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Beach Cruiser Bikes For Sale Near Me? Buy w/ Free Shipping!

You're asking yourself "Where can I find beach cruiser bikes for sale near me?"

Here are some of the Beach Cruiser bikes we offer for sale online:

Our Diamond Beach Cruisers






Well we've sold our bicycles to customers in Fort Myers, Gold Coast, Hilton Head, Canada, Charleston SC, Destin Florida, Huntington, Jacksonville Florida, Bloemfontein, Edmonton, Eastern Cape, Chilliwack, Gauteng, Bangalore, Egypt, Gumtree Brisbane, Orange County, Orlando, San Diego, Ireland, Kelowna, Los Angeles, Denver, Ontario, Perth, Boise, Philippines, Sacramento, San Diego, Sri Lanka, Kolkata, Uganda, Malaysia, Sunshine Coast, Mpumalanga, Dubai, Kerala, Durban, UK, Japan, Karachi, Kenya,  East London, Hyderabad, Port Elizabeth, India, Pretoria, Wilmington, Pune, Mumbai, Pakistan, Nigeria, North Carolina, Venice Beach and many more.

We've sold beach cruiser bicycles for sale with gears (both 3 speed and 7 speed), with baskets, fully equipped with front/rear lights, coat/chain/fender guards, in red, pink, yellow, seafoam, black, and many more.

Shopping Around

It can be hard to go bike shopping. There is so much selection. You have to choose between step through bikes and diamond frame bike styles. Even if you are purchasing a bike locally, it is common to see hundreds of bikes online and in stores.

All these bikes will have similar features and can be in similar price ranges.

I think you will agree with me when I say that this is a very time-consuming way to purchase a bike. Well, by learning where to find the best women's cruiser bikes and men's cruiser bikes you can have an easier time finding a quality bike.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you where to find the best beach cruiser bikes for sale, as well as some red flags that you should keep in mind when talking to a bike manufacturer or dealer.

A Primer on Beach Cruiser Bikes for Sale

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Beach cruiser bikes are characterized by their upright seating position, thick balloon tires, beach cruiser style handlebars that lean towards you, and durable frames. You can often see beach cruisers bikes in the cities and other urban, flat areas, as well as the beach.

If you have not seen one yet in real life, you most likely have seen a beach cruiser bike in popular media like movies, television shows, and books. Beach cruiser bikes are an integral part of Americana and were very popular in the 1930s through to the 1950s, making a revival from the mid-1990s until the present day.

Alternative Names for Beach Cruiser Bikes

As beach bikes get rebranded over and over again, they take on different names. In the past, beach cruiser bikes were known as beachcombers, beach bikes, and of course cruiser bikes.

The purpose of beach cruiser bikes for sale, however, has not changed. Beach bikes are still used primarily for leisurely bike rides where comfort is a priority. From the use of a wide-set, padded seat saddle, to handlebars that allow you to remain in your upright seating position, beach bikes are all about the comfort. In fact, check out our comfortable cruiser bikes guide to make sure you're getting the most comfy bike possible!

Where to Find Beach Cruiser Bikes for Sale 

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There are many options. You can purchase a beach cruiser bike online, in a big box store, a small dealership or custom bike shop, and even at a garage sale. However, the absolute best option still remains reputable beach cruiser bike manufacturers and dealers. Here at Peace, we pride ourselves in having the best customer service possible to maintain a positive reputation.

Why Does This Matter?

You need to find a dealer who also manufacturers beach cruiser bikes for sale. It is one thing to know the theory behind beach bikes. Anyone can make a sale. However, dealers who manufacture their own bikes know everything there is to know about their bikes, like us. In terms of coffee, it is the difference between microwaving instant coffee and crushing your own beans before brewing them in a French press!

How to Tell a Good Bike Manufacturer From a Bad One!

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They Stand By Their Reputation

A good bike manufacturer will be truthful.

They Use Their Own Bikes

Good Manufacturers Will...

A good bike manufacturer will be able to sell their products to their salespeople. Imagine if employees at a laptop manufacturing company did not use their own laptops, instead opting for Apple Macbooks. Few customers would feel confident in purchasing a laptop from that manufacturer. The same principle applies to bike manufacturers. Here, at Peace we all ride on our own wheels!

But What If There Are No Beach Cruiser Bikes for Sale Nearby?

You should know that, since beach bikes’ revival in popularity in the mid-1990s, beach bikes have been used anywhere there is flat, urban terrain. If you go to New York City, for example, you will see beach bikes being ridden in the streets by residents, bike messengers, and office workers. We can ship you a 100% assembled bike anywhere in the country!

They are Open About Their Merchandise

Good Manufacturers Will...

The best beach cruiser bike manufacturers and dealers have websites. When you go to their websites, you will find updated information, blogs with recent posts, and a lot of pictures of their bikes. They may even feature a store, so you can order your beach cruiser bike online, as well as a contact form in case you have any questions. Check out our full site here.

That’s Not All…

The Catch to Online Shopping

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Online shopping provides you with more options, but it can be harder to make a decision that way. The more options there are, the more difficult it is to decide on just one bike. You may find yourself searching through more and more bike manufacturer websites, looking for that perfect bike. Reviews are the way to go to make a final decision. Check out our reviews here.

What You Can Do About It

Online shopping can be very effective if you know which bike manufacturers are good. I suggest doing your research, finding a good bike manufacturer, and then at least considering whether you want to shop with them online if you cannot find them locally. This is the best of both methods. Here at Peace Bikes we always pick up our phone:) You have a 30 days no questions asked return policy. We want to make sure you're completely satisfied.

Final Thoughts

The best beach cruiser bikes for sale are available from industry-trusted bike manufacturers and dealers. You should always do your research when purchasing vehicles, and bikes are no exception. Find the beach cruiser bikes most trusted by your local meetup groups, biking magazines, and reputable biking blogs. Contact those bike manufacturers and see their bikes online at their websites. Not all beach cruiser bikes for sale are created equal. Using this method can ensure you purchase a quality beach bike, every time.

Questions? Comments? Please let us know below.

Eric Carriere