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Best Commuter Bikes – Everything You Need To Know

What are the components of the best commuter bikes for men's or women's (ladies) bicycles? What accessories do I need to buy make my commute foolproof?  What size commuter is best for my height? What kind of tires are best and how many speed (single-speed or geared ) is best? We'll answer this and more below.

Some of the other questions we often receive from our customers include:

What are best commuter bikes under $200,  $300,  $400,  $500,  $600,  $700,  $800, and $1000?

Should I get an inexpensive bike or high end bike? Which is the best value?

I like to maintain an upright posture while cycling. Which is the best bicycle for that?

Which tires, seat, helmet, and headlights should i get?

I want to buy a step-through bike. Do you have one below $300?

Are bikes with an internal hub good for hills?

Can I get a cheap, lightweight bike for commuting in the city?

Any bicycle will help you cover some distance and fit in your garage, but is that all? People from all walks of life are shifting from using cars to full time bicycle commuting with these special urban commuter bikes. They have discovered that it is a cheap and convenient alternative.

There are advantages that come with cycling, among them saving time and money. These days time is a scarce resource and many no longer have enough hours to hit the gym and keep fit. Bike commuting, when possible, lets you incorporate daily exercise for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the dutch bikes we offer for sale online:

Our Diamond Beach Cruisers








But what does one need to make that commute as smooth as possible?

We recommend striving to get the best commuter bike there is for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with cycling. Have all the mandatory features and preferences in mind when looking for city bikes. If not, you may end up with a bike that doesn't suit your needs and you'll then prefer being stuck in traffic.

Why Commute on a Bike?

When you analyze your monthly budget, you'll notice that gas money or car fare/Uber take quite a large chunk of it. Why spend tons of money on transportation when our affordable bikes can help you cut down these costs? Bikes make worries about parking spaces and rush-hour traffic history.

You also get to keep fit as you pedal on a daily basis to and from your destinations. It is high time you forgot about those gym sessions you have been procrastinating and started cycling. This is especially true if you're living in the city, or your commutes are reasonably close.

Gradually, if more people use commuter bicycles, there will be less traffic on our roads. Mother Nature will appreciate the move too as bicycles do not emit toxins and are friendly to the environment.

What are Features of the Best Commuter Bikes?

Best Commuter Bike

fully-featured Peace Dreamer commuter bicycle

All city bikes come with a saddle, tires, frame and grips. No bike out here lacks a chain and brakes. What make our Peace Bicycles the best commuter bikes on the market is their specialized features. Below are just some of them:

  • Sturdy, quality welded frame
  • Effective brakes
  • Active gear systems (we have 3-speed and 7-speed bikes)
  • Fenders for a clean ride
  • Pothole-proof balloon tires
  • Strong chain and chain guard
  • High quality, brand name, comfy saddle and hand grips
  • Quality brand name pedals
  • A robust rear rack with spring clip
  • Front and rear lights standard
  • Sleek bell

The classic and stylish looks on these bikes will catch your eye. It is a blend of taste and simplicity: I mean, you need the bike for transport purposes, not just riding around the block. Our best commuter bike package above comes with a rear pannier bag, extra front and rear flashing lights, and a secure lock you can count on. We promise you'll love each included accessory that comes with the package.

What Tires and Speeds do the Best Commuter Bikes Have?

Depending on the topography of your region, choose a good bike tire that will ensure a smooth ride. If you are in a flat region like the Netherlands, you can cruise the streets with a thin-tired Dutch bike (1.0 – 2.2 inch wide tires). However, if you shall be using rough roads and uneven terrains, you shall be comfortable on a slightly wider tire of 2.2 inches width and above. We stock all of our Dutch and Cruiser bikes with 26 x 2.15 Balloon tires which are both comfy and fast!

As for the speeds, there are bikes with single speeds and they are good for flat areas. The best commuter bikes for hills are those with multiple speeds like our 3-speed beach cruiser and also our 7-speed beach cruiser bikes. Most 3-speed bikes have a special gear system in an internal hub. They do not require a derailleur or a moving chain to operate.

7-speed bikes have an efficient and common gear system. They are easy to maintain and repair when need be. In case you realize that it takes longer to change gears after you command it to, adjust the barrels. With these efficient Shimano gears and the balloon porthole-proof tires, what could possibly go wrong?

The Best Commuter Bikes' Brakes to The Rescue!

When your with all the people, animals, and vehicles in the streets, you need to be in control of your ride. Otherwise, you will ride straight into a hotel or hit street crossing students. Brakes have you in control.

The best commuter bikes have very effective front and rear linear-pull brakes. All you need to do is use them and maintain them. Some bikes have coaster brakes that require you to pedal backwards to brake. Whichever you get, test them just to be absolutely sure.

You Ought to Hear and See Me Coming

The best commuter bikes with front lights

Lights in the dark

There are these funny cyclists that will start shouting and whistling when approaching pedestrians in their way: it works but there is a better way to draw attention. Our best commuter bikes have a bell mounted on the handlebars. You can buy one and fix it in case your bike lacks the bell or has a spoiled one.

In case you leave early for work or go shopping late in the evening, you need to stay visible on the road. Besides the reflector jackets and headlights, ensure that you mount front and back lights on the cycle. There are rechargeable lights in the market that you can use.

Where Does My Luggage Go?

best commuter bike rear rack

You do not have to move about with your backpack on your back. The best commuter bikes have a front or rear rack where you can put your bag or files. If it lacks one, then it has a carrier basket. Some even have a front basket and a rear carrier.

In case both of these are unavailable (rarely does this occur), get yourself one and have it mounted. Moving about has never been more fun and convenient than today. Bicycles are not for body fitness and sports anymore only.

What is Your Bicycle Size?

Getting the right size is mandatory if you want to avoid bike-sizing mistakes.  You will need to know your height and your leg inseam length (distance between your feet and your crotch). It is an accurate technique.

What Makes the Best Commuter Bikes Stylish and Classy?

Classic look on an urban bike

Classy, Simple Look!

There are different frame designs that make the best commuter bikes outstandingly stylish. Some have the step-through frame design that looks really good and is easy to step into.

There are those with a hard trail design ideal for the hilly areas, while others are simple folding bikes. The best commuter bike frames are usually made from either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is slightly lighter than steel and comes at a relatively elevated price. Steel bikes are very efficient, and we prefer to use steel as it absorbs the road much more effectively.

The saddles are comfy; they are either loaded with springs or very well padded or both. These classic features together with the curved handlebars give you a swift ride. The upright posture they initiate your body into makes you enjoy the ride without back pain.

What Do I Do If I Get a Flat Tire?

Tires get punctured all the time; you need to know how to fix them. Some of the tools you will need are a repair kit, bicycle pump and water. If you lack some of these things, improvise.

The following do-it-yourself steps will get that flat tire fixed.

1. Remove the tube from the tire using tire levers. If you lack these, deflate the affected tire and remove the tube carefully using your fingers. Identify whatever caused the puncture and remove it.
2. Check for any other punctures. You can pump the tube up then deflate it as you listen for any part that lets out air pressure. It is easier if you inflate the tube and insert it in water. The punctured part makes a sound and tiny bubbles shall be observed.
3. Use sandpaper to rub the puncture lightly then apply glue on it. This adhesive is left untouched for five minutes.
4. Patch up the puncture then press onto that part for 2 minutes to make it stick better.
5. Return the tube into the tire. Avoid pinching it using tire levers because this will cause another puncture. Inflate your tire and get going.

For a visual illustration on how to fix a flat tire, check out the video below. You cannot go wrong.

How to Avoid Recurrent Flat Tires

It is possible to avoid recurrent flat tires. The best commuter bikes have able balloon tires, but it takes more than just the design to avoid punctures. Your cycling style and maintenance policy count in this case.

Below are basic things you can do to avoid flat tires:

  • Inflating your tires correctly – Under-inflated tires get punctured when going over potholes, while over-inflated ones burst.
  • Ride carefully your tandem carefully – Avoid cycling over glass and keep off routes with thorns.
  • Replace worn out tires.
  • Change inner tubes on a yearly basis.

How to Park and Store the Best Commuter Bikes

Step through and Diamond bikes feature a double kickstand, which lets you park the bike upright and arrange your groceries in the basket easily. You can also leave the steadily locked bike behind and run errands in town.

While at work, your boss will probably not like you parking your adult bicycle in the doorway or in the office. Waterproof bicycle covers are great to use to cover your cycle whenever you park it outside.

You could also decide to own a folding bike. It is portable and easy to store both at home and at work. Whenever you have to board a bus or train, you need not leave your baby behind. Carry it around like briefcase. The downside of these bikes is that they have small tires and travel slow.

Lock Up Your Bike

Safe lock for the best commuter bike

A secure lock for your bike

Even the best commuter bikes won't allow you to lock them and walk away with 100% security. You can only make them as immobile as possible and lock them to an immobile object for security. Park your bicycle where there is plenty of light and avoid isolated streets.

Get yourself the best locks and chains on the market, regardless of how much extra money they could cost you. Come on, the question here is not whether you can afford the lock but whether you can afford to lose that beloved city bike. Cable locks should be your last resort.

These bicycle thieves get wittier every day; it is up to you to outsmart them. I am not asking you to be extra cautious like my uncle who will walk around with his seat post (but if you can, be that extra). Just have the right locks.

Some towns have designated parking for bikes. The racks there are usually fixed, so no thief can remove them or cut them down like they do with trees. You can also use streetlamp poles, sturdy street sign posts and stairways. Adhere to 'no bikes' street signs and park elsewhere. The best idea is bike garages which are sometimes underground and automated.

If you can, have three locks. One should cater for locking the rear wheel, another for the front wheel, and the third to be attached to the pole or rack. Detachable accessories like the lights and panniers should not be left on that parked bike.

The Best Commuter Bikes Have Your Comfort Prioritized

hybrid commuter bike with brakes

Riding with an upright posture

Sitting posture determines how much fun you will have while traveling. The best commuter bikes have comfortable seats. We include only the most comfortable saddles with our bikes from quality brands like Velo.

Adjust the saddle to a height that gives your legs enough pedaling allowance. If you go too low, your legs will strain while pedaling and get tired. The best saddles are those with springs on the rear side and/or extra padding to absorb porthole shocks.

The grips should also be comfy. When riding, you need to lean forward by just a small angle and have a strong, stable grip on the handlebars. This will save you backside pain, so you will ride more often.

Consider e-bikes

E-bikes definitely qualify as some of the best commuter bikes with their accelerated speeds and eased pedaling. Electric-assisted cycles make the best commuter bikes but are more expensive and heavier than regular ones. In our opinion, that's a fair trade off for moving at up to 28 MPH. Well, that's up to you.

It is easier for you to commute to town and back on an e-bike like our Step Through 7 Elec than on a regular bike. This is more so true if you are unfit. It is fun and less-straining.

Careful, I Am in a Suit!

Nobody likes getting to work in the morning in neat clothes with spots of mud, dust and dirty water on their legs and coat. It could just ruin your well-prepared-for day and get you to quit cycling.

For this reason, fenders are mandatory on all the best commuter bikes in the market and all our bikes come with them. They should be on both the front and rear parts. While people avoid riding bicycles for fear of getting dirty, don't worry, we have that covered.

Will the Best Commuter Bikes Still Look Good in Bad Weather?

cruiser bike storage shed

Store in a dry place

One of the things to consider before purchasing a city bike is where to store it. You should store it away from intense sunlight in order to protect all the metal parts. Remember to also keep your bike dry and out of the rain and snow.

In case you are out here cycling in the rain and are worried about rust, get over yourself. If you wipe it dry when you get home and keep the cycle away from water, it shall survive a long time. Furthermore, steel and aluminum can withstand such climatic conditions.

The saddle and grips are usually made of plastic, leather or rubber, which can all survive bad weather. As for the chain, ensure to keep it lubricated. Your cherished commuter bike will still work well in bad weather, relax, just don't let it get out of hand.

Which kind of bike is right for you?

Bicycles are very popular all over the world today because they are convenient. Regardless of your gender, you can ride just about any bike. Not even age should deter you from this fun; there are bikes for children, adults, elderly people, name it.

Step through bicycles have a curved top bar, and they are considered the most popular for women. This is because of the stylish look and how easy it is to mount them. You will raise your leg at an angle less than the one used to mount on a bike with a straight top bar. Men often ride this bike style too. It also gives one the freedom to ride the bike while maintaining an upright posture.

The best commuter bikes with straight top bars like Peace Dreamer 7-Speed Diamond Frame are preferred by men.  However, many women find this style to be sportier looking and prefer it. It is all about your personal preferences.

The accessories you use on your bike could also differ depending on gender. Most women, for instance, would love to have a bicycle with a basket on it. All the groceries and handbags are usually put there. Men, on the other hand, would like to use the rack. Again, it is all about preferences; gender-based stereotypes no longer apply.

Is Your Baby Coming With You?

child-carrier cycling trailer fixed on a city bike

Riding with a baby

Sometimes you just cannot leave your child behind, even if it means a quick cycle to the market. Other times you want to get them to the hospital or to a game and the car traffic is crazy! Most of the best commuter bikes are compatible with child seats.

Look out for eyelets for mounting a rack and cables that could restrict mounting. You should also check whether your bike has space to accommodate a front or rear seat. A rear seat is the best for kids age nine months and above (and tall ones too). It is a good spot if the child needs to sleep, but not the best if you want to hold a look at them while on the road.

Front seats favor younger kids as they are literally on your watch. You will also have better balance, although you might have to spread your legs a little wider while pedaling. Avoid sudden braking when a child is on this kind of seat.

If you are traveling with more than one child, mount a child-carrying cycle trailer and have the older kid sit there. The younger one should be on the seat mounted on the bike, especially if their neck is still unstable. Taking this option requires you to be extra careful. You are handling more weight and other road users need to be aware you have children with you.

Are the Best Commuter Bikes Costly?

The average price range of affordable commuter bikes is $350 – $899. They are pocket-friendly, considering how much more you save by just owning them. Those that go for prices below $350 are reliable but you can never be too sure. You really get what you pay for with bikes.

The best thing about bicycles is how easy it is to maintain them. The costs are minimal even if you need to replace the tires if they're faulty. Always lubricate the chains and adjust your gears. You should also clean the bicycle on a regular basis: that is your baby now.

What You Need to Know


Commuter Bike Safety Accessory

As much fun as it is traveling on your bicycle, you need to be knowledgeable about a number of things that will keep you from trouble and help you enjoy the ride. You also need to be familiar with bicycle maintenance tips and personal care. Below are just but a few:

  • Know the law
  • Know your route
  • Be safe
  • Be fit
  • Maintain hygiene

Know the law

Ensure you conduct thorough research on the biking laws of your state. Bicycles are forbidden from cruising on some streets. There are rules that bicycle owners should follow to the letter. You can visit local authorities to find out more about the law and stay out of trouble.

Know your route

In your exploration expeditions, be careful not to lose your way. Follow routes well known to you, especially in the dark. If you need to discover other trails, do so during the day in your free time. It is better fun then.

Be safe

It is important that you keep yourself and your bike as safe as possible. Begin by cycling in safe streets and avoid lonely paths. You should also have a lock for your bike to avoid theft. Do not forget or leave items in the basket and on the rack unattended.

Be fit

When adjusting to the commuting schedule, your body may tend to sweat a lot. This is especially true if you are new to this practice. You may not like it and end up avoiding people in the morning (after arriving at work). Take rides around your area during weekends and in your free time to adjust. Your body will cooperate and eventually, you will sweat less.

Take Good Care of Your Bike

Your urban bike is your means of transport, so you need to always have it in the best shape possible. If you take good care of it, it will be a long time before you think of replacing it.

Below are some tips to use in maintaining your bicycle:

  • Clean your bike
  • Inflate your tires
  • Keep it oiled
  • Check your brakes thoroughly
  • Check tires and bearings
  • Perfect the saddle
  • Put on gloves

Clean Your Bike

A clean bicycle reflects on the cleanliness of its owner. Ensure that those grips, the saddle, pedals and rims are always spotlessly clean. You should sponge-wash the frame, rims, rack and chain guard. Use a brush when necessary. Using soapy water is okay; make sure you rinse that bike, dry it with a towel and store it when it dries up.

Inflate Your Tires

You have to ensure that your tires are inflated properly. Before mounting tires on your bike, check their pressure.  Cycling on a flat tire will destroy your rim and puncture the tube. You should also ensure that the pressure level is at an optimum level. Over-inflation poses you to puncture risks.

Keep It Oiled

lube it up

Keep your chain lubricated

Always have your Dutch bike lubricated. This will reduce friction between moving parts and keep them from rusting and corrosion. Parts like the chain, pedals, derailleur assemblies, cables, brake assemblies and shifter levers should always be greased. Remember to wipe off excess lubricants. They attract dust and make the bike look dirty.

Check Your Brakes Thoroughly

It is mandatory for you to always be in control of your ride. This keeps you and all other road users safe. Having faulty brakes could make you lose control. Inspect them daily. You should clean them to avoid those squeaky noises and tighten the brakes lever barrel. If you notice that your pads are worn out, replace them immediately. Ensure that the brakes are functional when you squeeze those brake handles.

Check Tires and Bearings

You should turn your bike upside-down and spin the wheel. In case it rotates in a wobbly manner; you should seek a professional bike mechanic’s service to " true " the wheels. This won't cost much.

Perfect The Saddle

The saddle needs to be as comfortable as you want it to be as there is nothing worse than having a sore bum. Tilt and adjust the saddle. You should also raise it to a comfortable height to prevent your knees from getting sore while cycling. Your legs should either be straight while biking or in a downward inclination.

Put On Gloves

When working on your bike, your hands will get dirty. This is okay, but only if you are not going to work. You should have latex gloves to keep yourself clean.


Bicycles have played a big part in the commuting industry for over 100 years. They are what we use to carry groceries, go to work and eliminate commuter costs. It is important to be feature specific when you buy your commuter bicycle to make sure you get something you love.

The best commuter bikes have the comfort of the riders prioritized. They are lightweight, sturdy and classic. The accessories used on these bikes are suitable for urban life, and their maintenance is stress-free. It is up to you to follow all safety measures and take care of your baby (bicycle).

Be safe. Ride Well.