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Beach Cruiser Parts – The Ultimate Guide!

Are you looking for the latest beach cruiser parts, some cool aftermarket ones, handy replacement parts, or just interested in the general makeup of the bikes?

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Beach cruiser bikes, or cruiser bikes, or beachcomber bikes (whatever you choose to call them) date back to the 1930s and they continue to be cool today due to the comfort and casual style that they bring to riding.

With so many styles of beach bikes available, it only makes sense that there are a lot of beach cruiser bicycle parts available too
including classic, cheap, cool, discount, old school, retro, and vintage parts.

If you recently purchased a beach cruiser and are looking for ideas on how you can upgrade your ride, you have come to the right place. Otherwise check out our cruiser bikes below.

Beach cruisers are highly customizable and one of the better bikes to make quality of life upgrades on. The parts we discuss below
include seat parts, spare parts, wheel parts, handlebar grips, wheels, cup holders, frames, baskets, rims, fenders, and pedals.

Our Puppy series cruiser bikes and Dreamer series Dutch Bikes also feature some quality parts and we'll mention some of our parts choices below.


Beach Cruiser Parts

Comfortable and Wide Seats
Classic Design
Easy Customization
Rear Rack
Chain Guard


An Introduction to Beach Cruiser Parts

beach cruiser parts

Image via YouTube.

Americans for decades have wanted reliable bikes. There is no bike type more reliable than the beach cruiser.

They are stable, easy to ride, and fun. It shouldn't come as a surprise that a lot of riders want to source high quality beach cruiser parts for their rides. Beach Cruiser Accessories like balloon tires, seats, handlebars, fenders, cranks, lights, bells, and more have become a popular way to make your bike truly yours.

Many people like the customizability (insert link to custom beach cruisers) and uniqueness that can be had with a beach cruiser.

However, before you rush out and start ordering various beach cruiser parts for your ride, here are a few basic things you should know.

The seats are typically comfortable and wide

Other types of bikes like road bikes or hybrid bikes may have slimmer, more rigid seats. However, individuals who want comfortable rides buy beach cruisers.

Sure, a mountain bike will withstand more wear and tear, but that is because its function is to let you bike on a mountain.

City riding is a completely different experience. For the most comfort, you should choose a seat that provides the most accommodation to your body and buttocks.

You can stop the bike by backpedaling

This is a godsend for people like bike messengers or office workers. You can bike while holding coffee or a parcel when you ride a beach cruiser. Cruisers allow you to customize your riding experience due to the versatility of the bikes’ design.

Instead of using a brake system that is connected to the handlebars, simply backpedal. It is so much easier to pedal in the opposite direction than it is to reach for a brake lever.

However, many modern beach cruiser designs have ditched this trend and now come standard with handbrakes. Here at Peace Bicycles, we include handbrakes on all of our cruisers and still overly recommend cruiser bikes with hand brakes overall.

The design is classic

beach cruiser parts basket

If you want a custom-looking bike, buy a beach cruiser. Even though the stock model is great, and many people use them with no problems, stock models are just that. There is so much that you can do to a beach cruiser to truly make it your own. Your bike can be adapted to better fit your identity with beach cruiser parts and accessories.

Beach cruisers tend to be very modular. You can easily install a basket, rear rack, fenders, lights, and other accessories.

Cruisers are easy to customize

There is no cookie-cutter mold that defines us. We all need something different and unique, especially when it comes to beach cruisers and beach cruiser parts.

You too can create a bike that uniquely defines you when you choose a cruiser bike. There are so many beach cruiser bike parts to choose from.

All this information is great, but how does it happen? Here are several beach cruiser parts that people tend to change after buying a new cruiser.


beach cruiser parts basket

Tires are one of the main things you will want to change if you want to alter the performance of your cruiser. Tire width and tread directly impact the speed and control that your bike provides.

The most common tire that cruisers are equipped with is the balloon tire. Balloon tires look unique. They are wider, larger, and have lower volumes than many other types of bike tires on the market. Balloon tires are made this way because beach cruisers are slow but steady vehicles. They do not need to go fast or tackle mountainous terrain, they are all about the casual riding experience.

You can purchase tires with varying widths, sizes, heights, and volumes, depending on your needs and wants. The best feature of balloon tires is that they provide a more comfortable and stable ride.

Treaded Tires

Treaded tires are essential for riders who want their bike to grip the road, pavement, or ground better. If you live in an area with a lot of rough roads, or a high rainfall, you should choose treaded tires to ensure the safest, most stable ride possible.

Wide Tires

If you want a softer ride, you should consider wider or balloon tires for your bike. Wide tires provide most stability while you are riding because the bike is in greater contact with the ground. However, if you are purchasing and installing wide tires, you should know that it will be slightly harder to accelerate and to speed up, since you will need to move larger tires with your momentum. We believe the extra comfort is way worth it! Our Dutch style step through bikes and sporty diamond frame bikes feature balloon tires for example.


beach bike parts handlebars

Handlebars come in many shapes and sizes. However, most beach cruisers come with cruiser handlebars, also known as upright handlebars.

As their name suggests, upright handlebars force riders to sit in an upright posture. They do this by putting your hand placement closer to your torso.

Maybe you don't like upright handlebars. After all, everyone has a different body shape and size, so the handlebars that you choose will vary. The handlebars you choose will depend on the level of comfort you want from your ride.

Even though there are many different hand placements possible on a set of handlebars, you can still change your handlebars up with a beach cruiser bike. This is one of the first beach cruiser parts you will want to consider if you are looking to change the way your ride performs and feels.

Here are a few handlebars that we recommend:

High-Rise Handlebars

You can now emulate popular biking culture by installing high rise handlebars to your beach cruiser. They provide an iconic look, while also providing a comfortable ride in the upright position.

Wide-Set Handlebars

Riders with varying wingspans will enjoy cruising along the beach with a wide-set pair of handlebars. This is a great option for teens or children who want a beach cruiser bike but are still growing.


beach bike parts seat

Seats are wider and softer on beach cruisers. The above image is an extreme version of that haha! Comfort is key and so the seats must be comfortable.

The best, most comfortable seat will depend on your body frame and how you ride your bike. Some people stand on the pedals and sit for hills, while others sit the entire time they ride.

Most cruisers come with padded seats that use springs to reduce the bumpiness of your ride.

Here are a few seats that we recommend:

Wide Gel Foam Bike Seats

cloud 9 bike saddle

Gel foam seats, like this comfy 8" Wide Cloud 9 Bicycle Seat,  are larger than the average bike seat, cushioned, have gel foam padding, and distribute your weight evenly over a wider surface. All these benefits result in a smoother ride for you. When purchasing a gel foam bike seat, also be sure to purchase a seat cover, which is essential to protect your bike seat against the weather.

Saddle Seat with Springs

comfort bike saddle

If you want a more traditional and stylish bike seat, look no further than a saddle bike seat like our Peace Saddle above. A saddle bike seat is also wide, and comfortable, but lean, and allows you to use a familiar-feeling bike seat with your beach cruiser. And though, it's less bulky then the wide gel foam above, it's still very comfy, and we're received nothing but great reviews from riders! Ride quality is everything to most riders, so you should choose a seat that you know and are comfortable with.


beach cruiser brakes

If you want to backpedal to stop your cruiser, you will need to install coaster brakes. Unlike cruiser bikes with hand brakes coaster brakes allow the bike to roll forward without moving the pedals and allow you to stop the bike by simply pedaling backwards.

Its name, fittingly, comes from the freedom of movement you experience while “coasting” on a cruiser.

Here are a few brakes that we recommend:

Coaster Brake Trim Set

The most convenient option is to purchase coaster brakes in a trim set, which include the wheelbase as well. While this includes multiple parts and is costlier than just the brake hub, it is more convenient and simple to install for beginner or intermediate riders.

Coaster Brake Hub

For riders who want coaster brakes, but without the trim set, you should purchase a brake hub for your beach cruiser.  Although a trim set is optional, for experienced beach cruiser riders, the hub is all they will need. While brake hubs vary in their weight, the heavier ones are more durable, so you should consider whether you want to design the lightest bike possible, and where you want to compromise for security and stability.


bicycle crank grey

Cranksets are the component on your bike which connect your pedals to the bike frame. Cranksets contain sprockets, which your pedals connect directly to. Just like pedals and bike frames, cranksets come in different shapes and sizes, and with different functionality.

You should tailor your crankset to your bike.

Here are a few cranksets that we recommend:

Traditional Cranksets

If you plan to bike on flat terrain, a traditional crank set is probably the best choice for you. Traditional cranksets are also suited for riders who like to bike at high speeds for a long time.

Compact Cranksets

If you like to bike on more variable terrain, you should install a compact crankset. It will be easier to bike on inclines with a compact crankset, although with a beach cruiser with gears the experience will lack at the low and high gears in terms of your ability to control your bike.


beach cruiser parts fender

Bike fenders are essential if you are going to go biking in bad weather. You want to avoid having mud, water, or sand hitting your pants or the bike frame while you are riding it. Fenders keep your bike and your clothes clean.

Bike fenders also ensure that your bike remains functional. When you are riding without fenders, all that mud, dirt, and water splashes onto your bike and bike parts. If you do not clean your bike regularly, your bike parts can deteriorate at a much faster rate than if they were kept clean. It is in your bike’s best interest to have some bike fenders installed today.

Here are a few fenders that we recommend:

Full Fenders

cruiser bike parts

Have you ever biked in the rain? It isn't fun. Full fenders wrap around the front and back top of the bike wheel, protecting your clothes and your bike from things like dust, dirt, water, and grime that can get into your bike and bike parts. They provide more stability than partial fenders, since they usually come with two sets of struts and attach to your wheel hub, resulting in a more stable ride.

Partial Fenders

Partial fenders are like full fenders, but they only cover the backs of each tire, much like the mud flaps on your car. Depending on the weather that you bike in, you may not need full fenders. Partial fenders are a great option for light to moderate weather, as you can still keep your bike and your clothes clean.

Lights - Great Safety Beach Cruiser Parts 

beach cruiser parts light

Lights are essential if you are going to bike around in low-light conditions or at night. Night time can happen fast and, if you do not have lights installed on your bike, you may not be able to bike around as much as you would during the day.

Here are a few lights that we recommend:

Vintage Bullet Headlight

If you are going to get lights or a lighting system for a classic bike, you should get a classic lighting system as well. Installing a huge bullet headlight provides the perfect mix between hipster and retro, which will make your bike look even more classic.

LED Bicycle Accessory Lights

Instead of installing your lights on the handlebars or the bike frame, you should consider installing them on your cruiser wheels. From a fashion perspective, doing this is interesting and cool, especially since the vast majority of people do not do it. From a safety perspective, having lights that are visible from 360 degrees and that are always in motion make you much more visible to pedestrians and cars while biking around at night.


Our Bikes all come standard with front and rear headlights like these Duxo Spanninga lights above that  come standard on our Dreamer Series.

When hunting for the best beach cruiser parts, always place a premium on safety.

Rear Rack

cruiser bike parts rear rack


A rear rack is similar to a bike basket, except it is installed over the rear wheel, and it can hold much larger and heavier parcels. Rear racks are perfect for messengers, office workers, and students. We have some of the most robust rear racks on our Dreamer Series as you can see above.

Here are a few rear racks that we recommend:

Cargo Luggage Rack

A rear luggage rack will be one of the most valuable beach cruiser parts that you own. You can carry so much more while traveling on your beach cruiser that your bike can become your sole mode of transportation if you live as a minimalist.

Wire-Frame Rear Rack

Wire frame racks are much simpler in their construction, and lighter, than welded metal rear racks. Although welded rear racks are stronger, heavier, and more durable, wire-frame rear racks are perfect for the casual rider, who just wants to cruise around the city or through the park.


Getting a men's or women's cruiser bike with basket can make all the difference in the utility of a beach cruiser. Utility upgrades are some of the most important ones you can make when looking at what beach cruiser parts to buy. If you check out the link above, you'll see a lot of different choices for baskets described:)


black cruiser shifters

Bike shifters attach to the handlebars. They help you cycle between gears, allowing you to increase or decrease the difficulty of biking. If you have a single-speed bike, you may decide not to have gear shifters. However, for everyone else, shifters are essential.

Here are a few shifters that we recommend:

Thumb Shifters

Thumb shifters, although popular on mountain bikes, can be installed on practically any type of bike, including beach cruisers. Regardless of where your thumb shifters are located near your handlebars, there is an additional motion that you need to do to activate them.

Twist Grip Shifters

Twist grip shifters work like the shifters you see on ATVs and motorbikes. You simply twist the shifter to move the gears up and down. The main advantage of this type of shifter is that you do not need to move your hands.


black bike gears

The amount of gears that you purchase for your beach cruiser will depend on the type of bike you purchase. While most cruisers are single speed, some are 3-speed and others 7-speed.

Here are a few gears that we recommend:

When to buy a single-speed beach cruiser

Single-speed cruisers are great for people who want the basics and aren't located around any hills. Single-speed bikes only have one gear, so you do not have to continuously pedal the bike to keep it in motion. You can essentially coast. If you want to ride a bike for short distances, you should look into single-speed beach cruisers.

When to buy a multiple-speed beach cruiser

Beach cruisers basically work the same, regardless of the amount of gears you have on them. However, it will be easier to shift between gears on a 7-speed beach cruiser, as opposed to a 3-speed beach cruiser. This is because, the more gears or speeds a bike has, the more distributed the difficulty is. So, there is a larger jump in difficulty from gears on a 3-speed bike, as opposed to a 7-speed bike.


beach cruiser parts bell

Bells are essential if you are biking in any environment. While most people think of bells as a necessity for urban biking, they are also very useful when biking in the country. You never know when you will need to grab someone’s attention with a bell while riding.

Here are a few bells that we recommend:

Air Horns

Air horns are great for city cruisers. There is so much noise pollution that you need a loud bell to be heard. Air horns can be heard very well in loud environment, making them a perfect choice for urban cycling.

Cycling Bell

cruiser bike parts bell

The classic cycling bell attaches to your handlebars like the awesome Basil Bloom Bell above that we feature on our Beautiful Bicycle Package. You strike a tab against the bell and a metal ball on the inside of the bell produces a noise like a “Ding.” Simple enough! The classic cycling bell is a great option for anyone who wants a vintage or retro beach cruiser without any modern modifications, as the cycling bell has been around since the 19th century.


beach cruiser bike parts pedals

While all pedals serve the same basic function, there are differences in comfort that you need to account for. Depending on your riding style and foot size and shape, you may want to purchase and install pedal alternatives to custom-fit your bike to your body.

Here are a few pedal accessories that we recommend:

Wide pedals

Wide pedals are essential for larger riders with larger feet. It can be difficult for riders to use pedals small than their feet or shoes, especially when they need to balance over tricky terrain. However, by installing wider pedals and spacers, you can increase the width of your pedals dramatically.

Pedal Straps

Pedal straps attach to your pedals and allow you to strap your shoes into your pedals. This accessory is great because it keeps your shoes on the pedals at all times, making it easier to bike around, especially over difficult terrain. Now, you no longer have to worry about having your feet fly off the pedals when biking.

Chain Guard

beach cruiser parts chain guard

Chain guards encase your bike gears and bike drive train. Installing chain guards are essential for riders who want to ensure their clothes remain as clean as possible while riding a bike. Chain guards also prevent your pants from snagging on the gears or chain rings. Some chain guards also lubricate the bike chain, allowing for a better, more comfortable ride.

Here are a few chain guards that we recommend:

Half chain Guards vs Full Chain Guards

Half chain guards refer to chain guards that do not cover the bottom half of the bike chain. While a half chain guard can be economical for those who live in temperate climates, for everyone else, you should purchase a full chain guard. Unlike half chain guards, full chain guards cover both the bottom and the top of the chain, fully protecting the chain from the elements.

Your preference will depend on the environment you are biking in. However, just to be safe, we would recommend full chain guards if you are unsure of what beach cruiser parts to get.


trek bike grips

Photo via Trek.

Handlebar grips are one of the easiest beach cruiser parts upgrades that you can install. Some bikers install grips for design reasons. Others install specific grips because they feel a difference in performance or ability.

Here are a few grips that we recommend:

Glow in the Dark Grips


Any bike accessory that can increase your visibility to drivers on the road is a bike accessory that you should seriously consider purchasing. Glow in the Dark handlebar grips, like these Cult X Vans Glow in the Dark Waffle Flangeless Grips are no different. If you like to bike around in the late afternoon or at night, you should get some for your beach cruiser.

Treaded Grips

Your stock model cruiser bike may not come with treaded grips. If you like to grip the handlebars hard while riding and really control the bike, you should look for grips with treads. You will experience an increase in balance, control, and ability when using them.

Endless Possibilities

It has never been easier to find high quality beach cruiser parts. If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities, do not stress.

Remember, the most important upgrades you can make early on should revolve around safety. After that, you should focus on utility or performance.

If you have any questions about what beach cruiser parts you should include on your ride, feel free to leave a comment below or to get into touch with us.

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