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Lightweight Cruiser Bike

A lightweight cruiser bike, whether for ladies or men, is your best bet if you are looking into cruiser bicycles. I mean in which situation would you want something heavy right?

Here are some of the cruiser bikes we offer for sale online:







Look, we agree with you. We love a lightweight cruiser bike, but sometimes a whole lot of extra comfort is worth the little weight it adds - like if you're getting a cruiser bike with gears, a rack, or permanent front basket for example. Here us out...

Just because a bike is heavier does not mean it is inferior. The weight of a bike is the result of several factors. Some factors include the bike frame’s composition, the height and size of the bike, and the types of beach cruiser accessories added onto the bike.

Most affordable bikes will weigh around 25-35 lbs. If you want a bike lighter than that, you will need to consider road bikes or fixies that are made of carbon fiber, but these are for a totally different purpose:)

Our Dreamer Dutch Bikes (below), for example, weigh 30 pounds and they're fully equipped with front and rear lights, full chainguard/ fenders/ and coat guard, robust rear rack, a kickstand, and much more. We accomplish this by using aluminum everywhere we can.

And our Siesta Key Cruiser Bikes also weigh 30 pounds and they come with front and rear lights, a double kickstand and a robust aluminum basket with support stays.

Bike weight is a crucial factor for many prospective customers though sometimes it's difficult to find the weight listed. They understand that a difference in ounces adds up to a difference in lbs. This weight fluctuation ultimately results in a heavier bike.

Heavier bikes are generally slower to accelerate and harder to maintain speed on. Many people who ride bikes, want to ride quickly and comfortably, regardless of their intended purpose.

Average Weight of Bikes

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It may be hard to tell at first how much your bike weighs. Some bike manufacturers print the weight of their bikes on the bikes themselves. Other manufacturers do not.

Worst case scenario, you can place your bike on a scale and get an average weight. However, unless you are paying a premium price for a lightweight bike, like a lightweight cruiser bike, your bike will weigh more than 25 lbs.

Here's the deal, unless you are planning to ride in the Tour de France, weight isn't that important. Instead, you really need to focus on comfort and a lightweight cruiser bike is one of the best ways to do that.

Why Weight Matters?

girl standing by beach cruiser bike

The farther you cycle, the more weight matters. Even a few ounces off your total weight while riding can help. Becoming more aerodynamic and shedding weight where you can will result in a more enjoyable ride for you.

Since beach cruisers are such enjoyable bikes, many riders often go riding for hours along the boardwalk or on lanes near the beach.

You do not even have to go to the beach to enjoy a beach cruiser. Riders often take their lightweight cruiser bikes around the city, or on flat country roads.

If you plan on biking for hours, you'll want the best lightweight cruiser bike that you can afford. Comfort is everything when it comes to beach cruisers, and you need to be as comfortable as possible.

What About the Rider?

black cruiser bike with chainguard

It is true that a bike is only as fast as its rider. However, while bikes are stationary modes of transportation until ridden, a heavier bike will require its rider to exert more effort than a lighter bike.

If you and a friend of similar size and athletic ability each race with a lightweight cruiser bike, the person with the lighter bike will usually win the race.

This is because the weight difference on the bike matters over the long-term. This is the difference that a lightweight cruiser bike can make, and why so many people are enamored with them.

The Weight of Different Materials

lightweight cruiser bike fenders

Some of the most common metals used to create bike frames are carbon, steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium.

All of our bikes are made using durable and light chromoly steel.

Why does this matter for you? Simple, you get a durable ride that is capable of going the extra distance. After all, the goal is to ride hard and ride long, right?


Carbon is light and strong. Bike frames can be manufactured to be as stiff or as springy as possible, depending on the intended use for the bike frame. As such, carbon is a reliable metal, but also very expensive. Since the process of creating bike frames is more complex than when using other metals, the bike frames are more costly.


Steel is a traditional metal common on vintage bikes. It is widely used to manufacture bike parts, especially since there are many different grades of steel. Each grade of steel has its own weight, as well as advantages. Some grades of steel are lighter than others. Some grades of steel are stronger than others. We wanted you to have the best bike possible so Hi-tensile steel was the obvious choice for our frames. We found that this material also allows for a more cushioned ride since steel is best for road absorption.


Aluminum is light, easy for manufacturers to craft, and is one of the is one of the more rust proof metals. For these reasons, aluminum is a popular metal to manufacturer bike parts, including bike frames.


Titanium is light but expensive. Few riders who are not professional athletes or wealthy will purchase titanium bike frames. Although everyone values a lightweight cruiser bike, there are diminishing returns to purchasing a needlessly light and expensive bike when a more affordable, heavier one will do.


Magnesium is the lightest metal that you can have a bike frame manufactured out of. It is a newer metal on the market, as it has commonly been used to manufacture bike parts, not frames. Magnesium is just as strong as aluminum, making it a great choice for any lightweight cruiser bike.

In order from lightest to heaviest, magnesium is the lightest, followed by aluminum, titanium, carbon, and finally steel. The actual efficiency of using a lighter metal for your bike frame, however, depends on the metal used, and the manufacturing process.

Advantages of Lighter Bikes

vintage beach cruiser handlebars

Alright, so you just learned a lot about the materials that go into making bikes.

Why does this matter? Simple, you are going to pay for a ride that you more than likely plan to ride for a long time. So, it needs to be durable, comfortable, and able to live up to your expectations. This is where the lightweight cruiser bike steps in.

Lighter bikes are easier to control. You can go faster and expend less energy when riding. The weight of your bike can either limit you or allow you to bike faster and farther, depending on your fitness levels.

For professional athletes, lighter bikes are a must-have item in their arsenal.

Advantages of Heavier Bikes

heavy beach cruiser ape handlebars

We've talked a lot about lighter bikes, but that doesn't mean that heavier bikes are "worse."

Once you speed up in a heavier bike you can go faster for longer periods of time. This is because you gain more momentum, and that momentum is translated into speed, especially if you ride downhill. Many people like heavier bikes, like mountain bikes, for this reason.

Heavier bikes are sometimes more durable than lighter bikes too. As a kid, how many times did you fall over, drop, or scratch your steel bike? Your bike survived it all, right? However, if you tortured a carbon bike in the same way, it probably wouldn't last. In fact, it would likely have cracked.

The Average Weight of a Cruiser Bike

The average weight of a cruiser bike will depend on the manufacturer. In general, cruiser bikes are heavier than other types of bikes like road bikes, track bikes, and tour bikes.

The goal of a cruiser bike rider is to leisurely bike around, not win races. Naturally, cruiser bikes are heavier.

It is common to find cruiser bikes that weigh 30 - 40 lbs. However, you can always purchase a lightweight cruiser bike that weighs less.

Weight of Chromoly Cruiser Bikes

The weight of a chromoly cruiser bike will depend on the manufacturer. However, it is likely that a chromoly steel cruiser bike will be lighter than a cruiser bike made of regular steel. This is because chromoly steel is lighter than regular (mild) steel.

Regardless, if you are searching for a lightweight cruiser bike, look for cruiser bikes in a certain poundage range, like from 20 - 30 lbs. That way, you can narrow your search and only look at lightweight cruiser bikes you want to purchase.

There are many different factors that determine how light a cruiser bike is. You will need to determine which cycling aspects are important to you, and which accessories and bike frame you will buy to ensure your cruiser bike is a specific weight. Overall, while a lighter bike will help provide a more leisurely ride, the most important factor is your ability to bike and how efficient you are.

If you have any questions about lightweight cruiser bikes or any of our stylish beach cruiser bikes, feel free to leave a comment below. There is nothing like the cruiser bike lifestyle. If you don't believe us, you'll simply have to trust us or try it for yourself.

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