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Black beach cruisers are incredible from a couple of viewpoints. Even though some might look at them as plain, or boring, or "regular", they're actually far from it. Unlike something like yellow beach cruisers, with black beach cruisers you can go ahead and pick just about any color accessories. They'll look great, and just add to the experience.

Here are some of the black bikes (and others) we offer for sale online:







As with all other kinds of bikes, it's not just about getting the bike. Black beach cruiser bikes will require accessories such as these. Some of them are essential, such as a helmet. Others, such as a drink holder, will only make your experience more pleasurable. And regardless of whether you're riding for fun, or to get somewhere, fun is a huge part of the entire cycling You'll also find some excellent commuter accessories that work both with black beach cruisers, and other types. If you're one of those people who enjoy black beach cruisers, and either have one or think about buying one, you'll want accessories. To help with that, below are a few options. We'll take a look at a few helmets first. They're all great from a safety standpoint, but vary in style. Then, we'll check out some phone holders. Having your phone up front can help with navigation, and you can use it as a fitness tracker. You might also want a bottle holder, and there are some really creative ones. We will also look at a few baskets and racks, and we'll wrap up the list with a few colorful accessories that will spice up the looks of your black beach cruiser.


Why not just get any accessories? They should work with black beach cruisers

Sure thing, just about any accessories "work" with black beach cruiser bikes. But how many of them actually look good? With these bikes, you often have two options.

The first one is to get stealthy-looking accessories. For example, a black helmet, black handlebar grips, and a black bottle holder. These will all look like they came with the bike, and they'll blend in with the whole aesthetic of black beach cruisers.

The other idea is to choose brightly colored accessories. This is a trickier one, though. If you're getting multiple of them, you'll want them to be the same color. Or, at least to have matching colors. You don't want to be making a mess with the colors, that just doesn't look too good.

Whichever of the two you decide to go for, we've got your back. The accessories below will suit both types of people. We'll suggest a few combinations as well, if you're looking at getting more than a single accessory.

We also made sure that they work with women's beach cruiser bike fans, as well as those who ride a mens beach cruiser. Cruiser bikes are fairly standard in terms of accessories compatibility, so finding beach cruiser accessories that work shouldn't be too difficult.

The first order of business is to choose a helmet

One of the best pieces of advice you could get as a cyclist is "Safety first", and nothing emphasizes that like a helmet. This doesn't only apply to black beach cruisers - it applies to all kinds of bikes. There's a reason why a helmet is required by law in various places around the world. The truth is that cycling can easily become dangerous, even though you're being careful.

Ever had someone open the door on you right in the middle of the cycling lane you were riding on? Yes, that has happened a few times to me, too. I was lucky I had a helmet, or things would've probably ended worse than they did. The point is, you should always have a helmet when cycling. And, it's not just about buying one, but it should also fit you well, and the neck straps should be well adjusted, too. You can see how that should be done in the video below.

So, which one do you go for? Well, the ones on the list below check all the major boxes - they're first and foremost, safe, they look good, and they'll match black beach cruisers very well. We'll take a look at some budget-oriented ones, as well as some more expensive ones. There are some key differences between them, but they'll all protect you in case of a crash, and all look good on people who ride black beach cruisers.


Schwinn Thrasher Lighted - The budget favorite

If there's one thing that we learned in the past few years, it's that a cheap helmet doesn't have to mean that it's a bad one. Sure, many of them are, but there are notable exceptions to that rule. One such exception is Schwinn's Thrasher Lighted helmet.

Even though it's often very cheap, the only downside to it is that it looks cheap. In terms of features and protection, this is an excellent helmet. There's a 360 Comfort Dial fit system, which lets you adjust it to just about any head. The potential issue here is that it might look big on some heads, and small on others. However, it should protect anyone's head. Oh, and that rotatable dial at the back has a built-in light. Neat!

black beach cruiser bikes schwinn thrasher

There is plenty of padding inside the helmet, making it very comfortable. In terms of ventilation, there are 20 vents all around the helmet. It should provide plenty of air, even in the hottest of days. The visor up front is removable if you don't like it, but it should give you a bit of protection from the elements.

If you want something that's a bit more high end, the Thrasher Lighted might not cut it. However, if you're on a budget, this is absolutely one of the best options for just about everyone. It comes in a variety of colors to suit black beach cruisers (even though our pick would be the black one below), so you can pick and choose.


Bell Annex MIPS - The commuter king

Commuting can be challenging, especially in the hottest of days. However, the Bell Annex commuter helmet tries to make it as pleasant as possible, being one of the most advanced helmets out there. Owners of black beach cruisers will find the aesthetics pleasing, whether you go for the Lead, Black or Green colorway.

In terms of protection, you'll find MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which is a must on any good helmet. The short explanation would be that it provides a bit more protection than a regular helmet in certain types of impact.

black beach cruiser bikes bell annex mips

The helmet has a Float Fit system, one that promises universally good fit, without a lot of fuss during adjustment. We found that it works admirably, and so does the Active Air Slider vent. Depending on the outside temperature, you can regulate the amount of air that goes through the helmet.

There are also a few extra features, such as the integrated reflectivity, as well as the light mount. The straps are removable, and the soft brim visor also has a reflective trim. All things considered, this is an excellent helmet for riders of black beach cruisers, both from a functional standpoint, and from a safety one.


Giro Synthe MIPS - A high-end option

Even though Giro boasts this is the "pinnacle of road helmet design", we see no reason why black beach cruiser bikes' owners shouldn't buy one. From the stealthy Matte Black option, to the Matte Dusty Purple Heatwave (pictured below), all of the color options look stunning.

We've found that the Synthe MIPS is a very well-ventilated helmet, and thus can keep your head cool even on the hottest of days. It's also incredibly lightweight, and in many situations you won't even feel it on your head. This is something we've come to appreciate quite a bit with helmets.

black beach cruiser bikes giro synthe mips

The helmet, as its name suggests, is equipped with MIPS, as well as with Giro's Roll Cage internal reinforcement system. You will also find the Roc Loc Air fit system as part of the Synthe MIPS specifications. Last but not least, the Aero Mesh Panels have a dedicated port for you to dock your sunglasses instead of risking them breaking in your backpack.

Even though the Synthe MIPS does cost more than the other options, we find its asking price actually well worth it. You'll be hard pressed to find a better high-end helmet for black beach cruisers, and it's as safe and secure as they come. What else could you need?


A phone holder makes your phone a lot more useful

At this point, chances are you're using your smartphone as a multimedia device. Whether it's in your pocket, or your backpack, you have your headphones connected to it and you're blasting music while you're riding one of them black beach cruiser.

If that's true, you honestly aren't using your phone to its full potential. Even though this is usually the job of dedicated cycling computers, such as Garmin's Edge series, you can always use your phone as a fitness tracker and navigation device. You most likely have it already, so why spend extra money on an expensive computer, when you already have one in your pocket?

The problem with bike phone mounts is that not all of them are secure. You don't want your smartphone flying off your handlebars the first time you hit a pothole, do you? Therefore, we have three suggestions for you below, all of which are very secure. They come at various price points. Therefore, we leave it up to you to decide how much you're willing to invest in such an accessory.


Topeak RideCase - The iPhone owner's best bet

Yes, the fact we say this is the iPhone owner's best bet means it's only available for iPhones. However, if you do have an iPhone, this is one of the most secure ways of using it with your smartphone. There are multiple models available, for different iPhone models.

black beach cruiser bikes topeak ridecase

The RideCase has a dual density non-slip exoskeleton made of high-grade plastic/rubber. It's scratch resistant, and has bumpers on the corners to protect your phone from impact. At the back is a window for the camera, so you can capture photos and videos without taking the RideCase off. While we're at the back, you'll also find a flipstand integrated. It lets you put your phone on a horizontal surface in both landscape and portrait orientation, and view content.

Topeak's Ridecase comes with its own proprietary mount. The mount is angle adjustable, so you can use the phone in both landscape and portrait orientation. In case you need your phone, you can remove it (and reattach it) in a matter of seconds. Oh, and if you happen to have an iPhone that supports wireless charging, the case doesn't get in the way of it.


Lezyne Smart Energy Caddy - The universal option that suits everyone

Lezyne are taking a somewhat different approach with their Smart Energy Caddy. Instead of making it a grip that attaches to the handlebar or stem, they've opted for a tube mounted bag. On the top is a nylon cover, one that you can see through. It attaches to the top tube with three Velcro straps.

black beach cruiser bikes lezyne smart energy caddy

You can put your phone there, and you can also use the 0.5L of cargo space to store other small items on your ride. For example, you could store your wallet and keys inside, leaving your pockets free for a more comfortable ride. There is a mesh divider to keep things in place, and the clamshell opening is wide and very convenient.

The main advantage of the bag is that it fits just about any smartphone that has a 4-5 inch display. With newer smartphone models with smaller bezels, you could fit something even bigger as well. You might need to press a bit more in order to register a touch through the nylon, but it does work very well. It will provide some rain protection, too.

QuadLock (case or sticker) - The creme de la creme

At the higher end, we have the QuadLock system. We say system, because there are a few components, and you'll find plenty of accessories as well. To begin with, there are three options. One is a case for iPhone devices, then you have a case for Galaxy devices, and last but not least you have a universal sticker. Whichever one you go for; you'll end up with the same mount on the back of your device.

black beach cruiser bikes quadlock sticker

Aside from the case or sticker, you also have the handlebar/stem mount, as well as the out front mount. Which one you go for is up to you, and depends on your needs and requirements. We've found that they all work admirably. The Quad Lock gives you a choice between a horizontal and vertical mounting, so you can choose the orientation.

Even though a bit expensive, this is the lightest and strongest mount available on the market nowadays. The dual-stage lock can lift up to 80kg, tried and tested, so it's safe to say it will keep your phone safe. It's also pretty versatile, as it fits tubes from 25 to 40mm in diameter.


A bottle cage (and a bottle) can make your rides very pleasant

I know what you're thinking, "how is a bottle holder anything to even discuss, they're so simple". But that's not always the case. Lately, we're seeing some really interesting designs, and some of them look stunning on black beach cruisers.

Bottle holders have a lot of added functionality, as you'll see. They won't only let you carry your favorite beverage, but some of them also carry tools, too. Whether you need this, is up to you, but below we'll focus on some really cool designs, and we'll include a multi-functional one, too.

Specialized Zee Cage II - The go-to

Specialized's Zee Cage II solves a lot of problems. To begin with, its side loading design makes it compatible with a lot of frames that don't really have a lot of clearance. It's also compatible with their SWAT storage options, so you can attach tools to the bottom.

black beach cruiser bikes zee cage ii

However, even if we don't have any of these issues, at its core, it's an excellent bottle cage for black beach cruisers. It's available in matte black, glossy black or white. You can choose whether it'll stand out, or blend in with your bike. If we were to recommend a go-to bottle cage, this would be it.

Topeak Ninja series - The multi-functional option

Topeak's Ninja series is an excellent option if you don't want "just" a bottle cage. There are a few different options for bottle cages, from the Ninja TC, to the Ninja CO2+ and Ninja Pouch+. Their names basically indicate what they do. The Ninja TC, available in Mountain and Road, has a tool case on the bottom, so you can put your multitool inside. The Ninja CO2+ comes with two CO2 cartridges and an adapter, for fast inflation of tires. Last but not least, the Pouch, also available in Mountain and Road, comes with a pouch that can store a tube or other similarly sized items.

black beach cruiser bikes ninja co2+

If you were to take away all that functionality, you would just get an excellent plastic water bottle cage. Its black color blends in nicely with black beach cruisers, and it has somewhat of an understated look. However, it's the tools that are the main reason for buying it. And if you happen to carry a few extra things with you here and there, this is an excellent option.

Lezyne Alloy Cage - A lightweight, colorful alternative

Even though both of the cages above are excellent, some find they look a bit too boring on black beach cruisers. If that's the case with you, you might want to take a look at Lezyne's excellent Alloy Cage. It comes in multiple colors (the red is our favorite, but the purple one looks stunning), and is made of a single piece of aluminum. It's strong and lightweight, and fits a variety of bottles.

black beach cruiser bikes lezyne alloy cage

Now, this is not just a regular bottle. You'll also get an integrated pump mount and a Velcro strap, both of which are meant to hold a small hand pump. If you do carry one when you're out riding black beach cruisers, you no longer need an extra mount on your bike.


Baskets and racks look incredible on black beach cruisers, and add some practicality too

The accessories we're talking about today aren't just about looks. They are all useful in their own way. Racks and baskets aren't great only for beach cruisers, they work great on just about any bike. They'll add a new place to store items, whether it's your work backpack or items you just bought from the grocery store. If you want to add something to your bike that will make it a real practical tool in your arsenal, a rack or basket is the way to go.
Below are a few really cool racks and baskets. Whether you want to get your laptop off your back when cycling to work, or you just want a place to put all that food you're bringing on your next picnic, chances are you'll immediately see why we suggest them as a must-have for black beach cruisers.

Blackburn Local Basket - A two-in-one

Many people think that you either get a rack, or a basket, or both if you need the space, but not both things in a single product. The Blackburn Local basket is a versatile solution that you can mount both at the front of your bike, or at the rear. It is very robust, and the design makes it easy to carry just about anything you might need.

black beach cruiser bikes blackburn basket

You can adjust both the height and the width, so it's not only compatible with black beach cruiser bikes, but on almost any other bike, too. There's a built-in clip if you want to mount one of Blackburn's lights, too. It has a cargo net that will keep all your belongings in place, and a U-Lock holster. If you're looking for a rack that does double duty as a basket too, you won't find a better option than this.

Wald 582 Rear Folding Basket - The simple, yet functional solution

If you'd rather get something that mounts to the rear racks of black beach cruiser bikes, the Wald 582 basket is the absolute best choice. It's incredibly simple, and made in a way so you can carry just about anything in it. It clamps to a rear rack that has a diameter of up to 1/2".

black beach cruiser bikes wald 582 basket

Its best feature? When you don't use it, you can easily fold it inwards. The base of the basket pivots up, the side walls collapse, and a clamp at the top will keep it out of the way. You no longer have to remove it completely when you don't need it, so it doesn't bother you. If you only need a storage solution every once in a while, this is a great option.

State Bicycle Wooden Front Crate - The elegant one

Wooden accessories don't always match all kinds of bikes. However, with black beach cruisers, they feel right at home. Such is the case with this wooden front crate by State Bicycle, which is both functional and incredibly elegant. Even though it's not a bright, punchy color, it will stand out quite a bit, as it's quite a looker.

black beach cruiser bikes state wooden crate

With a 10.5" depth and 15" width, it has ample room for anything - whether it's your bag, or a six-pack of your favorite beverage, or the groceries you just bought. Another very useful thing is the fact that you can choose to get a bottle opener at the front. It comes in handy quite a bit! One thing to note, though, is that you will need a rack for it, as it is just a storage crate. If you're good with that, this is undoubtedly the most stunning storage solution on our list.

A few colorful accessories that will spice up black beach cruiser bikes

Even though we covered some of the best accessories black beach cruiser bikes owners can get, there are still other things that'll seriously spice up your bike's looks. From colored grips, to bike locks, your bike will get a fresh new look if you decide to get some of them. Let's take a look at a few options.

ESI Silicone Grips

A crowd favorite in the world of mountain biking, ESI's silicone grips can be seen on bikes all around the world. And it's not just because they are comfortable, even though they really are. A good part of the reason is the fact that they come in a host of colors which can spice up just about any bike's looks. Owners of black beach cruisers can choose from all the wild colors at their disposal, and they come in a few various thicknesses and shapes as well.

black beach cruiser bikes esi grips

There's another alternative too. If you would prefer a handlebar wrap instead of regular bicycle grips, ESI also offer their RCT Wrap. It's reversible, and doesn't require any glue for application, so you can re-use it as well. Just like the grips, the wrap also comes in a host of punchy, bright colors, to give black beach cruiser bikes a bit more in the looks department.

Knog Bike Locks

Knog is an Australian brand that pays a lot of attention to how their accessories look. For today's list, we'll discuss some of their locks. All of them come in a host of colors, and there are both cable locks, and U-locks.

Kicking things off with the small, light ones, we have the 90cm Milkman. It's a mere 142g, and retracts in a tiny housing you can fit in your pocket. Next, we have the key-operated Frankie, with a length of 70cm and a silicone cover. It's sturdy, reliable, and secure. There's also the Party Combo, which is a combination lock with a 62cm length. All of these are cable locks, and they come in a host of colors to make black beach cruisers look a touch better.

black beach cruiser bikes knog u-lock

If U-locks are your thing, Knog has you covered here, too. Both the Sold Secure Bronze accredited Bouncer (pictured above) as well as the ART 3 Star and Sold Secure Gold accredited Strongman U-lock are available in plenty of colors for you to choose from. The Bouncer has a hardened steel housing and a 13mm shackle, all covered in UV resistant silicone. The lock cylinder has 5000 possible combinations, as well as a double deadlock mechanism. The Strongman, on the other hand, is even more secure. It has a torsional strength made to endure forces of up to 2kNm of force, and is resistant to corrosion, dust and frost.

Kroozer Kroozie 2.0 Cup Holder

People use black beach cruisers as a means to get to work pretty often. They also grab a cup of coffee on the way just as often. What if you could grab your coffee on your way to work, put it on your bike, and continue riding? Kroozer's Kroozie 2.0 lets you do just that. It attaches to your handlebars, and lets you neatly put your favorite beverage inside.

black beach cruiser bikes kroozie 2.0

The Kroozie is powder coated in a number of colors, so you can choose the one that you like best. It's made of a single piece of stainless steel, so it has no welds. There is a foam insert inside, which grips the cup, and helps it keep its temperature as well. The mounting hardware is also stainless steel, and there's a dual screw clamp design so you can easily mount it and dismount it. If ever you've felt the need to grab a cup of coffee and keep on riding, this is what you need. A must have for black beach cruiser owners.

So, what accessories for black beach cruisers would you get?

As we said earlier, it's not just about the bike, you need some accessories, too. And with black beach cruisers, you could pick and choose just about any accessories you want. Whether you decide to get something stealthy and discrete, or something that makes black beach cruisers pop and attract attention, we have a list of options above. From helmets to grips and bike locks, the accessories above will let you get kitted out completely for your next ride.  You can also check out bike shops nearby for other cool options. All that's left is for you to get the beach cruiser accessories you want, and make sure you use them!

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev