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Beachcomber Bikes – What are they? On Sale Here with Free Shipping!

We love our beachcomber bikes and we bet that you do too. Wait... What's that? What if we told you that you have probably ridden a beachcomber bike before? You might call us crazy, but here us out.

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Beachcomber bikes are a term that many use when referring to beach cruiser bikes. Although it may seem like these terms are for different beach activities, and they are, both bikes serve the same purpose when it comes to the biking community. There are men's and women's styles, beachcomber bikes with gears, and a whole slew of cool cruiser bike accessories as well!

Just because you have a “beachcomber” bike does not mean you have to pick up foreign objects off the beach. Just because you have a “beach cruiser” bike does not mean you cannot.

What is Beachcombing?

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Beachcombing occurs when people search through the beach for specific objects or things. You can see beachcombers even today, scouring beaches all around the world with metal detectors. Although coins and other metal items are being beachcombed today, historically, people looked for shells, fossils, and the like. A beach cruiser bike with basket is a great friend to have along while doing this!


Anything that is on the beach can be combed. A beachcomber bike is simply an earlier term for beach cruisers. In the 1930s and 1940s, beach cruisers became popular. Many customers liked the safe, durable, and comfortable ride they experienced with a cruiser.

Over time, the beach cruiser went from being an economically-affordable work bike, to a more leisurely comfort bicycle. In the 1950s, it became a purely-leisurely vehicle as more and more people started taking their cruisers to the beach. As a result, beach cruisers were known as beachcomber bikes.

Riders would ride around the beaches all day long. Even if they were not looking for metal, coins, or fossils, the name stuck and we now know beach cruisers and beachcombers to be synonymous.

Why are Beachcomber Bikes So Good on Sand?

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A beachcomber bike is lightweight, durable, and simple in design. They have balloon tires that can be very thick, an upright riding position, and tough bike frames. All these traits make a beachcomber bike the perfect bike for sandy environments like the beach.

Wider tires are essential when biking on the sand. Since sand shifts when you are biking on it, you need tires that will not give in when the sand moves around. Thicker tires help you retain control over your bike, no matter how fast you are riding.

The upright riding position that is enforced by a beachcomber bike helps you ride easier on sand. Your weight is evenly distributed across the surface area of your bike, so neither the front wheel nor the back wheel will “dig” into the sand. Essentially, the riding position makes you more efficient at riding over sand.

How Beachcomber Bike Riders Bike Through Sand

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Alright, so here's the deal. You probably love the beach and you definitely love biking. Why not combine the two with a beachcomber bike?

Many new riders, especially ones with beachcomber bikes, have difficulty adjusting to sand. Compared to road biking, you have less control over your steering, less tire grip on the sand, and there are many more obstacles in your way. While on a road bike you can bike straight for miles, on sand, you may have to bike around people, trees, rocks, and more.

Wet sand is easier to bike through than dry sand. The wetness of the sand packs it into place, much like the difference between biking on snow versus ice. Compared to dry sand, you will have much more control over your bike.

Second, you will want to make sure you install the widest tires you can afford. Wider tires will make it easier to bike on sand. To be able to bike on sand, you may have to install a larger set of tires, since the diameter of your tires will be limited by the maximum diameter your rims allow. Check your beach cruiser bike to learn how large and wide your wheels can be.

Third, you should switch to a lower gear. If you have a single-speed beachcomber bike, this is where it will become difficult to bike. This is why we strongly recommend a cruiser bike with gears. Lower gears are essential for looser terrain, since you will be able to generate more torque. Increasing your torque will give you the ability to bike faster, and maintain your increased speed. However, torque can also help you control your bike more at lower speeds.

Your feet will be pedaling faster, which will generate more torque. The extra “push” that you receive, along with your thicker, wider wheels, will help you move your bike forward on both wet and dry sand.

The key to biking on sand and other loose terrain is to always keep moving. Once your momentum is gone, it will be very difficult to start biking again. You should keep your shifting to a minimum, and avoid using your brakes when on a beachcomber bike. Slowing down will dramatically reduce your ability to bike on sand. In general, we recommend a cruiser bike with hand brakes over a coaster brakes, especially on hills.

You should find a pedaling pace that is neither too fast nor too slow. Consistent pedaling is key. If you can do this, your bike will constantly be in motion, which is what you want. Pedaling inconsistently will result in a less-efficient bike ride. Since beach cruiser bikes can be slightly heavier when compared to other bike types, you will want to keep your bike moving as efficiently as possible.

One method to ensure constant motion is to ride at a lower speed than you are used to. Riding slower is also safer, as it will be harder to lose control over your bike or fall off it.

Why Beachcombers Are So Popular?

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It all comes down to economic convenience. Even if gas is affordable, many people do not own cars. Cars require a lot of time, money, and maintenance. However, beachcomber bikes have historically been very affordable. Youths and young adults often take their cruiser bikes to the beach for this reason. They can bike, not worry about finding a parking spot, enjoy the day on the beach, and then bike home.

In addition, riding a beachcomber bike is a very relaxing experience. With a car, you cannot use it on the beach once you leave it in the parking lot. While cars can get you to the beach faster, a car limits you once you are there.

Beachcombers are historic bikes. Many people ride them today, with good reason. There are many uses for a beachcomber bike. However, while many people use them for work, or to run errands, you can use yours for its intended purpose, biking on the beach and finding cool objects!

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