women's cruiser bike with basket

A Women’s Cruiser Bike with Basket to Live the Dream!

So, you're thinking about getting a women’s cruiser bike with basket, but aren't sure exactly what do get? We understand there are many options out there and for that reason we've created this guide.  To start off, when you buy a beach cruiser bike with basket, you are buying memories. Each and every bike ride on your new beach cruiser bicycle will unlock a new one. Memories like biking in the rain for ice cream or biking with your dog in the basket on the way to the park are priceless. Some of the happiest memories people make with beachcomber cruisers are on the beach. People also bike the boardwalks, ride on the flats, bike on the shore, and more. Life goes slower, and the excitement picks up when you can relax and take in the views of your city from a pier for example. There are endless memories you can make.

Here are some of the cruiser bikes we offer for sale online:

Our Diamond Beach Cruisers







Like with any purchase, you will get what you pay for. A women's beach cruiser with basket is a fun investment into your personal happiness and quality of life, so it's important to get something that lasts and meets your needs. These bikes come in 3 or 7 gears and in many colors including: pink, red, mint green, yellow, teal, light blue, blue, and purple.

Women's Cruiser Bike with Basket - Basket Types

Women's Cruiser Bike with Basket

There are specific differences which make a women's cruiser bike with basket unique. While all beach cruisers feature the same frames, tires, handlebars, pedals, gears, brakes, and saddles, some differences exist.

A women's cruiser bike with basket either has a free hanging bike basket (bottom left) that's attached to the handlebars with straps or a clamp and/or it comes with a basket stand (bottom left)/front rack that fastens to the front wheel hub. Either way, the bikes are usually based on a step through bike frame that is easy to get in and out of. Though, they do come in diamond frame style as well.

women's cruiser bike with basket styles

One of the most overlooked women's cruiser bike with basket accessories is the actual basket. Without one, you just cannot do as much as you could. Baskets are great for carrying things without the need for a rear rack or backpack.

Rear racks alone are not as secure as baskets, and backpacks can be uncomfortable to ride with. This is especially true if you like to bike long distances.

The Classic Wicker Basket

nantucket wicker bike basket

When you think of a women’s beach cruiser with basket, you think of wicker baskets, like the one above from Nantucket Baskets. They are the classic, vintage baskets that so many beach cruiser owners install.

You can fit quite a lot of stuff in a wicker basket. Food, drinks, a purse, even a tablet or laptop, can all fit into a wicker basket. Size-wise, you cannot beat a wicker basket in terms of practicality.

women's cruiser bike with rear basket

The easiest form of wicker basket to install is one that has metal hooks that simply drape over the handlebars or rack. It takes less than a second! You can also buy wicker baskets with straps that accomplish the same task.

There is one caveat though. Wicker baskets are less durable than metal ones. Wicker baskets will fray and break apart over time. However, you can still get a lot out of your wicker basket, especially quality ones like Nantucket, and they will last for many years.

women's beach cruiser bike with basket

This Large bicycle dog basket (above) from Cothdeblanc24 is Ideal for larger shopping trips and also doubles as a dog cart for small dogs and cats. It's 100% handmade from Long-drawn willow rods and features hooks on the back that go over your handlebars.

women's red cruiser bike with chair basket

This bicycle seat basket, also from Cothdeblanc24, is the most unique basket in this guide. It actually doubles as a bike basket and child seat! Pretty cool!

Rattan Baskets

This Rattan bicycle basket by JoannasCollections is a great fit for any women's cruiser bike with basket combo and features buckled leather straps that fit on almost any size bike. Other features include rattan, reed, oil stain, leather strapping, brass buckles, and nickel rivets.

women's cruiser bicycle with basket

Here's another cool beachcomber bike basket from JoannasCollections . Joannas makes these in many colors so they can coordinate with your bicycle. They include cranberry red, denim blue, hunter green, cocoa brown, and midnight black.

beachcomber bike with basket

Beach Cruiser Bike with Basket - Wooden Box Baskets

This BluDurham re-purposed bike wine crate basket with Danish oil finish is a cool option for those who want that "I'm going to a picnic in Europe" look.

women's cruiser bike with wooden basket

It comes with a natural cotton canvas top to keep items in and features leather ties to hold the rolled up canvas back for when you're carrying larger items. You can easily attach this box to your beach cruiser with the included 1-inch oiled leather straps.

womens bike with a basket

BluDurham also features the same basket without the lid for a more convertible look:)

beach cruiser bike with wooden basket

Metal Mesh Baskets

metal mesh bike basket

Metal mesh baskets connect to your handlebars either with screwed clamps or screws, making their installation easy and simple. They can be as large as wicker baskets, but they are stronger and more durable. They're definitely a great choice for a women’s beach cruiser with basket combo.


In terms of durability, metal mesh baskets, like the adorable Nantucket Surfside Child Mesh Wire Basket in Turquoise above solve one of the durability issues that wicker baskets face. One major way that wicker baskets deteriorate is that things in the basket will puncture the sides and wear them out. However, metal mesh baskets are far stronger and more durable then the contents of the basket. As such, it is common for metal mesh baskets to last for decades.

Metal / Mesh Hybrid Baskets

wicker and metal cruiser bike with basket

This awesome hybrid City-Wicker DLX basket from Axiom is a weatherproof handlebar basket with carry handle and a retro look. What's cool is that is clicks on and off easily.

womens bike with rear basket

Here's a sweet rear carrier for your women's cruiser bike with basket combo complete with carry handles. The Market Basket DLX Basket comes on and off easily so you can take it into the grocery store and use it for your goods. Then when you're done, just snap it back onto the rear rack and off you go!

Metal Frame Baskets

Women's Cruiser Bike with Basket

A women's cruiser bike with basket also commonly comes with metal frame baskets which are more open than metal mesh baskets. The sides are often constructed with a lattice formation. If you want your basket to hold small items like keys and coins, you are better off with a wicker or metal mesh basket.

Metal frame baskets are incredibly strong. The metal used in metal frame baskets is thick and welded together.

Metal frame baskets can connect to the handlebars and/or the front wheel hub. Usually, the basket will be connected to both for added stability and durability. What's great is that this level of connectedness makes sure the weight of the goods in the basket will not affect your ride quality.

Wicker baskets with leather straps and metal mesh baskets with hooks can affect your ride if you have a lot of weight in the basket. This is because the sides of these baskets conform to the items within them and these types of baskets don't include a lot of structural support. These types of baskets will droop, or lean down, if the items are heavy enough. You will not encounter this problem with a women’s beach cruiser with metal basket especially when it comes with weight supporting metal struts that attach to the hub screw. The Sunlite Large Metal Basket below is a great example of this.

sunlite large metal cruiser basket

Woven/crocheted Bike Baskets

If you're looking for a basket to carry a few small things and to accessorize your women's cruiser bike with basket, there are some nifty hand crocheted basket options available on Etsy like this one below from DollyEmmaCrafts. This crocheted carrier for bikes comes complete with buttons onto handlebar handles and makes a great gift.

women's cruiser basket

Here's another example of a stylish woven basket for bicycle handlebars from Crocheclette. This one is easy to remove and to put on the bike thanks to straps and two wooden buttons and can be customized to the color you like.

beach cruiser bike with basket

Qualities of the Best Baskets

The best and sturdiest baskets will be the ones that are screwed onto the handlebars, and possibly onto the front wheel hub. They are more stable, sturdier, and more practical this way. If you simply hook your basket on, your basket is less safe and secure. This is vital if you want to have a women's cruiser bike with basket setup to do larger carrying like the grocery shopping etc., but if you just want to toss in a few things here are there anything that attaches with hooks or straps will do just fine.

Quality baskets will be made of quality, non-rusting materials like wicker and treated metals. You can find a lot of high-quality baskets made of aluminum for this reason. Aluminum does not accumulate rust because it does not contain iron or steel, but either way it's not wise to leave your bike outside to brace the elements.

Quality baskets will also have enough space to be functional and practical. In our opinion, it's important to consider what you will use the basket for and to know what you need to carry for the day. For example, you may need to carry all your goods from your house to the beach and back, and you may stop to do errands along the way.

Picking the Right Women's Beach Cruiser with Basket

Peace Women's Cruiser Bike with Basket

The best women’s cruiser bike with basket combo will be of a similar quality. Few people purchase either a quality bike or a quality biking accessory. People either purchase the stock option of their bike and biking accessories, or they splurge and invest in high-quality goods.

When looking for baskets for your women’s beach cruiser, look for quality options. The options we listed in the guide are ones we use ourselves and recommend. A basket may seem like a small item to order, but it is one investment among many that will make for a comfortable ride.

A women’s beach cruiser with basket is all about relaxing, cruising, and spending time at the beach, park, or countryside. The last thing you want is to have a beachcomber bike that does not function as well as it could. If you are looking for a top-quality women’s beach cruiser basket, make sure you evaluate the advantages and strengths between wicker baskets, and metal mesh and frame baskets.

Each type of basket has a specific purpose, and each type of basket holds advantages over the others. Regardless of the one you choose to purchase, any of these options can add to your comfort and ride quality.

Here at Peace Bicycles, we love Nantucket's bike baskets and we carry them in our online shop. We also have a bike with basket special which can come with front and/or rear baskets for this very reason:)

You can easily add valuable storage to your existing bike or get a bike + basket combo and ride into the sunset!

Eric Carriere