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Pink beach cruisers are a truly excellent way of getting around town. Whether you use one for your commute to and from work, or just to get somewhere without needing to get into your car, they can certainly make your life easier. The pink color, unlike what some think, isn't just a girls color, and anyone can look good on step through bikes like our pink beach cruiser bikes.

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However, just owning the bike is only a part of the experience. Yes, it's the main thing, but you can easily make things a lot better if you choose a few accessories to go with your cruiser bike. When it comes to accessories, you've got beach cruiser parts that are crucial and you've got ones that are optional but do make your life a lot easier. For example, you must wear a helmet (it's even required by law in some states), but a basket or a cup holder are just optional. They work great, though, and you should definitely consider them.

How do you choose accessories?

Now, the issue with choosing accessories for pink beach cruisers is that there are hundreds of them. We aren't talking about individual products, but categories as well. So, where do you begin? Well, a good place to start would be our list below. We have a list of great accessories for pink beach cruisers, all made to look great on a pink beach cruiser. To begin with, we'll look at a few helmets that look stylish, but protect you in case something happens. Then, we'll take a look at a few baskets and racks. These can be very helpful if you need to carry something somewhere.

Next, a cup holder can come in handy, and last but not least, we'll take a look at some phone holders, as well as some colorful accessories and components that can make things more interesting in terms of the color coordination. Without wasting any more time, let's take a look at our options - helmets first.

Questions you may be asking:

Q: Can many of the below accessories be found at a bike shop near me?

A: Some of them can be found at bike shops and most can be found online by following the included links:)

The best helmets for pink beach cruisers

When it comes to choosing a helmet that goes along with your pink beach cruiser, the truth is that you aren't really that limited. You'll want a helmet that's safe, first and foremost, but there are a lot of stylish options that provide ample protection, and look nice on a pink bike.

We'll be taking a look at three helmets. First, we'll look at a somewhat universal option that's suited to the budget-oriented users. Then, we'll see a stunning, stylish model that stands out, and last, we'll see a high-end model that's as safe as they come.

Bell Draft MIPS

Bell is a well known brand in the bicycle helmet world. Their Draft MIPS option is a budget-oriented model that still provides a lot of protection, and a lot of bang for your buck. As Bell themselves say, this is an all-purpose helmet. It does have a lot of ventilation, which is great for those hot summer days.

To begin with, there's a total of 25 vents, which means that your head will remain cool even in the hottest days. The fit system is Bell's Ergo Fit, which is sleek and really easy to use, with a single dial. You can adjust it with one hand, which is as convenient as it gets. There's also the no-twist Tri-Glides quick adjustment fasteners that make sure your straps remain flat, and positioned well.

pink beach cruisers bell draft mips

The entire helmet has a fusion in-mold polycarbonate shell. This is a process that bonds the outer shell to the EPS foam liner. In the end, you get a very sturdy helmet that provides a lot more protection. It also comes with MIPS protection, which reduces rotational forces from certain impacts, making the helmet much safer.

The result is a 299 gram helmet that looks great on pink beach cruisers and provides ample protection in case you need it. If you're on a budget, and own a pink beach cruiser, this might be right for you.

Nutcase Tracer

The Nutcase Tracer design takes obvious cues from skate-style helmets. However, it's made to look a lot more stylish. Nutcase are known for their interesting designs on their helmets, and the Tracer is one of their more subdued options, which makes it great for pink beach cruiser owners.

To begin with, this may look like a helmet for colder weather. There are only ten vents, which might seem like not enough. However, the internal EPS channeling ensures that as much airflow as possible goes through. Temperature won't be an issue here. Those vents also come with Nutcase's CoolControl adjustable system, which lets you control airflow.

pink beach cruisers nutcase tracer

Setting it up is a piece of cake. You have a reflective spin dial fit system, which you can adjust with one hand. There are three sets of pads, which let you get the fit just right for you. The Tracer comes with Nutcase's very popular Fidlock magnetic buckle. This makes putting the helmet on and off a breeze.

In terms of protection, the lightweight inmold PC shell is stiff and will provide ample protection. This isn't something you'll need to worry about. Oh, and since there are some people that won't like the cloth visor at the front, it's worth mentioning that it's removable. If you want a stylish helmet that looks great with beach cruiser bikes, the Shell White (pictured above) should be on your shortlist.

POC Ventral Spin

The Swedes at POC are well known for their high-end helmets, but there's one of them that looks right at home on pink beach cruisers. We're talking about the Ventral Spin. Whether you get it in the Fluorescent Pink (pictured below), Sulphite Yellow, Stibium Blue Matt, or any of the other more discrete colors, it can match pink beach cruisers really, really well.

To begin with, the Ventral Spin gives you really good ventilation. At less than 250 grams (Medium size), you'll barely feel it on your head. The accelerated airflow zones make sure your head stays cool. Comfort is also stunning. The SPIN silicone pads inside are as comfortable as it gets, and there's a lightweight adjustment system that will help you get it just right.

pink beach cruisers poc ventral spin

The EPS liner has a targeted, optimized density, to make sure you've got just the right balance between weight and protection. The unibody shell is fully wrapped which increases integrity, and in turn, safety. There's also a nifty eye garage, which keeps your sunglasses safe and in position if you decide to put them on the helmet.

Now, make no mistake, the POC Ventral Spin is an expensive helmet. However, if you decide to go for it, you're getting unparalleled comfort, ventilation, and protection.

Let's check out a few baskets

A basket or a rack is one of the most practical things to add to pink beach cruisers. When you're using your bike for your daily commute, you want to be able to carry around things. Whether it's your work laptop and documents, or things you bought from the grocery store, you need a way to take them home. If you don't already have a pink beach cruiser with basket, these could help quite a bit.

Now, some people prefer a basket at the front. Others, want a basket at the rear. Some may even want just a rack. Therefore, we've decided to give you one of each. We'll start things off with an excellent front basket, then look at one for the rear, and finish up with a very popular rack.
Wald 135 Deep Sized

Wald 135 Deep Sized

When it comes to high quality baskets for pink beach cruisers, Wald have somewhat of an edge over everyone else. They've got a host of options, but their 135 basket is our pick. It's a simple, yet very high quality option.

To begin with, it is nine inches deep. It has a tapered design, starting at 14.5 x 9.5" at the top, and ending at 12.25 x 7" at the bottom. This allows you to fit in quite a few things inside, as the basket is really spacious.

pink beach cruisers wald 135

In terms of the design, it's available in a plated, black and white finish. Whichever one you go for, it will look great on pink beach cruisers. It has a minimalist design, but it's built really well.

All things considered, the Wald 135 is a great front basket for pink beach cruisers. It looks great, it's built really well, and it holds quite a lot of stuff. Everything you might want out of a basket - it does it!

Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Cruiser Tremont Cargo

Nantucket Bike Basket Co. is another brand to take note of. They've got some really great baskets, both for the front, and for the back. However, we already covered a front basket. Therefore, we'll be focusing on one of their rear baskets - the Cruiser Tremont Cargo. It's a simple basket that attaches to a rack, and has a lot of space.

When it comes to the design, the Cruiser Tremont Cargo is really stunning. It's completely wowen from pitrit rattan, with a thick weave. With the white color, it will look great on pink beach cruisers, especially if we're talking about a gentle, baby pink.

pink beach cruisers nantucket cruiser tremont

What's interesting is that this thick weave also holds really well, day to day. Regardless of what you carry, it will remain in a great condition. The basket uses two leather/velcro straps to attach. This makes it a simple design that's easy to remove if you don't need it.

In terms of the functionality, the basket has a maximum weight limit of 20 pounds. That could be less, though, depending on your rear rack's weight limit. With an 11.5" height, you can fit quite a lot of things inside. One thing to note, though. The rear end is a bit lower. Therefore, you'll want to be careful with how you put things inside, in order for them to stay inside.

MASH Front Rack

If you're more of a minimalist type, a rack could be enough, and you may not need a basket. If that's the case, pink beach cruisers look great with one of MASH's front racks. They come in a couple of colors - from a regular black, to the excellent Rainbox Flake (pictured below).

The rack itself is made to be mounted on a fork with a brake hole. Therefore, check your bike before you buy it. The racks come with mounting hardware for various fork materials - steel, aluminum or carbon. The steel bracket holds the rack closer to the steerer tube, for a bit more stability. Even though this might look like it can't hold a lot of weight, it supports up to 30 lbs, which is great. The rack itself weighs 1.7 lbs, thanks to the hollow tubs used.

pink beach cruisers mash sf front rack

Now, one thing to note is that you'll need a way to secure your things to the rack. Whether you opt for a bungee cord, or another solution, just putting them on isn't the right approach. Chances are things will fall out of the rack like that. If this is something you can live with, the MASH front rack is a stunning option for pink beach cruisers.

A cup holder adds a bit of extra functionality to pink beach cruisers

Pink beach cruisers aren't all about looks - they need to be practical, too. Now, picture this. You get up in the morning, and realize you're going to be late for work if you drink your coffee. Okay, you think to yourself, you can just grab a cup of coffee on your commute to work, right? But that coffee is going to be hot, and carrying it in your hands isn't really practical, is it? It's not just the temperature, either, there's also the fact that you should be holding your handlebars.

And this is where adding a cup holder to pink beach cruisers starts to sound like a really good idea. From the simplest, cheapest one, to the more complicated and expensive options, they serve a single purpose - hold your drink while you ride. While just about any cup holder might do the job, not all will do it equally well. That's why we've got three suggestions for you. They're all good, and which one you go for depends on your preference and budget.

Red Cup Living Bicycle Drink Holder

The red cup is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable cups in the world. They're all over the place, so why not have one that acts like a cup holder? This option by Rec Cup Living is made from double-wall ABS plastic, which is lightweight and durable. Now, there is no rubberized contact surface on the inside. However, you can be sure that the holder will grip your drink well, and it won't go anywhere.

pink beach cruisers red cup holder

In terms of the capacity, you can fit an 18oz, 24oz or 32oz bottle or can, whichever you have. However, bulkier bottles may not fit that well. There's a stainless steel attachment for the handlebar, so the cup holder won't be going anywhere. The installation is really easy and requires no tools, so this is a pretty simple cup holder - perfect for pink beach cruiser bikes.

Dadding & Co DaddieCaddie Cup Holder

If you're looking at something that's a bit more secure, you might want to give the DaddieCaddie a shot. It's made by Dadding & Co., and it's meant to be a universal, highly convenient cupholder for drinks. It looks perfect on pink beach cruisers, and the quick-release system makes it very versatile, too.

pink beach cruisers daddiecaddie

The inside is lined with a soft material that does two things. The first, and most important, is that it keeps your beverage in place. It's meant for 12oz cups, and they'll stay inside no matter what. The second, which is much more important to coffee lovers, is that it does its best to maintain the temperature. That means that your coffee will remain hot, while your cold drinks will remain cold.

The mount of the DaddieCaddie is really great. Besides being quickly removable, it's also one that allows you to mount it to a bike, stroller or golf cart, not just pink beach cruisers. The drink holder itself is detachable, too, so things are even quicker. If you're considering something that looks premium and works admirably, this may be the best cup holder for pink beach cruisers.


Lexin LX-C3

Our last option is made by Lexin, and it's their LX-C3 cup holder that looks great on pink beach cruisers. It looks premium and different from other conventional designs. This is, however, why we love it, and why we're recommending it.

The first thing you'll want to know is that the LX-C3 cup holder is incredibly versatile. The opening has a "gear"-like design that grips comfortably any beverage inside a cup or bottle that's up to 3" in diameter. This includes your favorite coffee, but also larger drinks that come in bottles. And yes, you can comfortably fit a 20 oz tumbler inside. The inside is comfortable and won't warm up your cold beverages, but there's no temperature assistance here. Drinks won't remain too hot or too cold for a long time.

pink beach cruisers lexin lx-c3

The LX-C3's mount is also great. It gives you a 360 degree rotation, so you can have it set up just the way you like it. It can also fit a handlebar from 7/8" to 1 1/4" in diameter, which is just perfect for pink beach cruisers. All things considered, if you like a somewhat different design, the Lexin LX-C3 might be the way to go.

Do you get a phone holder?

For almost every single one of us, a smartphone is an essential part of our daily routine. Therefore, we often prefer to have it in our sight, instead of having it thrown in a bag or backpack. Having it in your pocket while you're cycling isn't that safe - it can easily fall out. For pink beach cruisers, the way to go is to get a smartphone holder. There are many to choose from, and it's no secret that not all of them will do the job well.

Therefore, below we've got a few options. We'll mention two phone holders for pink beach cruisers by less known brands, and then we'll talk about what's very likely the best phone holder on the market today.

Morpheus Labs M4S

The first phone holder we'll talk about is made by Morpheus Labs. One thing to note, before we begin, is that this is an iPhone-specific product, as the case works with iPhone 6/6s, 7/7+, 8/8+, X/Xs, XR and Xs Max. Therefore, if you're an Android user, you might want to look elsewhere. The Morpheus Labs M4S is available in three colors, but for pink beach cruiser bike owners, we'd recommend the Slate Gray or the Monochrome Black.

pink beach cruisers morpheus m4s

When you put your phone in the case, you'll find that there's a mount at the back. That mount corresponds with the piece you put on your phone, and they click together. The case itself is made of six layers, and has been certified for MIL-STD 810G. It's still very thin, though, and only adds three millimeters of thickness to your phone. The part that goes on your bike is quick removable, and you can put it on your handlebars or stem. You get a rotating magnetic lock, which should securely hold your phone in place.

If you're going to be riding over rougher terrain, we would recommend that you go for the FlexKit variant, which adds a bit of "suspension" to the entire system. This transfers much less vibrations to the phone itself. If you have an iPhone, the M4S may very well be way to go.

RokForm V4 Pro-Series

If you aren't an iPhone user, or you want something different, the RokForm V4 could be a great alternative. Unfortunately, it's not universal, but it's compatible with every iPhone from the iPhone 5, as well as all Galaxy S devices from the S7, as well as the Note 8 and Note 9. It's a very simple mount that's also made very well, and is designed in California. So, if you're one of those folks who ride pink beach cruiser bikes, why would you want one?

pink beach cruisers rokform v4

To begin with, the mount can be installed with a single screw, on your top cap. It only weighs 2.5 oz, so it's really lightweight and doesn't add any significant weight to pink beach cruisers. The entire thing is CNC machined, and made of 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. It also gives you an unlimited range of motion adjusts, so you can have your phone screen at just the right angle. The design is slim and unobtrusive, which is also nice.

The issue with the RokForm V4 is the price of admission. The mount itself isn't really cheap, but you'll also need a compatible phone case for your phone, and they aren't cheap either. However, the cases are very sturdy and high quality, and provide quite a bit of protection for your phone, both on and off the bike. If you don't mind the price, and have a compatible device, it's certainly an attractive option for pink beach cruisers.

QuadLock Bike Mount

Regardless of how many phone mounts you go through, the QuadLock is undoubtedly the creme de la creme of them all. It comes at a reasonable price, it gives you a very stiff mounting option, it's simple and minimalist, and it's made really, really well. In the (relatively high) price, you also get a case for your device, which is great. However, there's also a universal fit kit, which is cheaper, and comes with back piece you can adhere to just about any phone or case.

pink beach cruiser bikes quadlock mount

The bike mount is slim and sturdy, and you can have it in a few variants. There's either the handlebar/stem mount, which is self explanatory, or there's the "out front" mount. This one goes on your handlebars, and places your phone in front of you, similarly to a cycling computer. Owners of pink beach cruisers can also attach a light or an action camera to the bottom of the out front mount, bit you'll need an additional adapter for that.

The QuadLock is our favorite for a few reasons. First of all, you can use it with literally any device. It doesn't even have to be a smartphone - as long as you can adhere the universal back piece to something, you can have that something on your bike. We can't imagine what that would be aside from a phone though, but use your imagination. Plus, those blue accents look perfect on pink beach cruisers!

Let's add a splash of color to pink beach cruisers

Everything we spoke about so far is either an accessory for your bike, or something you wear on you. Everything is meant to be functional, and also look good on pink beach cruisers. However, what happens when you don't really need functionality? What if you just want to add a bit of color to your pink cruiser bike? Well, if that's the case, and you don't really care about function, let's take a look at a couple of colorful accessories you can easily put on your bike.

Deity Knuckleduster grips

Even though they don't come in pink, there's an aqua blue colorway of the Deity Knuckleduster grips (pictured below) that simply begs to be installed on pink beach cruisers. Made of Deity's TRC rubber compound, these are some of the most comfortable and durable grips. The inner sleeve is tapered, to ensure optimum contact with the handlebar, and the single aluminum clamp will keep them on your handlebar. And yes, you can have any handlebar from our informative handlebars guide, and they'll fit right in.

pink beach cruisers deity knuckleduster

The grip design itself is interesting. First, you have a short and wide rib design. This adds comfort, but there's no side-to-side play like you would expect. There's also a half-waffle recessed design, which adds a bit more control without creating hot spots. There's also a chevron v-channel design for the palm swell, which adds a bit more comfort and a somewhat ergonomic design.

With a 132mm length and a 32mm outer diameter, the Deity Knuckleduster can be a great way to add a bit of color to pink beach cruisers. They also won't mess with the comfort, and you'll be able to ride them for a good while.

ABUS Lock-Chain Combination Catena 6806

Owners of pink beach cruisers would hate to see their bike stolen, so a good bike lock is a must have. ABUS are one of the best in the industry, with locks that are extremely secure, and last a good while. The Catena 6806 comes in a neon pink color - perfect for a hot pink beach cruiser bike. It's a chain lock with a quality cylinder, so you can store it just about anywhere. For example, if you were to get one of the baskets above, you can put it inside and use it when necessary.

pink beach cruisers abus bike lock

In terms of security, the ABUS has a 6mm square chain. This is fairly thick, and pretty much unbreakable, so you should have peace of mind when you're leaving your bike on the street. It's also wrapped in a textile sleeve, so wrapping the lock around your frame and components won't scratch or damage them, which is nice. Both the chain, and the housing, are made of specially hardened steel, which makes things even more secure.

All things considered, if you want to be one of those proud pink beach cruiser owners for a good while, you'll want the ABUS to keep your bike safe. Whether you lock it on a bicycle parking, or around a pole, it will stay there, waiting for you to get back.


Our last suggestion is meant to make your experience with riding beach cruiser bikes much easier by letting you add a crucial component - a water bottle. We're talking about the SUPACAZ Fly Cage, which comes in a variety of flavors. For owners of pink beach cruisers, we'd recommend going for either the Neon Pink & Neon Blue (pictured below), or the Neon Pink & Neon Purple. They both look stunning and are functionally excellent.

pink beach cruisers supacaz fly cage

When you first look at the price, you might think "What's so special about a bottle cage?", and we couldn't blame you for that. However, the clean lines and the laser etched design really stand out. This is also a very lightweight bottle cage, which grips your bottle really well, so there's no chance of it falling out. The best part? Each one is hand painted, and they're extremely limited. Chances are you won't see another one in the wild, at least not in the same color combination. If your bike has bottle cage mounts, by all means go for it.

Wrapping things up

With all the accessories available on the market today, there's no shortage of options for owners of pink beach cruisers. However, the ones we spoke about above are all tried and tested to work perfectly, and they're a perfect match for your bike. If you're looking to freshen up your bike's look, the list above should be a great place to get started. If, however, you want to go even more custom, we've got a handy guide that can be really helpful. Or, you can look at our list of beach cruiser accessories - there are some more that'll look good on pink beach cruisers!

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev