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Women’s Bikes Ultimate Guide – On Sale w/ Free Shipping!

Women's bikes can be a tricky category and finding the best women's bikes under $700 or $1000 is no simple task. Especially if you consider yourself to be petite, short, small or tall - sizes can sometime be hard to come by.

Here are some of the women's bikes we offer for sale online:

Our Diamond Beach Cruisers







Even before surfing the internet through various adult female cruiser bikes, you need to determine which cycle features and accessories you want, the type of women's bikes you want, and what's affordable. Doing the research can be difficult if you are new to the world of ladies cycling. However, it is actually crucial that you get it right, so we created this guide to help you on your way.

Luckily, we at Peace Bikes have years of experience that we can pass along to you. We want you to make good purchase decisions whether you get something basic or fully-equipped. In this article, we will explain three very common forms of women’s bikes. We'll also talk about the benefits of each type of bike, and which one is the best for riders who want a versatile bike. Buying a women's bike will be much easier once you're done reading. In the end, the best bike for both leisurely riding and work commuting is, hands down, a women’s Dutch bike or a cruiser bike. Not to mention that both come in step-through frames.

fyi: we consider ourselves to be one of the best bike brands for women as most of our customers are women and they're very happy with our bikes!

Fixie Women’s Bikes

A women's fixie bike or fixie in general is a bike that only has one gear, and that gear is fixed. Compared to a regular bike, one that isn't fixed, there is no free coasting - the pedals must turn along with the wheel. If you're used to a regular freewheel, this might sound scary. However, it's actually a really interesting bike to ride. The downside is that you can't shift gears, you're only limited to that one single gear. Fixie bikes are also referred to as single-speed bikes. Fixie bikes are very popular among city bike riders, especially in America. There, messengers and even just commuters use fixie bikes to travel around.

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Some fixie bikes also omit the brakes completely. As mentioned, when you stop pedaling, the wheel stops turning. Therefore, you can apply pressure to the pedals, pushing them slightly backwards, and lock the rear wheel for braking. Or, if you just want to slow down, you'll spin the pedals a bit slower - simple as that. Fixie bikes are very simple, that's why a lot of people enjoy them.


Still, they require more energy to use. Women's bikes with multiple gears can distribute the energy needed to bike on various routes among their gears. That stated, some bike riders truly enjoy the simplicity of a single-speed bike. No bicycle parts to maintain, and yet compatible with a lot of bike accessories. They love their fixies as a result. But if you're looking for convenience and comfort in women's bikes, you might be better off with another option. They aren't the most practical city bikes for women to get around on, cruiser bikes are much better for that, especially women's bikes.

Dutch Women’s Bikes

Dutch bikes or Dutch-style bikes, also known as the "oma's" or grandmother women's bikes, are known for their upright seating positions, large wheelbase (a.k.a. balloon tires), enclosed drivetrain, internal hub gears and brakes, durable frames, and full fenders and mudguards. These women's bikes, also commonly referred to as beach cruisers in America, are used for relaxing, leisurely rides. These bikes, as their name suggests, were invented in the Netherlands. Biking is so popular there, they have a problem with overcrowded bike lanes!

These women's bikes are incredibly comfortable to ride and are also very convenient. The upright seating position will make sure that you can get wherever you want without any soreness or aches whatsoever. It is by far the most comfortable way to ride a bicycle. Gears and transmission are commonly internal, so there's nothing to damage on the outside. This also means that they aren't affected as much by the elements, thus requiring less maintenance. You also get some protective features such as fenders and mudguards, and there's also the chain guard, to make sure you don't get dirty. And last but not least, they often have a mesh front basket. It lets you load it up with whatever you want. Want to buy groceries? Go ahead. Want to carry your documents to work? You got it. You really can't be asking for more from women's bikes.

Cruiser Women's Bikes

Women's cruiser bikes are similar to Dutch bikes, and they are also incredibly comfortable to ride. They also have that plush, comfortable seat that puts you in an upright position. A steel shock absorbing frame and balloon tires are there too. If you're looking for a bike to get you from point A to point B, they'll easily do that. You also get the choice between 3 speed beach cruiser bikes as well as 7 speed cruiser bikes, and internal or external transmissions. Depending on whether you live in a flatter area, or in a hilly city like San Francisco, you can choose what works better for you. You can also park them just about anywhere as they come with a double kickstand. This is very convenient for loading groceries when shopping. All-round, a great option as far as women's bikes go.

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Electric Women’s Bikes

Electric women's bikes are actually regular bikes which have an electric motor added to them. Some of them let you use the motor only, while others require that you spin the pedals at least a little bit in order for the motor to be able to work. This is a great option if you have a long, or difficult commute every day, and you want to rest your legs every now and then. Those motors are charged using special docks and an electrical outlet. Depending on the brand and capacity, the battery life and power varies from brand to brand.

Even though they're very convenient for some things, electric bikes are more or less in their infancy stage. They only came to the market a few years ago, and there are still a few things that need to be ironed out. And, compared to cruiser women's bikes, they're incredibly expensive. If you don't really have a need for such a bike, you'll most likely be better off on a regular cruiser or Dutch women's bike.

The Difference Between Men's and Women's Bikes

First, it should be noted that any man can ride women’s bikes, and any woman can ride a man’s bike. Men’s and women’s bikes may be marketed as gender-specific, but they can physically be ridden by anyone. That being said, there are some key differences between men and women's bikes. They might impact your comfort levels while riding, as well as the convenience. This makes more of a difference with women's bikes, but let's take a closer look.

men's vs women's bikes

The first major difference is the frame. Men's bikes generally have a regular, diamond frame. As we mentioned above, getting on and off on a diamond frame might be a bit difficult in some circumstances. With women's bikes, the female bike frame is a step-through frame. These differences are usually based on historical facts, and they're made to accommodate said facts. One such thing is the clothing differences.

Historically in Western societies, women usually wore dresses and skirts. Until recently, pants weren't very popular with women. This is actually a big deal, because pants are a closed form of leg coverings. Skirts and dresses on the other hand, are open. This has an impact on getting on and of the bike, as well as the riding style. Getting on a diamond frame female bike with a skirt is difficult and impractical, while a step-through lady's bicycle frame is much easier to deal with in this regard. The riding itself is also different, with skirts and dresses requiring a bit more free space so you can move your legs. All of this resulted in the creation of step-through lady's bike frames, which are still popular nowadays, and are often marketed as women's bikes. If you want a good bike for ladies, step-through women's bikes are the way to go.

men's vs women's bikes

What is the Step-Through Bike Frame? Why is it beneficial for women's bikes?

On a regular diamond frame bike, which is what you'll find on men's bikes, the top tube extends from the handlebars to just under the seat saddle. This top tube can be identified by its location, which is parallel to the ground. On a step-through frame, often found on a lady's cruiser bike, however, the top tube is either absent, or curved downward, attaching to the seat post just above the chainguard. While step-through bikes are a staple of women’s bikes, men can ride bikes with step-through frames as well. However, you will usually see a step-through frame on a bike marketed to women, even today. There are exceptions, such as a road bike, or a ladies racing bike, but that's the general opinion.

The Benefits of Fixie Women’s Bikes

We spoke about fixie bikes a bit earlier, and they're the simplest bicycle you can find. No gears, (sometimes) no brakes, and very little that requires maintenance. They're also simple to ride - pedal forward to go forward, pedal backwards to go backwards. Want to slow down? Pedal slower. How about stopping? Just stop pedaling.

Having a fixie bike isn't just about simplicity, it's about exercise too. Riders who enjoy exercising as much as they do riding bicycles also love the single-speed aspect of fixie bikes. Due to the inability to change gears, some riders enjoy using their fixies to work out while biking on tough terrain, before resting their legs by riding on easy terrain. Cycling is a great leg exercise. Since fixie bikes have only one gear, it is impossible to switch to a lower one.

Fixie bikes, due to their simplistic design, are also easier to fix than more complex bikes. Fixie bikes are low maintenance, which means there are no derailleurs, shifters, or chain rights to replace. This ease of maintenance is appreciated by fixie riders, especially ones in the city where there is so much to do at all times.

The Benefits of Women’s Dutch Bikes

Dutch bikes are very useful for urban commuters. These women’s bikes are simple to operate, hardy enough to be used throughout the year, and are low-maintenance enough to provide a no-hassle means to commute to work. Good Dutch bikes not only retain their value, but offset the cost of the purchase in the first place! Dutch bikes also provide a comfortable riding experience, with an upright riding position and a wide seat saddle. Comfort is a key quality that is important to consider when purchasing a bike, especially if you want to commute by bike to work.

dutch women's bikes

But it's not just comfort and pricing. You get a host of other features, such as a kickstand or a basket. You also get front and rear lights, which are essential when you're coming back home after dark. And let's not forget about the riding experience - each and every part of your bike has a part here. From the tires, to the frame, to the saddle and handlebars, you'll get an experience you will enjoy every minute of.

The Benefits of Women’s Electric Bikes

If you bike around a lot, it is worthwhile to consider purchasing an electric bike. Electric bikes vary in range from 20-30 kilometers and more, which is a great asset to have, if you are too tired to pedal home after work. Electric bikes are also great for sedentary people, many of whom need to re-introduce exercise into their lifestyles slowly in order to make health gains without getting injured. With electric bikes, you simply start the motor when you get tired, and stop the motor when you want to exercise for a bit.

electric women's bikes

Electric bikes are also great to re-introduce people into nature. If you know that you do not have to pedal the entire bike trip, suddenly biking for leisure because a great weekend relaxation idea. You can bike on trails, through parts of the city, and on the beach, switching on the electric motor when you get tired. It's also great when you want to go on a ride which might be a bit longer than what you know you can handle. You can use the electric motor to rest when you think you have a hard section coming up. This lets you save your strength for the places you actually enjoy riding throughout.

What Only Dutch Women’s Bikes Can Provide!

Dutch women’s bikes are great for minimalist riders. You have a limited space in your front basket, and rear racks/panniers are optional. Since your space is limited, you automatically downsize the items you take with you when riding around. If you like decluttering your life, a Dutch bike is a great idea.

These bikes are also versatile, because they are so durable. You can bike through the city, and on the boardwalk, with a Dutch bike. You can go practically anywhere you set your mind to with a Dutch bike.

Internal 7 speed Dutch women's bikes, like the women’s bikes we offer at Peace Bikes, come with a double kickstand, which is perfect for riders who carry heavy items on their rear racks. Knowing that your bike and bike accessories are strong and durable, is a great way to increase your relaxation while biking.

Dutch bikes are one of a kind. They are simple to assemble and simple to ride. Simple in design, it is easy to provide maintenance to Dutch women's bikes, which makes upkeep an enjoyable activity as well. Night time riding is no issue, since Dutch bikes come with front and rear lights, allowing you to see and be seen after sunset.

Enjoy commuting to work on Dutch women's bikes, with a comfortable seat saddle, and coat and chain guards, installed to ensure that no dirt or chain grease touches you or your clothing! Wearing a long dress or coat to work is no longer an issue when you bike!

Qualities Required in " Oma" Women’s Bikes

Our Dutch-style and cruiser bikes, the Dreamer and the Puppy, come with caliper brakes on both wheels, 26-inch balloon tires, double kickstands,  chain guards, comfortable pedals, and front baskets (the Puppy has an aluminum alloy front basket built-in for added durability and convenience). When you choose the Dreamer, or the Puppy Dutch bike, you are making a positive investment in your future, whether you bike to the beach, on a trail, or in the city. This is an investment that you'll reap the benefits of with every mile you ride with your bike. You'll want it to replace your car as your main means of transport. You will want it to replace the gym as your main method of exercise. All of this results in a healthier, and much more practical life. What more could you ask for from women's bikes, honestly?

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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