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Bike Shops Near Me – 100 Coolest in the USA by State – Buy Here!

"Bike shops near me?", this concept, didn't exist at one point in time. Did you know that, back in the day, bicycles were originally sold in hardware stores? There was no such thing as cool bike shops near me. And what happens when your bike needs to be serviced? Here at Peace Bicycles, we work with quality bike shops around the USA and the world as showroom partners, assembly partners, and last mile delivery partners. You can buy bikes direct from us and get them shipped to your house, to a bike shop, or delivered by a bike shop/ mechanic. We sell Dutch Bikes as well as Cruiser Bikes, and also fixie bikes.

Some questions we receive include:

Can you recommend bicycle shops near me/ my location?

What are some good bike shops nearby?

Do you know of any bicycle shop near me open now/today?

What bike shop is closest to me?

So whether you're looking for a bike shops nearby, are working with a bike shop, or are a bike shop in Austin, Chicago, Nyc, San francisco, Seattle, San diego, Boulder, San Antonio, DC, Reno, Atlanta, Fort Collins, Moab, Milwaukee, Omaha, Tampa, Cambridge, Sacramento, Dallas, Missoula, Raleigh, Portland, Tulsa, Okc, Asheville, Fort Worth, Grand Junction, Gainesville, Encinitas, Kalamazoo, Wilmington NC, Fort Lauderdale, Queens, Utah Key West, Escondido, West Palm Beach, Fayetteville AR, Lincoln, Upper East Side, Brighton, Waco, Manchester, Wenatchee, Upper West Side, Xenia Ohio, Yakima Wa, Gold Coast, West Palm Beach Florida, Katy Tx, Jupiter Fl, Upper East Side Nyc, Utah County, Jacksonville NC, Los Angleles or Kauai, we'd love to hear from you about the awesome shop!

Bike shops are all around you, and they can actually give you quite a bit. You can send our bikes to these shops for good service/assembly, and you'll know where to take your bike should you have any issues with it.

So, how would you choose one out of all bike shops near you? Surely, regardless of where you live, there are plenty of choices. Not all of those bike shops will give you a good shopping experience, or good service. And not all of them look cool and have friendly staff. To help, we've assembled a list of the coolest bike shops in the USA. You demand an exceptional buying experience and top notch service. Look no further than these independent small businesses. They can handle all your cycling needs. Each offers a little something extra to make you feel appreciated and welcome, so just choose one that's close to you head their way next time you need something bike-related!

Here are some of the dutch bikes we offer for sale online:




A few words regarding our choices of bike shops

Choosing bike shops isn't an easy task. As we mentioned, there are hundreds of bike shops around the USA. The fact that not everyone demands the same out of bike shops is an added issue.

Therefore, we made sure to include some variety in our list. You'll find bike shops that specialize in retro bikes and gear. You'll also find bike shops that have all kinds of bikes. There's also the combinations of bike shops, cafes and restaurants - these are slowly becoming a crowd favorite.

The point is, we know we can't satisfy everyone's taste in bike shops (though please email us if you'd like to be added as we'll be extending this list with time:) We couldn't possibly cover all bike shops in the USA either (yet). However, you'll still find the coolest bike shops below, and we're certain we have something for everyone.

We have compiled the best bike shops all around the states, from Alabama, San Diego, NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, Boulder, Tucson, Las Vegas, Washington DC, as well as other bike shops in the remaining states. Just read on, and you'll find some bike shops in your vicinity where you can get your cycling needs taken care of!

The 100 coolest bike shops near me in the USA

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia



Cahaba Cycles

bike shops cahaba cycles

Location; Birmingham (also in Trussville, Pelham, Homewood)

Cahaba Cycles has among the best bicycle deals in the market. You can purchase any of their tandems and pay in installments (with interest). Do you need a new bike? Trade up your old bike at the store and walk out with a new one. Loyal customers get rewards for purchases exceeding $100.

There is a 0% chance of you getting the wrong bike from these organized bike shops. They offer free bike-sizing services and a guide for kids’ bikes. They also have a lifetime frame warranty and 5-yr defective parts warranty. Within a 90-day period since purchase, you can tune up your bike for free.

Check out their accessories and biking jersey – original, strong and amazing! You will get a 10% discount on any add-ons if you buy more than five accessories. Looking to have fun? Check out their events calendar and take part any time you are in Alabama State. They rent out bikes too.


Bike Link

bike shops bike link of hoover

Location; Hoover

The essence of what they're all about is serious fun. Whatever kind of riding you're doing, wherever you're going, the team at Bike Link believes in getting the wheels rolling. The shop was originally family opened, and is now an independently owned and operated shop. They sponsor cycling in many forms, and support the local cycling scene.

Walk into their shop, and you'll find just about anything cycling related you could possibly need. There's a variety of bikes, from road and mountain bikes, to hybrids and electric bikes. There's no lack of components, accessories and clothing either. Their service always comes with a free estimate, and they have a few "packages" that they offer. The mechanics who work there are more than experienced, and they can get just about anything done. If you live in the greater Hoover area, the shop can also pick up your bike, and drop it back off once it's done.

Even though plenty of bike shops will offer bike fitting services, Bike Link are Specialized BG (Body Geometry) Fit experts. They have a five-stage process that ensures you have the best possible position on your bike, both for your riding style and your body's capabilities. If you live in the greater Hoover area, feel free to drop by the shop and have your cycling-related needs taken care of!




Paramount Cycles

bike shops paramount cycles

Location; Anchorage

Paramount Cycles are the gurus of bicycle maintenance. They will make your stubborn bike look and feel new after servicing it. This store deals in all sorts of bikes. Unicycles, commuter bikes, flat tire bikes and mountain bikes are just examples.

This is also one of the best bike shops to buy bikes and accessories for the winter from. Their biking clothes are Alaska-themed and their handlebar porgies are best for the season. They have positive reviews on men’s, women’s and unisex bikes from satisfied customers; you will love what they do!


Speedway Cycles

bike shops speedway cycles

Location; Anchorage

As their website says, "if there's a human-powered two wheel race in the area, chances are you'll find an orange Speedway kit in the mix". Their staff has members that are a part of the local community, and they know just about everything there is to know about the local cycling scene.

In the shop, you'll find experienced mechanics with years of experience who can do everything from changing a tube, to completely disassembling your bike, cleaning it, and reassembling it again. This is one of those bike shops that doesn't mess around.

Speedway Cycles are also part of the organization behind events such as the Green Lake Grinder, Foxy Beaver Grinder, as well as The Trio - all competitive events with a goal of bringing together cyclists all across the area. Green Lake Grinder is also a fundraiser for the winners of the Alaska Military Youth Academy Iron Man and Iron Woman awards, so it's safe to say that Speedway Cycles does give back to the community.


Backcountry Bike and Ski

bike shops backcountry bike and ski

Location; Palmer

Backcountry Bike and Ski may not be amongst the oldest bike shops on our list, but it is just as good as any of them. They're a locally owned, full service shop, and have quite a lot of brands on offer. Aside from being a bike shop, they also carry ski gear.

Their customer service is excellent. Everyone from their salespeople, to the service staff is knowledgeable and will do their best to assist you. They aren't only there for people who have been riding or skiing for a while - they're always open for newcomers and people who want to start with any of the sports. From expert sales and service, to just advice, you can find it all in Backcountry Bike and Ski.




Fairwheel Bikes

bike shops fairwheel bikes

Location; Tucson

Fairwheel Bikes are the best bicycle shop in Tucson and beyond. They boom online; you should visit their website. They have been featured in many sites and magazines that mention the best bike shops around. Check out their press media for more info.

At the shop, you will be impressed by their experienced and passionate staff (their combined experience is more than 200years). They deal in high-end road bikes, mountain bikes, campus bikes, beach cruiser bikes, name it. It is one of the stores that make you feel guilty for not giving a review.


Bicycle Ranch

bike shops bicycle ranch

Location; Tucson (also in Scottsdale)

The Tucson location of Bicycle Ranch was actually opened by one of the regular customers of the Scottsdale shop. Nowadays, all of the employees of the shop share the same philosophy that the customer is always right. All of them have an extremely strong understanding of what it means to meet the customers' needs, and they often excel them as well.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to buy a bike, or to have it serviced, their staff is there to help. They carry a range of bikes by notable brands, such as Giant, Cannondale, BMC, and others, as well as components and accessories, and a variety of clothing. Whatever your cycling-related needs may be, chances are you'll have them taken care of at one of Bicycle Ranch's bike shops.


Bike and Bean

bike shops bike and bean

Location; Sedona

Stop in for some coffee as you make up your mind on whether to rent a bike or have more coffee. Bike and Bean have #TheBestCoffeeinSedona. Quench your thirst with some latte, espresso, Americano or cappuccino. They also have tea, still water and cold Kombucha.

This store was featured in Arizona Highways TV Show one of those bike shops that serves adrenaline with a side of adventure. They have very helpful ride guides for you. Whenever you rent one of their bikes (fairly priced) you get a helmet, pedals and trail information to use on your cruise.


Over The Edge

bike shops over the edge

Location; Sedona (also in Fruita, Hurricane, Lake Tahoe, Melrose (Australia) and Todos Santos (Mexico))

Even though Over the Edge have locations for their bike shops all over the world, Sedona is one of their most popular ones. Sedona, as a place, is somewhat of a hidden mountain bikers' paradise. Trails vary from Moab-like rocks to Crested Butte-level single track. The OTE shop keeps up that low-key vibe. The employees are friendly and will help you whenever they're around (even if that's after hours).

The coolest thing? There's a pump track out back, and you'll also get espresso if you ask. Oftentimes there's beer in the fridge, too, and you'll find plenty of locals hanging around and talking most of the evenings.

The ace up their sleeve is undoubtedly their service. The staff can make even complex tasks understandable to just about anyone with their long standing knowledge of bikes. If ever you're in the Sedona area, and need service, or just a friendly place, do give them a visit.




Chainwheel Inc

bike shops chainwheel inc

Location; Little Rock

“… Everyone at Chainwheel is responsible for taking care of our customers. We’ve been doing just that for generations.”  These are true words from one of the most renowned bike shops in Little Rock that has existed since 1971. Their customer service makes them so cool, right from the greetings at the door.

They are also the friendliest and most knowledgeable bicycle retailers in the State. You can fit any bikes, customize your choice and have it maintained professionally. At Chainwheel Inc., you will not buy the best bike in the world, but the best bike for you, in the world. They also have an awesome YouTube channel.



bike shops chainwheel inc

Velo Hangar

Location; San Diego

Even though Velo Hangar isn't located in the airplane hangar it got its name from, it's an excellent place for anyone visiting. It is currently in a shipping container, yards away from the iconic Highway 101. The mechanic and proprietor goes by the name of Gordon, and he'll serve witty comments and complementary cookies while he's doing one of his tune-ups behind his workbench.

Those tune-ups are locally famous, and you'll see him working on anything from a local kid's bike, to a custom steel Pegoretti. If you're waiting for him to finish working on your bike, you could either wait at the bar, or grab a cup of coffee from Steady State Roasters, the cyclist-owned coffee shop next door. Absolutely one of the coolest bike shops around!


Trail House

bike shops trail house

Location; Santa Rosa

Hilarious website. These guys bring life to cycling (or is it cycling to life?). “Your local shop gets you ready for the ride. At Trail House, we’re part of the ride” are their very own descriptive words. They fix broken bikes, sell you what you need and loan out cycles that you want to try out.

There is live music at the shop, doughnut making classes and Cycling Race TV Watching. Join them for a cup of coffee and some hot/cold bites. They have yoga sessions too! Trail House offers serious beer drinking lessons, in case you are interested. Not something many bike shops do.


Sunnyside Bicycles

bike shops sunnyside bicycles

Location; Fresno

Are you looking for professionalism, integrity and experience in the bike industry? At Sunnyside, you are home. The shop has been featured among America’s Best Bike Shops for 5 years in a row. It has a clean, comfortable and organized environment; you will love it!

Their trade up program is fantastic; sell your bike to them at 50% of its buying price and go for a new, bigger bike. Sunnyside will service your bike in 48hrs. They keep their promises.


CentriPEDAL Bikes

bike shops centripedal bikes

Location; Fremont

CentriPEDAL Bikes' core philosophy revolves around three values - dependable service, trustworthy advice and contagious passion. By combining the three, they've become one of the coolest bike shops in the area, even though they only opened in 2012.

Their staff, both the sales and the service teams, are extremely enthusiastic. The service team has years of experience with everything from kids' bikes to road racing bicycles. CentriPEDAL specializes in family, commuter and kids' bicycles, but they also have road and mountain bikes in stock. Drop by at any time, and get your bike fixed, buy a new one, or just get some good advice from people that know what they're doing - this is one of the best bike shops to do so at!


Golden Saddle Cyclery

bike shops golden saddle

Location; Los Angeles

If you're driving past it in your car, you might very well miss it. But if you're on a bike, chances are you'll absolutely come across the Golden Saddle Cyclery. Doors remain open during operating hours, and you'll find a host of customers and neighbors outside, discussing everything from bikes, to music and art.

The walls on the inside are full of cycling caps and vintage jerseys, and the shop, along with its owners, is a combination of elements that join together all kinds of riding - from road and mountain to adventure and urban riding. If you want a sense of the shop's atmosphere, you might want to take a look at their Instagram, they've posted some really cool shots, and not many bike shops can boast with that.


Bike Attack

bike shops bike attack

Location; Los Angeles (Santa Monica and Playa Vista)

Originally founded in Berlin, Germany in 1994, Bike Attack has been a part of the USA bike shops network since they opened the shop in Santa Monica in 2005. Their customers can choose between more than 40 brands that make bikes, components, accessories and clothing. Today, they have two bike shops, both excellent in both the sales and the maintenance departments.

They aren't only very well versed in the world of bicycle and component sales, but they also offer excellent customer service, as well as professional repair and mechanical service. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, as well as everything in between and outside of them, they have you covered. As they say themselves, their success is strictly based on the love for cycling.


Pedalers Fork

bike shops pedalers fork

Location; Calabasas

You can find Pedalers Fork in the hills, north of Los Angeles, and it's more than just a farm-to-table restaurant, or one of those regular bike shops. Right next to the dining room you'll find a boutique bike shop. The expert mechanics inside can do anything from a chain lubrication to a complete rebuild of your bike.

Right behind the restaurant there is a bike rack, as well as locks that keep your bike safe if you want a cup of the custom-roasted coffee from 10-Speed Coffee next door.

Even though the coffee and bike shop are incredible, the main attraction is undoubtedly the food. The menu in Pedalers Fork changes fairly often, and you'll find a whole list of healthy items that are made to keep hungry cyclists happy. A popular suggestion are the blueberry banana quinoa Johnny cakes - they're absolutely amazing!


The Unlikely Cyclist

bike shops unlikely cyclist

Location; Costa Mesa

It all started as a blog encouraging women to cycle, then proceeded to be a dream before The Unlikely Cyclist bike shop was born. It is now one of California’s women’s bicycle shops with the best ladies’ bikes and electric bikes. You should check out their events calendar. Join in if you wish; it is fun and full of riding women!


Above Category Cafe

bike shops above category

Location; Sausalito

Not all bike shops sell whatever sells most at that current point in time. There are many that simply refuse to sell anything that doesn't align with their philosophy, or that they don't personally like. Such is the case with the Above Category Cafe, where every product is tried and tested for thousands of miles before it's put up on the shelves for sale.

When the owner founded the shop back in 2005, he already had a lifetime of experience of building high end bikes. Even today, when they see a new product, they see if it works for them personally. If they find it doesn't, but need such a thing, they often resort to making their own products - such as their vegan, organic chamois cream.

It is this experience, knowledge and credibility that ensures the customers of the store have a long lasting connection to the shop itself. Inside the Above Category Cafe you will find brands such as Baum, Open, Mosaic, Argonaut, and Pegoretti, which are all exclusive, high end brands.


Bicycle Stand

bike shops bicycle stand

Location; Long Beach

Once you get past the cobblestone entry way, one that's lined with vintage bicycles, you get at the heart of what wasn't always the shop it is now. The owners actually started painting bikes in their garages, and they now have a very welcoming shop in Long Beach.

They do a variety of things, including in-depth restoration, such as paint, decals, chroming, and frame repair. They can also build wheels as well as mount your tubular tires. Even though the shop has a very vintage vibe, they are also familiar with things found on modern road bikes. You could even get accessories for your bike, as well as join their monthly Velo Caravan ride. The ride is open to anyone who's looking for a casual social ride, making them one of the most beginner-friendly bike shops around.



bike shops mash sf

Location; San Francisco

If you're a fixie rider, chances are you've heard of them already. Mash not only have their frames and components, but they also have one of the most iconic bike shops in the USA. Mash SF started off as a crew of people who made videos of themselves riding track bikes on the city streets. This had a lot to do with the popularization of the "track bikes" as well as the "messenger style". They still have their team, and participate in events such as the Red Hook Crit and other local races.

In the shop, you will find all things fixie - frames, forks, wheelsets and hubs, as well as components and riding gear. It's also where you can buy their Mash AC-1 frameset, one of the best fixie framesets that have come out in the past period. Aside from components, there is also clothing, as well as accessories - sling packs, racks, bags, and other things that bike messengers around the world use. They sell their own products, but also have brands such as Oakley, Giro, Enve, Selle Italia, and others.

If you're a fixie bike aficionado, and you're in or around San Francisco, Mash SF is the best place to buy gear and components.


American Cyclery

bike shops american cyclery

Location; San Francisco

Established by Oscar Juner back in 1941, American Cyclery may very well be the oldest bicycle shop in San Francisco. If not, it's in the three oldest bike shops, for sure. They've been providing the best parts and bicycles for over 65 years. Their service is stunning, and the knowledge their mechanics have is very extensive.

What's interesting about American Cyclery is that many of the components that were used for the original mountain bike movement's development were actually bought at their shop in the early 80's.

Even though they stick to their tradition and values, even today, they have a careful selection of bicycles and components for just about anyone. You will find all of the pioneers - Brooks, Campagnolo, Bianchi, but you'll also find some stunning modern models, such as Santa Cruz Bicycles.




Absolute Bikes

bike shops absolute bikes

Location; Salida

Any time you are in Salida, Absolute Bikes should be your go-to cycle shop nearby. They have the most adventurous ride expeditions. Their trail guide is informative and helpful. Grab one of their cool caps at the shop before leaving.

The staffs are experts in their job and patient with clients. They offer you free bicycle sizing services if you purchase one of their tandems, and perform a cycle fit in three hours (at a fee). If you need a bicycle demo before settling on a bike to buy, you will get it. Bike shops that do this aren't appreciated enough!


Vecchio’s Bicicletteria

bike shops vecchio's bicicletteria

Location; Boulder

Located in Boulder, this shop has the advantage of having the ideal setting for cyclists. The natural landscapes have the coolest local trails around – stop by and buy you a map. Feel free to purchase any of their Vecchio-themed accessories and items too. Even though there are a few other bike shops in the area, Vecchio's Bicicletteria does stand out.

Do not worry about your wheels. The specialists at this shop will make your bike have a longer rim-life, and keep the bike serviced for the road. All you need to do is give them the chance to leave you awed.


Road 34 Bike Shop

bike shops road 34

Location; Fort Collins

Road 34 dates back to 2000, and they aren't only a bike shop, but they also have Road 34 Cycles, a frame building company. They're also a true bike bar as well, where enthusiasts of bikes and beer can come together and enjoy. Undeniably one of the best combinations for bike shops.


Denver Bicycle Cafe

bike shops denver bicycle cafe

Location; Denver

The trifecta of bike shops amenities - skilled mechanics, beer and coffee, completely nailed. Their coffeehouse will
give you espresso with beans that are roasted locally, and you can also find warm pretzels and fresh pastries. Move on to the bar, and you can find local craft beer, on tap of course.

But if you're only here for cycling-related business, you can go straight to their mechanics. They're as skilled with a fixie bike as they are with a custom titanium road bike.

It's not just the amenities and skilled mechanics that make this place one of the coolest bike shops in the USA - it's also the inviting interior space and extremely welcoming atmosphere. If you want to share your love of bikes while enjoying a cup of coffee or beer, and some live music, this is the place to go to!




Benidorm Bikes

bike shops benidorm bikes

Location; Canton

The name comes from a city in Spain where one of the owners won a Team Time Trial World Championship title, and Benidorm Bikes are now one of the coolest bike shops in the US. Even though the owners' backgrounds include college degrees, as well as numerous athletic accomplishments, they're both completely dedicated to giving their clients the absolute best in terms of customer experience.

They have an extensive inventory of mountain bikes, road bikes, as well as hybrid bikes and bikes for kids. It doesn't matter which member of your family needs a bike - they have one! They also have extremely competent staff that is always in the mood to give you invaluable advice. In terms of service, you can get both a mechanical service and bike fitting.

What's interesting is the fact that they have a unique relationship with the Eastern Bloc Cycling Club. There are weekly rides, as well as goal-oriented experiences you can attend, and is a strong advocate for safe cycling. If more bike shops started doing this, the cycling scene would explode.


Bicycles East

bike shops bicycles east

Location; Glastonbury

Bicycle East is one of those bike shops that always does its best to excel with their customers' needs. For example, you can get a bike for a 3 day test ride, and get 15 months of free tune-ups and adjustments - as many of them as you need. If you're interested in a new bike from them, you can use their financing options, interest free.

They carry bikes, components, accessories and clothing from a variety of brands, and they also offer repair and maintenance, as well as bike fitting. Bicycles East is an extremely versatile bike shop, and you can get just about anything taken care of with them. Their staff are not only knowledgeable, but very friendly and accommodating as well, and you'll have all of your questions answered.




Fit & Fuel Bicycle Cafe

bike shops fit and fuel

Location; Naples

"Fuel in front, fit in back" is their motto, and the Fit & Fuel Bicycle Cafe is a place you must visit if ever you're nearby. Aside from their bike fitting studio, they also have a coffee shop and bar. Head out on one of their group rides that leave the Naples Cyclery each week, and you don't have to worry about nutrition after the ride.

Wraps, salads, and sandwiches are all made with locally sourced materials, they have amazing cookies, and you can choose from over a dozen regional beers - on tap, of course. The entire menu is actually made by cyclists, and it is more than a good motivation to push yourself 110% on those group rides.

The shop is a few doors down the road, known by the name Naples Cyclery, and they have bikes by Cervelo, Specialized, Jamis and Electra, to name a few. They also have components, clothing and accessories, and you could also use their bike rental service to get anything from a 2-, 4- or 6- passenger Surrey, to an elite level road bike with a carbon frame and fork and Shimano Di2 equipment. If you're looking for one of those bike shops that have everything, this is it!


ACME Bicycle Shop

bike shops acme bicycle shop

Location; Punta Gorda

Owned and operated ever since 2003, ACME one of those family owned bicycle shops that has all the bells and whistles you need to get riding. Regardless of your skill level or age, you're welcome at ACME, as they've assisted thousands of riders throughout the years.

Whether you're logging a century, or are just out for a relaxing cruise, you can always drop by if you need anything. They not only sell and rent bicycles, but have awesome service, too. The skilled mechanics that work can do any kind of repair on your bike.

From a complete tune-up before a race, to a minor adjustment, if you step into their shop you'll be back on the road in no time. And another thing you won't find anywhere is their mobile repair service. If you can't get your bicycle to them, they'll come to you (home or office) and service your bike!




Bikes and Life

Location; Johns Creek (also in Worcester and Scottsdale)

Even though many bike shops boast quality mechanics and knowledgeable staff, how many can put new riders at ease like Bikes and Life can? It truly doesn't matter what your skill level is. Just go to the shop, and you'll feel very welcome. Bikes and Life is an IRONMAN North America official bike shop, with an elite Race Day Service team that takes care of more triathlon bikes in a weekend than most bike shops do in a year.

In any of their bike shops, you can find a collection of various bikes, from folding and electric, to road and triathlon. Along with the bikes, you'll get a great selection of gear, and the shop has an excellent method of fitting everything to their customers. Services such as seminars and training that are beginner friendly, as well as good for intermediate and advanced cyclists, are also available.




Velosmith Bicycle Studio

bike shops velosmith

Location; Chicago

Tony Bustamante, the owner of Velosmth, used to be a senior fit technician with Seven Cycles. His knowledge and experience has transferred to his shop, where he works in an extremely elegant manner. You won't find any equipment that isn't sophisticated, especially when he's doing bike fitting.

There's a certain meticulousness to his attention to detail, one you will seldom find in other bike shops. That attention extends to everything you can find at Velosmith - from their excellent maintenance, service and repair, to their ability to build you a dream bike you've been wanting for ages.

As Tony himself says, their goal is to give each customer an amazing experience. And they absolutely achieve that, and much more.


Comrade Cycles

bike shops comrade cycles

Location; Chicago

Comrade Cycles is basically the definition of a local bike shop - they're integrated well into the community, and they provide cyclists of all skill levels with quality service and communication. In 2015, they won the Best of Chicago Top Bike Shop award.

As their customers say themselves, the experience the shop will give you is unparalleled. The environment in the shop doesn't require the employees, or the customers, to "put on their bike shop face", and instead people can be friendly and help just about anyone who decides to walk in the shop. From fixing a flat tire on your way to work, to repairing a cracked steel frame, these guys have worked on everything from $15 garage sale bikes to $15,000 customs.

They have one goal - to identify your issues and needs, explain what they suggest and why, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. All of the Comrades have extensive experience in touring, racing and commuting, and they can truly appreciate a good ride on a well serviced bike. You can rest assured your bike will be taken care of in the best way possible.


Johnny Sprockets

bike shops johnny sprockets

Location; Chicago (Lakeview and Andersonville)

Manuel, the owner, has been riding since he was 6. Back in 2001, he walked into Johnny Sprockets as another customer, only to end up taking out a loan to buy the business 7 years later, in 2008. He doesn't see the shop as a business - instead it's his life. His interests don't lie in making more money, a big house and opening more locations. Instead, he has one goal, create the best bike shop he can, and be a community resource that people trust.

Nowadays, the bike shops are an excellent environment, both for the employees, and the customers. They sell a host of bikes from brands such as Kona and Specialized, and they also do fitting services, as well as maintenance and repair. The best thing? If you don't ride your bike in the winter, you can drop it off at their Lakeview shop for storage. At a $95 storage fee, you can leave the bike there until March 1st (or later, but there are storage fees after that date). Once spring comes, you'll pick it up after it's foregone a basic tune up - tires will be inflated, chain will be lubed, and brakes and shifting will be adjusted for you.

If you're in the area, Johnny Sprockets is an excellent neighborhood shop for just about anyone. From people looking to buy their first bike, to ones getting their dream build, and everyone in between, you can drop by and experience the friendly atmosphere.


Roscoe Village Bikes

bike shops roscoe village bikes

Location; Chicago

Chicago seems to be a place full of friendly neighborhood bike shops, and Roscoe Village Bikes fits right in that scheme. They're one of the best bicycle repair shops in Chicago, and even though they've grown since opening, their focus on customer experience hasn't changed.

It doesn't matter whether you're buying your new bike, or looking to get your current one serviced - they can do just about everything. With staff that are passionate about bikes, always doing their best to learn more, they'll make sure your experience is as good as it gets. An interesting fact is that whenever they're deciding what bikes and accessories to stock, they always take into consideration their customers' feedback. Not many bike shops actually do this, but it's an excellent idea.


Uptown Bikes

bike shops uptown bikes

Location; Chicago

Even though cycling is a truly unisex sport, you will find that most of the bike shops owners' and mechanics are men. Well, that's not the case with Uptown Bikes. They have been an independently owned bike shop for a touch over 20 years now, and they're women owned, and managed.

Uptown Bikes' main focus is on the customer-shop relationship, and you will come across complete honesty and quality, both in their service and their sales. They also encourage all of their customers to ride and use their bicycles responsibly, which is something that should be valued more than it actually is. Whether your bike just needs a check up and a tune up, or it's due for a complete overhaul, you can trust the experienced mechanics at Uptown bikes to sort that out for you and get you up and running in no time.


Blue City Cycles

bike shops blue city cycles

Location; Chicago

Looking for friendly bike shops on the South side of Chicago? You might want to give Blue City Cycles a chance. They can help you with all of your needs and requirements. From new bikes from brands such as GT, Masi, Haro and Schwinn, to used and refurbished ones, they will make something work with anyone's budget.

They also have a complete service course with a free estimate, and you can get your steel frame repaired, or have a new one made by two extremely competent local frame builders.

Something you won't find with many other bike shops is powdercoating. They'll do complete frames, or individual components, and give them a fresh new finish to spice things up. Your bike looks a bit beat up? You thinking about changing the color scheme, Blue City Cycles have your back!




Bicycle X-change

bike shops bicycle x-change

Location; Wichita

For 5 years they've been in America's 100 Best Bike Shops, and they're Wichita's Best Bike Shop for the 7th year in a row. Bicycle X-Change has been around since 1973, and with a 45 year legacy, they have quite a lot of experience with just about everything cycling-related.

They boast bikes and accessories from over 100 brands, and their selection is chosen so that you can get just what you need to elevate your cycling experience, regardless of what kind of rider you are. They're also the largest Trek dealer in the Midwest, and have the region's only Certified Trek Fit Specialist - how many bike shops can boast with that?

Aside from having the inventory and knowledge to sell you the perfect bike for your needs, they also have a range of service options, from basic checks to extensive overhauls and pro bike fitting. If you're ever in Wichita, and need anything that has to do with bikes, they should be the first place you go to!




BG Bicycles

Location; Houma

If you're in or around Humma, you should definitely drop by BG Bicycles for any of your cycling needs. Whether it's to get a new bicycle or accessories, or to service or repair your current one, they have you covered. They also offer bike fitting as well.

Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and they'll do their best to accommodate your needs and requirements. If you aren't sure what kind of bike to get, or which specific one, their representatives can give you advice and you'll walk out with the perfect bike for you and your needs in no time! One of Luisiana's finest bike shops!




Parvilla Cycle & Multisport

bike shops parvilla cycle and multisport

Location; Edgewater

Parvilla is, quite frankly, one of the best pro road bike shops in the world at the moment. They have a loyal following, and it's not hard to see the reason why people love them so much. To begin with, they have a very extensive range of products. You can find everything from a professional racing road bike, to wetsuits, making Parvilla a true one-stop shop for everything.

They also offer Parvilla Custom bikes. In partnership with brands such as S-Works, Alchemy, Parlee and Ventum, to name a few, you can choose a frame you want, or have one built for you. From then on, you just choose the specs - everything from wheels and drivetrain to stems and saddles, and have Parvilla build it for you. The cherry on top is that every custom bike gets a free fitting. Parvilla is one of the rare bike shops that understands that no dream machine will get the job done if it isn't fitted properly.




Ride Studio Cafe

bike shops ride studio cafe

Location; Lexington

In the cycling world, this might not be so unique, but combining high-end bike shops with an urbane cafe is the best way to go when you care about the cycling scene in general. In the Ride Studio Cafe, you will find a host of welcoming elements, warm, friendly and inviting, that pour over from the cafe's atmosphere straight into the shop. Cycling culture and cafe culture are brought into one, and both the staff and customers share a friendly energy that creates a stunning environment.

Since no two riders are the same, Ride Studio Cafe will work with you to get the perfect bike for you, specifically. Once you do get your new bike, or your old one serviced, feel free to join them on one of their Ride Studio Cafe rides. They have both "drop" and "no-drop" rides, so make sure you choose the one that fits you best. These rides are an excellent way to learn some new roads to ride on, and to meet new cyclists to train with. It's an amazing combination that should be a tradition with all bike shops.




The Hub Bicycle Cooperative

bike shops the hub bicycle cooperative

Location; Minneapolis

The Hub Bicycles Cooperative is among the best places to be on earth – not just for bikes and bike shops, but for a life lesson. They are a cooperation that has gone green. They recycle things they use and separate their trash.  Their mission is “all types of bikes for all types of people”.

They have bikes for bike-packers, gravel grinders and super-commuters at their West Bank store. At South Minneapolis, you will find the shop’s Bike Demo Program, D.I.Y. Room and classroom space. University of Minnesota students, faculty and staff get a 10% discount at the on-campus U of M Bike Center.


Angry Catfish

bike shops angry catfish

Location; Minneapolis

Cultivated by the Minneapolis cycling culture, step into the Angry Catfish and you'll find that everything and everyone inside is actually far from angry. The staff is extremely friendly, and their combined 80+ years of experience results in some stunning one-of-a-kind builds. They ride hard, and their riding knowledge has led to a carefully curated line of products for sale.

If you aren't there strictly for bikes, you'll want to have a cup of coffee. The baristas pull and pour over coffee like you've never tried, and you can chat with them for just about anything. Have questions about the roast? Check. Want a new trail to ride? You've got it.

When it gets really cold, there's one thing that happens at Angry Catfish. The employees will lock the doors for the evening, and hop on their fat bikes. Around 8 miles down is a local pizza spot, where they all enjoy large slices and beer pitchers. Bike shops tend to keep socializing to the shop's area - but not here!


Erik’s Bike Shop

bike shops erik's bike shop

Location; Minneapolis

Erik’s Bike Shop has lots of equipment for your fun. They have cycling gear and apparels, as well as anything pertaining to boarding and skiing. They have scooters and skates too. If you decide to camp, they have several camping trailers that you can hire. Check them out on their website for amazing offers. Do not forget to visit their stocked shop too. One of the most versatile and universal bike shops in Minnesota.


One on One Bicycle Studio

bike shops one on one bicycle studio

Location; Minneapolis

With their number one goal to get you out there riding, and give you some fuel for the ride, the guys at One on One are an excellent crew. Regardless of whether you're riding city paths, or tearing down downhill trails, they can give you the tools to do both. As far as bike shops go, they're a huge part of the local cycling scene, and they've been known to organize everything from bike races to art shows.

Their service includes everything from routine maintenance, to upgrading your bike, as well as complete overhauls and new builds. They have a couple of service packages, but do a la carte service as well. You will also find a fleet of bikes you can demo or rent, just as long as you call or email to reserve a ride.




Big Shark Bicycle Company

Location; Richmond Heights

Big Shark Bicycle Company one of those bike shops that impacts the community around in several ways. They sponsor St. Louis teams and have a record of hosting several events. They also welcome cyclists of all ages to attend their classes and clinics on bike repair and the likes.

The company is huge for multisport and triathlon games. They have all the required gear in stock and teams in place. Anytime you are ready to join their triathlon team, they will be glad to have you. The shop also has a favorable trade-in policy for your older bike, something not many bike shops can offer.


Family Bicycles LLC

bike shops family bicycles llc

Location; Kansas City

This is among the few places where you will find both biking and family interests taken care of. They have the best bikes for kids, and some online tips for kids biking. They work hard to ensure that biking is a family activity. In their guidelines, they outline the best places to ride at Kansas City.

The family bike shop offers complete tune-ups for your bikes; you should check their friendly rates. One of the best things they do is host events. Check out them out on social media to be awed. Their ‘Fun in the Sun’ event was a blast!




Big Sky Cycling

Location; Helena

In 1986, Big Sky Cycling came into existence, and it has never left. It is now among America’s top bike shops according to NBDA. The store has a great selection of mountain bikes, triathlons, cyclocross, kids’, BMX, hybrid and road bikes.

Take a virtual tour of their shop online. This is something that more bike shops should have. They have the best elliptical trainers, fitness bikes and treadmills. On purchase, they assemble and deliver your package if you are in Helena. Visit their shop for accessories, bike repair, servicing and rental policy.

Big Sky Cycling has awesome biking tips and videos online. You need to check them out. When you can, join in their events; they are always having those.


Glacier Cyclery & Nordic

bike shops glacier cyclery and nordic

Location; Whitefish

“You guys and gals are the awesomest! The customer service is second to none!” This is what a reviewer on Facebook had to say about Glacier Cyclery and it is all true. They have been doing bike-fitting since 1981. It takes around 2hrs to get a complete fit for $100 and above.

Glacier Cyclery & Nordic has done a good job on their YouTube channel, especially when compared to other bike shops.




Monkey Wrench Cycles

bike shops monkey wrench

Location; Lincoln

Other than the name, the other outstanding thing about Monkey Wrench Cycles is the website. It has all the information you would need, with great blogs and links to its amazing Instagram and Pinterest pages. Bike shops need to pay attention to this.

If you are looking for vintage bicycles, this is the place to get them. They have these vintage bikes (for no reason) and stock up all other modern bikes in town too. Their tune-ups, A la Carte repairs and custom wheel building will make you keep coming back.




Las Vegas Cyclery

bike shops las vegas cyclery

Location; Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Cyclery does what all other bike shops can do, and so much more. They are the kind that is environmentally oriented and will stop at nothing to keep it conserved. They have a great rental policy and allow bike trade-ins.

The Cyclery hosts fun events that keep people bonded. Check them out on Facebook to view photos of their events and more. Also, look them up on Vimeo and YouTube.


New Hampshire


Goodale’s Bike Shop

bike shops goodales bike shop

Location; Nashua (also in Concord, Hooksett)

Goodale’s Bike Shop believes they are the best when it comes to bike fitting.  “Make the bike fit for the body; don’t make the body fit for the bike” is what they believe in. Retul Fit is the most complete system bike shops have available for fitting, and it is what they use.

Trust them with your bike servicing; in 2-3 days, the bike shall be as good as new. They advise that you bring the bike in after every 20-30hrs of cycling. If you choose to rent their bike, carry along your own pedals, helmet and shoes.

The shop has fun times too. Their weekly mountain bike rides keep the cyclists fit. They have charity rides too, and the money raised goes to charity work in the community.


Gus’ Bike Shop

bike shops gus' bike shop

Location; North Hampton

They have bikes for everyone! Men, women, children, the seniors, commuters, sports personnel, name them. They also have different servicing packages that meet your needs. Join them on their bikes rides and bike camping times; it always leaves a happy memory.

This is one of those bike shops that has women’s interests taken care of. They offer biking tips for women online and sell the best ladies’ bikes. Meet the Gus’ girls every Thursday at Seacoast during the cycling season. You can join or enjoy the scene. Gus Bike Shop has an award for being America’s Best Shop Ride.


New Jersey


Strictly Bicycles

bike shops strictly bicycles

Location; Fort Lee

It is not strictly bicycles at Strictly Bicycles; they have coffee! The cycle shop with a fascinating start-up story has the best bikes for rent with favorable terms and deals. They host events and rides that are worth your time, unlike other bike shops that do them for the sake of doing them. You should join them, regardless of whether you are a greenhorn or an adept. Check their colorful and exciting Facebook page to get the motivation to join them.


Beacon Cycling

Location; Northfield

NBDA has listed Beacon Cycling five years in a row among the best bike shops in America. It is a family-owned business (since 1930) that keeps biking as a family activity. It is their pleasure to see people “Growing up BEACON”.

They are an accredited retailer by the Beginner Biking Alliance (BBA) hence the best place to buy bikes if you are a beginner cyclist. As of kids’ bikes, their trade-in program work for tandems bought in the shop and returned within 3 years. The bikes are usually credited 50% of its original value.

They have an outstanding selection of bikes and accessories. You should visit and see. Their Trek Precision Fit Studio will blow your mind. It always works best and gives you the bike fitting you deserve.


Kopp's Cycle

bike shops kopp's cycle

Location; Princeton

Kopp's Cycle has been open since 1891. Yes, you read that right, and it's the oldest continuously running bike shop in the USA. It's also the second oldest among all bike shops in the world, with only UK's Pearson Cycles being older than it. If you think about it, a shop that has been operating for that long is undoubtedly doing something right.

When you visit it, you'll notice it looks somewhat cluttered, and is far from the flashiest place. It's like that for a reason - the clutter adds to the charm.

The shop can say they've had quite a few visits over the years - Eddy Merckx, Artie Greenberg, Greg Lemond, and others. Whether it was to check in, or to find a part they couldn't find anywhere, Kopp's Cycle was their destination.

Nowadays, they sell everything from road bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes, as well as a host of accessories and clothing. They also have incredibly good service, and offer bike fitting services as well.


New Jersey

Sport Systems

bike shops kopp's cycle

Location; Albuquerque

Sport Systems are into what you are into. They sell select bikes, skiing equipment, swimming gear and snowboarding items. They also have great stuff for runners and travelers. Sports Systems has fun moments at the events they take part in. They are the one of the bike shops sponsors of the Sandia Crest Marathon. Clearly, this place has the community’s interests at heart.


New York


718 Cyclery

bike shops 718 cyclery

Location; New York City
In their own words "718 Cyclery was founded on the principle that we are practitioners of 100+ year old technology, not the guardians of it."  Plus, they have a really cool Instagram. They were founded back in 2008, and they've focused on working collaboratively with their customers. They don't only fix bikes, they will also build them for you, and also offer free classes as well. Oh, and they have organized trips and tours, too, from micro tours, to extended and day tours. Bike shops, take note!


NYC Velo

bike shops nyc velo

Location; New York City

The dedicated staff at NYC Velo will certainly make you feel like an esteemed customer. They create a welcoming atmosphere and let you watch as they do their thing. You should check out testimonials and reviews from clients if you want to hear it yourself.

As they put it, “we’ll gladly take a look at any bicycle and assess what service is needed, free of charge. Bring in your bike and you will be riding again as soon as possible.”. Few bike shops can boast that speed, yet maintain quality work.


Maglia Rosa

bike shops maglia rosa

Location; Brooklyn

The owner's Italian roots, and his previous employment in the fashion industry have led to a stunning combination in this boutique and cafe. Located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, you will find a host of handmade bikes - carbon, titanium, steel - you name it. Brands such as Seven, Sarto, No. 22 feel right at home, and stunning builds leave this shop.

Espresso comes from a Faema E61 Legend, a machine that has the same status a vintage Ferrari has in the car world. You will also find a panini menu that stems from a famous sandwich chef in Milan.

The shop has a very inviting atmosphere, and whether you're here for a bike, or for a cup of coffee, you can sit down and enjoy life in a bit of a slower way. Not many shops remind us of tradition in such a way.


King Kog

bike shops king kog

Location; Brooklyn (also in Oakland)

If you're looking for high end modern bikes and components, this may not be the best place to find them. However, at both of King Kog's bike shops you will find items that are worthy of any collector's attention. From lugged steel and wool jerseys, to minty componentry and technological rarities, you'll find more vintage gear than you can handle.

Aside from this collection, they also have a line of their own that has a host of retro-inspired branded gear. Or, you could get kits from the shop's team, too. If you just want a bike, though, you could get a modern, affordable bike such as a Leader, Fairdale or an All-City, depending on your needs and budget.


Mello Velo

bike shops mello velo

Location; Syracuse

Mello Velo has a great assortment of bikes and accessories sold. Their customer service is royal and offers services worth a 5-star. They have service clinics, bike fitting, custom building and repair services that you will love.

You do not have to sit there bored as you wait for them to finish working on your tandem. They have a café where you can sit and pass time. Their shop also has an awesome deck, a fireplace nook and a place for kids to play. Wow, food brings people together. We really should have more bike shops that allow for these activities.


Syracuse Bicycle

bike shops syracuse bicycle

Location; Syracuse

“Your purchase from Syracuse marks the beginning of our relationship, not the culmination.” Bike shops that begins a relationship with you are worth visiting. Clients from their bike fitting sessions and purchases are always satisfied with the services offered.

They also have a friendly trade-in and trade-up policy; you will love it. Syracuse Bicycle has hosted the best events in time, among them being the ‘Bike and Brew Event’. In their own words, “no one can ride their bike everywhere, but everyone can ride their bike somewhere. Their events give you the ‘somewhere’.


Rapha Cycle Club

bike shops rapha soho

Location; SOHO

Rapha is a well known bicycle clothing manufacturer, and their Rapha Cycle Club has bike shops in locations all around the world - London, Tokyo, LA, NYC. The bike shops have bike parking indoors, as well as a table to discuss rides, TVs to watch races on, and they all organize regular group rides. Members of the club can show up at any of the bike shops, and they'll be greeted by a warm welcome, as well as a bike you can borrow and a pack of locals that will show you around.

In the NYC location in SOHO, you can grab free coffee, as well as borrow one of the Canyon bikes available for the day. The real benefit of the shop are the group rides that happen very often. Even though they start as early as 6 AM, you will enjoy a complete coffee and breakfast menu when you're done. That table we mentioned earlier is an excellent place to share your experiences, as well as your excuses for getting dropped in that sign sprint earlier.


Babcock Bicycles

bike shops babcock bicycles

Location; Endicott

With hundreds of bikes in stock, as well as a host of parts and accessories, Babcock Bicycles has everything you might need if you want to put together fitness and fun.

The shop's owner, Kevin Babcock, started things back in 1979, with a small business known as Kevin Babcock's Bicycle Shop, which eventually became Babcock Bicycles. Most of his experience comes from being the mechanic for the Cross Country Record attempt back in 1981, and the shop has been named as one of America's best bike shops in multiple occasions.

At the moment, you can get bikes made by Trek, Surly, or Electra, as well as accessories and components for any of them. You will also find tools, apparel and gear by notable brands such as Topeak, Finish Line, Bontrager and Louis Garneau, meaning you can basically walk in empty handed, and come out with a brand new bike, and all the gear and accessories you'll need for it. They don't only sell, but also service and repair bikes, and very good at that. An excellent option if you're nearby, better than most of the bike shops in the vicinity.


North Carolina


The Hub & Pisgah Tavern

bike shops the hub & pisgah tavern

Location; Pisgah Forest

The Hub & Pisgah are conveniently located at the entrance of Pisgah National Forest, hence has exciting rides. You can join them when they explore Pisgah and have outdoor fun. Their shop is well stocked with both biking and outdoor gear. Any time you go camping and forget a thing or two, they got you covered.

You should also try out their latest demo and repair services. They also rent out bikes on friendly terms. Well, grab a beer when there, they will definitely be down for that, like all bike shops should be.


First Flight Bicycles

bike shops first flight bicycles

Location; Statesville

First Flight Bicycles are the best reasons you can use to shop locally. They care for your bike and pick it up for servicing if you are too busy to stop by. They will deliver it back too at a cost. Their bike selection will impress you, and so will their accessories.

In their website, they encourage people to shop locally. They have outlined all the pros they could think of and compared them to big-box bike shops. They love the Statesville community; hence they build and maintain trails for them. Join them in their weekly group rides on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Ride north and challenge yourself to ride on the hills as you enjoy the scenery.




Athens Bicycle


Location; Athens

Athens Bicycle are the experts in kids’ bikes and sale offers. They give you a 10% discount on anything you buy in the store for a whole year if you buy one of their bikes. Their services are personalized; you will love every bit of it.

They take a maximum of 48hrs to service your bike and perform A la Carte repairs too. if you need full tune-ups, this is your go-to place. Are you looking to have fun? They have that taken care of too. Start by visiting their Instagram page for fun.

Athens Bicycle have given back to the community by advocating for better biking conditions in the state and maintained the trails around. If more bike shops maintained trails, we would have a lot of happier riders. They are the sponsors of parking spots in the Nelsonville Music Festival. They were also the lead sponsors of Ohio’s children safety event called Athens Bike Ro deo.


Bike Authority

bike shops bike authority at a triathlon event

Location; Broadview Heights

This is one of the bike shops that has been recognized among the best in America 6yrs in a row and is a certified USA Triathlon Store. They are the only store in the region that includes computerized real-time pedal balance. They are the bike fitting experts in Ohio.

Whenever you make a cycle purchase, you are entitled to free bike fitting and power analysis at no cost. They believe that ‘pain is not normal’, and do all they can to make your ride comfy. Whenever you need to ride away, they will give you a trail map to use.


Century Cycles

bike shops century cycles

Location; Medina, Peninsula, Rocky River

Since 1999, Century Cycles have been doing Ohio proud. They have professional services and sale the best bikes, including women’s bikes from Liv Cycling. They also have clothes and accessories that you need.

On buying a bike, you get 10% off other items you buy, 90-day free tune-up and a free Century Cycles t-shirt. Drop by and you will be glad you did. The shop is aware of its surroundings and recycles cardboard and aluminum used. They also reuse paper and biodegradable products - how many shops have you seen that do that?


Solon Bicycle

Location; Ohio

Multiple customers have rated Solon Bicycle to be one of the friendliest bike shops in the USA. The staff are a pack of "bike junkies" that know their stuff extremely well, and are very friendly at any time. That same staff boasts a century of combined mechanical experience, which is something not many shops can boast with. The shop is a 100% rider owned and operated shop, and it has been running since 1987.

In the over 30 years they've been up and running, they have seen a host of trends come and go, from brands that rise to the top and shoot down to the bottom, to clothing and bike types. However, they've kept true to their promise of keeping the shop full of excellent bikes and accessories at affordable prices. The products they sell are chosen to make sense for the cyclist, not for the shop owner, and they stock things the employees would personally ride. If you like bike shops that have a friendly atmosphere and people who actually want to help you get back up and running, Solon Bicycle is a great place to go to.




Schlegel Bicycles

bike shops schlegel bicycles

Location; Oklahoma City

Schlegel Bicycles is the best bicycle shop to take your bike for servicing. They have a combined experience of more than 100yrs in the servicing department, so they definitely know what they are doing. The owner of Schlegel Bicycles is an experienced cyclist too, so what could possibly go wrong?

The bike shop sells tandems, shoes, apparels and accessories Services offered include minor, classic, ideal tune-ups and overhaul. In two days, your bike shall be ready for pick-up. They also take care of your nutrition program.

Check out their Facebook page to know what is on their calendar. Upcoming events and rides are posted on their website as well. The shop also supports community events.




Bike Gallery

bike shops bike gallery

Location; Portland (also in Happy Valley, Lake Oswego, Beaverton)

At Bike Gallery, you get to customize your dream bike. You will pick the frame you want and the corresponding colors. They repair all sorts of faults on tandems. These bike shops encourage you to ride local and shop locally.

They are in partnership with Velocare which caters to your bike’s issues for the next 3-5yrs depending on your plan. Check out its policies on Bike Gallery’s website. “There are no out-of-pocket expenses, no deductions, and no hidden costs. Pick up your repaired bike, shake hands and go pedal. That is Velocare.”


Sellwood Cycle Repair

bike shops sellwood cycle repair

Location; Portland

Not sure if you've known this, but Portland has over 75 bike shops. And yet, Sellwood Cycle Repair has managed to excel. How? By specializing in repairs, and no-BS ones.

You'll find Sellwood Cycle Repair and Erik, its owner, in a historic building. Inside, it's jam packed with second hand bikes, as well as bikes that need a bit of Erik's wrenching magic. It's not just Erik - all of the employees are skilled and trained mechanics who get some of the best working conditions you'll come across.

Whenever you're nearby and need anything done on your bike, feel free to drop by - you won't find any grumpy wrenches inside. One of Portland's finest bike shops!


River City Bicycles

bike shops river city bicycles

Location; Portland

You need to have fun every now and then. RCB have a weekly rides plan for you. Some of their group rides are the Adventure Ride on Sundays, Women’s Group Ride on Saturdays and the First Timer’s Ride on Saturdays. If you lack a bike for the fun, you can rent one at their store.

The shop also offers maintenance, repair and bike fitting services. Their free clinics on bicycle maintenance have been of help to many people. They have even posted some videos on YouTube. The shop has amazing blogs. Check them out on their website.


Clever Cycles

bike shops clever cycles

Location; Portland

You can find Clever Cycles on a busy cycling thoroughfare, in close vicinity to Portland's Hawthorne Bridge - a place that thousands of cyclists ride across on a daily basis, yet doesn't have many bike shops. They sell just as many children's seats as they do helmets, and they're a truly egalitarian shop.

If you're in Portland and in need of a classic ride, or commuters' accessories, they're the right place for you. They have one of the best selections of lights in the area, and they also carry a host of other accessories. You will find clothes by brands such as Endura and Showers Pass, as well as classic components such as Brooks saddles. There are folding bikes for sale as well, and you can configure your own Brompton one!

Last but not least, you can use their website to schedule a service appointment, as they do everything from a new bike safety check, to a complete overhaul. Their rental fleet primarily consists of Brompton folding bikes, but you can come across a family or an electric bike every once in a while. All bikes come with lights, locks, luggage options as well as loaner helmets.




Genesis Bicycles

bike shops genesis bicycles

Location; Easton

When in Easton, one of the bike shops to get free ice cream after great service offered is at Genesis Bicycles. They also have a Preferred Cyclists program you can enroll on to get discounts on their products and special offer deals. Their mechanics will fully service your bike in 48hrs.

Whenever you go out on a ride with them, they have a NO FLAT GUARANTEE policy just in case your tires get punctured. They fix them there and then. It is interesting how Genesis Bicycles’ working hours are scheduled. Check out their website for local 411 and cycling tips. Also, if you want to donate a bike, this is the place to be.


Breakaway Bikes

bike shops breakaway bikes

Location; Philadelphia

This is one of those bike shops with hand-picked bikes. They deal with unique bikes and have indoor training classes that you need to try out. All you need to do is set up your bike on their CompuTrainer and cycle. Worry not, you will be coached.

On Twitter, they describe themselves as “more than a bike store! Of course, we sell the best bike brands in the world (ok, we are a little partial), but we also coach and train 100’s of local athletes.”


South Carolina


Pedal Chic

bike shops pedal chic

Location; Greenville

Finally! There is a bike shop fully dedicated to meet women’s biking needs in South Carolina. Pedal Chic has the best maintenance services and bikes for women. They offer bike and saddle fitness services as well. On their website, you will find tips and tricks on biking as a woman. Just one look at their Instagram page will get you motivated to cycle.

“At Pedal Chic, we are proud to be the first shop to be geared for women cyclists of all levels and backgrounds. We strive to make sure that every woman feels empowered, encouraged and fulfilled by her experience with us.” You are welcomed to Pedal Chic - one of the most gender-equal bike shops out there!


South Dakota


Harlan’s Bike & Tour

Location; Sioux Falls

For more than 15yrs, this store has been giving people of Sioux Falls the finest bikes and accessories from the top brands in the world. They have awards for being America’s Best Bike Shop for 5 years now, not a list many bike shops have been on that often.

Take a virtual tour of their shop online and you will love them more. While at it, follow them on Instagram. If you attend your photos, photographs of you will be posted. Tag yourself! The Harlan’s Bike & Tour’s staff is customer-focused, and that is just cool.



bike shops spoke-n-sport

Location; Brookings, Sioux Falls

Spoke-n-Sport lets you upgrade to a new bike and earn credit point for the old one traded up. They also service bikes; whether you need a tune-up or complete overhauls, they will sort you out. Their bicycle classes are productive. You will learn basic things like fixing a flat tire yourself.

After giving you the best bike fit you ever dreamt of, Spoke-n-Sport has awesome events lined up for you. Check with them to know of any upcoming events or group rides – they always have one in line. If you are just visiting and have no bike, you can rent theirs at a fair cost and have fun. One of the best bike shops in South Dakota.





Bike Plus INC.

bike shops bike plus

Location; Memphis, Collierville, Germantown

Are you a bicycle beginner in Tennessee and do not know where to start with the tandem stuff? You can relax now; Bike Plus INC is exactly what you need. These BBA certified bike shops have been at this business for close to 26yrs and have all your questions and needs taken care of.

The bike shops have been recognized by NBDA 6 times and were awarded the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Business Award from the micBicyclists in 2016. Their Facebook is on another level, and if you visit their shop, they are really friendly.

Anytime you want indoor trainers, bike racks, trailers, helmets, shoes, cleats, and everything to do with bicycles, go to Bike Plus INC.




Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

bike shops mellow jonny's bike shop

Location; Austin, Fort Worth

Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop is more than just a bicycle retailer and servicer. The branch at Fort Worth is your destination for fitness, family and healthy activities. Go there if you want to cycle for more than 40+ miles on well-maintained trails. You can hike too. At the Austin store, you will love their events. Look at Facebook photos to get a glimpse.

“Our job is to serve the community. Our mission is to help people realize the independence, freedom, mobility and joy of riding a bike.” That is what Mellow Johnny’s and its community believe in.


Bicycle World

bike shops bicycle world

Location; Katy (also in Memorial, The Woodlands, Waco, Austin and Southlake)

Bicycle World boasts a team of people who are brought together by cycling. Their lives revolve around bikes - from having their meetings on a bike ride, to waking up at 3AM to watch a race most people don't even know is happening. They have a strong understanding of why a bike should fit you well, or how important a gear change is. They can tell you what the best and the lightest is, but they're also one of those bike shops that'll warn you about riding it in Texas.

Aside from the 20,000 square feet of bikes at the Katy location, you'll find clothes and accessories from brands such as Giro, Scott, Giant, Cervelo, Shimano, Pearl Izumi, Enve and Garmin, to name a few. They also offer service and maintenance, and every new bike gets free lifetime service with two of their Sport Tunes per year.

One of the best things about these bike shops is their Next Day Service Guarantee. If you get it to them by 5PM, it will be ready by 5PM the next business day. If it's not, the shop covers the labor charges. This offer is valid from Sunday to Thursday. In their own words, "you will be amazed by just how broad their offerings are".


The Wheel

bike shops the wheel

Location; Austin

Even though their website proudly says, "Worst bike shop in ATX", things are actually the exact opposite. The Wheel is a 21 & up only establishment, and it's the place to go to if you're after whiskey specials and craft beer. The cyclists that come in after a ride on the nearby trails and roads can also enjoy the sandwiches, tacos and tortas that are served by the bistro next door, The Austin Daily Press.

If you aren't here for the drinks, or the food, you can head towards the service station - whether it's to readjust your derailleur, or to add a few more PSI to your tire, you should be good to go. The shop is also open late, so you can get things taken care of regardless of when you're finishing up your ride and heading home. This is as good as community-focused bike shops get!


Pedal Power Bicycles

bike shops pedal power bicycles

Location; San Marcos

There is a place to find more than 350 handpicked bikes from the best brands, and that place is Pedal Power Bicycles. This shop has many bikes from Liv, Electra, Giant and Trek brands. It has been featured among the best American Best Bike Shops by NBDA five years in a row. Yes, it's one of those few bike shops that make it on that list multiple times.

They are open daily. You can attend their repair classes at different levels and get enlightened. You can also check out their web videos; there is one of a bike guru assembling a brand new bike from scratch. Be entertained.




Poison Spider Bicycles

bike shops poison spider

Location; Moab

Everything about Poison Spider Bicycles is amazing. This shop deals in renowned bicycle brands like Trek, Yeti, Ibis, Pivot, Orbea, Rocky Mountain and Kona, all of which can be rented out. A reviewer from Facebook liked their rental services and had the following words to say:

“We rented an MTB for my son for 3 days. They had great bikes at a reasonable price. Staff was friendly and helpful. Would always rent again. Highly recommended.”

The shop has events and group rides that are fun for your squad and the whole family. Whenever you go for their rides and have to park your car far away from the shop, they have a Moab Shuttle Company that does the pick-ups and drop-offs. After a fun day riding, just take a shower in Poison Spider Bicycles and carry on with your day. Not a lot of bike shops have such a complete service.


White Pine Touring

bike shops white pine touring

Location; Park City

Is it summer? White Pine City has road biking, mountain climbing, hiking and yurt camping lined up for you. They also have fun during winter going yurt camping, fat biking, snowshoeing, avalanche and cross-country. You are welcomed to join them any time.

Besides being an outdoor retailer, the shop has guides to biking for you. One of the guides is on how to mountain-bike like a pro - and we love bike shops that can teach you something as well. They have parking space for their customers too. Visit this amazing shop, and check out their Instagram as well.




Fit Werx

bike shops fit werx

Location; Waitsfield (Also in Massachusetts and New Jersey)

Vermont’s Fit Werx are the bike shops' experts when it comes to bike fitting. They have a record of fitting international athletes from Asia and Australia, and their clients are all satisfied by services offered. The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday, but you can call in on Tuesday to book appointments. Check out their cool virtual video online.


Old Spokes Home

bike shops old spokes home

Location; Burlington

Talk of the history of bikes. Old Spokes Home is filled with a cool collection of vintage bikes and rare bike parts. They are pros at building custom bikes besides restoring vintage bikes. They have been doing frame build-ups for 16 years now, and always bring out the best bike based on your lifestyle, budget and aspiration.

Moreover, the shop deals with modern bikes. It has a collection of bike-packing, cargo, touring, children’s, road, fat and commuter bikes, among others. Its veteran mechanics can meticulously refurbish a bike to look new; you will love it! Check their Instagram for the gallery. If you're looking at bikes shops that do retro bikes with a lot of attention, this is it.

They have brought fun to Burlington with their events. You should take part and join their clubs. They also give back to the community with bikes donated to them. Are you feeling philanthropic? Donate a bike.




Bicycles & Coffee

bike shops bicycle and coffee

Location; Purcellville

In this shop, you encounter the bike gurus of Virginia. They perform full service on bikes proficiently. “No repair is too big or too small. Plus, we’re great listeners and we love helping you get back to riding. Please drop in any time with your bike for great service. No appointments necessary!” How many bike shops will let you just drop by, without appointments? Not a lot of them, that's for sure.

They have bike brands like Specialized, Gunnar, Strider, Jamis, Civia Bicycles and Montague Folding Bikes. When at the shop, you can have some coffee and chill. If you are in a hurry, get one of their grab-and-go snacks – they are healthy snacks.


Shenandoah Bicycle Company

bike shops shenandoah bicycle company

Location; Harrisonburg

Shenandoah Bicycle Company sells new and used bicycles. The used ones go for a cheaper price and are all in the best condition, unlike other bike shops that sell just about everything second hand. Do you have a car? There is limited parking at the shop front, and some more in the back if you need to stay a little longer for a snack.

This amazing shop has your nutrition in check, and everything served is healthy. If you are a vegan, there is something for you too.

There are many ways in which Shenandoah Bicycle Company interacts with the community. They are part of the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the ShenRock Mountain Bike Team. Whenever you need to explore the town, they have National Geographic Maps of local area trails for you.




Bicycle Space

bike shops bicycle space

Location; District of Colombia (DC)

Apart from selling bikes from the best brands, this is one of the bike shops that has the world’s best folding bikes from Brompton Bicycles. They deal in cargo and road bikes as well. If you need a fun group to ride with or get some repair classes, they have all that.

The shop is grateful to its customers for voting them the best bike shop and place to get your bikes fixed 6yrs in a row. They are really devoted to bike repair. They had the following words to say:

“Servicing bicycles is truly a labor of love. Our mechanics care for bikes with heartfelt passion, precision judgment and decades of experience. We turn a wrench with incomparable character and consider ourselves the bicycle’s best advocate.”


Cascade Bicycle Studio

bike shops cascade bicycle studio

Location; Seattle

"Anytime someone comes in and asks if we can do something, the answer is yes" are the words of Zac Daab, the owner and founder. Having worked with Tony Bustamante of Velosmith as a fit tech at Seven Cycles, he has done over 7,000 fits so far.

Even though there are many accurate computerized fit systems, none of the ones in use at bike shops tend to account for bike handling and control. Daab does - and he insists that weight distribution is a critical part of the ride.

All of his customers are served, and there are no repairs they won't do. Everything from tightening a loose screw, to disassembling your bike and reassembling it again can be done, and if they can't do it, they'll point you to one who can.



bike shops metier

Location; Seattle

Métier offers indoor cycling and cross-training. Their training is personalized and has a coach for each. If you need to get a bike fitting or psychological testing done, you are home. The shop has a welcoming and knowledgeable servicing team at your service, something only a few bike shops offer.

There is food at Métier. They welcome you to have fresh salads, waffles and smoothies, all of which have healthy ingredients. They also have beer and coffee to stimulate your system. Their store has locker rooms you can put your items in when on a ride and showers for you to refresh yourself once done.

They are also huge on cycling apparels and accessories. Check out their cool innovations on cycling clothes on Instagram. You will see their fun night rides ad meet-ups too


West Virginia


Eastern Panhandle Bicycle Company

bike shops eastern panhandle

Location; Martinsburg

This is the largest bikes store in West Virginia. It has cycles for everybody in the family, an up-to-date service center and the best technicians of time. It has been in the NBDA list of best bike shops for five years now.

Their workers are so good; they will give you a free repair estimate if you ask for one. They will also order the bike you need if it is not in their current stock. Their featured brands are Trek, Electra, Santa Cruz and Thule.




Wheel Sprocket

bike shops wheel sprocket

Location; Oshkosh (also in Appleton, Brookfield, Delafield, Evanston, Fox Point, Middleton, Oakpark and Hales Corner)

Wheel Sprocket operators know their way around the wheels, and they are the customization gurus in town. These bike shops also do an excellent job in bike fitting using Trek Precision Fit. For a better buying power, apply for their Trek Card. It could be your way to one of their e-bikes.

A reviewer on Facebook gave them 5 stars and said “First-time bike owner and went in to get fitted. They were awesome and helpful. Thanks so much for hooking me up!”


ZuZu Pedals

bike shops zuzu pedals

Location; Port Washington

In one of those lazy weekends or sugar-rush evenings, you should go to ZuZu Pedals with a friend and rent a bike. You could rent one for your kid too at a reasonable price. If you own one, get it serviced and repaired from time to time at this store. If you do not own one yet, buy and accessorize it already, this is one of the best bike shops to do that at!

The shop has yoga sessions too. It is a good opportunity to stretch and keep fit. For events and other activities, check out their Be3 calendar and be a part of it. ‘ZuZu Pedals, for a groovy bike life.’


2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor

bike shops 2 rivers

Location; Fort Atkinson (also in Watertown)

Open since 2010, 2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor is a locally owned bike shop. They have bikes by Trek, Salsa, Surly and All City, and are well known around the community. Many of their customers are often new to the bike world, or are rediscovering the fun of it. And now that they have two bike shops, you can choose which one you get their incredible service at.

They can help you with both mountain bikes and road bikes, and won't look down on you - they're just a team who know the products they sell, and are always willing to help. They also take trade-in bikes, and will give you a fair evaluation.

You won't only find sales here, but bike service and repair as well. During the spring, summer and fall, they also have a canoe and kayak rental program, and you'll also find indoor cycling classes. They're much more than a bike shop. 2 Rivers is also a partner in the local trail development scene, and are actively involved in many of the local projects.


BicycleWise & Sports Fitness

Location; Whitewater

The result of a lifelong dream, BicycleWise has been open since 2001. The owners also launched Sotherland Custom Bicycles 10 years later, a custom, hand-built frame manufacturing company, where each frame is tailored to the customer.

BicycleWise have a strong knowledge and appreciation of everything that goes into making cycling fun, while remaining safe and comfortable. Regardless of whether you're a beginner, an experienced racer, or just a casual rider, they have you covered in terms of service, maintenance, and expertise.

You can also rent a bicycle, as well as get your bike and helmet fitted, or even have your bike boxed for shipment. The staff are well versed in all of the latest developments in the cycling world, and are ready to give you advice and help you with maintenance and service whenever you need them.




The Pedal House

bike shops the pedal house


Location; Laramie

With more than 20yrs of service to Laramie, The Pedal House was listed among the 100 best bike shops in the nation by Bicycling Magazine. They deserve it as they have the best repair service in Wyoming and an amazing website. Their blogs are thrilling. Did you know that they still hang bike thieves in Wyoming?

In their own words, “Our service technicians take their time to ensure your bicycle is at its peak performance. Seriously, if your bike is broken and it can be fixed, we can fix it. Welding, repairing, upgrading… nothing is off limits. Come in for a free repair estimate today.” Yep, you heard them right.

The Pedal House is always having rides and event. They are really into that; see it for yourself on Facebook.


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