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Comfortable Cruiser Bikes – Things to Look For – Buy w/ Free Shipping!

Comfortable cruiser bikes are known for being a great way to get around, but what makes a beach cruiser comfortable?

And we're sure you'll ask, "what is the most comfortable cruiser bike?" Well we're biased, but we say the ones below :)

Here are some of the comfortable cruiser bicycles we offer for sale online:


Well it all starts with the most comfortable beach cruiser seat!

The shock absorbing steel bike frame and alloy accessories, the upright seating position, and more, all contribute to the comfortable ride quality that beach cruiser riders experience. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that a cushy ride is key. Plus, any bike accessory or part that you can add to a beach cruiser which will allow for increased comfort is a good one.

Components of a Comfortable Cruiser Bike

Seat Saddle

comfortable beach cruiser bike saddle

One of the most overlooked accessories when it comes to beach cruisers is the seat saddle. A lot of rider's purchase seats that are too slim, too stiff, or simply too padded. Purchasing a seat requires learning which seat feels best while riding a beach cruiser, and using an appropriate seat for a cruiser bike.

Why Does Seating Position Matter?

Unlike other types of bikes, you will be riding in an upright position when you ride on cruiser bikes. With that much contact between your buttocks and the seat, you need to make sure the seat is comfortable, often for hours on end. Many people spend half a day or more cruising around the boardwalks, or through the city, on their beach cruisers.

In general, a wider seat is better for women, due to the difference in hip size between women and men. Riders of either gender will enjoy a padded seat more than a seat that is not padded. Whether your seat saddle has a horn at the front depends on your personal preference.

The Challenge of Weather

You will need to make sure your seat is weather-resistant as well. Even if you are biking on a sunny day, your bike seat can get wet if biking on the beach. To ensure your bike seat lasts a long time, simply wipe it down if it is wet. If you have a seat cover, put it on the seat once the seat is dry.

When upgrading your bike seat, make sure that you purchase a seat that you find comfortable. This is one of the easiest ways to get the most comfortable cruiser bike experience.

Step Thru Steel Frame

comfortable beach cruiser

When referring to steel bike frames, people really mean hi-tensile steel. Although steel is found in nature, and is one of the most common metals in the Earth’s crust, it is not pure.

When you add steel with step through bikes, you really get something comfortable! Step through frames are easy to get in and out of which makes them especially great bikes for seniors.

Why is Steel a Great Bike Metal?

Your steel bike frame will be the best possible choice for absorbing bumps and potholes on the road which will save your back and give you most comfortable ride possible. At the same time, these frames make for very lightweight cruiser bikes especially when coupled with alloy parts.

Robust Front Basket

comfortable beach cruiser bike basket

A truly comfortable cruiser will consist of a men's or women's cruiser bike with basket setup. You need a robust front basket for your beach cruiser. Knowing that your front basket is fastened to your bike frame or front wheel hub will result in a better ride.

Some front baskets connect with hooks or straps to the handlebars or front wheel hub. However, these baskets can become dislodged quickly. If your basket falls off your beach cruiser while in motion, you could run over it. Your basket items could be broken, and you could even fall off your bike if you lose control over your bike.

How to Secure a Front Basket

Use a mounted front basket to ensure the basket stays on your beach cruiser. The more stable your beach cruiser is, the better ride quality you will enjoy. When attaching accessories to your bike frame, choose accessories that are screwed in or bolted on. While the setup takes a bit longer, you can always remove the accessory later on, and your accessories will not fall off and practically no maintenance is involved.

A comfortable cruiser bike should always come with a front basket. Who wants to carry a heavy backpack when you can throw it in your bike basket?

3-Speed Internal Gears

beach cruiser gears

Like every other type of bike on the market, beach cruisers come with the option to personalize your gear system. You can ride beach cruisers with a single speed gear system, or multiple gears. The more gears you add to your gear system, the easier it is to bike on non-flat terrain.

Remember, a beach cruiser with gears will make for a better ride and the most comfortable cruiser bike will come with them standard.

We carry both 3 speed cruiser bike models as well as 7 speed beach cruiser bikes!

Why Multiple Gears Are Better

The difficulty of biking is distributed across the gears, allowing you to pedal easier on hills by switching to a lower gear, for example. The inverse is true for flatter terrain. Switching to a higher gear will allow you to pedal faster.

The most common environments to use a beach cruiser in are urban environments and waterfronts. There is not a lot of hilly terrain, so you do not need a large number of gears. However, urban environments can be hilly at times, so you are better off not purchasing a single speed bike. Although you will be riding your beach cruiser on relatively-flat terrain, you may still encounter a small hill or two. The perfect compromise in gears is a 3-speed internal gear system.

The Value in Internal Gear Systems

Internal gears are great for beach cruisers because they are low maintenance. Since internal gears is a closed system, with your gears encased in metal, there is no need to worry about water, dirt, dust, or grime, getting into your gear system and ruining them. A beach cruiser can get quite dirty if you are biking through low tides or wet sand.

Aluminum is rust-proof as well, so all you need to do after riding your beach cruiser is wipe down your bike, rinse it off, and dry it after you use it.

Chain Guard

chain guard on comfortable cruiser bike

Chain guards are an essential when it comes to making a beach cruiser comfortable. Chain guards allow you to bike around without the need to worry about getting your pants dirty. A chain guard is a plastic or metal enclosure that encases the chain. By their nature, chains are greasy, and you will get your hands dirty while performing maintenance on them.

Without a chain guard, your leg will brush against the chain while you are turning the pedals. This motion allows for grease and grime to transfer from the chain to your pants. Whether you use your beach cruiser as a mode of transportation for commuting, or whether you like to cruise the beach on a weekend.

Alloy Fenders

comfy cruiser bike with light

Made from aluminum alloy, fenders provide the same comfort that a chain guard does: keeping your clothes clean while biking. When your wheels are in motion, dirt, dust, and water, is picked up by your wheels. All this grime spins around your wheels and then flies off it. Without fenders, this grime will be sprayed all over your bike, and your clothes. A grimy bike requires maintenance to ensure your bike and bike accessories look and function like new. Grime on your clothes makes you look like you are unkept.

How Fenders Work

Fenders help keep you and your bike clean by catching all this grime before it gets a chance to hit you or the bike. When riding a beach cruiser, there is always a chance that your bike will pick up grime because you will be biking on wet sand and through low tides.

Aluminum alloy is a great choice for fenders because aluminum is rust-proof. With fenders made from other materials like steel, you need to wipe them down after your bike ride, so the fenders do not rust or corrode. However, with aluminum’s unique anti-rusting properties, maintenance is a breeze. Simply wipe down the wet parts of your bike when you return home and you are done!

Fenders may seem like a small upgrade, but the most comfortable cruiser bike is one that doesn't let you get wet from tire spray.

Front and Rear Lighting System

lighting on cruiser bike

Lighting, and especially a blinking light like we feature standard on our cruisers, is one of the most important bike accessory systems that you can have on a bike, even a beach cruiser. You need to be able to see, and to be seen by others, while biking around. It may seem odd to purchase a lighting system if you never bike at night, but you should do so anyways. You never know when you will want to be out enjoying a night-time campfire with friends, or watching the sun set over the beach.

In addition, lighting helps you see at night. Attaching a front light (Peace Bikes comes with a front and rear light standard) to your bike will help you navigate areas that are not well-lit, or are forested.

Light Placement Matters

It is important to ensure, when installing your bike accessories, that your ride quality does not suffer. There is only so much space that you can use to install an accessory on your bike frame.

This is why our Puppy series beach cruisers feature a front light that does not interfere with the placement of the front basket. When upgrading your accessories over time, you should keep the same ride quality considerations in mind.

Front and Rear Brakes

beach cruiser with brakes

Front and rear brakes are a necessity when it comes to beach cruisers. Braking is a vital part of steering, as you can tap the brakes lightly to change direction, control your speed, and more. While some beach cruisers do not feature brakes, you need them to ensure a comfortable cruiser bike ride.

Make sure that you can activate the brakes with your thumbs and fingers while riding. Your brakes should be close enough to the handlebars that there is no moment of hesitation or awkwardness when needing to apply them. Being safe on a bike can be one of the most comforting experiences you will experience due to the peace of mind present.

Upright Seating Position

The upright seating position can take some getting used to. Many people will stand on their pedals while riding in order to bike faster, for example, especially on road bikes. However, if you have been riding a beach cruiser for a while, you know just how comfortable sitting upright can be.

Reduce Bike Strain

Sitting upright will reduce strains all over your body. As opposed to other styles of biking, you are sitting in a neutral position with a straight back. As a result, you place less weight on your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and arms. Your neck is positioned in a neutral position. You do not have to arch your back in order to see in front of you, unlike mountain bikers for instance. The seating position is natural.

The need for an upright seating position shows just how valuable a good seat saddle is. Since you will be sitting on your bike, you need a saddle that you find comfortable. If your seat is not comfortable, your posture will start to slack over time, and you will feel strained.

If you want a comfortable cruiser bike experience, you need to make sure that you are sitting in an upright position.


comfortable cruiser bike

Handlebars on a beach cruiser bike are placed in a more ergonomic, more natural position. Your hand placement is near your torso, rather than above the front wheel hub. As a result, you place less strain on your wrists when riding a beach cruiser, and your seated position is more natural.


Kickstands are very important when it comes to buying a comfortable cruiser bike. There is a lot of starting and stopping while biking on the beach. You may want to look for shells, take a picture, or stop at a soda shack. Instead of leaning your bike against a rock or wall, or laying your bike on the ground, install a kickstand.

Kickstands also contribute to the comfort of a ride. With a kickstand, you do not need to lift your bike, or worry about your clothes getting dirty from your bike touching the ground. You can simply deactivate the kickstand and ride! Make your comfortable cruiser bike that much better with a quality kickstand.

Kickstands help you keep your bike clean and make sure that your bike accessories do not get scratched, dinged, dented, or crushed. At Peace Bicycles, we understand the need to keep your bike clean and well-functioning, which is why our Puppy Cruiser and Dream Dutch bikes come with tools for assembly and a double kickstand for an extra sturdy park. These double kickstands make our bikes the sturdiest on the market.

A Comfortable Cruiser Bike is Like No Other...

Beach cruisers are known for their comfortable ride quality. They differ in many ways from other bikes. The materials used is different. The rider’s position is different. The bike’s weight, steering control, and more, are all different. If you have not ridden a beach cruiser before, your first experiences riding one may be seemingly odd. However, after a short while, you will come to appreciate just how much more comfortable a beach cruiser is than other types of bike. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below and we'll try to answer it asap!

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