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Bikes Direct – How Can I Get Them?

How can I get bikes direct to my door? How will it come assembled? Do I need to do anything? When will it come? These are common questions we hear all the time and for this reason, we've created this guide.

Here are some of the bicycles we offer for sale direct:


Are you looking for a men's or women's (also called a ladies' bike) bicycle? There are obvious advantages in getting your bikes direct and safely delivered to your doorstep. When you order bicycles online, you are going to treat yourself to discount bikes direct from the maker. This makes it doable for us to offer very competitive pricing for our wholesale bikes direct. You can go for whatever kind of bikes you want. You can get a bike direct fixie, ebike, cruiser, Dutch style etc.

At Peace Bicycles, we act as a bike shop that's direct to the people. We run an efficient direct-to-consumer bicycle delivery model that is very convenient for our customers around the globe. We offer bicycles direct from the manufacturer. Just think of the pleasure of having everything done for you! Highlighted below are some of the main benefits you will derive from using our bicycle direct service.

Easy of buying - Hassle-free Bikes Direct

Happy customers who ordered bikes direct


You can order any of our bikes online. And we will deliver them straight to your address or any location in the universe. We have been successfully facilitating these bikes direct to consumer model for years.  This method of bike sales will save you countless hours. You don't need to drive to and from a physical location or store. More so, we remove the hindrances associated with shipping by creating a network of smooth delivery procedures that will surely increase all customers' satisfaction. We attend to a range of consumers' needs, whether it is cruiser bikes direct, women's bikes etc. We kind of code-named our operation "direct to consumer bikes - 360"!

If you are doing this for the first time, ordering a bicycle online is a very easy process:

  • Select a model, size, color, or package you desire (each package has a definite price)
  • Choose a delivery option out of some fast delivery methods we offer (including 100% assembled and tuned to your door!)
  • We will ship your lovely bike the same day after payment

Here are the answers to some other questions you may have about this process:

  • How easy is it to return the bikes that I order direct? --We have a 30-Day Return Policy. This allows you to return the bike after delivery in case you don't like it. We want you to be truly happy with our bike-direct service.
  • Will I get tracking? Yes, you will receive tracking information/details for your purchases through FedEx.

Direct to your Door—Bikes Direct

bike delivered direct

Bikes delivered 100% assembled and tuned to your door (with 100% option)

It all depends on your choice. You can have your bike delivered to your door 100% assembled and tuned. Or shipped to your home 85% assembled. We can also ship 85% assembled to a bike mechanic nearby. Would you like your bike assembled and tuned to 100%? This is the easiest option for you - you don't have to do anything! You can choose this option at checkout for an extra $139. Either way your bike will be waiting right at your designated address within the pre-arranged delivery schedule.

Shipping option (100% assembled)

1) 100% Fully Assembled & Tuned Option - bikes direct to a bike shop/mechanic - then to your door (we coordinate everything)

For the fully assembled option, you will get:

  • A timely delivery
  • A bike that's ready to ride as soon as it reaches you
  • An expert bike mechanic will assemble, attune, and deliver the bicycle to your door

If you go with this option, you do not need to worry about assembling it yourself. And you don't need to go back and forth to the bike shop/ mechanic. We will assemble the bicycle 100% to your door. This entails that we will be assemble, tune, and deliver your bicycle 100% to your door. It is our responsibility to locate the closest bike mechanic/bike shop to your residence. We will ship the bike to them and coordinate the assembly, tuning, and delivery. The mechanic will even fit the bike for you as well at your residence.

We prefer FedEx Ground as the shipping method. And the whole process will take in 7-10 business days.

Shipping options (85% assembled)

2) 85% Assembled - bikes direct to your door (you assemble with our easy to use manual)

With this option, we will send you an 85% assembled bike to your door. You'll have to assemble the bike yourself and it does not include any assembly + tuning services. We will provide an easy to follow manual and the whole process takes about 30 minutes.

FedEx Ground is the shipping method for this option. And the airborne bike would get to you in 2-6 business days.

WE DO STRONGLY RECOMMEND GETTING A QUALIFIED BIKE MECHANIC TO ASSEMBLE AND TUNE YOUR BIKE. Some customers prefer sending the package to a bike mechanic (option 3) close to their homes. The duty of the mechanic is to assemble and tune your bicycle.

3) 85% Assembled to your local bike shop/mechanic (you coordinate assembly - pick up)

The last choice is to have the bike shipped to your local bicycle shop or mechanic for assembly. This is a great option for those who want customization like baby seats etc. On the other hand, make sure you are choosing an experienced and professional bike mechanic. Only a bike expert will do a great job of assembling and tuning your bike. Average bike shop assembly/ tuning costs anywhere somewhere between $60 and $140. It is also important to contact your chosen mechanic, at least, 3-5 days before the actual delivery date. This will give them a good heads up that our bike(s) are arriving.

FedEx Ground is the shipping method for this option. You should allow 2-6 business days for the package to arrive at the designated shop/mechanic.

4) Customers in Sarasota, Florida can enjoy FREE home delivery, and they will have their bike 100% assembled and tuned, delivered to their doors in 5-10 Business days.

Bikes Direct Box Packing

Customers often ask how we pack our bikes? Well, we pack our bikes very well to make sure they get there safely similar to this video:

Buy Bikes Direct and Save Money

money saved by ordering bikes direct

You can save an average of $500 when you purchase a fully equipped standard bicycle direct. Using this service gives you the opportunity of avoiding retailers who charge for other miscellaneous costs. Peace Bicycles offers an exclusively designed brand that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Our 100% support gives customers the "peace" of mind they deserve. When buying bikes direct online you can have access to many bicycle accessories. You may not find these in a local bike shop or a department store.  When purchasing a value package, you will receive some exquisite accessories with your purchase in either European or US designs.

 Dreamer 7-Speed Step Through D

If you are thinking of acquiring a designer bicycle that many cyclists have been talking about, the Dreamer Step Through bikes will be your immaculate choice. Their cool vintage bikes style and beautiful signature colors are desirable features. You will admire an ergonomic frame geometry, incomparable color-coordinated details and luxury balloon tires. These make the bike float and cruise when in motion. The design of the Dutch step through bike frame makes getting on and off as easy as ABC. You can order your bike by itself or in one of these two packages: Bike with Basket or Beautiful Bicycle (which comes with panniers, bags, and other details).

Here are other important features that will excite you about the Dreamer 7-Speed Internal Step Through:

  • A 7-speed transmission facilitates speeding up hills, rough terrains, and other surfaces right from the start
  • A fully equipped standard that includes accessories such as fenders and a custom spoke-guard. It also has a custom chain guard, and a rear rack with spring clip for carrying things/pannier bags around
  • Front and rear battery-powered lights
  • A high-tensile steel frame and raised handlebar that guarantee cycling comfort
  • A custom vintage spring-loaded saddle that makes comfortable sitting possible
  • CST Mandalay Palm Bay Tires, sized at 26 x 2.15, produce comfy riding
  • Polished frame welding, 3-layer paint, stainless steel hardware, and Shimano transmission
  • Designer metal 3D headbadge, saddle with engraved logo and pouch hinges, color matching grips, and bell with engraved logo

seafoam bikes direct

Dreamer 7-Speed Diamond D

Peace Bicycles’ Diamond Frame bike is different from its competitors because of its top tube. The top tube is perfectly horizontal. The bike gets its sporty look from the short front tube and frame geometry that appear almost triangular in shape. This type of bicycle has become quite popular with female cyclists who desire something more glamorous.

The other impressive details about Dreamer 7-Speed Internal Diamond include:

  • A variation of the traditional diamond frame, with a parallel top tube
  • And it has a shortened head tube that creates a fascinating illusion
  • Sporty vintage look that is sleek and classic diamond Dutch-style frame design
  • A 7-speed transmission that makes it possible to climb hills, enjoy short trips and longer commutes, and go speedily
  • Good for commuting and cruising
  • A fully equipped standard that includes accessories such as fenders, a custom spoke-guard, and a custom chain guard
  • A rear rack with spring clip for carrying things / pannier bags around
  • Front and rear battery-powered lights
  • A high-tensile steel frame and raised handlebar that guarantee cycling comfort
  • A custom vintage spring-loaded saddle that makes comfortable sitting possible
  • CST Mandalay Palm Bay Tires, sized at 26 x 2.15, produce comfy riding
  • Polished frame welding, 3-layer paint, stainless steel hardware, and Shimano transmission

black bikes direct

Dreamer 7-Speed Step Through Internal

Specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and performance, Dreamer 7-Speed Internal Step Through bicycles possess all the necessary features of Dreamer 7-Speed Step Through, in addition to having Internal hub sets. These internal hubsets, made by Shimano, are in place to guarantee smooth and effortless shifts. This feature increases the pleasure of riding a well-equipped Dutch comfort bike. It also is an arguably lower maintenance option. (though a derailleur will last without maintenance for a long time as well)

Dreamer 7-Speed Diamond Internal

A Dreamer Diamond 7-Speed Internal bike also features all the essential features of our Dreamer bikes plus a sweet internal transmission. The internal hub, in particular, encourages optimum shifting while the look is sleeker. And again, this style arguably tends to be lower in maintenance. (though a derailleur will last without maintenance for a long time as well)

Cruiser 3-Speed Internal Step Through

A group of cyclists

A group of bikers cruising

Cruiser bicycles or beach cruisers can run smoothly on paved roads and required moderate speed (3-speed). They are basically non-racing/non-touring bicycles. Their balloon tires, single-speed drivetrains, upright seating positions, and spectacular steel structures make them be good for leisure riding.

Our cruiser 3-Speed Step Through bicycle also has some admirable characteristics and features such as:

  • Durability
  • A rear rack
  • Large super-comfy Velo padded saddle with springs
  • Standard front basket
  • A custom fork
  • Beautifully-toned colored frames
  • Vintage bullet headlights and Spanninga Rear light
  • Fenders
  • Affordability

New versions of cruiser bike models have emerged, and ours are like a lighter comfort bike. Some of the best commuter bikes are cruisers which have improved functionalities and are good for all manners of terrains.

Cruiser 3-Speed Internal Diamond

The Cruiser 3-Speed Internal Diamond combines the qualities of both a cruiser and a Dreamer Diamond bike. It has a top tube, in addition to other cruiser bike attributes described above. If you are looking for a performance bicycle that will offer you a soft ride on an upright posture, a cruiser should be your best choice. Our cruisers have everything you need to experience comfort while cycling. These features include:

  • Durability
  • A rear rack
  • Large super-comfy Velo padded saddle with springs
  • Standard front basket
  • A custom fork
  • Beautifully-toned colored frames
  • Vintage bullet headlights and Spanninga Rear light
  • Fenders
  • Affordability

 Fixie Bikes

Fixie bicycle

Fixie bicycle

You may need a fixie if you want to cycle non-stop. It possesses a drive sprocket or cog bolted directly to the back of the wheel. This structure makes it possible to keep pedaling while enjoy satisfactory cycling. This is because both the rear wheels and pedals turn in the same direction.

Fixies are fast, efficient, and fun. A lot of cyclists that have tried their hands-on fixies. They never looked back because of the ease of shifting and controlling the bike.

World Outreach

Peace Bicycles' worldwide coverage gives us an added advantage. We have successfully partnered with professional bike mechanics all over the world. Our customized bike-selling services include bikes direct to the Americas, Europe, Australia and the Pacific, Africa, and Asia. Over the years, Peace Bicycles has built relationships with professional bike mechanics all over the world. The essence of this is to create a bike-centric community. We always want to cater for the good of cyclists or bicyclists across the globe.

When you order bikes from Peace Bicycles, you will get speedy delivery. We give timely responses to all inquiries we receive from our customers. And we will maintain your bikes to prolong their durability. Lately, some customers have approached Peace Bicycles for fully-equipped fixies. We love listening to customers' good wishes and working toward fulfilling their long-term desires. Our world outreach cuts across many cultures and peoples. At Peace Bicycles, we often do our best to make our customers happy. Customers should not hesitate to contact Peace Bicycles if there are any questions. Use all our available communication channels in order to better cater for your cycling needs.

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