Biking around Lake Casitas in Ojai

For our next adventure, my boyfriend and I took our Peace Dutch bikes and our little doxie to Lake Casitas in Ojai, California. It was a really warm day and he was enjoying the breeze made by our riding. We stopped several times for water breaks for our little guy! The lake itself is a no-contact lake because it is used as a source for drinking water, so if you're looking for a swimming spot to cool off, this is not the place for you.  We did see some kayakers, so you can get pretty close to the water, but swimming is forbidden with a substantial fine!

lake casitas ojai trail

Compared to other Los Angeles Bike Paths, this one isn't exactly predefined. You can get down to the lake from the parking areas a number of different ways. We chose to park outside of the recreation area so we didn't have to pay the $15.00 fee for parking. Then it was an easy bike ride right into the lake! My boyfriend carried our fishing poles in a bike basket attached to his Dreamer Diamond bicycle so we could go right down to the dock to fish!

lake casitas ojai black bicycle

Unfortunately, due to the California drought, this lake is currently only at 40% of its water level. Because this made the lake so warm, there weren't many fish biting near the docks. We may have had better luck in a boat or canoe!

Since we weren't getting many bites, we decided to go for a ride around the lake. Nearest the lake the trails were pretty bumpy and dirt-road-like. I was sure glad to have those balloon tires when we were near the lake, and I'm sure Lucky (the dog) was thankful for his comfy ride too!

lake casitas bike ride with dog

Once you get a little farther from the lake, you encounter a nice paved road which is very easy to bike on! This area had some people camping and there was also a small water park near the entrance here. It is a really great place for families to relax on a hot day.


Throughout the trail, there is a wonderful view of the lake and beautiful surrounding mountains. We also met some nice locals who were also fishing. Ojai is certainly a very calming place to visit, and it wasn't too busy on a Sunday either! I highly recommend this area for a wonderful weekend ride!

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