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Men’s Beach Cruiser Bikes: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Men’s beach cruiser bikes, beach bikes, or beachcomber bikes are a classic staple of any beach side community. Their simple, casual design makes them an excellent choice for riders that value comfort and style.

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You might be thinking, why should I choose a beach bike? The answer is simple, and we will explain it in detail through this buyer’s guide.

For those who want the quick answer, here it is. Men’s beach cruiser bicycles offer comfort, style, and make a great ride for the individual who wants to go on casual strolls. Some cruisers come decked out with features, while others are more bare bones.

Regardless of what riding style you prefer, there is a cruiser bike out there for every type of cyclist.

Types of Cruiser Bicycles

Cruiser bicycles come in many styles and formats. Some examples include the classic men’s beach cruiser, the stretch, low rider, chopper, and multi-speed.

Men's Beach Cruiser Bikes / Classic Bicycle

men's beach cruiser bike

The classic men’s beach cruiser bicycle is known for having a wide, comfortable seat, a tall upright handlebar, and a strong frame.

These bicycles are heavier and often feature a decorative “tank” that resembles a motorcycle gas tank.

Typically, men’s beach cruiser bikes come with 26-inch wheels, fat tires, and a pair of fenders. In addition, like fixies, they usually come with one gear ratio.

You should choose this type of bicycle if you want a cruiser that can do it all. This bike is more than capable of taking on flat trails and cruising along the boardwalk at the beach.

Stretch Cruiser Bicycle

Much like its name suggests, stretch cruiser bikes are known for the long distance from the seat to the handlebars.

Riders will ride in a more reclined position due to the way they have to reach for the handlebars.

Like most cruisers, you should only consider this type of bicycle if you are riding casually. Stretch bikes are fun to ride, but can be difficult on longer rides.

Low Rider Cruiser Bicycle

The most classic low rider cruiser is the banana-seat version of this bike.

Low rider cruisers often have longer seats and sit lower than classic cruisers.

They were first designed to mimic the iconic low-rider motorcycle.

If you are looking for a cruiser that is stylish and iconic, the low rider is a great choice. However, like the stretch style, the low rider can be difficult to use for long rides.

Chopper Cruiser Bicycle

The chopper cruiser bicycle also mimics a classic motorcycle design. You’ve more than likely seen chopper motorcycles with their huge handlebars on the road.

Like its motorcycle counterpart, the chopper bicycle features a pronounced front-wheel, large upright handlebars, and a deep seat.

This is the perfect cruiser to choose if you are riding for recreational purposes. You do not want to ride a chopper cruiser bicycle for long rides.

men's beach cruiser bikes

Multi-Speed Cruiser


Traditional cruisers like the men’s beach cruiser often come with only one gear. However, if you are looking for a cruiser bike with gears, like our diamond frame 7 speed D above, you’ll be happy to know it is an option.

Like most bikes, cruisers have adopted aspects of modern styles. Due to market demand, certain men’s beach cruisers now come with gears.

The extra gears, derailleurs, shifters, and cogs will make the bike heavier. However, they will also provide you with versatility and allow you to shift for hills. Some cruiser fans will criticize the addition of gears, while others absolutely live by them.

If you want more control over your cruiser, we suggest that you go for one that has gears.

So Why Choose Men’s Beach Cruiser Bikes?

The best part about cycling is that there are bikes out there for every style. Still, cruisers remain one of the most popular bike types due to the style and comfort they provide.

For example, the men’s beach cruiser bike is for you if you want a ride that is cool looking and capable of getting you from point A to point B.

On the topic of looks, cruisers like the men’s beach cruiser combine the classic beach look with modern aesthetics. Cruisers were originally designed in the 1930s and remained popular until the 1950s. After a brief hiatus, they returned in the 1970s and still remain a classic bicycle option for today’s riders.

The cruiser bike will also provide you with a comfortable ride. If you’ve ever ridden a road bike, you will know that an uncomfortable seat can hurt. With cruisers, you get a cushioned ride that will help reduce pain in your lower back.

Even better, cruiser bikes are easy to customize. Do you want to install a basket on your ride? No problem. Did you buy a new set of fenders? Just fastened them? Tired of that awkward bike back from the grocery store? Simply install a rear cargo rack. If customization is your passion, the cruiser bike is for you.

What to Look for in a Men's Cruiser?

Are you in the market for a men’s beach cruiser bike or any of the other classic cruisers? If you are, here are several things to consider when picking one out.

Bike Size

men's cruiser bike size chart

Always purchase a bicycle that is the right size for you. There is nothing more uncomfortable than riding on a bike that is too big or small. Take the time to get measured.

Cruiser bikes are usually unisex, but there are men’s and women’s variations as well.

Most cruisers are sized based on the diameters of their wheels. Wheel sizes include 26” for taller individuals, 24”, 20”, and 16” for shorter riders.

Handlebar and seat heights are also something to consider, but unlike a frame, they can always be adjusted.


men's beach cruiser fender

Most cruisers come with front and rear fenders. If you are on the fence about whether to get fenders, try riding in the rain. There is nothing more annoying than tire spray on a rainy day. A simple set of fenders will keep your butt dry.

Frame Options: Steel and Aluminum

The average cruiser bicycles come in either steel or aluminum. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


  • Advantages: More durable, great for absorbing the road/ potholes
  • Disadvantages: Can be slightly heavier


  • Advantages: Slightly lighter, more rust resistant
  • Disadvantages: More expensive and less durable, still susceptible to corrosion

Ultimately, your budget will determine which material you use. There is nothing wrong with either of them and it all comes down to preference in the end. If price is a huge factor, you will want to consider steel. In contrast, if you want the lightest material, you will want to choose aluminum.

Just know, whichever material you use, there is no wrong answer.

Gears and Brakes

One of the most important things you will need to decide when choosing a cruiser is whether you want gears or not.

If you go with a cruiser bike with gears, it will come with standard lever brakes, making it ideal for longer rides and for hills.

For this reason we offer both 3 speed cruiser bike models and 7 speed cruiser bicycles as well!

However, if you choose a single-speed cruiser, usually the only brakes you will have are your pedals. This kind of cruiser is best for experienced riders who want to go on shorter rides.

You can still install brakes on a single-speed bike, but it will cost you extra to purchase and install them. We always recommend that riders install dedicated bikes on their bikes as pedal brakes can be unreliable and dangerous.

If you need more info on this, our hand brakes vs coaster brakes guide will help you decide.

Why Ride a Cruiser

So, with the more categoric stuff out of the way, you may find yourself thinking, why a cruiser.

That is an excellent question. Men’s cruiser bikes are one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the world of biking. Cruisers provide you with a great option to learn how to ride properly.

Learn to Ride Properly

The ever-popular men’s beach cruiser bike is a great way to learn how to ride if you are too shy for the busy city streets. You will easily learn how to properly ride because these bikes combine comfort, style, and control. Cruisers are a lot easier to ride than something like a true fixies or road bike, which require a certain type of skill set and confidence to get used to.

Health Benefits

men's beach cruiser bikes


This one might sound ridiculous, but it is actually true. Most bicycles force a rider to slouch or ride in a posture that can hurt your back. The men’s beach cruiser bike forces you to sit in an upright position, which is great for your back posture and spine.

Discover the Fun of Riding

The first thing you will learn about biking if you are new to it is how fun it truly is. What better way is there to learn your city than to get out there and roam the streets? Is there a new restaurant that you want to check out? Simply grab your lock and head on over.

There is nothing quite like cycling and you will immediately realize this the moment you start. There is a reason why so many people have taken to cycling in recent years. It really is a lot of fun, it benefits the environment, and it is great for your health.

You do You

Whether you want a traditional men’s beach cruiser bike or one of the newer men’s cruiser bikes, there are many options available to you.

Cruisers are capable of catering to all biking styles. The level of comfort, style, and versatility that they provide make them a great choice.

Still unsure? Peace Bicycles is here to help you if you have any questions. Just leave us a comment below and we'll answer asap!

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