can be set up practically anywhere. You can set it up in your home, garage, or even backyard by yourself. However, you will also need to use a bike rack or kickstand at the least to keep your beach cruiser upright.

Recommended product:

5. Bike Covers

outdoor bicycle bag

Photo via

Bike covers are cost-effective and a great way to protect your bike from mild weather conditions. While snow, ice, and other ground weather conditions can still reach your bike under a bike cover, bike covers are great at protecting against UV from the sun.

Recommended product:

6. Wall-Mounted Bike Racks

wall mounted bike rack accessory

Photo via

Wall-mounted bike racks are like wall hooks but are much more permanent. The concept, however, is the same. All you need to do is to hoist your bike up to the rack or hook and place the bike on it.

Recommended product:

7. Bike Ceiling Hoists

ceiling mounted bike hoist storage accessory

Photo via TeraPeak.

If you do not have much space to store your cruiser, you can hoist it up to the ceiling with a bike ceiling hoist.

However, this system of storage works best for people with high ceiling clearance. You use a pulley system to lift the bike to the ceiling and attach it to a ceiling rack.

Recommended product:

Bike Locks

1. U-Locks

ulock bike lock accessory

Photo via Evans Cycles.

U-Locks are famous due to their durability. They can withstand sledgehammers! With a U-Lock, you know your beach cruiser will remain safe, even against the most ardent bike thief. When on the go, simply lock the U-Lock to your bike frame!

Recommended product:

2. Chain Locks

kryptonite bike chain lock cruiser accessory

Photo via

Chain locks are great, but they are only as strong as their padlocks. When buying a chain lock, make sure you buy a high-quality padlock to protect your bike. If not, it is like not even having a chain lock at all.

Recommended product:

3. Key Locks

metal padlock and key

Photo via


Key locks refer to both single locks, as well as to key mechanisms on other types of bike locks like U-Locks. Best of all, they are strong and can be used to secure your bike. Simply pick up a length of chain from your local hardware store and secure the ends with a key lock.

Recommended products:

4. Combination Locks

master lock combination lock colors

If you have an old combination lock from school, and you want that retro beach cruiser look, simply secure your bike with it. Combination locks are strong and cannot be picked like key locks can. However, you will have to remember a series of digits every time you want to unlock your bike.

Recommended product:

5. Cable Locks

lumintrail cable bike lock


Cable locks wrap around your bike via a thin cable. The ends fit into each other and can be unlocked with a number combo or a key. For a casual beach cruiser in a safe neighborhood, you cannot beat cable locks. They are light, versatile, affordable, and durable.

Recommended product:

6. Wheel Lock

nutlock wheel lock bicycle accessory

Wheel skewers are like wheel locks for cars. You install the wheel skewer over the wheel hub and lock it with a key. It is practically impossible for any random thief to steal your wheels, since they will not have the keys. This is a great addition for beach cruiser owners who want to protect their wheels while their bike is locked up.

Recommended product:

7. Seat Lock

bike seat lock accessories

Seat clamps or skewers are great if you want to protect your seat from being stolen. Simple attach the clamp to the back of your seatpost. Some clamps do this with a locking mechanism. Other clamps require that you bolt or screw the clamp to the frame. The end result is a secure bike seat that will be waiting for you when you return to your bike.

Recommended product:


1. Work Stand

rad bike stand storage accessory

Sooner or later, if you do your own maintenance, you will need your own work stand. Work stands make maintenance easier by elevating your bike, so you can work on it without crouching or kneeling in weird positions. A work stand is best for intermediate or advanced riders who do their own maintenance. Beginner riders should take their bikes to professional bike shops.

Recommended product:

2. Multitool

bike multitool accessories

Photo via Crank Brothers.


Multi-tools, especially for bikes, often feature Allen keys, knives, torque tools, and even screwdrivers. They are handy tools which you can keep in your pocket, coat, or even bike basket.

Recommended product:

3. Chain Lubricant

finish line dry bike lube

Chain lubricant is important because, the more well-oiled your chain is, the easier it will be to switch gears. Without lubricant, the wear and tear of biking will cause your gear system to deteriorate faster.

Recommended product:

4. Patch Kit

bike tire patch kit cruiser accessory

It is a matter of time before your tires will pop. You will run over a sharp rock, or a nail, or your tires may be over-inflated. All these causes and more can cause a popped tire. When that happens, you will either need a new tire or a patch kit. Patch kits are great to have around, but they are even more important if you plan to bike in areas where you may pop your tire.

Recommended product:

5. Tire Levers

park tool tire lever blue set accessory

Replacing tires is a standard part of bike maintenance. Sooner or later, you will need to replace them. However, removing stubborn tires can be a pain. With tire levers, you can remove stubborn tires easily, saving you time and effort that is best used to bike around.

Recommended product:

6. First Aid Kit

first aid cruiser bike accessories

A first aid kit is essential for any rider. Even if you do not become injured, you may pass by someone who needs a band aid. Purchase a simple first aid kit and keep it in your basket for every ride. Make sure your kit contains gloves, scissors, alcohol pads, and a variety of bandages.

Recommended product:

7. Chain Splitter

bike chain splitter tool beach cruiser accessory

If your chain seizes up while biking, you will have to walk your bike. However, with a chain splitter, you can remove and reattach the chain pins, allowing you to continue your ride. Although it will not happen often, have a chain splitter around in case you need it.

Recommended product:

Still Wanting More Beach Cruiser Accessories?

These are some of the best beach cruiser accessories on the market. Regardless of the accessories you choose to add-on to your beach cruiser, you will find the comfort and ride quality of your beach cruiser massively improve.

Still, we are only human, and we've surely missed some other great accessories. If you can think of anything that deserves to be mentioned, make sure to let us know below in the comments. Also be sure to check out our 100 Cool Bike Accessories for Your Commuter guide.

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