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Blue Beach Cruisers And The Best Accessories For them!

Blue beach cruiser bikes or blue bicycles in general are a popular choice as cruiser bikes go. They do require a certain amount of coolness, and a specific set of accessories, but they can also look stunning. If you do have a blue beach cruiser, you might want to read on, as we go through some of the coolest accessories to go with one.

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Now, you might be thinking, just about any accessories look good on a blue beach cruiser. And that's where you would be wrong. Well, not completely wrong, but hear us out. Sure, you could get a black, or a white helmet, for example. We even have one in the suggestions below. But what if you could get a yellow one which contrasts your blue beach cruiser, and looks stunning? Wouldn't that be much better? You just can't use the same accessories with a blue beach cruiser bike as you would, for example, with yellow beach cruisers. At least go for different colors!

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If you agree with us, you should definitely continue reading through to the end. We'll be taking a look at some of the coolest accessories you can get to make your riding experience a lot better. Now sure, we won't include all of them - you can take a look at this comprehensive accessory list for even more, or maybe this one, but we'll cover the most important ones.

blue-beach-cruiser-step-through-bicycleWhat accessories for a blue beach cruiser are we going to take a look at?

We could go on to include everything, from a pair of gloves, to some really cool cycling glasses. However, the truth is that most of you won't care that much about the majority of those accessories. Therefore, we'll only limit ourselves to what's really useful for everyone.

For starters, we'll be taking a look at helmets. A helmet is required by law in a lot of places around the world, and there are good reasons for that. It will provide protection in case of a crash, and it may very well save your life if the crash is a nasty one. It is a worthy investment.

blue beach cruiser

Next, we'll discuss cup holders. Yes, cup holders for bicycles are really a thing. If you've ever wanted to grab a cup of coffee on your way to work, but didn't want to carry it in your hand, this will solve your issue. And there are some really interesting ones on the market nowadays to add to your baby blue beach cruiser.

One more thing that you maybe didn't think you need, but we'll give you a few suggestions about, is a phone mount. We couldn't blame you if you want your phone to stay in your pocket, or backpack, for safety. However, it's no secret that many of us actually want to be able to look at our notifications without needing to take our hands off the handlebars. A phone mount will allow you to do this while you're riding your blue beach cruiser. It will also let you use your phone as a navigation device if you're riding in areas you haven't explored before. Looking for that new coffee shop or a bike shop near you in a neighborhood you haven't visited earlier? Put your phone on a phone mount and let it guide you.

Last but not least, we'll be taking a look at baskets. Even though a blue beach cruiser is commonly used for recreation, a surprising amount of people actually use it for practical things, such as getting to work or buying groceries. You'll want a place where you can put all of your belongings.

We won't be focusing on just any accessories

Sure, we could save some time and do just that, but that isn't our goal. We want the accessories we chose for you to be not just aesthetically pleasing, but useful and well made, too. For example, all of the helmets you will find above come from reputable manufacturers and have been proven both in terms of quality, and durability. We did keep this in mind. And yes, the same quality and durability criteria apply for the other blue beach cruiser accessories on the list. Without wasting any more of your time, let's start things off with the helmets.

What are the best helmets for a blue cruiser bike?

A helmet is the most important thing when you're riding a bike. Whether you pay attention or not, cycling can be dangerous and accidents do happen every once in a while. You could be attentive, you could be careful with road signs and everything, but not everyone is, and that might be a problem in some situations. Wearing a helmet won't do any harm, but it can be very helpful.

Owners of a blue beach cruiser can't just go and pick any helmet. You'll want one that doesn't only protect you, but also matches your bike and your clothing style. The options above are pretty versatile, and will match a blue bicycle really well. They have e proven track record as far as protection goes, and we have both budget oriented options, and some higher end ones. How much you're willing to invest is completely up to you, but make sure you know what the key differences between them are before you buy any of them.

Nutcase Street Helmet - a stylish blue beach cruiser helmet

The Nutcase Street helmet is an excellent option for owners of a blue cruiser bike who want to make sure their style is intact. You will find that it comes in a variety of color options, and there are some really cool patterns as well. If you have a blue bicycle, or a blue beach cruiser, we could suggest the Navy Dots, Timberline, or if you want contrast, the Dutch Orange.

Whichever you choose to go for, you're getting an injection-molded ABS shell which is extremely durable and will disperse energy in the case of an impact. It might look fairly closed, but there are eleven vents that will keep your head cool even in the hot, summer days. It also comes with MIPS protection in some colorways.

To put the helmet on, you have a Fidlock magnetic buckle. It's really easy to snap on. On the inside, you will find foam pads. All of that, along with the spin dial fit system, makes sure the helmet fits well. The visor is detachable as well.

Depending on your specific blue cruiser bike, you can choose the colorway you find fits best. However, whichever you go for, you get a truly stunning helmet. It looks great and it protects your head really well. What else do you need from a helmet?

Bern Allston - the midway blue cruiser bike option

Why "midway"? Because it's somewhere between the Nutcase Street, and the Giro Synthe we have below in terms of styling. The Bern Allston is an amazing commuter helmet. It will look great on any bike. However, the Orange color looks made for a blue beach cruiser. That blue visor really adds to the experience.

blue beach cruiser bern allston

The Allston is admittedly more about style than aero. However, that's an important feature for blue cruiser bike owners, so we don't mind it. It looks great both on your head, and on your office shelf. Inside, it has a Zipmold+ construction with a 360 degree BOA system. This lets you get the best possible fit on your head. Ventilation is taken care of by 16 vents, which are fairly large. The visor we mentioned up front is soft, and will protect you from the sun.

Both the neck strap and the buckle are really comfortable. If you use your blue bicycle as a daily driver bike, this is one of the best options you could go for. Whether you're wearing a suit and a tie, or a jersey and bib shorts, it's really amazing.

Giro Synthe - the aero blue beach cruiser helmet

Giro is a well known and much respected brand in the helmets world. They have a lot of models, from entry level ones, to high end helmets. However, owners of a blue beach cruiser might want to take a look at their Synthe helmet. Depending on what shade of blue your blue bicycle is, the Matte White / Turquoise / Vermillion option might look great, or if it doesn't match, the White / Highlight Yellow is an excellent, contrasting choice.

blue beach cruiser giro synthe

In terms of performance, the Synthe is a really aerodynamic helmet. It has plenty of ventilation, and it's really lightweight. This makes it a great choice for blue beach cruiser owners who don't want to feel a helmet on their head at all times. The Roc Loc Air fit system will make sure the helmet fits your head, and stays on it, and the buckle is also extremely comfortable.

The Giro Synthe has one downside for blue cruiser bike owners. It's not a commuter helmet, but a road one. That means that the style of it might not be too appealing for some people. However, if you like the style, this is undoubtedly one of the best helmets money can buy nowadays. Just choose the color that fits your blue beach cruiser best, and enjoy it!

Moving on to the best cup holders for a blue cruiser bike

You'll want a cup holder with just about any cruiser bike, not just with a blue beach cruiser. The benefits are obvious. Grabbed a cup of coffee on your way to work? Don't carry it in your hand, put it on your bike! A lot of us actually have coffee for breakfast, so if you don't want to spill your breakfast all over the place and make a huge mess, you'll want one. Well, what cup holder do you get for a blue cruiser bike? Let's take a look at our options.

Origin8 Joe-2-Go - the king of simplicity

There are some owners of a blue beach cruiser that actually enjoy simplicity. If you're one of them, you're going to love the Joe-2-Go. It's made of 6061-T6 alloy. That makes it very durable and sleek looking. There's no quick release clamp, which might be a downside for some. However, you're getting a very sturdy mount that won't be moving anywhere anytime soon.

The Joe-2-Go is made to match any bikes, not just a blue cruiser bike. It comes in black, with nothing but Origin8's logo at the front. On the inside of the holder is a non-slip liner made of rubber, which is what will hold your cup of coffee in place while you're riding.

blue beach cruiser joe 2 go

While we're at the cup of coffee, you can get the Joe-2-Go in two variants. The smaller one fits cups between 75 and 78 millimeters in diameter, while the larger one is made to accommodate those between 78 and 83 millimeters. Which size you choose to go for depends on what kind of morning coffee you enjoy most.

Whether you go for the smaller size, or the larger one, you're getting an incredibly effective cup holder. Its price is also fairly low, too which makes it accessible as well. If you're in need of a solution that will last you as long as your blue beach cruiser, go for it.

Kroozie 2.0 - add a bit of color

Even though Kroozie do offer alternatives such as the Kroozie XL and the Kroozie Deluxe, none of them come in as many colors as the Kroozie 2.0. The original Kroozie was actually one of the first cup holders on the market. With the 2.0, you get a few improvements, but the basics are the same. You still have a high quality cup holder.

Now, the tough choice with the Kroozie 2.0 is which color to go for. Depending on what shade your blue bicycle is, you could go for Blue, Baby Blue, or maybe even Seafoam. However, if you want some contrast, there's a Red option, as well as a Hot Pink and a Purple. They all look stunning, it's just a matter of taste and which one you prefer.

blue beach cruiser kroozie

The Kroozie 2.0 is made of stainless steel, with a one-piece construction. You'll find a thick foam insert on the inside which will grip your drink really well. Oh, and it will also maintain the temperature of your drink a bit better, whether it's hot or cold. The clamp has two screws that allow it to fit on just about any horizontal handlebar. The color is powder coated, so you won't be able to scratch it too easily. You can fit drinks that are 12 to 24 oz in size, which makes it very versatile and lets you carry anything from your coffee, to a beer or a smoothie.

All things considered, the Kroozie 2.0 is a great cup holder. You can put just about anything in it, it looks stunning regardless of what color you choose to go for, and it's really durable. What more could you need?

Cruiser Candy Tiki - an even more stylish choice

Even though both of the options we spoke about above are really excellent, it's no secret that their looks are more on the utilitarian side. If you'd rather get something that truly stands out, the Cruiser Candy Tiki might be the one to go for. It's made to fit just about any handlebar, and it comes with a bamboo side and a floral decoration on the side.

blue beach cruiser tiki

We wouldn't blame you for wanting to put a tasty cocktail in the Tiki - it practically begs or it. However, it's made to fit coffees and smoothies. At 3.5" deep, it will hold your drink really well.

If you have a blue beach cruiser, we would recommend either the Blue Tiki, or the Yellow Tiki, depending on whether you want it to match, or contrast your blue bicycle. Whichever you go for, you're getting a very stylish accessory for your bike.

You'll want a phone mount on your blue cruiser bike

"Putting a (potentially) $1000+ smartphone on my handlebars? Won't it fall off or break?" These are valid concerns but no, it won't fall off and it won't break. Just like GPS devices and power meters that cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, don't fall off, your phone won't either.

The benefits of having a phone mount on your blue beach cruiser are numerous. If you don't want a dedicated device, a phone can do a lot of things. From tracking your ride via GPS and apps like Strava, to showing you notifications without you needing to stop and grab it out of your pocket, it does quite a bit. So, which one do you go for? Not all of them are made equal, and honestly, we wouldn't trust all of them. But below are three options that we absolutely trust, and we would wholeheartedly recommend to you as well.

Lezyne Smart Energy Caddy - a lightweight option for your top tube

One thing must be said about the Smart Energy Caddy before we dive into it. It works best on blue beach cruisers with a diamond frame design. You know, the ones with a horizontal top tube. Yes, it will work on a step-through frame, but it won't look nearly as neat.

blue beach cruiser lezyne

With that out of the way, let's take a closer look at the Smart Energy Caddy. This is a semi-rigid design which is fairly lightweight. At the bottom is a molded structure made of EVA foam, while the top has a woven nylon cover. This isn't just a phone mount, but a whole bag as well. It has a clamshell opening which is very wide and lets you store items inside, such as your wallet or a spare tube. To separate things and keep them in place, there's a mesh divider. The smartphone pocket is at the top, with a transparent layer on top. This lets you see your phone at all times and interact with it when necessary.

The entire bag attaches to your bicycle with three Velcro straps. Two of them go on the top tube, while the third one goes around your head tube, to prevent the bag from rotating. All in all, it's a very safe solution which also adds a bit of cargo space to your bike, too.

Roam Co-Pilot - the universal handlebar solution

If you don't really need additional cargo, or you have a step-through frame, you might want a good alternative to the Smart Energy Caddy. Enter the Roam Co-Pilot Phone Mount. It attaches to any handlebar which has a width of up to 1.25", which is 99% of the handlebars commonly found on a blue beach cruiser.

blue beach cruiser roam

In terms of phone compatibility, you can fit any phone that's up to 3.5" wide. This includes even behemoths such as Samsung's Galaxy Note lineup, as well as Apple's Plus devices. One thing to note, though, is that if you want to put a case on your phone, you should measure the width with the case on before you buy.

Once you put your phone on the mount, it grips your phone on the sides with a very hard plastic grip. As if this wasn't enough, there's also a silicone net that holds all four corners of the device, gripping it even better. Even though you might feel like your phone is exposed, you can be sure that it will stay on the mount no matter how large that pothole you just hit is. Owners of a blue beach cruiser should definitely give it a chance, it's one of the best universal mounts out there!

QuadLock Phone Mount - the creme de la creme

QuadLock's phone mount is the absolute best mount option for a blue beach cruiser. You can choose between a few options. For example, if you have a supported device (Apple iPhone, or some of Samsung's Galaxy devices), you can get a phone case that attaches to the mount. If you don't, however, they also offer a "universal" mount. This has a plate that you attach to your smartphone, or a case, and allows you to use the device with the mount.

blue beach cruiser quadlock

The QuadLock can go on your blue beach cruiser bike's handlebars, or stem, wherever you prefer it. Chances are your blue beach cruiser has a stem or handlebars with a diameter between 25 and 40 millimeters, so compatibility shouldn't be an issue. The twist and lock mechanism is extremely secure, and is also very quick to attach or detach. If you're worrying about whether your smartphone will stay on the bike, you can rest assured that it will.

The only potential downside with the QuadLock system is the price of admission. Even though it's very much worth it, it is still expensive. To be completely honest, though, if you want a completely secure option, this is the way to go. It looks stunning on a blue beach cruiser thanks to those blue accents on the mount itself, and it's as good as they come.

The best baskets for a blue beach cruiser

Even though most good light blue beach cruiser bikes tend to come with either a rack, or a basket, or both, you might want something better. Or, you might want one for your existing bike that doesn't already have it. Why would you want one, though? Well, the reasons are numerous. To begin with, they're practical. Whether you're carrying documents to, or from work, or buying groceries on the way home, you can just drop them in the basket and not worry. Oh, and some of them, as you'll see below, let you carry your pet, too. Great, isn't it? Let's take a look at three of the best blue beach cruiser baskets on the market today.

Wald 137 - ideal for minimalists

Why do we say ideal for minimalists? Because this is a shallow basket that blends in with a blue beach cruiser, and is very unobtrusive. Most of Wald's products are like that, simple, yet stunning. The Wald 137 is no exception.

What makes it so good is the fact that it's really shallow. At 4 3/4" deep, this is ideal for carrying your laptop bag, notebooks, boxes, or similar items that lie flat. Putting those things upwards in a big basket might mean that they'll tip over if you hit a pothole, potentially damaging them. This also makes it great for when you only need to buy a few things from the store, and a big basket would be overkill.

blue beach cruiser wald 137

Aside from that, the 137 comes with two-piece legs which you can extend,. They go from 14 to 22 inches, and you can mount them to the axle, or to the eyelets on the fork. Which one you opt for depends on your bike and the situation on the fork.

All things considered, if you want something that blends in, the 137 is perfect for you. It will look as if it was a part of your blue beach cruiser, not an afterthought. If this appeals to you, by all means, get it.

Snoozer Sporty Dog Basket - the go-to for dog owners

Sure, you own a blue beach cruiser. But you also own a dog. How many times have you wanted to take it along with you on a ride? We're sure the answer is "numerous", but you didn't really have where to put it. You can't have it run next to you, can you? The solution is Snoozer's amazing Sporty Dog basket.

Even though a basket is primarily used for groceries and other personal items, there's basically no reason why you wouldn't use it for your pet. The Snoozer has a sporty, clean look. It fits a blue beach cruiser really well. Like it name suggests, it looks sporty with the polyester exterior. It's both durable, and cleans really easily. The inner pad is also removable. Inside of it, you can fit your pet provided it weighs up to 15 lbs. You will also find an internal harness clip that keeps your pet secured.

blue beach cruiser snoozer

On the outside, there are chin rests. They allow your pet to feel comfortable when leaning on the bag. You'll also find two water bottle pockets on the sides, which add to your blue beach cruiser's usable storage space. There are also two front pockets which are large and zippered, so you can store things such as pet food, for example.

How does it look on a blue beach cruiser? Well, stunning, if you ask us. Especially that orange/grey/black combination, it stands out on any blue beach cruiser. If you're the proud owner of one, and want to take your dog along for the ride, you might want to order it right away.

Nantucket Cruiser Madaket Creel - an excellent lidded option

The last option on our list of baskets for a navy blue beach cruiser is the "secure" one. The basket doesn't need to be only practical - you can have it as a colorful accessory to spice up your riding experience. Such is the case with Nantucket Bike Basket Co's Cruiser Madaket Creel basket.

To begin with, the Cruiser Madaket Creel looks incredible. Owners of a blue beach cruiser should especially note the white color, as it's an excellent choice if you want to stand out. The brown leather straps add a retro touch - exactly what you need on a blue beach cruiser.

blue beach cruiser nantucket basket

But, what about usability and durability? Well, the dimensions are 12.5" x 8.25" x 8.5". This should fit quite a lot of items, or groceries, so you won't be lacking any space, that's for sure. The basket is made out of a durable rattan. It doesn't only look great, but it also lasts a good while, too. To add to that, the lid will keep whatever you put inside secure. Whether you bought groceries, or you're carrying your documents to work, you won't have to worry. The leather straps that attach the basket to the handlebar make it somewhat quick removable, too. All things considered, it's an excellent basket if you want to add another retro touch to your blue beach cruiser.

Wrapping things up - what accessories will you buy for your blue beach cruiser?

As you can see, choosing accessories for a blue beach cruiser isn't all that easy. There are plenty of them, and certainly not all of them are worth it. Also, even though black matches everything, sometimes you want the accessories to match your blue beach cruiser, not just about any bike.

As we mentioned, you'll want a helmet first. That's not just an accessory for a blue beach cruiser, but a safety tool, too. After that, you can get a phone mount, or a basket, or just about anything else. For example, you might want a saddle bag - you can put a lot of things inside it. It's up to you.

Whichever of these you may want, we do have a good list for you above. From budget-oriented ones, to higher end ones, and from subdued products to ones that scream attention, we have it all. All you have to do is make up your mind and order!


Andrej Hadji-Vasilev