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Best Comfort Bikes for Sale – Already 22% Off and Free Shipping!

Where can you get comfort bikes for sale?

A comfort bike is basically any bike that has comfort focused elements. The industry definition is very broad, but we at Peace Bicycles believe that our Dreamer Step Through is one of the best comfort bikes for sale. Just check out some of our product reviews. If you're looking for a cushy ride that is also functional, fashionable, speedy and high end, let us prove to you why it should be your first choice!

Here are the comfort models we offer for sale online:
Here are some of the beach cruisers we offer for sale online:

Comfort Features of Peace Bicycles

Peace Bicycles is your best source to buy comfort bikes for sale. We've equipped our Dreamers with many features that we know you will love. First of all, the Dreamer has pot-hole friendly balloon tires that provide a cushy ride no matter where you ride. A perfectly designed high-tensile steel frame, spring-loaded bike seat and a riser handlebar add to the comfort and assure an upright position. Best of all, our bikes are fast thanks to our 7-speed transmission.

The Peace Dreamer will take you from the office to the grocery store, from the hills to the streets in comfort and while wearing everyday clothing or a fancy outfit. You don’t need to worry about wearing separate clothes that compliment your mode of transportation.

The Dreamer is best for everyday riding and commuting to work and one of the best comfort bikes for sale and under $700. There is also a Diamond Frame version that is as comfy, except that you have to lift your leg over the top bar.

Just read our reviews and you'll see that people rave about how comfy our bikes are. And how easy they are to ride.

We even have some customers with back problems who are very satisfied with the ride, and who bought our Dreamers specifically because they have back issues.

Also, the upright sitting position allows you to look around and see people and enjoy your ride more in comparison to any other bike design.

Sleek, Comfortable, Spring Loaded Saddle

comfort bikes for sale saddle

A spring loaded saddle makes riding over potholes and bumps easy. A true comfort saddle, like our Peace Saddle, has as a little bit of a cushion but not too much which creates more problems than it solves. Also, compared to hard leather saddles which take several weeks to work in like a pair of Birkenstocks, our Peace Saddle is comfortable right away.

Our saddle is wider than that of road and mountain bikes which also adds to comfort.

Awesome Balloon Tires for a Cushy Ride

Balloon tires for comfort

Our Schwalbe Fat Frank Tires are the best balloon tires on the market and one of the most distinguishable features of our bikes. They make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort. You can take them off the beaten path and you'll still feel that comfortable cushy ride. Balloon Tires can be ridden slightly deflated or pumped to 100%. It's up to you. But either way you're going to feel the physical ease difference in your whole body.

Our tires also come with reflective strips so you're more visible at night and feature Kelvar Guard for maximum durability against punctures.

Upright Riding Bike Frame for Healthy Posture

comfort bikes for sale come with ergonomic handlebar

Our comfort bikes for sale, like the Dream above, are easy to ride for a reason. The overall frame geometry is designed for upright riding. The upright bike design is achieved with a higher handlebar and a shorter distance between the saddle and front fork. Such frame construction allows for straight back riding with your hands comfortably resting on the handlebar. This takes a load off of your neck and spine.

Easy On and Off

With our step-thru frame you only need to bring your foot up about 18 1/2 inches. This unisex frame makes our Dreamer one of the best comfort bikes for sale with ladies and gents and adults in general, though it is neither just for women nor just for men. Ladies love the step-through design because they can ride while wearing skirts, dresses and trousers with ease.

Road Absorbing Frame Material and Construction

Peace Bicycles' frames are made from high-tensile steel. This material has better road absorption qualities than aluminum and chromoly. While the latter materials are slightly lighter, they are not best suited for comfort bikes and are more expensive. Also, we've achieved a very lightweight design of only 34 lbs (including the rack).

Our designer frame is built to absorb shocks and bumpy roads for an all around smoother ride.

Ergonomic Handlebar

Peach bikes come with ergonomic handlebar

Your ride is made better with raised handlebars that allow you to sit upright while supporting your back, neck and wrists. The handlebars are turned slightly inwards assuring an easy to reach grip so you don’t have to strain your back and neck as you look around while riding. You will have less tension in areas like your neck, wrists, back and shoulders compared to road, mountain, racing bikes and fixies (fixed gear). Our handlebars are not only ergonomic, they're also part of the overall beautiful design.

The handlebar also allows for plenty of room to fit many accessories like lights, bells, and cup holders.

Comfortable Grips

comfort bikes for sale with comfortable grips

On the handlebar is a pair of fine crafted grips that compliment and match the saddle in both style and color.

Incredibly Easy to Start and Accelerate

seafoam comfort bike for sale

Speaking of great comfort, our Dreamer is probably the easiest bike to start riding from a stand still. We tested many different gear ratios to create a bike that starts moving easily on the lowest gear which is less tiresome, especially when commuting and making lots of stops. At the same time, if you need to accelerate fast simply switch to one of the 7 gears and it will zoom. You wouldn't believe how much more convenient it is to have a bike that allows for an easy start.

A 7-speed transmission also makes uphill riding easier.

Rear Rack is Standard

Standard bike rear rack with spring clip

With the classic design of our line of comfort bikes for sale, we have made it a standard to consider the way you carry and transport items. All our Dreamer models come with a rear steel rack that is both sturdy and good looking. It allows for easy-carrying everything from your groceries to an add-on basket.

Equipped for Your Outfit

Lady riding bike in a dress - protected by coat and chain guards

Whether you’re wearing a suit or wearing a dress, the comfort bike has a design that guards your outfit. One of the things that make most people resist bicycles when they are going to work or an important event is arriving there dirty or unkempt. Keeping your clothes clean is easy without having to worry about grease marks on your pants or your dress getting caught in the chain-links. Our fenders, custom coat guards and chain guards help prevent these issues. Our Peace Dreamer will be your best commuter bike or a perfect bike for everyday riding, country riding or going to a grocery store for a few supplies.


Anti slip pedals for comfort

Our anti-slip grip pedals can accommodate any footwear as well as barefoot riding.

The Peace Bicycles Difference

We designed these bikes to meet our own needs of comfort and know that they will meet your needs as well. Buying one of our comfort bikes for sale online with Peace is easy. If you order before 3pm it'll ship the same day.

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  1. Pattie Wnek

    I love these bikes. The more I read
    about them, the more I’m convinced
    that this is the bike I need for my body
    and the troubles that come with getting
    older. I am in my 60’s and I haven’t
    ridden a bike since I was a child. The
    cost is high, I need to save, but once
    bought – it has everything‼️

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