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Custom Beach Cruisers : Guide to make it look fly!

Custom beach cruisers, beachcomber bikes, beach bikes, or cruiser bikes, are all the craze in the cycling community right now for both men and women. Like fixies, cruisers can be heavily customized with many different accessories to suit your needs. Customizing your ride is one of the best ways to make it your own. We think you'll agree that this is quite a cool project to undertake though many people don't know where to start.

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Well it turns out that there are many common beach cruiser parts upgrades including changing your seat, frame, cup holder, decals, fenders, fork, gas tank, gears, handlebars, pedals, rims, seats, tires, baskets and many more to help you get the look and style you want.

And in this post we're going to show you several ideas with pictures to help you create your perfect custom beach cruiser bicycle

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The Best Add-ons for Custom Beach Cruisers

Custom beach cruisers are one of the best bikes to customize with accessories because they can show off your personality. The best way to go about it is to start from a beach cruiser, like our puppy model, and go town as one would while "supping" up a car. While our Puppy series and Dreamer series bikes come with very high quality parts, we know that many of our riders want to make these bikes their own:)

If you are interested in customizing your cruiser, here are a bunch of changes you can make.

New Seat / Saddle

Custom beach cruisers are iconic for many reasons. Beyond the stylish frames that they use, they are also known for having exaggerated and very comfortable seats.

If you are looking to go on long rides, you will want to outfit your custom beach cruiser with a comfortable seat. These types of bicycles are known for comfort and a seat is the best way for you to accomplish that.

There are several types of seats to consider when looking at a seat for your bike. When deciding on a seat, you will want to decide on the following:

  • Wide or Narrow
    • Wider seats provide more comfort, while narrow ones improve posture.
  • Padded or Default
    • Padded seats excel in comfort, while default padding tends to be more rigid.

The type of seat you choose will depend on your riding style and goals. Here are a few recommendations:

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle

Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle


The Schwinn Quilted Wide Cruiser Saddle is a great option for custom beach cruisers due to the comfort it provides.

This saddle has springs on it that help to absorb the bumps in your ride. The quilted design is also comfortable on your buttocks.

Even better, you can grab this saddle and put it on your custom beach cruiser for $20-$40.

Cloud-9 Cruiser Anatomic Saddle

custom beach cruiser saddle

The Cloud-9 Cruiser Anatomic Saddle is another wide seat that provides anatomic support. This saddle provides extreme comfort and is competitively priced between $25-$40.

Classic Brown Velo SD Saddle

custom beach cruisers saddle

The Velo SD Saddle in brown is the perfect choice if you want something a little more vintage looking.

Custom beach cruisers are as classic as they get. Simply adding a vintage looking seat will help you achieve that image.

This saddle can be purchased for $40 on Amazon.


custom beach cruisers brown

The defining feature for all custom beach cruisers is their frame. This is the one feature that helps you show off your bike the most.

There are several frames to consider for your ride. These frames include step-through frames, the motorcycle style, the classic cruiser style, and several other customized ones.

Each and every one of these frames will greatly impact the way your ride feels and reacts. Thus, it is important that you choose a frame that is comfortable for you and suits your style.

When choosing a frame for your custom beach cruiser you will want to make sure it fits you.


The average adult will more than likely require a 15"-21" frame with 26" wheels. However, if you are a little shorter, you may need a 15" frame with 24" wheels.


custom beach cruiser tires

Most beach cruisers use 26" wheels.

If this is the case for your bike, you will want to size 26" tires by decimal, not fractions. When you do this, you increase the variety of options available to you. For example, you can choose a 26" x 2.125, which happens to be the most common custom beach cruiser size, or the much skinnier 26" x 1.90 size.

If you want something a little crazier, there are even better options available. In recent years, wide tires have become extremely popular on custom beach cruisers.

Wide tires will make it slightly harder for you to pedal your beach cruiser, but they will let you ride in new places. These ultra-durable tires are capable of biking in the snow, on rough gravel, and almost anywhere that traditional narrow tires cannot. Additionally, wide tires also provide you with a lot of comfort because they are naturally bouncy.


custom beach cruisers handlebars

Image via

We've already written an informative guide on bike handlebars. Still, custom beach cruiser bicycles are heavily modifiable and handlebars are an easy way to do that.

Most custom beach cruisers come with cruiser handlebars and ape hanger handlebars.

Because cruisers are all about capturing that casual, cruising lifestyle, their handlebars tend to be a lot more casual in design.

Cruiser handlebars tend to be the most popular option because they provide comfort and versatility. This type of handlebar reaches far back to your bicycle seat, forcing you to sit straight and ride high. In layman's terms, your back will love cruiser handlebars.

Ape hanger handlebars are similar in purpose, but are a lot taller. Like cruiser handlebars, a set of ape handlebars force the rider to sit upright and will help them maintain good back posture. However, because they are so tall, they can be uncomfortable on longer rides.


Comfort is one of the most important factors to consider when riding custom beach cruisers. Having said that, you should take the time to find a pair of pedals that you find comfortable.

Typically, custom beach cruisers are outfitted with traditional, non-fancy bike pedals.

First, you must decide if you plan to ride with shoes or barefoot. Because custom beach cruisers are often ridden at the beach, a lot of riders choose to ride them barefoot. There is nothing wrong with this, but you will want to look at barefoot pedals if this is the case.

If you decide to go with traditional pedals, you will want to choose a flat pedal with enough grip to hold your shoes in place. Naturally, custom beach cruiser pedals do not provide the same level of grip as other types of bikes as they are more focused on comfort.

Sunlite Barefoot Cruiser Pedal


This $10-$20 barefoot pedal option is bare bones, but will get the job done. They are comfortable on your feet and can be used with sandals.

Bell Universal Cruiser Bike Pedal


custom cruiser bike pedal

Image via Amazon.

This is another bare bones pedal option for your beach cruiser. What makes this pedal great is the fact that it is flat, but still offers enough grip.

You want to avoid cage pedals and SPD pedals on custom cruiser bicycles. Why is this? Cage pedals require you to put your foot inside of a saddle. Likewise, SPD pedals require you to physically click in a special bike shoe. Both of these options are terrible choices for a custom beach cruiser, especially if you want a nice, casual ride.

Custom Beach Cruiser Lights

custom beach cruisers lights

Image via Bike Rumor.

Every bike should have a light on it. This is a simple fact of life and something that will increase your safety.

Most custom beach cruisers should be outfitted with a front and rear light. Even if you plan to ride your bike on trails, you still have to get to those trails.

Front and rear lights are extremely easy to install and are a great way to customize your beach cruiser. A front light is usually attached by wrapping a band around your handlebar. Similarly, the rear light usually wraps around your seat post. Both of these lights will come with flicker and solid light options.

You can even purchase wheel lights if you want to take it a step further and add a whole lot of personality to your bike.

Wheel lights come in a wide variety of colors and will light up the beach boardwalk if you plan to go for late night rides. Keep in mind, they are far more expensive than a front and rear light. However, they do add another layer of safety to your custom beach cruiser.

Decals / Paint Job

What better way is there to show off your shiny new custom beach cruiser than with decals or a paint job?

If your beach cruiser has the classic motorcycle gas tank frame, you can heavily customize it with decals. Simply find a set of stickers and decals that you like and slap them on.

However, if you want something a little more flashy, a new paint job may be what you need.

There is a reason why most beach cruisers come with flashy colors. This iconic bicycle is designed to be attention-grabbing and it doesn't shy away from that fact. Beach cruisers have beautiful frame shapes and they deserve to be painted in something more flashy than a typical black and white.

The most common parts that people paint tend to be their frames, spokes, chains, seat posts, and forks. Some people paint their tires as well, but it is usually recommended that you buy colored tires as they tend to last longer.

If you are savvy, buy a nice can of spray paint and go to town on your bike. However, if you are too nervous to do it yourself, most bicycle shops will happily take the project on.

Remember, if you do decide to paint the bike yourself, make sure you remove any parts that you do not want to paint.

Bonus points for you if you get really creative and mix in multiple colors. Curious? See the video below for examples:


Beach Cruiser Brakes

You should always install a pair of brakes on your custom beach cruiser.

Too many cyclists get hurt every year because they try and ride with pedal brakes.

Most custom beach cruisers can be outfitted with a pair of handlebar brakes, either caliper or cantilever. Adding a pair of brakes will cost you a modest amount, but the amount of safety it adds is too important to pass on.

Do not cheap out when it comes to buying brakes for your custom beach cruiser. A set of good brakes is your best friend out their on the road and it will safe you from getting in a nasty crash.

Before purchasing anything, find out what type of brakes you can install on your fork. Because beach cruisers have unique frames, the types of brakes that you can install on them will vary.

If you are unsure of what type of brakes to add to your ride, check out our guide on brakes or consult with your local bike shop.

Custom Beach Cruiser Utility Add-ons

comfort bike rear rack with spring clip

Another great way to modify custom beach cruisers is to add utility add-ons. These types of modifications include baskets, fenders, and cargo racks.

Fenders are a must-have for any cyclist. A cheap pair of fenders are essential as they will keep your butt dry in wet conditions. Fenders are also a mainstay on beach cruiser bikes because of the added style that they add.

In terms of cargo storage baskets and rear cargo racks are great options to add to your cruiser. In fact, we strongly recommend you check out our women's cruiser bike with basket page for some awesome ideas! The robust nature of cruiser bike frames and handlebars make them perfect for a rear cargo rack and a basket.

You will turn your beach cruiser into more than just a simple bicycle by adding these cargo modifications. Trips to the store will become a breeze and you will be able to carry some extra water and snacks for those fun days at the beach.

Choosing the Best Custom Cruiser Bicycle Parts

Whatever upgrades you decide to put on your custom beach cruiser, take the time to choose the right ones for you.

There are many options out there and too many brands to count. The most important thing you can do is find a brand that suits your riding style.

Custom beach cruisers are a great way for any individual to get into cycling. They are some of the most comfortable and flashy bikes on the market.

And as we said in the beginning, the best way to start is to buy a bike like our Puppy or Dreamer and add to it as you like:)

If you have any questions about custom beach cruisers, feel free to leave a comment below.

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