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50 Fixie Bike Parts You Will Want to Improve Your Ride

Your bike may already be awesome, but a few cool fixie bike parts are an easy way to make it even better. Use one, or even use all of these 50 best fixie accessories to improve your commuter bicycle. We've included cheap, on sale and expensive parts, as well as custom, vintage and urban single speed commuter bike parts.

The first section is a breakdown of all the places you can make upgrades with bike parts. Then in the second section we've included our 50 best.

Where to buy fixed gear parts you ask? We've included links to all the accessories we could find online:)

We designed this list of the best fixed gear bike parts and fixie bike parts with personal preference, usability, and safety in mind. Note that your mileage may vary and some of these accessories may or may not work on your specific model of bike.

Best Fixie Bike Parts - Upgrades to Make

Change the Saddle / Seat
Swap Your Pedals
Gears / Cogs

Scenario 1: You're looking at fixie bikes, and are looking for cool single speed bicycle parts at the same time.

Scenario 2: It’s been a few months now and you love your flip flop hub powered bike, but deep down, you are itching for a little more. Cycling, like most hobbies, is all about gradual progression.

Scenario 3: You're looking for some good spare parts.

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Now it's time to look at some of the best fixie bike upgrades you can make.

Best Fixie Bike Parts - Upgrades to Make

But, unlike other hobbies, you don’t need to purchase a whole new bicycle; in fact, you can simply upgrade your current fixed gear bicycle based on some of our recommendations. Here are 10 easy upgrades that you can make to completely change the way your fixie feels and performs.

  1. Change the Saddle / Seat

This is one of the easiest upgrades you can make. Everyone is different when it comes to saddles. Some prefer a wider and more cushioned ride or a gel seat, while performance junkies are typically more interested in a slimmed-down and aerodynamic seat like the ones made by Fizik. Check out the video above to see why Fizik saddles are made with your comfort in mind.

Take the time to learn the differences between the popular ones before you rush out and change your seat. If you are going to sit on one of these things for hours at a time, it needs to suit your needs. Do not fall into the trap of buying whatever is most popular, make sure it works for you.

Upgrades to fixie bike parts like this are simple to make and can greatly improve the comfort of your ride.

  1. Swap Your Pedals

A lot of novice riders don’t realize the importance of swapping out your pedals. This easy to do and small change can have a massive impact on the way you ride.

Most new cyclists will start out with your traditional flat pedal and for most this type of pedal works because it is simple and what they are used to.

Some riders will choose to upgrade to a saddle pedal. This pedal encases your foot with a strap and helps you maintain grip on the pedals.

The most serious cyclists will move onto SPD pedals. “SP–what” you are thinking. SPD pedals are those tiny pedals that require a special cycling cleat to “click” into. Saddle pedals are most common on road bikes, but they can also be used on fixed gear bicycles as well. The reason this type of pedal increases your performance is because it keeps your foot efficiently clipped onto the pedal at all times. This means you get more grip and better drive from your feet and legs when you pedal.

  1. Gears / Cogs

The best part of a fixed gear bicycle is the fact that you never have to shift. However, this advantage is also one of the bike’s biggest disadvantages. Having the wrong gear ratio can make it an absolute nightmare to try and pedal up a hill, take off on any sort of incline, or maintain proper pedaling when you are blasting down a hill.

Most fixed gear bicycles come equipped with a 44:16 or 46:16 setup. The 44:16 setup is great for acceleration but has lower top speeds. While the 46:16 ratio will have a much higher top speed at the cost of acceleration.

Like some of the other upgrades we recommended, finding the right gear ratio is based on personal preference. Before you can choose a gear ratio, you need to determine whether you value a higher top speed or better acceleration. You will have to experiment to find a ratio that works best for you.

If you are considering fixie bike parts like this, make sure you take the time to find the best gear ratio for your style of riding.

  1. Lights

Fixie Bike Parts bicycle light in woods

Have you ever seen that one fixie rider blast by you with a colorful wheel of lights? Lights will not increase your bike’s performance, but they will certainly make it look a lot cooler.

There are a few types of light upgrades you can make to your bike.

Front Light – The front light is one of the most common light upgrades you will see on a fixed gear bicycle. The front light acts much like the headlights on a car and helps you see at night and let drivers know that you are on the road.

Back Light – Like the front light, the back light is more for visibility than anything else. Most riders attach a flashing red or white light to increase visibility at night.

Wheel Lights – This is where it gets fun. They allow you to show off your personality a little bit and the only downside is that they add a little bit of weight to your ride. Wheel lights come in all sorts of colors and styles and they are an easy way for you to trick out your ride.

If you are worried about price, take the time to buy a basic front and back light. Most major cities have bylaws that require cyclists to have working front and back lights at night. Fixie bike parts like this can greatly increase your safety and save you a nasty ticket. All of our bikes including our Dutch Bikes come with front and rear lights standard to help keep you visible and safe!

  1. Fenders

No, we are not talking about the legendary guitar brand; after all, this article is about fixed gear bicycle upgrades. Fenders usually don’t look cool, but you will come to appreciate how important they are the first time you go out for a ride and get caught in the rain.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of sopping underwear when you still have several miles until you get home. If you don’t believe us, be our guests and try it out. You see, it’s not the rain itself that is the problem, but the tire spray from your back tire.

Fenders come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones tend to be the easy to install clip-on rear fenders. These fenders can be popped on and off as needed, making them the perfect attachment for people who fear commitment.

If you are looking for a more permanent attachment, full fenders are available, but they are more time consuming to remove.

Like some of the other fixie bike parts, fenders will help you stay dry on those wet, wet days.

  1. Brakes, Brakes, Brakes

Here at Peace Bicycles, we cannot stress enough the importance of installing brakes on your fixed gear bicycle.

Yes, traditional fixies don’t have them, and yes, we’ve all seen those super-cool looking fixie riders that skid around corners. However, you probably aren’t as experienced as some of those riders. Do the right thing and install a pair of brand name brakes on your fixie. Why brand name? Because you should never cheap out on your safety and a pair of Shimano brakes will last a lot longer than a pair of OEM ones.

Keep in mind, all Peace Bicycles come standard with a set of brakes because we value safety above all. You won't believe how a simple pair of brakes for fixies can save your life.

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to riding. Installing a solid set of low-end Shimano brakes will greatly increase your safety and help you become a better rider. We consider this one of the most important fixie bike parts you can make.

Remember, when you are on the road you must follow the rules of the road and a pair of brakes is one of the only ways to guarantee this.

  1. Swap Your Frame

fixed bike parts frame upgrade

This is one of the costliest upgrades you can make and is only recommended for more experienced riders. Swapping your frame is akin to putting your bike on a diet. When done right, it will make your bike lighter and increase its responsiveness.

If you are looking to swap your frame, we recommend to pay for quality materials. You will not believe the amount of stress that you put on your frame as you ride your bike. Your frame is essentially supporting your body weight plus gravity, stress from braking, g-force from turning, and much more.

Most fixie bike frames are made of steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Here at Peace Bicycles, we tend to use chromoly steel in ours because we find that it provides a good balance between durability and weight.

Keep in mind, if you are looking for great fixie bike parts, take the time to choose the right frame. You should always purchase your bike frame as a whole piece. It is not recommended that you piece one together as it may be less durable.

  1. Tires

A lot of novice riders get confused by the notion that their bike has a wheel, a tire, and a tube. A simple tire upgrade can help you make your ride smoother, reduce the chance of getting a flat tire, and it can improve the look of your fixed gear bicycle.

23c is considered the racing standard, 28c is for touring, and 25c is a good in-between. In the end, like most of these upgrades, it is all preference.

  1. Wheels

Like a frame upgrade, changing your wheels can be really expensive, but it provides one of the biggest performance upgrades. A top wheelset from some of the biggest brand names can run you nearly $1,000.

While having the best of the best is nice, you probably don’t need it. All you will need is a mid-level wheelset if you plan to bike casually. Make this one of your next fixie bike parts if you want to reduce the weight of your fixed gear bicycle.

  1. Headset / Handlebars

fixie bike parts handlebars

Handlebar upgrades are a great choice to change the way your fixie handles.

There are certain handlebars that offer better handling and performance.

The most common types of handlebars include your traditional flat bars, riser bars, bullhorn bars, drop bars, aero bars, cruiser bars, and butterfly bars.

Most fixie riders tend to install drop bars due to their simple design and ease of use. Still, there is nothing wrong with choosing any of the major types, so long as you find it comfortable.

When it comes to the best fixie bike parts, handlebars are one of the best ones you can make.

It’s All About You

In the end, your ride is all about you. Whether you prefer a wide or narrow seat, a 44:16 or 46:16 gear ratio, a blue or red light, or a drop or bullhorn handlebar, all that matters is that you are comfortable riding with the parts you install on your bike.

You may want to consider one of our fully upgraded fixed gear bicycles if upgrading your fixie seems intimidating to you. We understand that it can be a daunting task for some. That's why we designed a fully-upgraded fixie that is capable of satisfying all of your biking needs.

Fixie Bike Parts We Live By:

  1. Helmet


It may be a legal requirement for you to use a helmet when riding. However, if it is not, you should still wear one. Helmet technology is progressing, and you can purchase helmets in a wide array of styles. One example is the Hovding. This is one of the many fixie bike parts you will want to invest in no matter what.

  1. Helmet visor

single speed bike parts bell helmet visor

Image via Bell.

Helmet visors are usually seen on mountain bike riders, as well as in motocross. Still, that does not mean you cannot use them for fixie riding. Visors, like the ones from Bell Helmets, are great if you want to keep the rain, snow, or sun out of your face, resulting in a calmer and more luxurious ride.

  1. Bike lock

fixie bike parts bicycle lock

Everyone needs a bike lock, especially if they are biking in a high-population city center. You need to keep your bike safe. Even if crime is not an issue, bikes are heavy, and you may not be allowed to carry them into certain buildings. Kryptonite bike locks are time-tested, with a variety of styles to fit your needs. Like most of the fixie bike parts listed here, this one is essential if you want to keep your bike safe in the city.

  1. Bike lock holster

fixie bike parts mission bicycle lock holster

Image via Mission Bicycle.

If you are lugging around a heavy bike lock, and you want to be able to do so carefree, you should consider picking up a bike lock holster like the one Jesse handcrafts on Etsy. The lock is kept behind your seat, out of the way, and does not negatively impact your ride. This single speed

  1. Bike pump

mini bike pump

Image via Geared2U.

Many bike tire pumps are cumbersome to use. You have to kneel down to connect the pump to the deflated wheel, and then pump up and down. For riders with back injuries, such a motion can be brutal, and sometimes, such a motion is impossible if you are wearing certain types of clothing. Luckily, great alternatives exist like the Topeak Peakini II mini single-action pump.

  1. Spare tubing

fixie bike parts tubing

Image via

Spare tubing may not be as glamorous as the other items on this list, but it will be your most prized accessory when you need it. You can purchase spare tubing at practically any bike store, sporting goods store, or even big box store like Walmart.

  1. Tire levers

fixie bike parts tire lever

Image via Topeak Shuttle Lever.

Tire levers are a great tool when it comes to changing tires. Levers, like the ones available from, are available in multiple colors, and come with a “unique chisel tape” design to better remove tires.

  1. Water bottle and cage

water bottle cage

Image via IBERAUSA.

Water bottles and water bottle cages are nothing new when it comes to bike riding, but they are very valuable when you get thirsty. Make sure to pick up a bottle and cage set from your local bike shop before you go riding. Hydration is important, regardless of the ride or weather conditions.

  1. Patch kit

bike patch kit

Image via Walmart.

A patch kit is a repair kit that you can use to perform most bike maintenance procedures without needing to take your bike into a repair shop. If you are going to invest in a fixie, you really should spend a few dollars more for a patch kit. You will never know when you will need it, but you will be glad you have it when you do. Patch kits, like the ones from DAWAY, are small and can fit in your pocket.

Nothing compares to a popped tire during a long ride. Make sure you make this one of your main fixie bike parts to carry with you.

  1. Bike gloves

giro bike gloves

Image via Giro.

For the more hardcore fixie bike riders, the grip you use while riding is paramount. You need to exert as much control over your bike as possible, especially when riding through tricky terrain. Even cities have their tough spots, especially when you consider potential hazards like potholes. For a better grip, wear bike gloves. Gloves can be purchased practically anywhere bike parts are sold.

  1. Multitool


Image via EMT.

Along with a patch kit, a multitool really is a great item to have in your pocket. You never know when you will need another allen key set, a knife, or even a screwdriver. Due to its light weight and usability, you should definitely put multitools like the Leatherman at the top of your list.

  1. Seat bag


Image via Arkel.

A seat bag, also called a wedge pack, like this Waterproof Seat bag from Arkel, is a handy bag that attaches to your fixie bike frame near the seat. You can store vital items in a seat bag, like a small water bottle, or even your multitools and patch kits. Seat bags are commonplace and can be purchased anywhere bikes and bike parts are sold.

  1. Eyewear



While a lot of cyclists do not wear eye protection, you can and probably should if you are riding fast and want to avoid bugs or specks of dirt. If you are an avid rider, you cannot get any better than Oakley sunglasses, like the Jawbreaker Prizm Road Tour de France Edition.

  1. Cycling shorts


Image via Bontrager.

Cycling shorts are great for riders that want to avoid chaffing while they ride. You can either buy cycling shorts from a sports store or you can custom order your own.

  1. Casual Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes generally feature a flat design, obviously look like cycling shoes, and may even have cleats, which will make it easier for your feet to grip the pedals. These DRZ LTD Shoes feature a more casual style while also imbedding clips for added performance.

  1. Cycling shirt


Image via Trek / Bontrager.

Cycling shirts are great if you want performance-based shirts that you can use, and benefit from, while biking indoors. Some cycling shirts, like the Holy Water Performance Tee, are made exclusively for indoor use. If you want to look the part, you will want to add this to your list of fixie bike accessories to buy.

  1. Cycling jersey


Image via Bontrager.

Cycling jerseys are like cycling shirts but they are thicker, cover the arms, and fit snugly. You can wear them in slightly colder weather, and outdoors. While cycling jerseys can be purchased in practically any sports store, you should, like other cycling clothing you wear, have it custom made to fit your proportions.

  1. Cycling jacket


Image via Trek.

A cycling jacket is made for colder weather. It functions exactly like a cycling jersey, except in that respect. Cycling jackets, like the Sportful Reflex Jacket, are often water resistant, wind resistant, and reflective to keep the cyclist dry and safe.

  1. Front light


Image via Cateye.

Front lights are vital to increasing your visibility to oncoming traffic. Some, like the Schwinn Solar Combo Light, are great because they are solar-powered, allowing you to not only recharge your light during the day, but it means you never have to worry about replacing the batteries again!

Peace Bicycles is all about safety and we consider this to be one of the most important fixie bike parts, especially if you ride at night.

  1. Lighting system


Image via Cateye.

Of the many fixie bike parts listed here, this one is our favorite for no reason other than night time safety. While a front light is good, an entire lighting system is even better. You will be able to alert drivers around you to your presence, while also illuminating the road ahead for yourself. Although lighting systems are common and can be purchased in any bike shop, stand out with the Revolts bike lighting solution, which modernizes the experience.

  1. Flasher tail light


Image via Cateye.

Flasher tail lights attach to the back of your fixie, alerting drivers behind you of your presence. It is essential that you install one, especially if you like to bike at night. One time-tested reputable company to purchase a tail light from is SoundOff Signal, a company with a history of producing high-quality bike parts.

  1. Wheel reflectors


Image via AliExpress.

Lights are great, but reflectors are better. Unlike lights, reflectors have no batteries,

reflector are  wheel

so you never have to worry about whether drivers can see you. One cool type of wheel reflector are wheel strips, sold by FIKS:REFLECTIVE, which turns the inside of your wheel cool colors.

If you are only going to choose a few of these fixie bike parts, make this one of them. There is nothing more important than safety.

  1. Bell

Knog Oi Fixie Bike Part

A bike bell is a necessity. It may even be the law in your area. Although you can purchase a bell at any bike store, the Knog OI bike bell, from Knog, is a superior product with remarkable sound quality.

  1. Cycling computer


Image via Trek.

Similar to a pedometer or that integrated chip that Nike shoes have, a cycling computer can be a great way to digitize your fixie riding experience. The Cayete Strada cycle computer features wireless connectivity, tracks your heart rate, cycling rpms, and time spent cycling. Most serious riders consider this a mainstay when it comes to the best fixie bike parts to purchase.

  1. Rear bike rack


Image via REI.

Many people use backpacks and messenger bags to carry their stuff while biking. If you have more stuff, however, you need a custom solution like a rear bike rack. Rear bike racks, like the ones from Blackburn Design, are light, strong, and securely attach to the back of your bike.

  1. Handlebars


Image via Trek.

Although the handlebars that come with your fixie are great, everyone has their preferences. You should purchase a set of handlebars and modify your bike if you like a specific type. Some handlebars, like the Seven Mountain Riser Handlebar from Seven Cycles, are made from titanium.

Many consider this one of the most important fixed gear parts to consider if you want to improve your bike's handling and performance.

  1. Bike repair stand


Image via Amazon.

A bike repair stand is a great tool to have if you need to repair your bike but do not want to crouch in awkward positions to do so. Some bike repair stands, like the HOMCOM Folding Portable Bicycle Repair Stand, even fold for easy storage once you are done with them. While this doesn't fall under the category of fixie bike parts, a repair stand will help you keep your bike in tip-top shape.

28. Wheel Truing Stand


Image via Park Tool.


Wheel-truing stands are used by professional bike shops to straighten bike wheels, resulting in faster and more enjoyable rides. This is especially important if you like to race your fixie. If you are an avid rider, you should invest in a wheel truing stand like the ones offered by world-famous Park Tool.

  1. Bicycle tool kit


A bicycle tool kit often includes the same materials as a patch kit, but it can include other tools as well. They can be used to adjust your seat, tighten screws, and to properly place your tire tubes. The Base Master Tool Kit from Park Tool, with 254+ tools, will give you everything you need to succeed.

  1. Panniers

arkeyl commuter pannier fixie bike part

Panniers attach to the sides of your bike frame and allow you to carry more gear. Arkel has an excellent selection of Panniers like the Commuter Urban Pannier above with each one designated for a different riding purpose.

  1. Bike trailer


Image via Amazon.

If you like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink when you bike, you should invest in a bike trailer, which has ample space to meet your needs, like the ones from W.I.K.E. Beyond cargo, you can carry pets, children, and even boats in a trailer.

  1. Bike case


Image via Nashbar.

Bike cases, like the ones sold by Biknd, are great if you need to transport your bike but cannot ride it, like at the airport. Bike cases can even be useful around town if you cannot find a bike rack.

  1. Tire pressure gauge


Image via AliExpress.

Checking your tire pressure is important to ensure your tires are inflated. You can check your tire pressure very easily now, using a digital gauge like Topeak D2 Smart Head Digital Pressure Gauge. This isn't the most essential of the fixie bike parts listed, but it will help you avoid a flat tire and make your ride smoother.

  1. Bike lubricant


Image via Amazon.

Bike lubricant is essential to ensuring that the gunk is cleaned off your bike, and never sticks to it in the first place. The type of lube you need will depend on your needs, but Finish Line has some great lube products, as well as information for you to pick the right lube for your bike. Of most of the fixie bike accessories listed, this is one that you will want to have to keep your ride running smooth.

  1. Automotive bike rack


Image via Amazon.

Sometimes, you want to transport your bike by car. For those situations, you need an automotive bike rack like the Thule 9006XT, which features a capacity to hold 2 bikes.

  1. Bike pedal straps

ynot pedal straps

Some riders prefer pedal straps when they ride so they can make sure their feet always stay on the pedals. Some straps, like those from YNOT, can be modified to fit any type of shoe, making YNOT pedal straps an essential accessory for any fixie bike rider.

  1. Bike pedals


If pedal straps are not enough, you may want custom bike pedals to add onto your fixie after purchase. iSSi pedals are light, multi-colored, and you can purchase different pedals based on your intended needs.

  1. Bike fenders


Image via REI.

Bike fenders are essential if you don’t want to have rain or mud splash onto your pants while riding. Experienced riders often choose aluminum fenders for their ride. This is one of the best fixie bike parts to consider if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

  1. Hydration pack


Image via REI.

Everyone gets thirsty when they exercise, and biking is no exception. However, you should look into a hydration pack like Camelbak if you dislike having a water bottle and cage attached to your bike frame. You can wear them like a backpack and they can carry 4 liters of water.

  1. Bike pack


Image via Osprey.

If carrying around your gear in a backpack is more your style, then you should pick up a bike pack like the Evoc FR Trail Team Protector. They are ergonomically designed to be comfortable while riding.

  1. Front basket


Front baskets may have been made fun of in middle school, but they are all the rage as an adult. Baskets are great for carrying parcels that you need to quickly access or dispose of, without adding the hassle of unzipping a pack or pannier. Like many of the fixie bike parts listed here, this one will greatly increase your carrying capacity.

  1. Spoke lights


YouTube / Screenshot.

Spoke lights are essential for night time riders. Spoke lights are essential for drivers to see you on the road. Similar to wheel reflectors, spoke lights like SpokeLit LED Wheel Lights actually move while your wheels are in motion.

  1. Frame decals


Image via Amazon.

Decals allow you to personalize the look of your fixie bike. However, you can purchase custom-designed decals from Velo Ink if you are not impressed with the standard decals available.

  1. Pocket knife

A pocket knife is an essential accessory for any outdoor activity. Make sure you carry a pocket knife around while biking around. A great knife to consider is the Victorinox Trekker.

  1. Mudguards


Mudguards are great for those times when you bike after the rain has fallen and settled into the dirt. They are easy to install. Be sure to pick up SKS Bluemels Road Mudguard Set for top-quality mudguards. You see these often in bicycle messenger movies are they are always biking through tough weather conditions like rain and snow.

  1. Handlebar grips


Image via Evans Cycles.

Even if you love your fixie bike’s handlebars, you may want to invest in some handlebar grips, especially if you do not like to wear bike gloves. Practically any handlebar grips will do, so pick up some Kraton Custom Bike Grips off Amazon and get riding!

  1. Bar tape


Image via ODI Grip.

If you have a set of handlebars that does not accept handlebar grips, you can always wind some bar tape from Pure Cycles around the handlebars for some extra grip. Like most of the single speed components we've listed, this one will make your handlebars more comfortable to grip.

  1. Strobe lights

Knog Frog Strobe

Strobe lights are an option if you don’t mind strobe lights flashing drivers behind you while you ride. Some of the best strobe lights, like this Frog Strobe from Knog, can attach to the stem, frame or anywhere you want.

  1. Bike mirror


Bike mirrors are essential if you want to look back at drivers and bikers behind you. If you ever turn right or left on a road, merge lanes, or bike with other bikers, you will need mirrors. You can pick them up from any bike shop or big box store. If safety is a top priority for you, consider making this one of the fixie bike parts you buy.

  1. Speakers


Image via YouTube.

A lot of people like to listen to music while exercising. Why should biking be any different? You can attach a speaker to your bike and listen to tunes all day long if you want, with the Kicker PSM Series Enclosed Speakers

Hopefully this list has provided you with several fixie bike parts that you can use to spruce up your ride. If you know of any additional ones that you would recommend, let us know in the comments below.

Also, please be sure to check out our cool commuter bike accessories and cruiser bike accessories guides:)

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