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Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes – What to Consider When Buying

Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes

After reading this short guide, you will have the knowledge to pick out and buy the best women’s cruiser bikes online. You also have an answer to the "how much are the best women's cruiser bikes?" question.

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A woman's 26 inch step through cruiser bike comes in colors like pink, red, white, and black, classic or retro/vintage styles, is usually lightweight, mostly comes with gears including a 3 speed or 7 speed setup and comes with a basket for all your goodies.

Choosing the correct cruiser bike is necessary to ensuring a comfortable ride. Comfort is a cornerstone of beach cruising. Whether you are riding along the boardwalk, or biking on the wet sand of the shore, you need a beach cruiser that fits you.

Any bike can be ridden by anyone. However, when testing beach cruisers and considering one to purchase, a beach cruiser made with your gender in mind may fit more comfortably.

In today’s post, I will show you the unique features that the best women’s cruiser bikes have in common.

A Short History of Biking

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Historically, women have worn different clothing than men, as well as adopted different bike riding styles. While this is not the case today in many countries, these historical differences have influenced the design of women’s beach cruisers. Nowadays, the clothing a non-competitive biker wears, or their riding style will not have a significant impact on their ride quality.

 What Does This Mean for Female Riders?

By learning of the differences in design of women’s cruisers, you will gain the knowledge to be able to purchase the best women’s cruiser bikes for you.

While women can ride men’s cruiser bikes without difficulty, and many do, most women prefer women’s cruiser bikes. Some men even ride women’s beach cruisers! For those women and men interested in riding women’s beach cruisers, they need to learn what makes women’s cruiser bikes unique, and which differences to look for when purchasing a beach cruiser.

Physiological Differences

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Women are, in general, shorter and weigh less. Their arms are shorter, and their torsos are thinner. Women’s hips are wider, and their legs are longer, even though they are shorter overall. All these physiologically unique traits influence the design of the best women’s cruiser bikes.

That stated, some men also have short arms, thin torsos, wide hips, and long legs. Anyone with this general body type may find a greater ride quality and experience while riding a women’s beach cruiser.

Physical Features of the Best Women’s Cruiser Bikes 

The best women's cruiser bikes will feature a step-though frame. This frame allows its riders to “step through” the frame, rather than lifting one leg over the frame to sit on the saddle. This alleviates the need to lift your leg high up, which is more difficult the shorter you are.

The seat post is also positioned lower, which allows women to be able to sit and stand comfortably while on their beach cruisers. The handlebars are closer to the seat in terms of distance, due to the smaller torsos and arms of its riders.

The main advantage of having a step-through bike is the ease of mounting and dismounting the bike.

The process is quicker and less stressful on your body, rather than having to lift one leg over the frame like men have to do. This difference makes the best women’s cruiser bikes excellent commuting bikes, as well as great for beach cruising on the weekends.

That’s Not All…

Women’s beach cruisers are also more stable, due to the step-through frame. It is harder to lose your balance if you have a step through frame, since you can brake the bike and stand up, using your legs as a double kickstand. The best women’s cruiser bikes with step-through frames are lower, which provides riders with a lower center of gravity. The lower your center of gravity, the more stable you are while in motion. Women’s beach cruisers are also smaller and more compact, making them easier to store in your apartment or garage.

Typical Riding Style of the Best Women's Cruiser Bikes

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Men’s and women’s riding style differs, mostly due to the fashion that was in style when in earlier Western society. Men wore pants and women wore skirts.

Women would also sit in a more upright seating position than men. This riding style is still common for individuals riding the best women's cruiser bikes today.

The riding style has persisted due to the modifications historically made to the bike during the manufacturing process. Even though men and women dress similar now, the riding style is still advantageous when riding a women’s beach cruiser, so it has persisted. 

Women’s Riding Style is Great for Beach Cruising

Luckily, this riding style based on physiological differences works perfectly for the best women's cruiser bikes. When on a beach cruiser, you want to sit upright, with your hands near your torsos. This riding style is very similar to the historical riding style that many women used on their bikes.

 Women’s Bike Parts and Accessories

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Bike parts vary in terms of fashion, and function, and depending on whether the bike is intended for women or men or both. Bike parts for the best women’s cruiser bikes are often more colorful, and sleeker. If accessories are measured in relation to the rider’s size, parts for women are sometimes a different due to the differences in body shape and size. This is true of beach cruiser parts like baskets, saddles and more. In fact, check out some women's cruiser bikes with baskets here to give you an idea!

While not all men, and not all women, share attributes with the average man or women, unless you are purchasing a custom bike, your bike will be made based on the average size and shape of your gender. Therefore, the best women’s cruiser bikes feature smaller and slimmer bike frames, wider seats, and narrower handlebars. You can definitely enjoy a comfortable riding experience on a bike made for the average woman’s body type.

Bike Frame

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The first bike part that you will see is the cruiser bike frame. Most of the best women’s beach cruisers have step-through frames. Now, you can purchase a diamond framed beach cruiser for women, but after much feedback from our female customers we're convinced that the best women’s cruiser bikes have step-through frames. The female frame style is also known as a unisex style frame. Any rider can ride any style of beach cruiser. However, based on your body type, some riders may be more comfortable with a specific style of bike like a women’s beach cruiser.

Stylistic Differences

There are some stylistic differences between men’s and women’s bike frames as well, that exist generally regardless of bike type. Men’s bikes usually have a horizontal top bar, while women’s bikes have more of a step thru design.


The best women’s cruiser bikes feature cushioned, wide-set seats. This has to do with physiology, as well as the upright seating position that beach cruiser bikes are famous for. Generally, women will have wider hips than men. Their weight will also be distributed more around their hips. As such, women need more comfortable bike seats, especially on a beach cruiser, than men. However, men with wider hips will also appreciate the comfort of a women’s beach cruiser.

The seat is also positioned lower for its riders. This is due to the difference in length of the bicycle inseam that men and women have. Since women are, on average, smaller, their bicycle inseam is shorter. The bicycle inseam is the measurement from the crotch to the ground at a 90 angle. Your seat should be a few inches above your bicycle inseam measurements. This lets you stand up when your bike is stopped.

If not, you may find it difficult to control your bike while waiting for a light to change color, for instance. Shorter men and youths will also appreciate women’s cruisers, due to the similarity in bicycle inseam measurements.


women's cruiser bike handlebars

Women tend to have narrower shoulders, and smaller arms, than men. These physiological differences have resulted in women’s beach cruisers having slimmer and more elongated handlebars. Handlebars for women’s bikes can be as much as 4 centimeters narrower! The handlebar stem for women is also shorter, due to the difference in torso width.

Women’s torsos tend to be narrower than men’s. Riders with narrower torsos require a shorter handlebar stem so they can reach the handlebars without flaring out their elbows. Leaning too far forward can lead to instability when riding. With a shorter handlebar stem and narrower handlebars, riders can achieve stability while riding.

Can Women Use Men’s Bikes?

Yes, they can. It is all about comfort and preference.

Women who are as tall as the average man or taller can benefit from riding a men’s beach cruiser. It all comes down to your physiology and body type.

You Deserve the Best Women's Cruiser Bikes

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The history of women’s beach cruising is a long and storied one. From realizing how beach cruisers evolved in function and fashion to better fit women, to learning about modern differences in men’s and women’s cruiser bikes, there is a lot of information to parse through. In this post, I have highlighted the main differences that make the best women's cruiser bikes stand out. If you are considering purchasing a beach cruiser, purchase one that is styled and fitted for your body type. This is our biggest piece of advice for riders of any skill level.

The best women's cruiser bikes will afford you a more comfortable riding experience that only comes from riding a properly-fitted bike. From the seat height, to the frame shape, to the size of the handlebars, there are many differences between men’s and women’s beach cruisers based on differences in physiology. All these differences and more culminate to provide you with more comfort.

If you have any question or are looking for any advice on the topic please leave us a comment below and we'll provide a response quickly!

Eric Carriere