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Bikes for seniors are popular!

Bikes for seniors, older ladies, older adults, the elderly, the "me" generation etc. and are getting more and more popular as boomers and gen x are trying to stay active and fit! We do not recognize the concept of "bikes for old people" since 80 is the new 70, 70 is the new 60, 60 is the new 50, 50 the new 40, and so on! Workouts for older adults increase lifespan, keep social wellness up, keep the wind in your hair, and let you feel like a kid again! Regardless of your age, or your budget, an essential thing to do when you are buying a new bicycle is to get one that is the right fit for you. Believe it or not, your riding experience and how much you’ll enjoy it, depends a lot on this factor.

We often get asked the following questions:

What is the best bicycle for seniors?

Which type of bike is the best bicycle for a 50 year old woman?

What do you think is the best bike for a 60 year old man?

What is the best bike for a 70 year old woman?

Here are some of the Bike for Seniors we offer for sale online:

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To cut to the chase

We believe that step through Dutch cruiser bikes are the best bike for the fine wine crowd. This wise group of people often call these beachcomber bikes.

We want to help you make a decision you're happy with

You will find that the ideal baby boomer bikes aren't the same as bikes for teenagers. This is because adult bikes tend to be a bit more relaxed and accommodating to comfort. A racing bike, for example, isn't going to be what you need. We advise you go for something made for casual riding instead if you're looking at comfort bicycles for senior citizens.

If you get the wrong bike, regardless of whether you just got the size wrong, or you bought the wrong type of bike, you might feel regret after a while. Eventually, you’ll stop riding it, and maybe even come to a conclusion that cycling isn’t for you, and you should try something else. This is, however, something that can be easily prevented. All you need to do is do your homework before you buy. For this reason, we've created this buying guide so that you’ll end up with a bike that you really enjoy and love riding!

What kind of bikes are the best bikes for seniors?
A brief look at what is a Dutch cruiser bike, and their history
About those features
Ergonomic, upright seating position and comfortable saddle
Balloon tires
Step thru or diamond frame
Steel frame + alloy parts
Coat guard
Chain guard
Front and rear lights for safety
Transmission and kickstand
What are the best bikes for seniors?

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What kind of bikes are the best bikes for seniors?

As you age, you might find that your body doesn’t act the same as it used to. It is no secret that many senior citizens are (or were) actually much healthier than millennial's today. They were commonly doing some sort of fitness exercise when they were a bit younger, and they may very well be in great shape today. On the other hand, there are also many senior citizens that have some sort of ailment.

This relates to me saying that the body just doesn’t act the same. You might find issues such as knee pain, or hip pain, or even some kind of heart issue. What is common for both groups is that regardless of whether you’re in amazing shape, or have some sort of ailment, you can always ride a bike. It won’t just help you with your overall fitness and shape, it will also bring you great joy as well.

beach cruiser bikes

Comfort First

The difference between a bike that’s great for a teenager, and bikes for seniors, is in the requirements. A teenager will undoubtedly be comfortable on a racing bike, whether it’s a mountain bike or a road bike. They tend to have an aggressive geometry and put a bit more load on the body.

This kind of bicycle is by no means the best bicycle for older adults. As you get a bit older, you will most likely find that you appreciate comfort more than you appreciate speed. You want the bicycle that will let you relax, a bike that won’t make riding a big effort. The best bicycle for seniors is something that you can just hop on and enjoy, regardless of whether you’re going for a ride around town, or something a bit longer.

Conclusion? Dutch cruiser bikes!

The best bike for racing isn't the best bike for casual riding, and it isn't the best comfort bicycle either. And if you’re after something that’s comfortable, looks good, and has everything you need in terms of safety features, you should know that the best bikes for seniors are step thru Dutch cruiser bikes. Some of the best cruiser bikes nowadays are really easy to ride, making them the ideal bikes for seniors. And it's no secret that comfort and cruiser bikes go hand in hand. There are plenty of reasons why they're the best bikes for senior citizens, such as the fact that they're very easy riding bikes for seniors, but let's take a look at what they are and where they come from first.

A brief look at what a Dutch cruiser bike is and its history

What are Dutch cruiser bikes, exactly, and why are they the best bikes for seniors? These bikes tend to be a great representation of classic design. Their frames are often vintage looking, and the bikes come with traditional parts such as fenders, guards, and a rear rack. Regardless of whether you opt for a diamond frame, or a step-through model, it’s going to turn heads whenever you appear. Simply put, they offer a simplified version of a bike for a commuter that is after practicality and comfort. And practicality is something that is greatly appreciated nowadays.

Bikes are used for more than just exercise, people use them as their primary way of transportation more than you might think. A bike that offers comfort and is simple to maintain is a great choice. And a Dutch cruiser bike offers this, and more, and is the reason why they’ve been taking up the world by storm. This is also a part of the reason why they're the best bikes for seniors.

Those features we spoke about include things such as thick, comfortable tires, a saddle that’s spring loaded, and soft grips that are comfortable even for longer periods of time. The frame is made to absorb a decent chunk of the vibrations that come from the road. Plus, when combined with the other components’ attention to comfort, you will absolutely love the amount of comfort the bikes offer.

bikes for seniors by brick wall

Where did these bikes originate?

Let’s make a short throwback and see where these bikes come from. You’ll notice that I’m using the term ‘Dutch’ cruiser bike. However, this kind of bike actually has an English origin. A large part of the identifying features can be found in the female version of the English roadsters that were ridden back in the 1890. Things such as a coat guard, mudguards, high handlebars and a step-through frame are a mainstay of these bikes nowadays. In England, and in many other cultures, these bikes actually fell out of fashion.


However, in the Netherlands, they actually remained popular for a while. Bikes in the US, England, France and Germany became sportier, lighter and more colorful over time. However, the Dutch bikes remained heavy, black and cheap. Where the Brits and Americans were materialistic and status-orientated, in the Netherlands a bike was never considered a means of transport for poor people. Now, the typical bikes were slow and heavy, but today’s offerings are actually much lighter, and easier to ride as a result. However, they keep all the essential identifying features. They have all the safety and convenience features that you'll need if you're looking for good bikes for seniors.

About those features: why are they the best for bikes for seniors?

A lot of the bike companies today will refer to a commuter or utility bike as a Dutch-style bike. The truth is, though, that these bikes often lack some essential features. A true Dutch bike will get you anywhere in any weather conditions. You can go without special clothes and shoes, and you can carry whatever you need in a way that’s both comfortable and convenient. With minimal maintenance, it will still last you for ages. It’s a practical, sturdy and comfortable means of transport - ideal if you're looking at bikes for seniors.

An ergonomic, upright seating position and comfortable saddle

The identifying feature here, and what bikes for seniors must have in order to be able to accommodate the comfort requirement, is the upright riding position. You won’t be leaning over the handlebar, as this causes strain in your neck, back, wrists, shoulders and forearms. Instead, you’re sitting up straight when you’re riding. This is both an ergonomic posture that allows for a lot of comfort, and it also give you much better visibility. Senior citizens don’t race to work, so instead of the fast, aerodynamic position a race bike would give you, you won’t feel as much strain, and you can look around with ease. This visibility is even more important in an urban environment, where you must keep an eye out for traffic, pedestrians and traffic signs.

comfortable saddle on bikes for seniors

Accompanying that upright riding position in terms of comfort, is the saddle. And the saddle is a key component of bikes for seniors. If you have a saddle that’s too short, too tight, or too stiff, you will notice fatigue after short periods of riding. For men, the issues are even more serious. There are actually high chances of reproductive issues if you don’t have a comfortable saddle. It shouldn’t put too much pressure on that area of your body. However, if you get a comfortable saddle, you won’t have any problems. Try to look for a wide and soft model, potentially a spring loaded one, they're by far the most comfortable bicycle seats for seniors. This will make sure that you’re comfortable on the bike, regardless of whether you’re only going to your local market, or on a longer cruise in and around town.

Balloon tires

The last factor that has a major influence on comfort as far as bikes for seniors go is the tires. If the tires are too skinny, you will feel every tiny bump on the road. Skinny tires are for road racing, which is commonly done on roads which seldom have potholes. Comfortable balloon tires, on the other hand, will make a world of difference for your riding experience.

brakes on senior bikes

Regardless of whether you put a lot of pressure in them, or not that much, they have a fairly wide contact surface. Besides the grip, this also means that there’s a lot of tire to absorb vibrations and small bumps in the road. You don’t want to feel like something’s constantly rattling and vibrating every time you get on your bike to go for a ride, do you? If you don’t, comfortable balloon tires are your best bet.

A step through, or diamond frame bike are both great options for bikes for seniors

Peace Dreamer step through frame

If you're a senior or a boomer you may want to get a step thru frame bike like our Dreamer Step Thru above. In fact, we often hear our fine wine customers asking for something that will be easy to get into so they don't have to lift their legs high over the top bar.

The frame, as was the case with the ladies’ bikes back in England, is a step-through bike. Even though there’s also the diamond frame, which is also considered a Dutch-style bike, it’s the step-through frame that’s the most identifiable feature for a bike like this. Again, it’s made for comfort, and seniors will appreciate this. Mounting the bike itself is made very easy, and women who wear a dress or a skirt will especially appreciate this.

Keep in mind, though, unlike back in the day when a diamond frame was for men, and a step-through frame for women, these bikes aren’t specifically for men or women anymore. Actually, the step through models are very popular with men in black and blue and the straight bar bikes are popular with women as well. They’re easy, and this applies for everyone, regardless of what kind of bikes for seniors you're looking at.

Steel frame

The material of choice for the best bikes for seniors is commonly steel, as it is much better at absorbing bumps and vibrations than an aluminum counterpart. A beach cruiser frame in steel will create a comfy pot hole absorbing ride that will in effect reduce the stress on your whole body. It's also the lighter than stainless steel, yet strong and long-lasting. For an aluminum bike to have the same ride characteristics as a steel one, you need suspension or a stem that’s shock-absorbing, and this greatly defeats the purpose, as it adds weight again. And, more moving parts means more things that could break down, defeating the long-usage, low-maintenance philosophy of a Dutch bike.

Alloy parts

You should look for alloy beach cruiser parts, though. If everything on the bike is made of steel, it will be heavy, and as such difficult to ride. You’ll have issues maneuvering it, potential weight distribution issues, and the obvious - whenever you need to lift the bike up a set of stairs, it will be a whole ordeal. If the majority of the components are alloy, this will save plenty of weight, while making sure that the key part, the frame, has the ride characteristics you require. For this reason, we use alloy wherever possible on our bikes!

A few safety and protection features

When you need a bike to get you around town, amongst other things, you need a bike that won’t make you wear special clothes in order to be able to ride it. You should be comfortable and safe in anything from summer shorts or a dress, to a full-on suit. Therefore, Dutch cruiser bikes have things that common road or mountain bikes don’t. And this matters, regardless of whether you're looking at bikes for seniors, or for just about anyone.

The most important, and most obvious one, is the mudguards, or fenders. They’re either made of steel, or alloy. Long fenders will make sure that your clothes won’t get wet, or dirty, even when the weather is not that good. A fender on the back will protect your back from getting sprayed with mud or water, while the one on the front will make sure your feet and face are dry and clean. Some models even let you put a mud flap on the rear fender, which adds a bit more protection.

Coat guard

Next, there’s the skirt guard, or coat guard, depending on what your preferred article of clothing is. It’s that large plate that covers a pretty big part of your rear wheel, and you do want it on your bike. This is what will prevent your clothes from getting caught up in the spokes, especially when you have a longer skirt or dress. This might damage your clothes, but it might also cause an accident if it manages to block your wheel. Having it on your bike will provide protection against these situations, and that's exactly why they're a common sight on bikes for seniors.

comfort bike coat skirt guard

Chain guard

Then, we have the chain guard. It’s usually made of plastic or alloy. Alloy is again the preferred material here, as a plastic chain guard might break easily. It’s that cover you have over the rear derailleur, chain, and crankset. Now, a chain guard has two main functions. The first one is to protect you, and your clothes. Without one, there’s a pretty big chance of getting your caught up in the chain, tearing them, and there’s an equally big chance to get oil stains on your skin if you happen to lean against this part of the bike. The second function of a chain guard is to protect the chain itself, from weather elements such as water or dust. This greatly reduces the chances of a rusty chain, and consequently, maintenance costs. Both aspects are important with bikes for seniors, and a chain guard should absolutely be a necessity.

dutch bike chain guard

Front and rear lights for safety

And last but not least on the list of safety items for bikes for seniors, you need to have lights both on the front and rear, and a bell. Lights are essential, both for your visibility, as well as for the ability of other drivers to be able to see you. The rear light should be red, and the headlight is white. These lights either battery powered, or use a dynamo that’s powered by the tire, or the hub. Now sure, a dynamo system won’t make you change your batteries. However, it’s affected by water, and when in use, it actually creates a lot of drag. A dynamo hub doesn’t have some of those issues but is more expensive.

Therefore, a battery is the best option for this kind of situation. When they’re well-made, lights are attached permanently to the bike, so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing them either. The bell is a standard on all Dutch bikes and is also obligatory in the Netherlands for the bikes to have a bell. Bikes are silent – if you’re coming up to a pedestrian, you’ll want them to know you’re there, and a bell is the only way to give them a heads up.

dutch bike front and rear lights


Let’s start with the transmission, and the common options you'll run into when you're looking for bikes for seniors. A single speed bike is an interesting option, but depending on your landscape, you’ll need a cruiser bike with gears. The best option is a 7-speed bike, because that way you don’t have repeating gears, and you have a good gear for any kind of situation. You can choose between an internal or external transmission, each with its own pros and cons. For example, an internal transmission doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as it’s protected from the elements Also, all the moving parts are inside the hub, with a small chance of anything breaking.

Pro's and Con's

However, when you do need maintenance, they’re difficult to work with, and they’re also pretty expensive. On the other hand, with bikes for seniors with an external transmission, you have all moving parts outside, and they’re much more susceptible to damage. There’s also the fact that they require more maintenance. When the moment comes for maintenance, though, they’re very easy to adjust, and replacement parts tend to be cheap when necessary. It’s basically a game of choosing what you want to be dealing with. And, we can’t forget, there are also three-speed internal transmissions, which can work great in certain conditions.

bikes for seniors

Where does the kickstand come in?

Now for the kickstand, and how it connects to the transmission. You’ll need a kickstand, and a sturdy one. It’s extremely convenient, as you don’t have to be looking for a lamp post, or bike rack when you want to stop for a minute and leave your bike alone. A kickstand can be either on the non-drive side, or it can be a double kickstand. For a Dutch bike, a double kickstand is preferred. The bike is much more stable, and you don’t have to worry about it falling over. However, when you have a transmission, there are parts that might get in the way of the drive side mounts of the kickstand. There are companies that found a solution to this problem, such as Peace Bicycles. Their bikes for seniors are actually among the best choices when you need a Dutch bike.

Wrapping things up: What are the best bikes for seniors? 

All things considered, there is no better option as far as bikes for seniors go. A Dutch bike or Dutch cruiser bike (especially an easy to get in and out step thru bike) is the absolute best. A road or mountain bike, especially a race bike, will put a lot of strain on your body. They also often lack safety and convenience features that mean a lot. A Dutch bike, on the other hand, will give you a comfortable riding position and overall comfortable riding experience. You also get all the safety and convenience features you will need. It is absolutely the most comfortable bike, especially if you're after comfort bikes that have the safety essentials all taken care of!

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev