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Biking with Dogs is Great Fun!

While riding on our comfort bikes is a fun activity to participate in frequently, biking with dogs is much more fun and interesting. Combining bike riding and spending time with your furry pal creates a fun and memorable experience!

How to Bike with Your Dog

Biking with your dog, like the rider above is doing on her step through bicycle, can be beneficial for both of you if you keep a few things in mind. If possible, you can ride your bike and have your dog walk next to you. It all depends on if you're dog is old enough, is trained well, and understands boundaries. You may need to spend extra time teaching your dog to heel while you are on the bicycle. You should be careful and only engage in this activity if your dog has some awareness of the danger that a bicycle can be to him or her. It's also a good tip to remember that larger dogs are better candidates to accompany you while bike riding because their long legs create a faster stride. Smaller dogs tend to be in more danger as they may not be able to move out of the way of the bicycle quickly enough when it moves in a way they do not anticipate. Of course you can always put your little pooch in a Nantucket Cisco Pannier Basket like in the picture above. Make sure your little guy is comfortable with riding in a basket before going on long rides. If a small dog attempts to leap from a basket, this can cause considerable harm to their fragile backs!

bicycling with dogs

Another important factor when biking with dogs is to make sure they are fit enough to run the distance that you are cycling. Consider that this run for your dog will most likely be strenuous in the beginning, especially if you ride your bike often. Start with a short distance and monitor your dog as you go for signs of fatigue, such as heavy panting or slowing of pace. You will also want to keep the weather in mind and make sure your dog is able to stay hydrated throughout the ride!

Dogs with a slender build tend to have an easier time running alongside their human companions. But don't underestimate your dog! He or she may enjoy this activity so much that it will be motivating. Start small and see if your four-legged friend enjoys biking as much as you!

Biking with Dog on Leash

Once you have determined that your dog is physically able to run with you as you bike, make sure you have the proper apparatus for your dog. Using a harness is suggested because this keeps them from being choked if they (or you) tug too hard on the leash. Using a retractable leash will be helpful for your dog because he or she can stay far enough from the bike for safety. Beware of giving too much slack with this in heavy traffic areas. This is also something that you will want to adjust as you build up to riding longer distances with your dog.

bike with dog

Remember, your dog will also need to stop for normal "doggie breaks" so it's a great idea to have some doggie bags on hand. You wouldn't want to stink up the trail for another rider, would you?

The type of bike you're riding makes all the difference while with your dog. Comfort bikes like our Peace Dreamer Diamond frame bike with wide tires are the best kind of bikes to enjoy while biking with dogs. They are safer, geared toward preparing for anything, and can guarantee you and your dog will enjoy yourselves properly. Make sure your bike runs smoothly and its brake are working well. These are basic things you need to recognize when bike riding in general and especially when accompanied by your dog.

Bike riding with your dog is something that should be fun! You should both be enthusiastic while being safe. Making sure that you take bike rides in safe dog friendly areas is ideal. You both should enjoy yourselves and spent quality time together. Bike riding with your dog can definitely be a bonding experience and make the two of you grow closer.

We all want our dogs to have healthy and fulfilling lives. Bike riding is a wonderful activity you and your pooch can both enjoy!

bicycling with dog

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