Big Bear lake mountains

Big Bear Lake Bike Trail Trip

We took bikes to the Big Bear lake bike trail this weekend and all I can say is - it's one of the most scenic trails I've ever been on. As we continued our Dutch bike quest to explore everything Southern California has to offer, we knew Big Bear had to be a top destination.  We drove up 2 hours from Los Angeles and arrived at our destination at around 1PM.

Big Bear Lake

One of our pit stops when we got into Big Bear itself was the Fawn Skin Liquor Market. We talked with a pleasant cashier and picked up some more water, chips, and other goodies. This place has everything. Definitely recommend for your miscellaneous needs.

fawn skin liquor market

Next we stopped at a boat dock since we very badly wanted to get out and find a place to set up shop.  I was tempted to take my Dutch bicycle off the car rack, but then realized the trail didn't start there! big bear lake fishing dock

The view was spectacular, but this place was more for taking your boat into the lake and less for picnicking.

big bear lake bike trail

Beautiful Big Bear Lake bike trail

Since we didn't have an adventure pass for the day, we decided to park along the road which was conveniently positioned next to the Big Bear lake bike trail itself.

After we loaded up our step through bike and diamond frame bike with all the necessary gear for a little picnic, we started along the trail.  What was really great was the utility the bikes offered especially combined with a few Nantucket Baskets which fit conveniently on the rack.

big bear lake bike trail

We even fit our dog Lucky into one of the baskets. He sat snugly cushioned with a soft towel.

peace bicycles dog

Finally getting to the picnic area was joyous. It was such a beautiful natural setting and amazing especially after a 2 hour drive. (the winding roads that lead into Big Bear Lake can make one very nauseous, so I definitely recommend motion sickness pills for those who are prone )

big bear lake peace dreamer bike

After spending two or so hours picnicking at the lake we  decided to bike on and get some wind in our hair. We got back on the scenic trail that follows the lake and took it to a strip mall that screamed "Americana" with the same stores that were in every strip mall. Luckily we found a beef jerkey shop that had managed to keep some of that "we're on vacation and are looking for something original feel". Tasting the jerky in the shop was awesome.  We finally settled on the Honey Barbeque flavor and picked up a 1/4 pound bag for $10 (this made for a good snack on the way home) .

big bear lake bike trail trip

I asked a local cashier where we could eat outside and get some really good food. She directed us to Get The Burger ... and man was she right!

get the burger big bear california

The food was amazing and the Menu is split up into a variety of burgers,  fries, and milk shakes all named 'Leading Man', 'Leading Lady' , 'The Duke', The John Wayne', 'Child Star' etc. This was quite entertaining as we had come from LA.

We enjoyed our homemade burgers immensely, picked at our yummy fried jalapeno peppers, and finished the meal off with a really good strawberry milkshake. It was a meal I won't forget.

Not only was the food really good; the service was second to none. When I say service I don't mean wait service, since this is the kind of place you have to go and pick up the food yourself. I mean when we asked for water for the dog, we got a large dog bowl with crisp cold water and a few dog treats as well. Also, my phone was low on battery so I asked for the possibility of a charge. And viola! They had one to lend.

big bear lake

After a great meal we retraced our tracks and took the scenic Big Bear bike trail back to our car. All in all, it was a successful day in a scenic magical place!

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