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Cruiser bikes have always been popular and have become a staple of Americana and the world. Everyone wants to enjoy a smooth comfortable cruise through town or by the beach. As you’ll see below, there are plenty of reasons for that.

Here are some of the cruiser bikes we offer for sale online:

Our diamond beach cruisers


You will find a lot of comfort cruiser bicycles in and around your town, from a blue cruiser bike with basket, to a black cruiser bike with a pedal brake, to a cruiser bike with hand brakes. But, what are cruiser bikes anyways? How do you make an informed decision on buying one?

And, those aren't the only questions you might be asking yourself. Regardless of whether you want a purple, pink, yellow, black or a white beach cruiser, you'll need some more answers. Where do you find affordable beach cruisers? Are all cruiser bikes equal in quality? If you're looking for beach cruiser bikes for sale, do you buy cruiser bikes online, or do you look for a shop that has them? Where will you find parts for your beach bicycle? And finally, what is the price you'll need to pay for, let's say a 3 speed cruiser bike with gears and basket? You'll find the answers for these, and more questions below.

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Fixie Bikes Guide Glossary

They're made for pleasure and comfort
How do you recognize one?
Why are cruiser bikes, also called beach cruisers?
What is the difference between good cruiser bikes and a cheap ones?
What else do you look for in a cruiser bike?
Pedal or electric cruiser bikes, which are better for me?
Keep the budget in mind
Setting up a budget for a cruiser bike
Upgrades and replacement parts for cruiser bikes
Does age matter?
Brake Options for cruiser bikes
What transmission options do you have for a cruiser bike?
There are three main options as far as transmission goes
What about external transmission?
Maintenance and repair for cruiser bikes
Learning to Ride a Cruiser
Do you need special clothing to ride a cruiser bike?
How do you attach a cruiser bike to your car?
Roof Racks
Trunk or Hatch Rack
Hitch or Towball Rack
Trailer Hitch or Towball Mount
Platform Racks
Mounted Racks
How do you attach cruiser bikes to your RV?
Where do you store your cruiser bike?
Is a beach cruiser good as a beginner bike?
How far can you get on a cruiser bike?
Where are these bikes meant to be ridden?
What are the best places to ride a cruiser bike?
What are Peace cruiser bikes made of?
Should you get a diamond frame, or a step-through, for your beach cruiser?
What does a step-through frame get you?
What are some of the best beach cruiser accessories for your beach cruiser?

The Benefits of Cruiser Bikes

Benefits of Cruiser bikes
It’s easy to ride
It’s comfortable to ride
Anyone can ride them
It’s clean to ride
It’s easy to maintain and lasts a good while
It’s easy to set up
It’s stylish and not expensive
It’s reliable
If you buy a cruiser bike...

They're made for pleasure and comfort

Cruiser bikes are known by many names including beach cruisers and beachcomber bikes. They are bikes that are made for comfort, and for pleasurable rides along the beach.  While they're not meant to be taken on a 150-mile trip (though they can be), you'd be more comfortable riding, though you'd get there a little later:) Instead, they’re meant to make sure that you enjoy every minute of your ride, and your body doesn’t feel any unnecessary stress while you’re at it. A classic cruiser bicycle can, at the same time, look retro, and be good for exercise. They have advantages over mountain and road bikes in terms of comfort, and you can make cruiser bikes custom as much as you want to. They're great for beginners, and you can get cruiser bikes for youth as well. There's the choice between cruiser bicycles for sale with gears, cruiser bikes with hand brakes, custom beach cruisers, vintage style cruiser bikes, and many more.

Classic cruiser bikes aren't much different from cool cruiser bikes with accessories such as baskets, bells, and even handlebar streamers. They're just cruiser bicycle parts you can add on to any bike. However, if you can get a cruiser bicycle that already has all the necessities, do so. You can get some great cruiser bike deals online, like for example, on Peace Bicycles. You can ride these bikes pretty much anywhere. They come in ladies + men's style and you can enjoy them from London, through Melbourne, all the way to Los Angeles - they're great for any place!

In fact, we've sold cruisers to Kenya, Pakistan, Pretoria, Germany, Gilbert AZ, Glasgow, the Gold Coast Gumtree, Houston, Huntington beach, Bangladesh, Delhi, Dubai, India, Jaipur, Kolkata, Pakistan, Jacksonville FL, and Japan. As well as Kamloops, Kansas City, Kelowna, Kenya, Calgary, Edmonton, New York, Newcastle, Noosa, the Northern Beaches, New Zealand, Victoria, Winnipeg, Malaysia, Vancouver, the Philippines, Ottawa, Ontario, and Phoenix just to name a few!

How do you recognize one?

Cruiser bikes can be recognized by their iconic balloon style tires, as well as their upright seating position that’s completed by the curved, upright handlebars. The “comfort” part is rounded out by a comfortable, often spring-loaded saddle. The cruiser bikes are usually built around a single speed, or geared drivetrain. The upright seating position is very emphasized. It is something that lets you reach the handlebars easily and stretch out a lot, without actually arching your back.

If you’ve ever ridden a sport or racing bike, you’ll know that their riding position puts a lot of stress on the body. A cruiser does the opposite – reduces stress and strain on your back, shoulders and wrists. Most cruiser bikes are made of steel, which is durable and shock-absorbing. Cruiser bikes are also often painted in a delicate, stylish pattern, and can also be found containing some very nice curve appeal. They’re extremely popular today, because they’re highly stable and very easy to ride, making them ideal for riding both on paved roadways, and off them.

Why are cruiser bikes, also called beach cruisers?

This easy question actually doesn’t have a clear answer. Some think that the beach cruiser name originated from one of the original manufacturers of the cruiser bikes. Back in the day, the cruiser bikes were a high-end model made by one manufacturer. Not only was the model more expensive than some of the other models, but the cruiser bikes also had additional features built into it. One such feature was a front headlight to assist with riding in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

Another feature of the original cruiser bikes was a rear rack. This allowed the user to store whatever merchandise they wanted and know that it was safe and sound while they were riding. Most cruiser bikes today use many of the same parts as the original bike design. That is why it is thought to have been the origin of the “cruiser” portion of the bike name.

Cruiser bikes have been around for many years and in fact the first cruiser bikes appeared in the early 1900’s. Although the cruiser had largely died in popularity after the 1920’s, the cruiser bikes were often used on the beach and for recreation. In 1976 the cruiser finally earned the name “beach cruiser” thanks to a man named Larry McNeely. He used the phrase in his version of the more modern-day beach cruisers.

What is the difference between good cruiser bikes and cheap ones?

The first and most obvious difference between a good, high-quality cruiser bike, and a bad one, is the frame’s construction and welding, as well as the actual components and their quality. Since most of us aren't engineers, the best way to ensure you’re getting a quality bike is to check that it comes from a quality manufacturer. You should also check whether a bike comes with a good warranty. If it does, that is one less thing to worry about. If any issues come up with the bike, you can take them up with the manufacturer. Our cruiser bikes come with a great warranty.

While you're shopping around, you might find that cheaper cruiser bikes often come without a warranty or with a very limited one. It's also important to point out that many of those bikes are made using materials that aren’t very good. Components may very well break down after a while as well. As you’ll see below, there isn’t that much in terms of changing parts and maintaining cruiser bikes. However, when you’re spending money, you’ll want those parts to be good. If a manufacturer offers a warranty, that means that they stand behind their bikes. In case something goes wrong, you won’t have to deal with it on your own.

What else do you look for in a cruiser bike?

After you take a look at the frame and warranty, it's important to look at the actual bike components. You’ll want to make sure that they’re durable, work well, and you won’t have to be constantly readjusting them all the time. You should look for components that come from reputable manufacturers. You could even go online and look at some reviews if you aren’t sure about a specific component.

While we’re discussing components, you should absolutely be looking for performance and numbers. Look at how many gears a specific model has, or how the gear shifting works. Does it have a quality cushioned saddle, a bell? Does it come with a rear rack, or a front one, or both? Are there headlights and taillights that will allow you to see where you’re going? These are all features that could make or break your experience. They should have a huge impact on your final buying decision. Look for cruiser bikes that come equipped with all the things you need and are going to use as this will save you quite a bit in terms of upgrades. Peace cruiser bikes stand apart from the crowd because they come fully equipped standard.

Don't forget the size

Getting the right cruiser size is also essential. If you get a bike that’s too big, or too small for your height and body type, you’ll find it isn’t that comfortable. Consequently, you won’t enjoy the ride as much. You will find that cruiser bikes come in plenty of styles and sizes, and there are a lot of different models for everyone’s taste. You will find everything from pale, simple colors that don’t attract a lot of attention, to shiny and attractive models that turn heads. Commonly, the modern-day cruiser bikes have a design that’s based on older models, which gives them a retro, vintage cruiser bike look.

Pedal or electric cruiser bikes, which are better for me?

E-bikes are a fairly popular option nowadays. Even though there’s a lot of controversy around electric mountain bikes, for example, in the cruiser bikes category things aren’t that heated up. An e-bike can be a great option for some people, even though purists may not be big fans of such a thing. The electric motors that come fitted in these bikes are designed to help you with your pedaling. For some people, this can truly mean a lot.

The major thing to consider when you’re thinking about what kind of bike to get is your fitness level, or lack thereof. If you’re someone who is, or wants to be, fit, you’re better off on a regular bike. It’s still a relaxed way to get from one place to another, and you’ll be doing a bit of exercise as well. However, if you aren’t that fit, an electric bike means that you won’t have to pedal at all, as the motor will do all the work for you. There are also pedal assist cruiser bikes out there that give you an electric boost while you pedal.

Keep the budget in mind

What you should know about electric bikes, though, is that one, they need to be recharged after a while, and two, they’re usually much more expensive. The price is something we’ll touch on in a little bit, but as far as the charging goes, an e-bike will usually come with a manufacturer’s pre-determined range, and you’ll have to charge it afterwards if you want to use it again. An electric road bike doesn’t require a license, and you can ride one of them down the road without worrying about getting into any kind of trouble.

Also, important to consider is the weight of electric bikes. While cruiser bikes like ours weigh in at a light 30 pounds on average, electric bikes are on average 20 to even 60 pounds heavier.

The last consideration here is your local area. If you generally ride in flat areas, you won’t really need an electric motor. However, if you have a lot of hills, going electric can help you quite a bit. You won’t feel tired at all!

Setting up a budget for a cruiser bike

Just like most kinds of products, you get what you pay for with cruiser bikes. When you are setting up a budget for yourself there are some very important factors at play. Do you plan on using your bike for recreational use only and don’t have a ton of disposable income available to you? Then maybe you want to have a budget on the low end of the spectrum. Remember that cheaper bikes are cheap because they’re made from lower quality components and don’t last long.

On the other hand, if you use your bike for things such as getting to and from work or just want to have something quality that will last, this can be a great reason to spend a bit more money on your bike. This is also a great way to get something that is both comfortable and packed with higher quality features.

One great way to start getting a budget in mind is to first list all the features you want on your bike. It doesn’t matter how expensive, just list them. Now take that list and rearrange it to the amount of importance it has to you. Now you can really start to look for a bike that meets your important needs based on your own unique situation.

Upgrades and replacement parts for cruisers

One of the great things about cruiser bikes is that they have been around for such a long period of time. As a result, companies over the years have made countless parts and accessories for a multitude of them. The fact is that all cruiser bikes are built around one similar cruiser bike frame and any bike shop can upgrade or replace any part you need. Many riders end up doing things such as getting custom paint jobs or getting baskets that fit on the front or rear racks of the bike.

All bike parts including bike seats, seat posts, pedals and hand grips are easy to change out. You can easily make your bike more comfortable, stylish, and uniquely yours. A few other common modifications made by bike enthusiasts include changing out the bike pedals, replacing the drive train and chain, adding or replacing brakes with newer and higher quality ones, changing out wheel spokes and adding a water bottle holder.


In fact, we strongly recommend adding a water bottle holder like the SKS Bottle Holder Adapter above as it’s an essential thing. It attaches to your seat post which is great for step thru bikes and allows for easy access in general.


You’ll want one, as having a bottle of water like the awesome Polar Bottle Big Bear above will keep you hydrated at all times. Plus, you won’t have to carry one in your bag which could prove to be to be quite handy on your riding trips.

Does age matter?

peach crusier bikes

The short answer is ‘No, it absolutely does not’. Besides the simple, yet quality construction, amazing riding position, and minimal maintenance requirements, the best thing about a cruiser bike is the fact that anyone can get one, regardless of their age. You will find things such as children-specific cruisers, or bikes for seniors in mind. There are also some oddities such as a multi-person cruiser. The bikes aren’t made with a specific demographic in mind. They’re also available in a lot of sizes due to the sheer variety of people that ride one.

This is a great thing. Not everyone’s body can withstand the riding position of an aggressive sport or racing bike. Therefore, having a bike that can get you anywhere, and get you there in a comfortable position is absolutely amazing.

Brake Options


When you’re discussing brakes, there are a few options. A bike must have brakes, and even if you can’t see them at first, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Popular options are v-brakes, caliper brakes, disk brakes, or the traditional coaster brake (that’s the one you won’t see if you don’t know where, and for what, to look). Let’s take a look at how each ranks. We really recommend bikes with hand brakes.

Your options

V-brakes are a popular option on budget mountain bikes. However, they have a tendency to get bent out of shape pretty easily and require constant readjustment. This is a hassle when you want to get a low maintenance bike. Disk brakes are better in terms of stopping power. However, they too require adjustment, and they’re much more difficult to adjust than v-brakes. And, there’s the price. Disk brakes are more expensive than almost all v-brake options.

A coaster brake is the one that’s actually inside the rear hub. They’re the ones that will slow down your bike to a stop when you start pedaling backwards. But, even though they’re easy to use, and maintenance is almost non-existent, they’re very awkward when you’re riding uphill and need to stop for some reason. In this scenario, they can even cause you to fall. Also, they commonly lack in stopping power when compared to the other offerings on the list.

Last but not least, we have caliper brakes, which are by far the most balanced option. They give you more than enough stopping power. They’re also made in such a way that you only need to put them on the bike, adjust them once, initially, and you’re good to go. No adjustment is needed, at least not as often as with the other options. Though, we strongly recommend getting your bike brakes professionally adjusted at the shop often either way.

So, after much thought, we decided to outfit our Peace Cruiser Bikes with front and rear caliper brakes that give you smooth reliable stopping power as well as easier calibration.

What transmission options do you have for a cruiser bike?

When you’re getting a cruiser bike, you’ll most likely be presented with two initial options. You can either get a single speed bike, which might also be a fixed gear bike, or a beach bike with gears. The choice is yours but getting a single speed bike for a surrounding where you might be needing to go uphill, or downhill, is a mistake. A single speed means that you’ll have to struggle when you have even the slightest uphill. Why? Because you can’t shift into a lower gear. And, when you need to go faster, or on a downhill, you’re again having a problem. You can’t put a gear that’s more suitable, and you’ll end up spinning too much with no effect. It's no secret that cruiser bikes with gears have quite a few more advantages, and you can read a few more details on that here as well.

Therefore, there are only a few limited situations where a single speed cruiser bike has an advantage, so you’re better off getting a beach cruiser with gears. For example, many inexpensive beach cruiser bikes don’t have gears, but they’re not really worth it. When you choose to go for a bike with gears, again, you’ll need to choose. There are a few options, and the ones that are worth going for are a bike with three internal gears, a bike with seven internal gears, or a bike with seven external gears. Let’s take a look at each and see who’s it best for. What you’ll see at the end is that there aren’t any bad options – you just need to see what you’re prepared to do in terms of riding and maintenance, and choose accordingly.

cruiser bike gears

There are three main options as far as transmission goes

Kicking things off with the three internal gears, this is a bike for when you’re not sure if you’ll need gears. As we mentioned above, yes, you will, but if you don’t want to overcomplicate things, this is a great choice. You have an easy gear, suitable for slow cruises and slight uphill's, you have the second, medium gear, which is great for all-round use, and you have the third, heavy gear. This one is great for when you’re moving a bit faster, or when you’re cycling on a downhill and want to speed up a bit more. Therefore, if you think that you could do without gears, but you’d rather play it safe, and play it smart, 3 gear cruiser bikes could be the right choice for you.

Moving on to 7 speed beach cruiser bikes with internal transmission. If you know you’ll need gears, and you know that you might be cycling on uphill's and downhills, this is a great option. The advantage that this option has over the next one, is the fact that internal gearing requires little to no maintenance. All the moving parts are inside the rear hub, and they’re much less likely to break or damage, or even get affected in any way by the elements. Those seven gears will give you a wide range you can use for anything from steeper uphill's, to steep downhills, and you truly get more options than a three-geared bike. So, if you know you need gears, but you don’t want to bother with maintenance, go for it.

What about external transmission?

Last but not least, there’s the option with seven external gears. Here, you have more or less the same wide range as you had with the previous option. However, you now have all parts of the transmission system on the outside. There’s the cassette with the seven gears, and there’s the rear derailleur. A disadvantage here is that these parts can be damaged if you hit your bike, and the cassette wears out a bit faster than an internal hub system would, so you’ll need to swap it out every once in a while.

As far as maintenance goes, this system has a distinct advantage over any internal gearing system, and that is the fact that adjusting, or readjusting the derailleur, is very easy. On an internal gearing system, you have to do disassembly, and if you aren’t a mechanic who has experience with these systems, a lot could go wrong. On a derailleur, things are very simple and easy. Therefore, if you’re fine with a bit more maintenance, but maintenance that you can easily do, this is what you’re looking for.

Maintenance and repair

It’s never been easier to repair a bike when you don’t know what you are doing. The most common things you will have to fix are things like a flat tire, a chain that needs to be reset, or replacement of brake pads. Just remember that if you run into things such as wheel bearing issues, issues with the steering column or gear/ gears, you can always take your bike to a local bike shop and you will find that most of these repairs can be fixed for a relatively low price point. As for doing some of the repairs yourself, you can learn how to do these from one of the many Youtube videos out there.

Just remember to check over your bike every once and a while to make sure everything is in good working order and if you have a problem or see one developing it is a good idea to get it looked after as soon as possible.

A good rule of thumb is the longer you wait to fix something, the worse the problem is going to get, and it is going to be more expensive to fix as a result. Also, it is always a good idea to check your tires on a regular basis so that you don’t end up with a flat while riding and get stuck out in the middle of nowhere with your bike; forced to walk it back home.

We strongly suggest professional bike shop assembly so that the bike can be assembled and tuned correctly from the start. This also gives you an opportunity to meet your neighborhood bike mechanic for potential future repair.

Learning to Ride a Cruiser

If you’ve ever ridden any kind of bike in the past, riding a cruiser is something you can get used to naturally. However, if you’re only getting on a bike for the first time, there are a few things that you should do. The first and most important thing is to adjust your saddle so that your legs can touch the ground comfortably. There should be at least one inch between your crotch and the top bar while standing over the bike. Until you learn to balance well, this is what will save you from falling over when you want to stop. Also, make sure your initial riding experiences are on grass, instead of a cement road. Everybody falls once or twice until they get the hang of it, and it’s no secret that grass is a better place to fall than cement.

adult stabilizer kit for cruiser bikes

If you're trying to help someone learn to ride a cruiser, you could hold onto the bike until the rider finds their balance or get a Stabilizer Wheel Kit from Bike USA as is show above. For someone who's never gotten on a bike, learning to ride can be tricky, and contrary to popular belief, no, training wheels aren't only for kids – they’re available in all sizes and they’re one of the best options you have when trying to learn how to control and balance your bike.

Do you need special clothing to ride a cruiser bike?

You usually don’t need special clothing for any kind of bike. However, ask any road or mountain biker who’s a bit more serious, and they’ll tell you that it’s a lot more comfortable to ride in a pair of cycling bib shorts, than it is in a pair of jeans. They stick to your body, they are lightweight, and they have padding. Mountain bike clothing has even more options, such as downhill shorts and jerseys, for example. The benefits of cycling-specific clothes such as bib shorts are noticeable on longer rides, though. If you only use your cruiser bike to get around town, or for shorter rides, you won’t need them. You could do with regular shorts and a t-shirt, or a pair of jeans – your cruiser bike has a chain guard that won’t put them in danger. So, no, you don’t need any kind of special clothing.

clothes for cruiser bikes


yakkay bike helmet

A helmet, like the fashionable ones above by Yakkay, is a great safety feature we recommend you wear while riding your cruiser bike.


We also like this Triple 8 Sweat Saver helmet for those hot days! And look it even matches our Seafoam bikes!


And if you're looking for a sleek and elegant multi color glitter helmet that will add vintage glamour and glitz to any outfit....check out the Sawako Sparkle above!

Also, if you are extremely concerned about your overall safety when riding a bike at night, you can find reflectors that strap onto your spokes to make you a little more visible to drivers. The great thing about our Peace Cruiser bikes is that they come with front and rear lights standard which keep you nice and visible at night.

It’s also a good idea to look up the rules and regulations in your area for riding a bike on the road, whether you can ride on the sidewalk, or have to stick to bike lanes etc.

Now, if you did decide to get one, or if you’re seriously considering it, there are a few more things that you might want to have cleared before you spend your money on a new adult cruiser bike. Things such as attaching them to your car, or storing them, or where and how you can ride them are things that you should know before you buy one. Let’s take a look at some of those topics, and try to help you with in your learning process.

How do you attach a cruiser bike to your car?

You might want to take your cruiser bike with you when you go out of town for a holiday, or for work, or to the beach. In this situation, you may very well not be able to ride it there, and you’ll need some way of transporting it in your car. The first, and obvious solution if you can afford the room, is to put it in the trunk of your car. If you have a bigger car, you might get away with nothing more than just removing the front wheel.

However, if you have a smaller one, you might need to take both wheels off, and take the saddle off as well. This way your bike is safe, and you don’t have to spend money on a rack. However, this doesn’t allow you to put much else in the trunk, taking the rear wheel off can be a very difficult job (especially if you choose a derailleur bike), and you might get your car dirty.

Therefore, a rack is your best bet. You can either get a roof rack, a trunk or hatch rack, or a hitch or towball rack. Let’s take a look at all of them, and see which one works best.

Roof Racks


Starting off with the roof rack like this Swagman Race Ready above, it makes use of the empty space above your head, provided you don’t have a ski box to take up that space. Some will require that you take the front wheel off, but many let you just put your cruiser up, and grab it by the frame. If you don’t have anything else on the rack, you can easily carry three to four bikes, and you won’t damage or get your car dirty. However, you’ll need a lock for theft prevention, and they’re pretty bad as far as fuel consumption and low entrances for garages go. And, loading your bike(s) on this kind of rack isn’t an easy thing.

Trunk or Hatch Rack

Swagman cruiser bike gridlock trunk rack

Next, we have the trunk or hatch rack like the Swagman Gridlock Trunk Rack above, which is probably the most popular way people attach their bikes. Held by straps and hooks that attach to your car, most of these racks come with padding on the rack itself to make sure your car isn’t damaged, though from personal use we noticed that some of the other clamps did scratch the paint - so you have to be careful with that.  These racks feature arms that you put the bikes on which is great for bikes with a top bar, however, for a cruiser bike, especially one with a step through frame, this might be a problem (easily solved with a bar adapter) - insert company that will link us 

Make sure you don't leave these kinds of racks on in public places for long as they can be taken off easily.  Also, you should know that access to your trunk will be limited and these are the types of racks that you have to take on and off often. We recommend these kinds of racks for people that don't transport their bikes very often, as it can be a pain to have to put it on and take if off for every trip.

Hitch or Towball Rack

platform cruiser bike rack

platform hitch bike rack great for step thru bikes

Last but not least, we have hitch racks and towball racks.  This is the way you want to go if you transport your bikes around frequently and/or you're looking for a solution that is quick, low maintenance, and sturdy.

Trailer Hitch or Towball Mount




First, you'll need to find a hitch or towball mount that fits the exact year and model of your car. We recommend getting one through Curt since you can easily enter in the year, make, and model of your car and see which hitch you need.

Then, you need to find a rack that's meant for either hitch or towball application or both. It's usually one or the other :)

Lastly, you'll need to choose between a platform rack or a mounted one:

Platform Racks

swagman cruiser bike hitch rack

These racks can carry two to four bikes, and since you mount them with their wheels, you don’t have to worry about your beach cruiser bike’s type of frame. They’re extremely secure, and don’t have much of an effect on fuel consumption. Mounting a bike on them is fairly easy, and most will even fold for lightweight, as well as tilt so you can have access to the back of the car. This kind of rack is by far the best way of attaching your cruiser bike to your car. We like Swagman Racks like the above XTC2 Bike Rack, because they are quality, robust, and  come in range from affordable to higher priced as you add up features.

Mounted Racks

titan 2 hitch mount bike rack for cruiser bikes

These racks, like robust Titan 2 above, usually hold your bikes by the top bar or have arms like a trunk rack, so if you have a step thru bike, you'd prefer to have a platform rack.

How do you attach cruiser bikes to your RV?

Attaching a bike to an RV isn’t the same as attaching it to your car. An RV has a construction that’s much different, and therefore many of the options that apply to a car, won’t really work here. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for mounting your bike to an RV. Let’s take a look at what you can choose from.

The first option is to bolt it to the bumper. You can’t just do this with any RV, though. You’ll need a solid bumper. One that’s made of steel, and which is welded to the frame. Mounting it to anything else will result in … well, damage, to put it mildly.

Next, you can choose to install it onto the trailer hitch. This is by far the most popular option, as hitch racks are easy to come by, simple, and take up little space when you have an RV. With the trailer hitch, you can attach the rack to either the back, or the front of your vehicle.

If your RV has a ladder, you can always mount your bike to it. Ladder mount bike racks are usually universal. However, to ensure that you won’t be having any issues whatsoever, you should see that the rack fits your specific steps.

Last but not least, there’s the complex way of bolting your rack to the trailer tongue. If you want to make things a bit simpler, though, you could always add a bike rack over the battery box area on the tongue.

Where do you store your cruiser bike?

We’ll start with the most basic one – inside, or outside? Storing your bike outside isn’t recommended, for a multitude of reasons. First of all, it might get stolen. You may have it locked, but for a thief determined to get it, that won’t make a difference. Next, you’re leaving it out with all the potential bad things the weather could do to it. And, last but not least, if you live near the sea or the ocean, the air is different. Regardless of what kind of metal the frame and parts are made of, they’ll corrode eventually, and your bike won’t look that good anymore and might develop structural issues.

cruiser bikes wall mount

Therefore, storing it inside your home, or at least in a garage, is more than recommended. When it’s inside, you know it’s safe, and you know that regardless of the weather outside, it won’t get damaged. As far as inside storage goes, you can always attach it to your wall with bike hooks, if you don’t want it taking up space on the ground. And, you’ll always know that the air can’t cause corrosion, regardless of where you live.


A great example of an indoor wall rack is this one above from Meollo. You can attach it to the wall in your apartment or keep it in terrace or garage.

el greco bicycle ceiling hoist

Another great option for out of the way storage is the El Greco Bicycle Ceiling Hoist. It features a pulley system which allows you to lift and lower your cruiser whenever you need to use it!

alpen bike capsule

If you've got a few more bucks you might want to consider the Alpen Bike Capsule above. This thing is awesomely futuristic looking, made from indestructible roto-molded polyethylene and equipped with an integrated locking mechanism to keep your cruiser safe as can be.

cruiser bike storage shed

If you're looking for even more options, secure bike storage sheds like the one above are also really popular and Zacsgarden does a really excellent job of compiling the coolest ones out!

Is a beach cruiser good as a beginner bike?

The short answer? Yes, it is. But let’s take a look at the long answer. If you’re in need of a beginner bike, your primary goal is to get something that is easy to ride. Something that will feel comfortable, stable, and won’t make you feel like you have to stay extremely focus. You need a bike that will let you relax, and enjoy the pleasure of riding your bike, instead of constantly stressing out all the time that you might crash.

A cruiser bike is more than ideal for this. The upright seating position is much better than the aggressive position on a sport bike, and this is something you’ll come to appreciate if you’re a beginner. It will make your ride much easier. Next, a beach cruiser comes with wide, balloon tires, that are made to easily go over small obstacles, and keep the bike balanced when you’re riding it. Maintaining your balance is much harder with something like a road bike’s skinny tire.

cruiser bike with step through frame

And, last but not least, if you get a beach cruiser bike with a step-through frame, you will have a much easier time getting on and off the bike. A step through frame means that you can get your leg over the frame very easily, hop on the bike, and get going. For someone who’s been riding for a while, this may not make much of a difference. However, for a beginner, this will mean a lot.

How far can you get on a cruiser bike?

You’ll often see long distance cyclists on a road bike with skinny tires. Sure, this is a good way to get very far, very fast, provided you’re in shape for it. However, where people make a mistake is in thinking that you just can’t get far with any other kind of bike. That’s simply not true. Even with a beach cruiser bike, the sky is the limit, and you can get as far as you want to.

These bikes are built for comfort, and that comfort doesn’t disappear if you’ve passed a certain distance. If you have the time, and if you’re somewhat in shape, there’s absolutely no limit as to how far you can go on a cruiser bike. This gets even easier if you get a beach cruiser with a transmission system that’s suited to the environment you commonly ride in, as this will also help you with conquering any local hills that might have posed an obstacle for you at some point. It’s also worth mentioning that, at the right pressure, the bike tires that are commonly found on beach cruiser bikes, can provide very little rolling resistance, which means that you can ride faster, and further. It all depends on how far you want to go, and a beach cruiser bike won’t put a limit here.

Where are these bikes meant to be ridden?

Well, anywhere. Let me explain. A beach cruiser bike, just like its name says, is primarily made for beach towns. They’re ideal for cruising along the water on a cycling path, while enjoying the hot weather, or sunset, or sunrise, or whatever else you want to enjoy while riding. However, this is far from their only purpose.

These bikes are pretty much great for anywhere you’d want to ride them. They’re comfortable, and they have all the safety features you’d expect from a bike, from bells and lights, to chain guards and fenders. This means that you can just hop on and ride your beach cruiser bike wherever you are. Even though you live in a place that is nowhere near a beach, that doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t be getting a cruiser bike. They’re made for comfort and pleasure, and you can get that anywhere you want to, regardless of whether you're using them as a commuter bike, or something to relax on!

cruiser bike on the beach

What are the best places to ride a cruiser bike?

Beach cruisers are bikes that you can ride anywhere. From an urban area, to the beaches and boardwalks, you can hop on and enjoy. But, what are some of the best places to do that?

To begin with, your local beach. If you live in a larger city, that beach may also have a boardwalk as well as a bike path, so you already have a lot to choose from. As the name suggests, beach cruisers are made for this kind of terrain. When the weather is nice, there’s no better thing than to go on a ride along the beach, be it alone or with your friends. Even if you live in a smaller city where the beaches are smaller, they undoubtedly have a bike path. It’s a great place to enjoy.

boardwalk riding

If you don’t have a beach nearby, that’s by no means a reason not to buy a cruiser bike. Sure, they’re made for the beach, but if you have a park you are allowed to cycle in, this is another amazing spot. If it’s too hot, chances are you’ll have a bit of shade in your park, which certainly helps.

park cruiser riding

Last but not least, your city. A beach cruiser is an amazing all-round bike. You can use it to get to work, you can use it for recreation, you can use it for whatever you want. Besides your local beaches and parks, you can go riding around the city streets. This is often a great way to relax, and is also a good way to get from point A to point B in an efficient and fun way.

What are Peace cruiser bikes made of?

We briefly touched on the subject above, but the best material for a beach cruiser bike is steel, and that is what Peace cruisers are made of. Yes, alloy is lighter, but an aluminum beach cruiser absorbs much less vibrations from the road, and doesn’t really provide a ton of comfort. Steel, on the other hand, will minimize the vibrations you feel from the road, which results in a very comfortable ride.

However, as mentioned, alloy is lighter, and going with steel all around the bike would result in a heavy bike that’s difficult to maneuver and ride. Therefore, it’s the frame that’s made out of steel, and the other beach cruiser parts are made of alloy. Things such as the handlebars, or the seat post might not make a difference by themselves, but when you combine all of them together, and compare steel versus alloy, there’s a pretty big difference in weight, but you don’t sacrifice that much comfort and vibration absorption. Basically, a steel bike with alloy parts is the best of both worlds – you get a fairly lightweight cruiser bike that still absorbs a lot of the road’s small bumps, and results in a very comfortable ride.

Should you get a diamond frame, or a step-through, for your beach cruiser?

When you’re getting a beach cruiser bike, there are two options for the frame. The first one is the diamond frame, or step-over, which has a horizontal top tube, and looks like two triangles put together at the base when looked at from the side. The second one is a step-through frame, where the top tube is diagonal, sometimes even parallel to the down tube. Both types of frames have their advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll take a look at them. However, at the end of the day, whichever you get, if that’s the better option for you, you won’t regret it.

Kicking things off with the diamond frame, this is usually the lighter, yet stiffer option. A triangle is the strongest construction type, and this type of frame is made of triangles. However, with the high, often horizontal top tube, this kind of bike is actually much more difficult to get on, especially if you’re a beginner. And, there’s another disadvantage – if you’re a lady and you want to ride with a skirt or a longer dress, this is more or less impossible to do well with a diamond frame. If you’re a man, on the other hand, this isn’t an issue for you, and a diamond frame is often the better option if you know how to ride your bike.

cruiser bike with step through frame

What does a step-through frame get you?

A step-through framed bike, on the other hand, is a whole different beast. As far as stiffness goes, it’s usually softer, and the construction requires heavier tubes in order to get the ride quality you would expect from a good bike. With it, though, you have a low top tube, which means there is nothing to get in your way when you’re getting on, or off, the bike. This can mean a lot for a beginner, or an elderly person who wants to make the process of getting on the bike as easy as possible. And it’s a great advantage for ladies too – they can ride with a dress without worry on this kind of frame. As said above, at the end of the day, it is completely up to you and your choice as to what’s more convenient!

If this isn't enough information, you could also read a guide that's a bit more comprehensive on the topic of beach cruiser frames.

What are some of the best beach cruiser accessories for your beach cruiser?

Cruiser bikes are made to be fun and interesting, and there’s absolutely no shortage of cruiser bike accessories that can help you make yours look fun too. On the list are things from practical stuff such as a helmet, to some fun additions that’ll add a bit of flair to your bike. Many aren’t beach cruiser-specific, but we’re including them because you’ll most likely love them. Let’s begin.

Grips are a good start


The first thing you could take a look at is changing your grips or adding some grip streamers like the ones above designed by Claire Wilson of Claireabellemakes. There are plenty of options, and they can usually increase either the comfort, or the looks of your bike. Whichever you prefer, that’s up to you. You could get silicone grips, such as the ESI Chunky or Extra Chunky, as well as foam grips, rubber grips, or opt for ergonomic gel grips. These are far from the only options, but whichever ones you decide to go for, they should absolutely work with your bike, as beach cruiser handlebars are usually universal in thickness.

A basket can be very practical

We strongly recommend getting a women's beach cruiser with basket. A beach bike with basket is much more than a fashion accessory – it’s something that’s extremely practical as well. You can use it to carry anything from your work things, if you’re using your cruiser to commute to work, to your groceries, if you’re going shopping with it. When you’re getting a basket, there are a few options. A wicker basket will give you a very classic look. A metal frame basket is better for larger things you might want to carry, and a wooden basket will add a true vintage bikes focus point to your bike. And, for the ultimate in classy baskets, a leather one is what you could go for. Just choose what you want to use your basket for, and buy accordingly.

Lights are a must, too


Lights like the unique Revolight Eclipse+ lights above are another great accessory.


When you need something serious, you’ll want a light mount, and a good light like the above Knog Blinder Road 250. These lights use high-intensity Leds which will flood any street in light, giving you total night vision.



Or you could opt for a handlebar light set like the above from Proviz, which have their own mounts built-in. If you want to increase the wow-factor, and the chances of being seen, you could get yourself hub lights that look very cool, or reflective light strips and wristbands. There are also great wristbands that are LED powered, and you’ll look great with them.

Nori Lights also make an amazing product that will turn heads at night with an intense electric green light!

Warm clothing will protect you

Moving on to something that’s a bit more practical, we’ll discuss clothing and apparel in general. A scarf is something that’s often overlooked, but can protect your neck and save it from freezing when things get cold. Cycling gloves will make the ride a bit more comfortable, and even though people put them low on their priority list, a pair of good cycling socks can mean a lot when it gets hot, as they’ll keep your feet dry.

A cycling jersey and shorts will give you plenty of comfort, but they’ll also give you some convenience in terms of having pockets on the back. And, last but not least, we can’t stress enough the importance of a good cycling helmet, so it’s well worth investing in a high quality one that’s comfortable and fits your head. Cruiser bikes helmets aren’t different from a regular one, just make sure it’s good for you.

Riding in wet conditions? Get fenders!

Next, we’ll be talking about fenders. Fenders will provide protection from water, mud, and dirt that could get stuck on your tires and end up on your clothes or skin. They weigh little to nothing, and if you spend a bit more on them, they’ll also look pretty good as well. You could get full fenders that are screwed on to your frame and stay there, or you could get partial fenders that have a quick release mechanism, and fit on much more frame types. You could also get only a front guard, or only a rear guard, if you don’t think you’ll need both at the same time.

Choose between the almost infinite options you have with saddles

Back to practical and comfort, you can get your cruiser bike a new saddle. Saddles are a pretty personal thing, as they’re sometimes gender-specific, and they can vary from a racing saddle that’s lightweight and has little padding, to a very comfortable and wide saddle. If you’re after ultimate comfort, get an inflatable saddle – they are full of air, and can adjust to your body as necessary. And, if you want the looks, a leather saddle from the likes of Brooks can be amazing. Changing your beach cruiser seat can have quite an impact on the ride quality, so do consider it.

Make it personal!


Let’s talk flair for a moment. There are a lot of things you can get to improve the looks of your beach cruiser. One thing that not many people think of is comfort bar tape. Even though, replacing grips, it’s primary use is comfort, you’ll find them in plenty of colors and patterns. A phone holder is another interesting option. It will give you some practicality too. A cup holder, like the one above by Grow A Pair, lets you take your favorite beverage with you

Also, if you want to make a little throwback you could put handlebar streamers, as they look great on a beach cruiser. Decals and stickers are the last on the flair list. They too can undoubtedly add a lot of personality when done right.

Get a lock - you don't want your bike stolen, do you?

Before we end things with essential tools you might want to get for your beach cruiser, let’s talk about security for a moment. A bike lock can prevent your bike from getting stolen, and there are a lot to choose from. The most durable ones are U-locks. However, a good chain lock can also save your bike from getting stolen. A key lock or combination lock can be combined with a cable lock for a lightweight and secure solution as well.

A few tools can save you a trip to your local mechanic


Wrapping up the list, we have tools. Some aren’t really an accessory per se, but they can help you a lot with your beach cruiser. For example, a work stand lets you work on your bike with ease. However, you’ll need a bit of room for it. A chain lubricant is an essential if you want your bike to run well. A chain splitter is a great thing to have in case you’re having issues out on a ride. As far as things that you can carry around with you, the essentials are a multi-tool like the awesome Topeak Alien 2 above, a tire patch kit, and tire levers. This is usually all you need for fixing most of the issues you might be facing out on a ride. And last, but most certainly not least, you should carry a first aid kit. It’s better to have one and not need it, then the opposite.

How about a bike trailer?


If you've got kids or dogs Burley makes really cool bike trailers like this Bee bike trailer above. The bee features comfortable seating for one or two children, tinted windows and plenty of space for cargo!

Benefits of Cruiser bikes

Do you want to buy a cruiser bike, but aren’t sure if you should? Here’s why riding a beach cruiser bike could change your life… no questions asked!

The beauty of getting a cruiser is that it’ll make your life easier, safer, more reliable and comfortable. And most importantly, for a relatively low price!

cruiser bike on the beach


Sunset. Feeling relaxed and joyful, you’re riding a comfortable bike along the promenade. You're letting your lungs breathe in the fresh river air and witnessing how the horizon keeps stealing the sun from the skies.

A large part of that ecstatic feeling comes from your bike. Your cruiser bike. Your ideal companion for a relaxing ride along the shore.

But what makes a beach cruiser bike so great for such rides compared to other types of bikes? Let’s look at some of the advantages it has, and you’ll see.

1. It’s easy to ride

First and foremost, a cruiser bike is one of the safest types of bicycles out there. The first major thing that makes it safe is the fact that it is a comfortable bicycle that’s easy to control. You aren’t sitting in an uncomfortable, racing position, and putting plenty of strain on your body. Instead, you’re upright, you have a firm grip of the handlebar, and you have complete control over the bike.

You control where it goes, how it handles. This gives you a lot of confidence. Designed in a way that makes every inch of your ride predictable, this bike gives you 100% control over the road. This is important, as it's making you fully prepared for whatever is ahead of you. You will never feel like the bike is asking you to push it harder – instead it takes you on a relaxed, easy ride that you will absolutely live.

A beach cruiser bike is equipped with wider tires, which allows your bicycle to easily ride on sand that isn’t too deep. Why does this matter, you wonder? It’s actually in the name – beach cruiser bike. When you’re out and about, cruising around beaches, you might need to go through sand every once in a while. On a road bike, for example, with skinny tires, this is impossible. You’ll have to get off your bike, push it, or lift it over that section, and then get back on it. However, with a beach cruiser, you will be able to go through the sand, provided it isn’t too deep. This is very convenient in a lot of situations.

Cruiser bike in the sand

Wide tires are a major factor here

Wider tires will also mean that you’re able to control the bike much better.  There’s a wider contact area with the surface you’re riding on, and the bike is much more stable this way. They usually contain more air than a narrow tire. This means that your bike will feel more stable and controllable when you’re going over uneven surfaces. The fact that you have a better grip also means that when you hit the brakes, a much larger part of the braking force gets transferred to the pavement, and you’ll stop much easier.

You might be inclined to think that something like a mountain bike can be much better in this regard. This is because of the suspension forks that usually come with them. However, for a person that isn’t very experienced with bikes, that can only make matters worse. The suspension will move once you hit the brakes, and you might feel like you’re losing control of the bike.

2. It’s comfortable to ride

Unlike sport and semi-sport bikes, beach cruiser bikes have a unique frame that helps you achieve a comfortable vertical posture. This is a very important aspect of beach cruisers. When you get a racing bike, you’re often sitting with your saddle in a high position. The handlebars are also low, which puts plenty of stress on your body – especially your back.

Even though you think this might not be a problem, this isn’t a good idea in the long run. At some point, your body will get tired of that position. The first place where you’ll notice this manifesting? Your lower back. You will have lower back pain, which can make your rides very uncomfortable. However, the frame design of a cruiser bike is made for you to ride it in an upright position. This is much more comfortable for your body.

That means if you buy a cruiser bike, you’re guaranteed to be free of pain in the lower back while riding the bike. This can make all the difference between going out for a satisfying ride and enjoying it, and coming back after half an hour on the bike with back pain that makes you rest for the remainder of the day.

Besides, unlike pretty much all other types of bicycles, a cruiser bike is equipped with a wide, leather spring-loaded saddle. This plays a major role in helping you enjoy the ride. A wide saddle greatly increases comfort. The springs will also absorb much of the road’s bumps and uneven surfaces. You will have a very pleasurable ride, and you won’t feel a need to get out of the saddle every once in a while just to feel comfortable again.

3. Anyone can ride them

Another unique feature of beach cruiser bikes is that their frames have a lower positioning of the top tube. That means you won’t have to bring your leg up very high to hop onto a beach cruiser bike. This is amazing in multiple situations. For example, if you’re a woman, you undoubtedly know that riding a bicycle in a dress, or a long skirt, can be pretty awkward if you have a horizontal top tube. First of all, it’s not comfortable. Second, there’s a pretty big chance of something going wrong. And, you also get the added convenience of being easily able to get on and off the bike very easily. Why? Because you don’t have to reach over the top tube with your leg.

cruiser bikes in the sand by ocean

4. It’s clean to ride

Another reason to buy a cruiser bike is that this type of bicycle always comes with a chain guard. This is something you won’t find on a road or mountain bike. However, they usually require specific clothing for you to be able to ride them, so you don’t really need one. On a beach cruiser, on the other hand, things are a bit different. With a beach cruiser, you’re getting a bike that you should be able to ride regardless of the clothes you wear. Without a chain guard, your pants, or your dress, might get caught up in the chain. This can either tear them or make them extremely dirty.

cruiser bike chain guard

But that’s not all. Beach cruiser bikes always come equipped with fenders as well. These prevent all the moisture and dirt under the tires from squirting right into your face during the ride. You won’t have to avoid every little puddle of water anymore. And, even if you happen to get dirt or water on your tires in another way, you won’t have to worry about that dirt, or water, getting on your clothes, or your face.

Because, well, that wouldn’t make your ride so enjoyable, would it?

5. It’s easy to maintain and lasts a good while

Cruiser bikes are pretty easy in maintenance.

If you buy a cruiser bike, you don’t have to worry about the operational service. This makes it a perfect choice for those who want to steer clear of money- and time-consuming trips to maintenance centers. It is undoubtedly true that you can’t just buy it and forget it. However, it is much better in terms of maintenance than a road bike or mountain bike. Let’s take a look at the ‘why’.

A beach cruiser, when compared to the bikes mentioned above, has much fewer moving parts. The brakes differ from a regular set as well. You don’t have to reset them all the time, you don’t have to be replacing brake pads every few months, etc.

This is a unique feature that distinguishes beach cruiser bikes from all other types of bikes. They require constant resetting of the brakes, replacing brake pads, resetting the shifting, etc. Cruiser bikes are much more simple, with a lot less moving parts, and there’s much less that could go wrong.

It's very easy to maintain one

Maintenance is also pretty easy, and you will seldom need it. You won’t need a working bench and a lot of tools, nor will you need a stack of spare parts for the bike. The parts you find on cruiser bikes are made with durability in mind. Best of all, they’re of the “set it and forget it” kind. The tires are made to last for years, they won’t start cracking up at the sides. They also won’t wear out as fast as the ones on a mountain bike, for example. The transmission isn’t something you’ll be worrying about, as there is an internal one on our cruiser bikes.

The only potential problem with a cruiser bike is that you might get a flat tire every now and then. This is common on any bike. This is something that can happen with any kind of bike, but there’s a way to prevent it. Just head over to your local bike shop, and ask them to put a bit of tire sealing solution in your tires. A tire sealing solution will quickly fill up the hole if you happen to get a puncture. Even though this isn’t a permanent solution,  it will at least get you home. You'll need to re-patch it when you do get home, though.

bicycle tools for cruiser bikes

6. It’s easy to set up

If you were choosing a mountain bike or a road bike, you would have to read tons of stuff on the Internet. That, or consult a savvy bike mechanic who’d help you choose the one that suits your needs. You have the seat height, seat angle, handlebars height, the correct stem angle and length, spacer combinations, handlebar angles etc. Sure, this means that you’re a tad more likely to get the right position for you. However, you only need that if you’re going to be racing or attending marathons.

“Why so complicated?” you may ask. Well, the position on these types is very unique. It requires you to lean your torso forward. As mentioned above, this puts a lot of strain and stress on your body. This is something that you’ll be completely avoiding with a cruiser bike.

When buying a mountain or road bike, you risk getting a bike with the wrong sized frame, improper handlebar width/height as well as wrong top tube (ETT) and stem length. If a bike doesn't fit your body type, your ride may become a nightmare. Pain in the lower back, shoulders and elbows, and whatnot. And, the honest truth is that even though most of these parts can be replaced (save the frame), they’re usually pretty expensive. Another problem is the fact that you can’t know if you’re getting the right dimensions. When you put them on your bike and go for a ride, it's already late. You might be throwing away money until you have a position that suits you and your body.

With a cruiser bike, meanwhile, you will have a relaxed and straight seating position. All you have to adjust is the seat height. Easy as that.

7. It’s stylish and not expensive

It’s also absolutely worth mentioning that beach cruiser bikes are stylish. You can find all kinds of beach cruiser bicycles on the market nowadays. From shiny and attractive factory painted bikes, to some amazing custom paintjobs. The bikes will attract attention wherever you go. If you want people to turn their heads when you pass by, get one! You will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd where everyone is riding a bike that’s just ‘meh’.

cruiser bikes on the grass

Last but not least, buying a cruiser bike won’t put a strain on your budget. You won’t stumble across a price tag of several thousand dollars. This is a price many people consider isn’t worth it for a bicycle. Sure, a cheaper road bike, or cheaper mountain bike is always an option. However, even the cheaper ones must have gears, brakes, and sometimes suspension. It’s the quality that takes a hit when the price has to go down one way or another.

8. It’s reliable

This brings us to the question, “how reliable is a cruiser bike?” Very reliable.

That’s because, as we’ve said above, a beach cruiser bike comes equipped with a minimal number of technical components. This means the risk of one of the components breaking down remains low.

However, don’t forget about the risk of a punctured tire. Want to prevent this issue? Just take your bike to any bike shop and asking them to fill your bike’s tube with a little bit of sealing solution.

If you buy a cruiser bike...

man on cruiser bicycle by ocean

If you opt to buy a cruiser bike, you get a comfortable, safe, clean and stylish bicycle. And it will serve you many years. On top of it, you have reliability, ease of set up and maintenance, and comes at a reasonable price!

These bikes are especially great for those who prioritize comfort and want speed as well. If you’re not a professional cyclist, who regularly participates in competitions, or a tourist that conquers high peaks, then a beach cruiser bike is your best choice. It will get you from point A to point B. And you’ll enjoy every minute of it. You won’t have to worry about lower back pain or any other issues. The ride is comfortable. All you have to do is turn the pedals and enjoy the ride!

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