100 Cool Bike Accessories for your Commuter

As a maker of bicycles, we always come across cool bike accessories. Recently we've found some very nifty new bike accessories and we had to share them with you. Some are cool for utility and some are for fun, but all are quite unique and complimentary for both diamond frame and step through frame bikes.

You can buy these accessories online with the below product links. If you think of any more cool bike ad-ons that we didn't mention, please be sure to tell us about them.

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Cool Bike Accessories

Bike Lights & Reflective Gear
Helmets & Safety
Bicycle Storage & Shelter
Bags & Baskets & Carriers
Locks & Security
Drink/Food Holders & Hydration Systems
Rainguards & Mudguards
Tools & Upkeep
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Fun Gadgets
Electric Conversion Kits

Bike Lights & Reflective Gear

Double-O Light Cool Bike Accessories

The Double-O bike light is one of our cool bike accessories from Paul Cocksedge, the man who brought you the Change the Record loudspeaker for smartphones. Designed to be the "most simple, safe and secure bike lights around", the Double O blends utility with cool designer aesthetics. It features LED lights that are designed to be  super bright without blinding the oncoming traffic, and a hard-wearing, flexible strap that attaches to any part of your bike, bag or helmet.  Lights are magnetic which lets you clip them together and are virtually theft-proof if you thread them to your bike lock. They will look great on our Dutch bicycles.

double 0 lights on back of dutch bike

Paul said "As a cyclist myself, I know how crucial it is to see and be seen as clearly as possible. That's what the Double O's do".

Blaze Laserlight

blaze lazerlight

The Blaze Laserlight is a cool light invention that "represents a huge advance in cycle safety". It features a powerful LED light, combined with a green laser that illuminates a bike symbol  onto the street in front of the cyclist. This makes the cyclist a lot more visibly to cars, especially if the cyclist is in back of the car. This is very important since 79% of cycling incidents happen when drivers manoeuvre into the rider’s path. The Blaze Laserlight is USB rechargeable, waterproof and fits 99% of handlebars. Sweet! You can buy your Laserlight for £ 125.

Also, be sure to check out the Burner, Blaze's take on making the "best back light on the road". The burner is a 100 lumen rear light with 24 LEDs which makes it less blinding but just as visible for following traffic.

blaze lazerlight on bike

Bike Balls - That's right!

Bike Balls light accessory

The fine gents and ladies behind Bike Balls felt as many of us do..."vulnerable to distracted and neglectful drivers". They wanted to do something about it so they created something that would sure garner attention - a lit up scrotum sack complete with testes.

Just mount them to the back of your bike seat and you're off with more confidence. Bike Balls "naturally bob-around in the breeze as you pedal away".  To turn them on gently squeeze the Balls. Then squeeze again to switch between the solid/flashing modes. Gently squeeze again to turn the Bike Balls off. You can pick these up for $17. Enjoy the video below:)

PUYL Pump and Lamp

cool bike accessories pump and light combo

Cool bike accessories need to be multi-functional if at all possible which is exactly what the PUYL pump and lamp tackles. As seen on the diamond frame bike, the Puyl is a portable tire pump that also has a convenient lamp installed. You'll be able to see your tire while pumping it up and it can serve as an emergency light if your headlight malfunctions for whatever reason.

puyl pump lamp 2 cool bike accessories

Fibre Flare Shorty Side Lights

cool bike accessories side light

It's easy to make fun of somebody who puts $10,000 worth of aftermarket products onto a $1,500 car. Say what you want about Fast & The Furious - style drifters but they are some of the safest cars on the streets. This isn't because they live their lives 1/4 mile at a time, it's because the glowing undercarriage makes the car visible to all.

That's kind of the strategy you should take with your bike when riding at night. Not hitting the nitrous button, but instead lighting up every area of the frame as possible. Fibre Flare shorty side lights are a great product for this as they can easily mount to anywhere from your top tube to your handlebars to your seat post and more. The round lights provide 360° illumination. They can also be clipped to helmets, vests, and more to light up your entire body. They can run for up to 24 hours on the 2 AAA batteries and even feature a 12-month warranty.


cool bike accessories light up blinkers

We've seen the bicycle gloves that double as turn signals but not all Dutch bicycle riders want to wear hot and sweaty gloves on a recreational cruise. Blinkergrips solves that problem while still giving the ability to signal turns to other commuters with their lights integrated into the handlebar grips.

This product simply slips onto the end of your handlebar grips and with the click of a button the light flashes on and off signaling a turn. The enhance visibility with the universally recognized blinker signal without sacrificing ergonomics with the shock absorbing tip. The lights are not constant, instead you can use a long push to serve as marker lights or a short tap to initiate the 'blinker'. The blinking turns off with another click or automatically after 15 seconds.

Aster Safest Commute Bikepack

cool bike accessories bike pack

Another example of cool bicycle accessories and their multi-functionality is the Aster Backpack. Dubbed 'the world's safest commute backpack' this device has lights, turn signals, and brakes integrated right into the back panel.

Profile lights are turned on with the Aster at all times to help reduce accidents and increase bicycle riding safety as a whole. Brake lights are activated by a 'Sidekick' feature attached to the handlebars which also activates the turn signal indicator lights. This pack is full of not only your gym shoes and Mac book, it's loaded with additional features as well. The front shoulder straps contain lights to alert oncoming traffic and the Sidekick can be set up to communicate with your Smart phone - working as an anti-theft device to send you an alert when the bike is moved.


Lightskin Seatpost Taillight

cool bike accessories seat light

The company does have a point in that externally mounted taillights are more prone to damage, malfunction, theft, and weather exposure. It was this driving cause that led them to introduce their seatpost embedded taillight design.

To some, embedding your tail lights into the seatpost may seem like overkill. The product does offer some pretty distinct advantages however. With no protruding parts there is little risk for damage thus the product will last longer. The internal circuits see no exposure to the elements and potential thieves may not even be aware that the post is a light at all. It has a life of up to 100 hours with 2AA batteries and operates with simple clicks of external buttons. Best of all, it's unique so the odds of attracting the attention of fellow commuters are a bit higher.

FlyKly Smart Light

light bike accessories

The FlyKly Smart Light packs a lot of punch in one light.  It's a bicycle light, phone holder and charger that quickly attaches on your bicycles handlebars.  Also cool is while it holds your phone in sight, you can easily follow your riding stats and other info with Smart App. The light charges in 30 minutes and has a 4 hour burn time.

coo bike light

Mini Hornet Bike Horn

mini hornet bike light

The Mini Hornet Bike Light is an awesome lights and sound effects accessory for kids bikes and scooters. I also think some adults would fancy it as well! The Hornet, comes with 25 sounds and white and green lights, It also features wings that clip on to fit all bikes and scooters. You can buy this light for £ 14.

Defender Anti-Theft Light

cool bike accessories bike light

The best thing that the Defender Anti-Theft light has going for it is the fact that it looks cool. What kind of thief is going to attempt to steal a bike from an owner that has a light that looks like a revolver barrel? The Defender is anti-theft not only in intimidation purposes, it features a proprietary security bolt that locks it into place. It is weather proof and shock proof so you can Lock-tite the bolt and forget about it. It is even shock proof so it is designed for the long haul.

Something to remember about your bike light's being stolen is that it's not just a nuisance, it's an incredible safety risk. Riding home in the dark when you thought you were going to be fully illuminated is very dangerous so get the Defender to have your back (well, front technically) covered.

Knog Blinder 4

cool bike accessories knog blinder 4

If you're going to get a bike light today, the best route to take is a lithium battery model. The lithium battery products can most often be recharged with a USB port instead of having to carry along additional replacement batteries that can take up room in your pack and run the risk of becoming lost or damaged. The Knog Blinder 4 is one such lithium based front and rear bicycle light. It is a 100% waterproof light that provides a blast of 80 Lumens of front light or 44 Lumens of rear projection. It's not the brightest light out there, but the optimized optics do provide a smooth and highly visible beam pattern that reaches out to 800 metres.

Cycliq Fly 12 Camera/Light

One of the easiest combinations of cool bicycle accessories to integrate together is a camera and light system. After all, the camera is pointing in the direction you're headed anyway, so it only makes sense to light the path ahead (or behind you for that matter.)

cool bike accessories cycliq bike light

The Cycliq Fly 12 is a 1080p action camera that also features a 400 Lumen light. It mounts inconspicuously on your front handlebar while still allowing access for a Smart phone or GPS mount.  The device features up to 10 hours of battery life even while in camera mode. Connecting to the app lets you edit and share your videos with your friends and rivals. The Cycliq Fly 12 is great not only for safety, but also to ensure that all your riding footage is captured regardless of the existing weather conditions.

Orfos 360° Bike Light

cool bike accessories lights

Most bike lights at least attempt to illuminate an area all around you but many dull in brightness within the radius. The Orfos 360° bike light features LED lights that are surrounded by a reflective interior. The process simulates lenses in fiber optics in a way as it disperses the light through the case in which they are emitted at every angle.

Orfos features a number of different lights in their product line, some of which reach 300 to 500 Lumens that is almost vehicle headlight capacity. Each light is 100% waterproof, mounts magnetically, and is fully rechargeable. It is easily one of the safest night and inclement weather bicycling lights ever made.

Firefly Biking Safety Lights

cool bike accessories firefly light

Although they do put you in a conundrum if you need to dismount your bike and run through the woods to elude authorities, the Firefly biking safety lights are one more way to safely pedal at night. They clip on the back of your shoe kind of like a boot spur and provide extra safety if you're walking around your bike in the street or going for a nighttime jog - with or without the cops chasing you. They come in green, red, or blue and can be set to either 'constant' or 'flashing.'

Cat Bike Light

cool bike accessories cat light

So, not all cool bike accessories need to be high-tech and elaborate. The Cat Bike Light for example is a simple way to light your 2-wheel path by showing off your love for felines. It is a nice conversation starter when riding in groups of new friends and a worthy investment at under $10. You can press the kitty's nose to adjust between constant and flashing light settings or even push his or her head to hear a 'meow, meow' sound. If the gentle purring of a kitten doesn't get people out of your way then....


bikelane cool bike accessories

BikeLane is a unique system that takes lighting to the next level. This light from xFire not only includes 5 bright LED taillights for visibility for your actual bike, it features two projected lasers that create a bike lane for oncoming drivers to see at night. It gives visibility at almost 1 mile and creates a buffer zone for drivers and others to stay safely away as you ride.

bikelane light cool bike accessories

Tracer 360 Vest

Tracer 360 Vest biking accessory

Many bicycling vests have a reflective panel on the rear but that doesn't instill a lot of confidence when vehicles are coming at you from the front or the side. The Tracer 360 lighted vest solves that problem by lighting up your torso in all directions.

Tracer 360 Vest accessory for cycling

The Torso 360 is everything you want in a bicycle vest, bright and lightweight - brightweight(?) The 6.5 oz. vest is available in a variety of colors and also makes a nice accessory to wear to raves at the club.

Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System

Monkey Light Wheel Display

What's better then a stop sign that lights up in your spokes to keep drivers and other obstacles in the know? Maybe nothing. The Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System does just that. It displays images and animations on your bike wheel. The coolest part is that you get to download your own graphics and show them while you ride. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking Oasis Album Covers. Don't ask. The Pro model sells for $995.

Monkey Light Pro


Revolight bike lights

Revolight originally launched in 2011 and has been revolutionizing bicycle safety ever since.  They make tail lights, head lights, and the 360 Degree package. These things are awesome and they give you the feel of some kind of a superhero riding through the night. The Headlight, Taillight and 360º Visibility package fits 700C Wheels and will run you $199.

Revolights 360 degrees

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

zackees turn signal gloves

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are great for the hardcore rider that rides on the street and needs to communicate turning intentions to cars and trucks. Zackess believe that the most visible bike light is the one you wear on your hand, so they're made these bright. These glove are machine washable, made from high quality textiles, and feature a rechargeable battery. You can buy a pair for $89.95.

Lumo Herne Hill Harrington Jacket

herne hill harrington jacket

The Lumo Hernie Hill Harrington Jacket is a cool jacket by itself and then with the added 14x 4 Lumen LED lights it's even cooler.  The Lumo Hernie has two settings including high energy pulse and low energy flash. It is USB rechargeable and features reflective trims on back pocket and cuffs for additional visibility. The Jacket runs £200. If you've got the extra scratch we suggest getting the Mens or Womens City bundle which comes comes with a matching backpack.

backpack with led lights

The Backpack by Visijax

cool visijax backpack

The Backpack by Visijax is an awesome waterproof biking backpack for those looking to increase their light presence at night.  Hi-vis fabric is covered by reflective strips which allows for visibility from every rear angle with six high intensity LEDs on the sides plus five on the rear.  Each backpack comes with a rechargeable USB battery that provides  up to 20 hours of continuous usage. You can buy this cool backpack for £49.99.

Volvo Lifepaint

Volvo Lifepaint

Lifepaint from Volvo is another interesting cool bike accessory designed for night riders who may or may not want to look like Storm Troopers. It is a water-based reflective safety spray that is invisible by daylight. When the sun goes down however, it glows brightly under the shine of vehicle headlights. It can be sprayed on skin or clothing without causing damage to the surface material. Lifepaint is best used on clothing however, both because of the risk of sweat washing it off and for the fact that the product can have about a week's worth of life on your shirt or pants if they have not been washed.

Heisel Reflective Socks

cool bike accessories reflective socks

One thing a lot of these cool bike accessories have in common is improving the safety of your ride. Quite frankly, there's nothing cool about collisions with pedestrians, other bike riders, or vehicles. As responsible riders it's our job to be vigilant in our own safety, especially when riding at night.

The approach you should take when riding at night is to make sure every part of your body is accounted for regarding lighting. Bike lights are obviously very important as well, but if you're going to be wearing shoes, vests, and helmets anyway they might as well light up or at least be reflective. The Heisel reflective socks follow that rule as well. They are 100% organic socks that feature Scotchlite reflective material from 3M that is 2" thick. You could argue that your shoes and socks are the most effective places to alert other commuters because your pedaling motion is bound to catch light in almost a blinking manner.

Helmets & Safety

Yakkay Helmet

cool bike accessories helmet

Many cool bike accessories these days are aiming to create a better mesh between commuter and bike rider. Stylish cycling pants for example look like designer jeans but have a padded rear end area, a dri-fit core, and a reinforced chain-side leg so that they are comfortable, yet fashionable for the work commuter to wear to their jobs.

Bicycle helmets don't necessarily need to follow the 'cool look' approach because most commuters don't wear their helmet to conference meetings. Regardless, Yakkay feels that you should look stylish from head to toe while riding which is why they have unveiled a fashionable style of helmets. The offer the safety of helmets, but with the appearance of designer covers. This is perfect for Dutch style bicycle riding that is done in more casual, laid-back outfits instead of 99% spandex body coverage.

Every Dutch Bicyclist needs the Bern Melrose Helmet

cool bike accessories by bern

First reaction - what a cool looking bike helmet! Definitely one of our cool bike accessories! The Melrose features hip styling,  comfort and light weight design. Designed with 16 vents there is more than twice as much airflow than every other Bern helmet. It also features a performance liner with adjustable dial which allows for a customized fit with moisture control and is replaceable should one need to clean out the sweat rag.


Torch T2 Light Helmet

Torch bicycle helmet with integrated lights

Torch Apparel focuses on the safety and style of cyclists. The Torch T2 Helmet with integrated lights is a sweet looking designer helmet with 10 integrated LED light to keep you visible and safe and night. It features rechargeable batteries (1.5 hrs with included USB cable), 4 different light functions including flash, battery level indicator, and up to 6 hours battery life on steady or 36 hours on flash,  and  shatter proof poly-carbonate lenses. Pick your favorite color ans pick one up for $139.99.

Torch-bicycle helmet with integrated lights

Carrera Foldable Helmet

carrera foldable helmet cool bike accessories

We know how important it is to wear our helmets on every single bike ride. Unfortunately, they are quite annoying to tote around however, especially on Dutch bike cruises where you spend a lot of time off the bike exploring, shopping, and carousing.

The Carrera foldable bike helmet aims to increase convenience but without sacrificing safety. When folded it cuts about 25% off the width of the helmet which isn't Rick-Moranis-Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids worthy but still. When folded, the helmet is more aerodynamic which allows it to fit better into packs or panniers without consuming all the room. the design which makes it foldable also allows for increased ventilation to your head which is nice. Best of all, it still protects your head despite being able to be folded.


cool bike accessories visor

One thing that winter bike riders always struggle with is finding adequate protection for their face. Ski masks or balaclavas are an enticing option but many times they make it hard to breathe and can cause your face to sweat. Ski goggles fog up because of the close proximity to your nose and mouth and the heavy breathing that's done while cycling.

VisorX seems like the perfect solution for Winter bike riding in cold and wet weather. This visor contraption fits over any helmet and makes you look like a welder or Boba Fett - but a warm one and dry one. The shield is made from 3mm polycarbonate plastic which has the biggest characteristic of being durable - it's the same material for motorcycle shield industry specs. It features an anti-fog coating but also has strategically placed vents to provide for adequate air circulation.

Igor Mitin Helmet Experiences

Igor Mitin Helmet 2 cool bike accessories

You might not be reaching top-end speeds while cavorting around town on your Dutch bicycle but it doesn't mean safety isn't important. Wearing a helmet during all rides is the best way to get kids to wear one as well and it as we all know accidents can happen whether you're traveling across the country or across the parking lot. Admittedly though, most bicycle helmets are kind of 'dorky.' Enter the Igor Mitin line of helmets. They are not only extremely durable as they are designed for motorcycle riders, they are a creatively awesome conversation starter. Check out their website for an example of other unique designs such as globes, walnuts, brains, and more.

Igor Mitin Helmet cool bike accessories

RearViz Mirror Armband

cool bike accessories rearviz

When out cruising on your Dutch bicycle, rear view mirrors are imperative. Granted, the traditional 'antennae-like' models that clip to your helmet can be kind of annoying and can cause a migraine as your eyes roll back in your head trying to reach that perfect angle. The RearViz mirror armband is simple, but incredibly convenient and useful.

RearViz is offering the world's first arm mounted rearview cycling mirror. It's a concept that seemingly should have been introduced decades ago. It features a full-rotateable base and the mirror can pivot 180° so that riders can find the perfect arm angle for safe viewing of the rear. It is much more convenient to shift your arm then to cock your head in an unnatural position so the RearViz works perfectly. You can flip it closed while off the bike for a break and you won't look like a spandex-clad grasshopper in the process.

Bar Mitts

cool bike accessories bar mitts

More and more people are becoming year-round bicycle riders because it is a way to get exercise in the Winter while saving the harsh wear and tear on a vehicle in the cold weather months. We're not just talking about California either as commuters everywhere from Wisconsin to New York are braving the snow, slush, and ice as they've become too enamored with riding their bike for work or for play.

cool bike accessories hand warmers

Of course, Winter bike riding isn't without it's risks. The obvious ones are navigating a terrain that is caked in ice and snow. Besides that though, there are the obstacles of staying warm while you ride. Your hands especially take a violent beating as they bare the brunt of the wind and elements. Wearing traditional gloves doesn't always work as they can channel Bon Jovi and become slippery when wet. Gloves also make navigating your phone or music player that much more difficult because of their bulkiness. Bar Mitts are a quality solution as they attach directly to the bike handlebars. They allow for using regular biking gloves on the handlebar while also staying warm. They are reflective, weatherproof and allow for easy access and shifting which helps to increase the Winter biking safety.

Bike Horns & Bells & Music

boomBottle - Water Bottle Cage Speaker System

bool bike accessories boom bottle

Perhaps the best way to mount a wireless speaker has arrived with the boomBottle. If fits perfectly in any standard bicycle water bottle cage and frees up room for your phone, GPS, lights, etc. on all other areas of the bike. The boomBottle is completely waterproof and designed to deliver sound in an omni-directional manner. There is an integrated mic so everybody around you can listen in on your phone conversations and you can even control volume and skip 'Panic at the Disco' songs from the bottle/speaker itself.

Hornit db140

cool bike accessories horn

If you are going to be riding your Dutch bicycle in a crowded urban area most traditional horns probably aren't going to be enough to alert other commuters in your area. Enter the Hornit db140 which is the world's loudest cycle horn. It is small and sleek and even comes with a remote trigger. It emits two different sound types, both piercing and a car horn simulator. One thing to remember about loud bike horns is that you aren't using them to be a jerk (most of the time). The truth is there are many distracted drivers and pedestrians out there who are more focused on their phones than the road. In city settings where buses and delivery trucks are prevalent, the db140 can literally be a life saver.

Sound From Wind

cool bike accessories sound from wind

We've heard of a lot of good community bicycling clubs break up because the members couldn't find a common ground between John Tesh, Taylor Swift, and Rush when it comes to the accompanied cruising tunes. Perhaps Sound from Wind will restore harmony to the Earth?

The device contains two ceramic replacements for your Dutch bike handlebar grips. They channel air through the internal tubes and creates an output that sounds like a flute or ocarina (no instant John Tesh conversion plate available at this time.) Riders can change pitches with some handlebar controls and increase sound volume by pedaling faster. They look cool, sound cool, and help calm your riding partners with a variety of melodic rhythms.

Verbal Bicycle Bell

cool bike accessories bike bell

Having a bell on your bicycle is important, but when it comes to cool bicycle accessories most bells are boring. In fact, some riders and even vehicle drivers have gotten so accustomed to the obligatory 'ching-ching' of bicycle bells that they drown them out like white noise.

Enter the verbal bicycle bell which gives you the ability to record any custom message or sound and play it at the push of a button. Some people might say that's what your voice is for but how are you supposed to yell at people ahead of you while still singing along with the Cher songs playing over your bike's audio system? Plus, the verball bell shoots out at about 80db (similar to a vacuum cleaner) which would put a strain on your vocal chords if done repetitively. If you're riding your Dutch bike to go sing karaoke, you don't want poor drivers ahead of you or animals in the road to elicit boos from the crowd - that's what your singing is for.

Biker Mate

cool bike accessories biker mate

A mounted phone is just as much of a mandatory bicycle accessory these days as tires are. Playing tunes from your phone is also much safer than wearing headphones and it allows you the opportunity to hear calls that may be coming through. The Biker Mate is a plug-in speaker that helps deliver those tunes in a much more clear and crisp manner. It features a 5-watt speaker that delivers Miley Cyrus songs with concert-like quality. It also features an LED flash torch and a hands-free feature so you can take calls right through the speaker.

Trigger Bell is a Must Have Bike Accessory

trigger bell cool bike accessories

The trigger bell is "a safer bike bell" and quite an innovative take on the old "ring, ring". Unlike traditional style bike bells you can ping your Trigger Bell while you brake, turn and change gear. This way you're not searching for the bell as pedestrians come up in front of you.

trigger bell for bicycles

One rider said that the “Trigger Bell was literally a life-saver, being able to use my bell and hit hard on the brakes I was able to avoid an accident.” It will fit on anything from Dutch style bikes to racing bikes to foldable bikes and fixed gears to mountain bikes. Currently, due to unprecedented demand, you can pre-order for September shipping.

Allo Bike Mount for the music lover


Allo Bike Mount on handlebar

When you're riding your bike it's great to have a comfortable way to utilize it instead of reaching into your pocket all the time. The Allo all-in-one bike mount and speaker allows you a safe, convenient way to access your third arm without using earbuds or holding the phone with your hand which can be quite dangerous.

3D Surround Music Box

cool bike accessories 3d surround music system

Dutch bicycle rides are fun - but they're undoubtedly more enjoyable when being serenaded by tunes as you pedal. The 3D Music Surround Box transfers your two-wheeler into a roving nightclub as it sends crystal crisp audio into the air and into the ears of the fellow pedalers in your pack (whether they like it or not.)You'll not only be able to enjoy your music, but will also stay aware of your surroundings such as car horns and people in your group yelling at you to play something besides Sweet Home Alabama.

Bicycle Storage & Shelter

The Original Bike Shelf

cool bike accessories bike shelf

Bicycle riders who live in apartments or cramped houses have struggled for an eternity for a way to effortlessly store their steed. Sometimes the only viable option for bike storage is inside your dwelling. You don't necessarily want to leave your bike chained up overnight consistently exposed to the elements and potential thieves and a storage shed might be miles from where you live. The Bike Shelf solves the interior storage dilemma in an attractive manner. The bike slides into a slot in what is seemingly an ordinary shelf. It is off the floor  an maintains standard self function while in use. Your bike looks almost like an art piece as it hangs on your wall and as an added bonus the shelf makes it easier to do tire, chain, and other repairs.

DaHANGER Bike Rack

bicycle on DaHANGER Bike Rack

DaHÄNGER convenient bicycle storage

This bike shelf by DaHANGER is made out of super durable plastic and is the kind of thing you want in your flat or house when you're constantly on the go and you tend to grab your bike, like the diamond bike in the picture above. You know, testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch (thanks Mr. Powers). Or in this case Wallet, iPhone, your Dutch bike and keys. Or something of that sort. Our lightweight Peace Dreamer models can be hung on it. What's also cool is that it lets you keep a few other accessories inside its convenient inner area. You can store your helmet here, any of the items mentioned above and more.


Available in grey, black or granite white, the DaHANGER includes all the  hardware (and black felt pad for added protection) you need to prop it onto your wall easily. You can pre-order it now.

YardStash III

cool bike accessories storage

The Yardstash III device solves two main problems that bike owners encounter - 1) storing their bikes outdoors and 2) doing so in a space-saving and temporary manner. It is essentially an outdoor shed that can be put up in the time it takes to set up a tent. Your bikes can stay safely out of the elements but do so without encountering the zoning restrictions from traditional sheds or the costs of building permanent structures.

The dimensions are 74" wide by 30" deep by 65" high. That is enough room for two adult Dutch bicycles with space to spare for cool bike accessories, pool floats, garden tools, etc. The Yardstash has a water-shedding design with full top and bottom zippers for complete protection against moisture, dust, and insects. The item can be conveniently rolled up for traveling and weighs just 16 pounds total.

Kamp-Rite Bushtrekka Bike Camper

cool bike accessories bike camper

Anymore, the outdoors is the place to be. Whether you're talking about an enjoyable day on your Dutch bicycle or a night of camping under the stars, enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer is great for mental clarity and well-being. Previously, when you wanted to combine the two activities it could be very difficult packing all your camping gear while still having room on your bicycle to pedal and navigate.

The Bushtrekka Kamp-Rite makes multiple-day rides a possibility.  It is a tow-behind trailer/camper with tons of storage and weatherproof, off-the-ground sleeping capabilities. The camper adds about 68 pounds to your ride (without gear) but it is easily the most convenient way to haul camping equipment. It has a pivoting wheel that doesn't ruin the integrity of your bike riding. Simply unhook the trailer at your campsite and cruise around exploring new grounds.

Velo Sock Covers

cool bike accessories covers

Sometimes overlooked when it comes to storing your bicycle inside isn't the lack of room to accommodate the two-wheeler, but instead the risk of damage.  The risk of damage to the bike is apparent, especially if you have pets or kids. There is also a significant chance of damage from the bike however.

Bikes are riddled with dirt after you've been tearing up the streets with them. The chain is also dripping with dirt, grease, and oil collected from the roads. These sources of grime can cause some pretty costly damages to your carpet or hardwood flooring and may risk your security deposit if you are leasing. The Velo Sock Covers are one of the best products for safe indoor bicycle storage. The cover is made from a durable polyester and spandex combination that easily stretches over most adult bikes. It keeps your floors and walls clean and free from dripping debris. The sock covers feature some safety benefits for commuters who want to store their bike indoors as well.

Surly Trailer

cool bike accessories bike trailer

Baskets, panniers, messenger bags, and similar bike totes are very convenient for hauling small items on your two-wheeler. For significant cargo however a Surly trailer is the only way to go. These sturdy tow-behinds are designed to haul all sorts of items from camping gear to coolers to groceries and more. They do so all without affecting the ride and handle of your bike. Granted, you'll be towing some significant extra weight, but it's a much more stable way of doing so then loading your body or the frame itself up with bags.

Bags & Baskets & Carriers


Default Commuter Bag

cool bike accessories commuter bag

We all know how hard it is on a car to start it up and let the engine warm up just for a simple trip down to the grocery store. This is why Dutch bikes are recommended to run all sorts of errands. Of course, one problem that's always encountered is fitting items like groceries comfortably on your bicycle - not everybody is cool with the front basket or tow-behind trailer.

The Default Commuter bag was designed to be roomy enough for anything from groceries to extra clothes to change into after your ride to work. It is waterproof, roomy, and designed for modern carryalls including pockets for laptops, cell phones, etc. The bag is very versatile, but also quite stylish. If you do happen to shop on an empty stomach or go to the liquor store drunk (on foot) the Default backpack has you covered.

Bedrock Handlebar Bag

cool bike accessories bedrock handlebar bag

One of the most resourceful spots on your bicycle to carry items is the front handlebar. It is somewhat weighed down anyway from the force of gravity and it's a great way to keep an eye on your stuff at all times - how many people have went to grab a snack out of their bag only to find out it fell off about 7.5 miles back?

The Bedrock Handlebar Bag provides a front of the bike storage solution that's almost unheard of. It is more efficient and stylish than a front basket. The bag features built in 'cinching' ropes that reduce wind resistance. It is very durable constructed of ripstop materials and waterproof to serve as a dry bag while the rest of your body gets soaked.

Speaking of bicycle storage, the Buca Boot is a functional, weatherproof storage trunk for your bike. This easy to install yet difficult to steal rear rack addition is quality built fits all standard bike racks and features beautiful styling. If you walk away from your bike no worries as you can lock it up. Are you in need of more space?  Side panniers are built in as well. You can pick one up for $225.

buca boot bicycle storage

Portland Design Works Takeout  Basket

manlier bike basket cool bike accessories

There's no doubt that one of the most convenient ways to carry items on your bicycle is with a front basket. It lets you keep an eye on your stuff without needing to tote around an uncomfortable backpack. Unfortunately thanks to some factually incorrect movie buffs and the unattractive style of most bike baskets your ride is going to be often met with, "Hey Dorothy, where's Toto?"

Beer Six Pack holders for bikes like the Takeout Basket by Portland Design Works are becoming more popular today as commuters must often make trips to the grocery store and run other errands after their work day. Durable construction and sleek designs are the trademark of most of this design. Many dudes want a bike basket that looks like you're going to a construction site, not a picnic.

Timbuk2 Clifford Canine Carrier

Clifford Canine Carrier

You might not want to necessarily haul the big red dog with you, but the Clifford Canine Carrier is a great way to bring your four-legged friends with you on your bike commute. The alternative is trying to hold a leash and steer at the same time while your dog jets out after every distraction that's new to him or her in the outside world. You also not fair to leave your pets locked up at home while you're out enjoying the beautiful day which is why this carrier is perfect.

The ergonomic shoulder straps and durable construction allows for hauling around up to 200 pounds of Beast. Side straps are vented to get some air circulating while a fully-waterproof case helps you avoid the sweet smells of that classy perfume known as "Le Wet Dog."

Locks & Security

Loud Mini Bike Horn by Loud Bicycle

loud mini car horn on a bike

Bikes are sharing the road with Cars more and more, so why don't they have horns? The fine people at Loud Bicycle have answered that question. They should.  The Loud Mini is their newest horn, is loud and sounds just like a car. It also features a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts 4 months (480 seconds of honking). You can pre-order this bike horn now.

Smartphone Alerting Bike Alarm

cool bike accessories smartphone alerting bike alarm

Outfitting your bike with an alarm adds an extra sense of security beyond a lock. As the alarm goes off, people in the area are alerted which will hopefully thwart off the thieves, especially as they ride down the streets with the buzzer blaring. Then again, you're relying a lot on the help of strangers and most expert thieves will know a way to disarm the alert.

bike alarm

The Smart Phone Bike Alarm gives you an instant notification when your rig has been moved. The alarm looks like a typical taillight but contains a motion sensor that sends an alert to your phone via Bluetooth while also sending out a blasting blare.

Troja Bike - GPS protection for your bicycle

bicycle gps tracker

Bike theft is a big problem everywhere except in Japan, the hidden gem of honesty. Troja Bike's Bike GPS Tracker features a positioning system that can be neither turned off nor removed or destroyed by thieves. Here's how it works: The device is securely fixed inside the bicycle frame (seat tube) with a battery that runs up to a season and can be recharged at any time. If a thief takes your beloved bikey, you will know where to find it and them via cell phone app. In this situation we suggest calling the police and not getting Charles Bronson with it.

bicycle gps tracker on phone

Seatylock Saddle Cover

seatylock saddle lock

Fusing two very necessary bicycle elements, the Seatylock Saddle Cover is a bike saddle that easily turns into a solid one meter bicycle lock.  This clever saddle is has a universal adaptor that is fully compatible with any bike,  It comes in two version including the Seatylock Trekking & Seatylock Comfort saddles. You can pre-order it now.

seatylock saddle lock

Sherlock Invisible Bike Lock

The main thesis behind locking your bike is to get an apparatus big and bulky enough so that would-be lazy thieves see it and move on to an easier target. The Sherlock system takes a more sleuth-ey approach in that the bike lock can be hidden in the handlebars.

cool bike accessories invisible bike lock

This is a great idea to not necessarily deter thieves, but to catch them in the act and get them off the streets. The alarm is connected to your Smart phone and sends you an alert when your bike is moved. GPS tracking lets you follow the perps and deliver swift justice (although it's probably better to call the authorities). It's a fresh take on the old $5 bill on the sidewalk attached to a piece of fishing string trick.

 Acoustic Optical Lock by Yanko Design

cool bike accessories bike lock

Although your Dutch bicycle should stick out in a crowd thanks to it's unique, attractive style, the popularity of the design is increasing in popularity. On 25-50 person rides, it can be hard to identify your bike from the masses. Since you don't want to pedal off with one of your comrade's steeds, the Acoustic Optical Lock is a must-have purchase.

cool bike accessories bike lock

Just like finding your Volvo among 10,000 of the exact same make, year, and model at Disneyland, the Acoustic Optical Lock sends that familiar 'chirp-chirp- but to your bicycle. The sensor attaches to the key which is used to unlock the device.

Bicycle Chain Vines

cool bike accessories bike chain lock

When bicycle thieves eye up your rig they like to do what's known as 'casing the joint' - doing multiple walk-bys to examine your lock system and plan their heist. The bicycle chain vines throws a wrench in their plans by disguising a bike tube as some random leafy vines that have wrapped their way around a metal pole. The crook will go to ride the bike away only to get tripped up by the cable vine lock. He (or she) will be shamed and ridiculed by onlookers and will never attempt to steal a bike again.

Linka Auto Unlocking

cool bike accessories auto unlock

The catchphrase of the Linka Auto Unlocking product is to "lock smarter, not harder." It's a very wise approach to bicycle safety compared to thicker and thicker chain locks that are just harder to carry and can often be compromised by dedicated would-be thieves. Linka locks the wheel to the bike frame so it cannot be ridden away - as 85% of most stolen bikes are. It is also bluetooth enabled so that you will receive a Smart phone alert if your bike is tampered with. If crooks aren't scared away by the difficulty of robbing the bike, a 100db siren blares to remove that last shred of doubt and have them moving on to the next target. Not only that, the lock can easily be secured and unsecured with a passcode, eliminating your need to carry a key.


cool bike accessories lock

Bikes are undoubtedly harder to steal when they can't be ridden away. Can a thieve throw your bike in the back of a truck and make off with it? Sure, but they'll still have to disable the lock if they want to ever make it functional - and most aren't this energetic.

The Stem Lock adds an extra hassle to the thieves job by internally disconnecting a handlebar stem from its fork - making the bike impossible to steer. We're not talking about only being able to drive straight either. Upon parking a key is pushed into the Stemlock, which essentially separates the fork from the stem. The handlebars now swing freely back and forth with no effect on the stem and front wheel. The product has the added benefit of enabling the handlebars to turn without moving the front wheel which makes it easier to park in a cramped hallway.

Water Bottle Bike Lock

cool bike accessories water bottle bike lock

Another accessibility concern for Dutch bike riders, much like the debate of the tools to bring along, is the lock. One of the best things about Dutch bikes is that they are cruisers - perfect for taking to the beach or the boardwalk to enjoy a nice day of shopping, eating, and sightseeing. These trips however also mean leaving your bike alone for awhile which is why a bike lock is an absolute necessity.

Water Bottle Bike Lock

On these more casual rides, you might not necessarily need a lot of water to hydrate yourself as you'll be stopping at malt shops, pubs, etc. In this instance the Kadalock Water Bottle Bike Lock fits securely in your water bracket, but contains an easy to carry lock instead. 5' of 8mm thick cable are wound into the bike lock and it even contains a small compartment for storage.

Drink/Food Holders & Hydration Systems

Bookman Stainless Steel Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder

Bookman cup holder on handlebar

These Bookman stainless steel cup holders offer a new steel construction and easily attach to your bike's handlebar. This design is great because it never loses grip even even when riding over bumps & potholes and different sized rings can be flipped for small & medium cup sizes. Also, when you're done using it just squeeze the rings together for an easy disengage.

Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle

One of the hardest things to gauge when you're out on an all day bike commute is how to use your water supply. It's like when you make pizza Lunchables - do you make the first two sparingly to have one super-pizza at the end or do you try to ration? Although they haven't solved the Lunchable dilemma yet, Fontus does have a solution for your bicycle water needs.

cool bike accessories water bottle

The self-filling water bottle is one of the most ingenious cool  bike accessories ever released. A small fan draws air from the environment and processes it through a filter into condensation chambers. Small coolers cause the moisture in the air to condensate - kind of like how your home's air-conditioner works. The liquid water is stored and is fully safe to drink.


A small chamber is even located at the bottom where mineral capsules are placed and dissolved in the harvested water. The device can be charged via USB or even solar energy. If Fontus can figure out how to replicate this process creating beer or wine just hand them the Nobel Peace Prize and cancel the ceremony.

Biken Banana Holder

cool bike accessories banana holder

What's one thing that can derail a good Dutch bicycle cruise - cramps. What is something that helps fight off cramps - a banana! Biken has finally heard the collective cries of the biking community with their banana holder.


This patent leather carrier is literally a banana hammock. It can be outfitted to either the stem, the seat post, or the frame as to not interfere with any non-fruit related carrying bags you might need. Carrying anything other than a banana in this cool bike accessory is however frowned upon so find a different spot for your energy bars and other 'modern' snacks.

Oopsmark Leather Wine Rack

cool bike accessories wine rack

When you take your bicycle to a tour at your local winery it's tempting to take a bottle with you to enjoy at home. In the past the only option was putting it in your front basket where it taunts you the whole time you are pedaling home. The next thing you know you're in a blur on the side of the road with an empty wine bottle and a liter of regret.

cool bike accessories wine rack

The leather wine rack, available in multiple variations, allows you to safely and securely tote your reds and whites from the vineyard to your home. It works great for saving room when you're returning home from grocery shopping or carrying along a bottle to a dinner with friends.

Bike Mounted Leather Growler Carrier

cool bike accessories growler holder

It seems that one of the foundations that many of the coolest bike accessories was built upon was finding a way for people to get their booze home on their 2-wheeler. The leather growler carrier works in much of the same way as the bicycle frame wine tote. The leather case is designed to perfectly accompany a traditional 64 ounce growler which is much more preferable than toting the heavy, bulky object in a backpack or messenger bag.


Since Peace Bicycles have a straight bar on the top frame (some Dutch bicycles are dipped, the growler carrier can also be fastened in this location. Some riders like to equip the back of their seat with tote bags or Go-Pro cameras. The carrier snaps off in an instant and can be attached in seconds for those trips to your local craft brewery.

Bicycle Beer Saddlebags

cool bike accessories beer saddlebagcool bike accessories bike beer bag

The Bicycle Beer Saddlebags are a cool bicycle accessory if you like to combine the time honored traditions of pedaling and pubbing. Made of handcrafted leather the bag looks stylish even when there are no suds in tow (a travesty mind you.) It attaches to both the seat post and top tube for extra security and minimized fizzing. The manufacturers say it can also be used for soda bottles?

Veleau Bicycle Hydrating System

cool bike accessories hydrating system

Once again, Dutch bicycle rides are traditionally considered more recreational than competitive but it doesn't necessarily make hydration any less of an importance. Most Dutch riders prefer a stop at a brewery or a malt shop to recharge their nutrients but for those who are more focused on the ride than the breaks comes the Veleau Bicycle Hydration System.

The Veleau system does mount right to the bike which eliminates the need for a backpack, cooler, or multiple water bottle cages. The chamber holds 42 ounces of water (or other liquids) as well as a parachute cord and two magnets to easily return the drinking tube to it's correct position after use.


bikefast cool bike accessories

Bicycle commuting to work is becoming ever-increasingly popular. It is a great way to clear your head before the 8-hour day and it helps you get your daily exercise out of the way so you don't fret over it all day. Some people cut it close with their morning clock-in even with a car so the best way to save time while still enjoying the most important meal of the day is with the Bikefast breakfast tray. You may want to opt for juice instead of scalding hot coffee but you get the picture. If anything, the Bikefast Tray ensures you ride safe in the morning while avoiding donut-tossing potholes at all costs.

Road Popper

cool bike accessories bottle opener

It can be very refreshing enjoying a nice cold Sarsaparilla at the beginning, middle, or end of your bicycle ride. Unfortunately, if somebody forgets to pack the bottle opener they may find themselves riding home by themselves. Either that, or you risk cutting up your hands trying to get to the tasty goodness inside the bottle. Don't leave anything to chance, outfit your bike seat with a built-in bottle opener.

cool bike accessories bottle opener

The Road Popper is an inconspicuous addition to your Dutch bike that could become a lifesaver. The built-in bottle opener is there when you need it, further increasing the multi-functionality of every part of your bike.

Rainguards & Mudguards


LeafxPro 2 - the Groovy Bicycle Umbrella

cool bike accessories leafxpro2

You aren't necessarily going to look like a debonair with the Leafxpro 2 attached to your Dutch bike but at least you'll be dry.  As more and more people ditch their cars for 100% bike commuting they also can't afford to take a sick day from work every time it rains.

LeafXPro 2 accessory on commuter bike

The LeafXPro 2 is a lightweight bicycle umbrella that is easy to assemble and disassemble when bad weather threatens. It is compatible with many different bike types. Once they get windshield wipers on this thing we're ready to bike 24/7 rain or shine.

Veltop Bike Top

cool bike accessories weatherproof bike top

If you really want to ride your bike in the rain (and for many full-time cyclists it's your only option) you shouldn't expect to look very cool. The Veltop definitely proves that but hey, at least you'll be dry. This 'bikebrella' sits overtop your step through bike protecting your top, front, and rear from the wind and rain. It clips conveniently on top of Dutch bicycles and folds away easily (while installing quickly) when severe weather threatens.



When you're out enjoying a cruise on your Dutch bike, the weather can turn in an instant. When this happens you used to have to options - 1) hit a pub and ride the storm out or 2) get a nice dirty brown streak up your back from all the splashed up rainwater. The fine folks at Ass-Savers decided there had to be another way.

Their product is an emergency bicycle mudguard. It can be efficiently tucked under the seat when dry weather abounds and clipped into place in an instant when dark skies threaten. Don't let a sketchy weather man determine if you're going to get a ride in or not - get an Ass-Saver.

Tools & Upkeep

Bike Owner's Handbook

cool bike accessories bike owners handbook

In order to get the most out of any of these cool bike accessories, it's important to be somewhat familiar with the components of a bike. This helps you install them all correctly while also helps you diagnose problems if you encounter them on your ride. Dutch bicycles are so convenient because you don't have to be a professional to ride and enjoy one. The Bike Owner's Handbook however ensures you can get the most out of your cruiser.

Nobody said you had to carry the Bike Owner's Handbook with you at all times like an auto repair manual but freshening up on the ins and outs of a bike during your down time can be highly beneficial. The handbook is a manual of basic bike upkeep with step by step instructions and illustrations of puncture repair, brake adjustment, and other DIY mods you'll have to make. As you become enamored with the bicycling culture, you'll want to make sure your Dutch bike is operating at peak conditions for every single ride.


cool bike accessories patch n ride

Bicycle riders have had to deal with flat tires ever since we switched from Flintstone-like rock and wood wheels 100-some years ago. Dealing with a flat tire is easily the most frustrating encounter on a ride mostly because it is the issue that happens most frequently. Patchnride is a new system that won't prevent flat tires, but aims to fix them in seconds.

The company definitely found a niche with riders that were sick of dealing with a time-consuming flat tire repair ruining their ride. They earned 1489% of their Indiegogo goal for the tool that allows you to patch your tube without removing the actual tire. You twist the tool into the area of the puncture, pump a handle to set the patch, then fill the tube back up with air and you're back on the road in seconds compared to minutes.

Fabric Chamber Multi-Tool

cool bike accessories multi tool

It is recommended to carry a multi-tool with you even if your bicycling prowess doesn't expand beyond trips around the block. Check that, it's actually recommended to carry with you multi-multi tools because you'll almost inevitably be without the one attachment that you need. The Fabric Chamber multi-tool accommodates 13 different functions and includes ratchet or fixed mode. The tool is compact and fits within a storage bullet to prevent snags in your bag or backpack.

Mopha Tool Roll

Mopha Tool Roll

It's a dilemma  something every bicycle rider struggles with whether they are out pedaling for 5 miles or for 50 - how safely to pack? Although Dutch bicycles are incredibly durable, each ride is unpredictable. You want to have enough tools with you to make any necessary repairs (change tire, tighten pedals, adjust brakes, etc.) but you don't want a complete rolling auto mechanic garage weighing you down.

cool bike accessories tool roll

The Mopha Tool Roll provides an awesome way to carry your gear but without making your bike all bulky and awkward. The roll winds up tightly to consume a minimal amount of space. Still, it provides enough room for your basic tools as well as extra tire tubes, pumps, and even backup equipment such as pedals, brake pads, and more. When rolled up, the tool carrier tucks securely under the back of your seat without weighing you down in other areas of the bike.

Fix It Sticks -  Lightweight Bicycle Multi Tool

 lightweight bicycle multi tool

Fix It Sticks are great when you're on the road and you need to tighten something or re-adjust something on your bike and you don't want to carry much with you. These extremely compact tools combine to provide a comfortable T-shape for leverage. For $29.99 this a great gift for any biking enthusiast.

dual T-handle tool

Tread Original American Multi Tool

One of the rites of passage of becoming an old man is getting a Leatherman tool pouch to strap to your belt. You may only need it four times over the course of a year, but strapping it on each morning is well rewarded with each of those heroic four times.

tread multi tool cool bike accessories

Modern dudes (and ladies) want to look cool but may still find themselves needing a torque bit or a box wrench from time to time. For bicycle riders, this happens much more than 4 times a year however. The Leatherman Tread bracelet provides all the function of their traditional tool but in the convenience of a stylish looking bracelet. For those simple commutes when you forget to bring your tool pack or for the times when the one bit you can't find is the exact and only one you need the Tread bracelet comes very much in handy.

Cobra Tire Tool

cool bike accessories tire tool

We'll give credit to many riders as one of the consistent items they always remember to pack on a ride is an extra tire tube as well as a pump to fill it with air. Unfortunately, many forget the tire tools which are almost the only way to safely and efficiently remove the old tire and replace it with a new one.

The Cobra Tire Tool is the world's fastest bicycle tire lever which utilizes the bike frame as leverage. It works for all types of frames and wheel sets and is designed with the novice and inexperienced handyman in mind.

HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant

HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant

This paraffin bike chain lubricant is not as pretty as the above accessories, but it is super key for the rider that wants a smooth running Dutch bike.  Describing themselves as the easiest way to give your chain a full melted-paraffin wax lubrication treatment, the Runaway Bike boys bring you HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant.

Velo Magazine has even done head-to-head ratings of all the top chain lubricants on the market for the past two years running, and Melted paraffin wax treatments beat them all! This is the good stuff.

Tire Pumps

MoBo Pocket Air Pump

cool bike accessories pocket air pump

There's really only one way to refill your bike tire after it has gone flat - air. Unfortunately most foot bicycle pumps are awkward and downright annoying to carry, especially on a Dutch bicycle. The Mobo Pocket pump however is the most convenient to carry bike pump in the industry. The 4" pump weighs only 2 ounces and can be easily carried in a pocket or attached to the bike with the included mounting bracket. Ir provides up to 100 PSI of air pressure and is compatible with both Schrader and presta valves with an adapter.

Postpump 2.0 Seatpost

One thing that cool bike accessories are striving for today is multi-functionality. Whether you're talking about a pump that also serves as a light or a funky bracelet that is secretly a collection of torque and Allen wrenches the main goal is to do more with less. This is exactly the driving force behind the Postpump Seatpost which, you guessed it, combines a seat post and a pump.

Postpump Seat Post cool bike accessories

While hand pumps are definitely compact and convenient, a foot pump provides unsurpassed convenience when it comes to inflating tires quickly. Unfortunately, foot pumps are also bulky and hard to pack into your saddle bag which is why many riders let out a lot of hot air when struggling with a hand pump. The Post Pump is a great combination for two reasons - 1) it allows you to carry a foot pump in a location that you were going to use anyway and 2) repeatedly pulling out your pump helps prevent the seat post from seizing and oxidizing, one of the biggest problems associated with bikes exposed to the elements.

Ride Air

rideair pump is a cool accessory

RideAir wants to make sure that you're never without air in your tires. Their RideAir capsule is there for you when you need to fill up the old rubbers, It can be easily refilled using any air-compressor in any gas station. Also, cool is that the capsule fits any bicycle bottle holder, and features an integrated metal cable lock to thwart  thieves. You can pre-order it here.

Taggio Pro Pump Head

Taggio Pro Pump Head

The Taggio Pro Pump Head works with Schrader or Presta tire valves and was designed to make filling up your tires carefree. I know from experience how difficult to use some pump heads are and this is a breath of fresh air. The Taggio was designed to be used with one hand and fits more floor pumps.  You can pick this one up for $29.98.

Fun Gadgets


Here Active Listening

cool bike accessories

One of the most peaceful things about a Dutch bicycle commute is getting in touch with nature. Hearing the birds chirp and the wind rustle through the trees has legitimate positive mental health benefits. Unfortunately that calmness is lost a bit when the blaring of car horns and a barrage of "F" bombs overtakes your sensory system. This is why Here Active Listening was developed.

Here Active Listening

Sure you could crank up a 'babbling brook" MP3 file but Here lets you customize how you take in authentic surroundings in your proximity. Two wireless buds connect to a Smart phone app where you can play DJ in real time. Increase bass, use filters, and adjust the equalizers to hear the world how you want to. Drown out a nagging spouse, anyone?

Garmin Varia Radar

The name Garmin has become synonymous with GPS systems but their Varia Radar is a different animal. It dubs itself as the world's first bicycling radar. The radar is rear-facing and notifies bicycle riders of cars approaching from as far back as 150 yards. When cars approach, the integrated taillight brightens similar to a vehicle brake light. The head unit that is mounted on the handlebars can detect multiple vehicles and even assesses their speed and threat levels.

Garmin Varia Radar

Getting hit from the rear is the leading cause of fatalities for cyclers in the United States. The Varia Radar isn't intended to take the place of rearview mirrors or safe riding practices, it serves as just one extra level of added security. Bike riding is supposed to be fun - not dangerous.


cool bike accessories smrt grips

More and more more your bicycle is becoming a fully-connected device - just like about everything else from your home door locks to a wristwatch. Along those same lines, SmrtGrips dubs themselves the world's first connected bicycle grips.

The advantages are easy to see as the grips let you focus on the road instead of a mounted Smart phone. Routes can be programmed into the app and the handlebars will actually vibrate when it's time to take a left or right turn. That same GPS can be used to signal your bike's location if it is lost or stolen. You can map and store favorite rides and even be alerted when biking friends are in the area. Best of all, they are discreetly placed in the handlebar cavity so thieves won't know to disarm the system and you won't have any bulky mounts obstructing your bike.

The Cydekick - Bicycle Generator System

cool bke accessories generator

When we are on Dutch bicycle commute in modern times, we kind of resemble a rambling Radio Shack moving down the road. Mounted to bike stems are any combination of music players, Smart phones, GPS systems, Go-Pro cams, activity trackers, elaborate horn systems, and lights. You can stop at a pub to recharge this things but you might incite a bar brawl by overcycling their electricity meter.


The company Spinetics would like to help you avoid barroom brawls which is why they introduced their Cydekick Bicycle Generator. It is a frictionless device that attaches to your bike's chain hub, creating and storing power as you pedal. Power is stored in an internal battery bank that operates the bike lighting systems but also a USB recharge port. You can then plug your phones, cameras, GPS etc. into the USB and keep them at full battery life through your journeys.

DriftHD Action Camera

cool bike accessories HD camera

People aren't just recording their rides anymore, they are doing so in HD quality video. The DriftHD camera is perhaps the ideal accessory for those who like to capture timeless memories of their bike rides with friends. It features 1080p HD video and requires no aftermarket peripherals to edit, upload, and share videos. Everything is accomplished from the LCD screen.

The camera features multiple mounting options as well and features a remote control so you can record only action - not bathroom breaks and down time.

Spoke Fins

cool bike accessories spoke fins

Dutch bicycle rides are traditionally a bit more easy going than a competitive race. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't try and make your cruise as efficient as possible. Take cross winds for example. On a windy day your ride can be greatly affected by winds undoubtedly shifting to go against you no matter how many times you shift directions. For some people, it's annoying enough that they shut down their bike for the day and opt for a sail boat instead (at which time the wind dies down completely)

Spoke Fins are designed to alleviate some of those wind concerns. They reduce bicycle wheel drag by as much as 67% even in those pesky crosswinds. The plastic fins snap onto your wheel spokes and rotate like a weather vane to make create an aerodynamic blade spoke. This helps to not only improve speed, but bike stability as well.

Bike Chalk Trail Kit

bike chalk trail kit attached to bike

If you've got a kid, or you're still a large kid yourself, this Bike Chalk Trail Kit will make each bike ride a work of art!  Simply snap on the adjustable chalk holder onto your bike's back wheel (chunky non-toxic, washable chalk pieces included)and you're good to go.

bike chalk drawing in cement



cool bike accessories shock stopper

You don't necessarily have to be a bicycle racer to feel the impact of shock from an intense ride. In fact, if you're riding your Dutch bicycle on leisurely cruises the impact might actually be more severe as you encounter bumps, cracks, potholes, and other interactions on your ride. Without any extra attachments, the absorption of these bumps over your front tires rests solely on your hands and arms. The Shockstop is a cool bike accessory that helps to lower that strain in the form of a simple stem attachment.


My Alibi Padded Bloomers

padded bicycle bloomers by my alibi

The My Alibi Brand knows how uncomfortable one's posterior gets even on the most comfortable saddle. These first of their kind padded bicycle shorts bring booty comfort under any outfit. Made in Italy of fine Italian Lycra and Premium Gel Insert chamois, they are perfect for biking on all sorts of bicycles. They currently have free shipping on orders over $100. Check em out. Your backside will thank you!

Little Lifter - Bicycle Frame Handle by Bespoke Leather Designs

man holding bike by leather strap

Carrying your bike around is an art, especially if you're riding a step through frame bike. This Little Lifter Bicycle Frame Handle by Walnut Studiolo helps make your life a little easier. It's made from vegetable-tanned leather and is finished with weatherproof dressing to keep you riding at all times. Available in honey, dark brown, natural, or black leather for $44. little lifter leather strap

Osloh Padded Cycling Pants

cool bike accessories biking gear

Because your work probably hasn't implemented 'Spandex Saturdays' yet there is a need out there for stylish bike commuting clothes. Osloh Bicycle Jeans are just the solution.


The Osloh bicycle jeans for men and women fulfill two needs. First off, they are stylish so they can be worn to work on a relaxing commute without needing a change of clothes. Second, they are designed for cycling with adjustable waist band tabs, internal drying loops, stretch pocket bags, poly chamois reinforced seat and crotch, and a double reinforced chain side leg panel.

Retrofitz Cycling Shoes - Make any Shoe a Bicycling Shoe

retrofitz cycling shoes

How many people have given up biking altogether just because they didn't want to be seen in ugly and boring traditional biking shoes? In all honesty, probably only like one or two in history. That doesn't mean you can't look stylish with the Retrofitz Cycling Shoes. Dutch bicycles aren't necessarily designed with speed in mind, but it doesn't mean you couldn't use a little extra grip while looking pretty dang cool in the process.

Retrofitz Cycling Shoes

A nylon plate is retro-fitted into any old shoe and a bumper ensures the cleat doesn't hit the ground when you walk - perfect for bike commuters who don't want to bring an extra pair of shoes to work.

Electric Conversion Kits

GeoOrbital Wheel

geoorbital wheel cool bike accessories

When covering cool bike accessories you have to include something that pushed the biking market forward.  If you want easy electric conversion for your bike the GeoOrbital wheel is the ticket. The GeoOrbital wheel replaces any standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into an electric bike in a minutes time. What more could you ask for.

The GeoOrbital wheel will work on nearly every bicycle and has been tested on hundreds of bikes of all different styles from all different years and brands. It comes in 2 sizes to cover over 95% of all adult sized bicycles. These guys launched on kickstarter and are now live at

FlyKly Smart Wheel

bike electric conversion by FlyKly

Also a kickstarter success story, the Smart Wheel by Flykly  fits on either single speed, multi gear or carbon belt drive bicycles. It's single speed (your multi gear will turn into a single speed bicycle), works with V brakes and comes with a motor regenerative brake technology. Also cool is how the motor brake helps you slow down, while it also recharges the battery.

First things first, before you can accessorize you need something to accessorize on! Make sure to browse our selection of Dutch style bikes or check out our best commuter bike combo for an all in one solution.

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev


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