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Why a Womens Fixie Bike Is a Great Bike to Start With!

A women's fixie bike is a great choice if you love riding fast and comfy! Here at Peace Bikes, we are big believers that fixie bikes are one of the best commuters on the market and if you want to be a fixie bike girl read on!

A women's fixie bike is designed for women of all ages who want a simple bike that is low-maintenance and easy to ride.

For the best investment for your money, choose a ladies fixie bicycle with many added fixie bike parts. What really sets our women's fixed gear bike apart is that they come fully equipped with feature like the ones below. Added features that not only contribute to the ride quality and enjoyment, but also the value of your fixie include:

• Rear rack
• Front and rear lighting system
• Kickstand (double)
• Bell
• Hybrid flip-flop hub transmission system

These are just some of the features that you can find on fixie bikes on the market.

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It gets better

When it comes to fixie bikes, Peace Bikes has a wide selection of single speeds, cool cruiser bikes, and more fully-equipped Dutch bikes for sale. All you have to do is make the decision to ride one today.

Whether you want a fixie bike for biking for relaxation, or for commuting to work, you are making the right decision!

What Exactly is a Fixie Bike?

The simple answer is, a fixie bike is a bike that has a drivechain that is missing it’s freewheel. Now, it may seem alarming that a style of bike is missing a component, but it really is fine with a fixie.

A freewheel simply means that you cannot coast on the bike unless you flip the flip flop hub off course! Your legs will always be moving, regardless of the terrain you are biking on. Fixie bikes also only have one gear. They are single speed bikes. This means that you will use the same gear, regardless of terrain. It's also one of the big differences between fixies and road bikes.

While it will be easy to bike on level and declining terrain, a lot of the fun found on a fixie is biking uphill. Your legs will move faster, the bike will move slower, and your stamina will increase in a way most bike riders will never experience. This is why fixie bikes are a favorite of bike messengers around the nation.

Does This Scenario Seem Familiar to You?

Sally wants to save some money this year. She usually takes the bus to work, but the bus pass she buys every month costs over $100. She knows if she just stopped using the bus, she could save over $1000 per year. However, Sally lives too far from work to walk, and she never liked jogging. Sally decides that her best option is to purchase a bike. However, she has not biked since childhood, and she does not know much about bikes anymore.

Luckily, she learns about fixie bikes. Sally is very interested in a low-cost, low-maintenance bike that is simple to ride. As a bonus, by riding with one gear, Sally will be able to workout while she bikes to work, saving her time as well as money.

Every day, thousands of women just like Sally have to make the same decision regarding their commute. Do they go for convenience and continue taking the bus, or do they choose to bike and save money in the long-term. Every day, thousands of women make the same decision that Sally does.

Here is why.

When you think of a women's fixie bike, you probably think of hipsters, crazy cycling movies, and bike messengers. Fixie bikes, however, are not just limited to these two demographics. Anyone can ride a fixie. Whether you are using a bike to commute to school or work, or you just like biking around for fun, you should consider the benefits of riding a fixie bike.

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It Is Easy to Ride a Fixie Bike

The simple answer is that riding a women's fixie bike is the same as riding any other bike. You simply get on the bike, start pedaling, and voila! You are biking all by yourself. It is never too late to learn to ride, and it is never too late to ride a fixie!

Advanced bike maneuvers exist that you can do, like advanced starts and stops by using the pedals, but riding a fixie is fundamentally the same as any other bike.

That stated, since fixie bikes do not have a freewheel, your legs will be pedaling all the time, whether you are biking up hills, down hills, and across flat terrain. This is a great workout for your legs, lower back, and the rest of your body by extension.

A Great Learner’s Bike

Since women's fixie bikes are low on maintenance, inexpensive when compared to other types of bikes, and easy to ride, they are a great learner’s bike. Whether you are a beginner rider, or you are an experienced athlete or use your bike for work every day, anyone can enjoy riding a fixie. They are simple to use, simple to care for, and simple to ride.

An Inexpensive Mode of Transportation

Biking in general is an inexpensive mode of transportation. Even motorcycles cost thousands of dollars per year in upkeep, storage, gas, and maintenance. With bikes, most of the repairs you can do at home. Beyond the cost of purchasing the bicycle, there is little more to spend money on.

You can not only save money on the purchase of transportation when you choose to ride a bike, but you also save money on the ongoing costs of transportation. Switch to a bike and you no longer have to worry about gas prices, monthly bus passes, driving insurance, and the like.

With the exception of walking, and other modes of transportation like skateboarding, there is no better, and no more inexpensive mode of transportation than biking.

Easy Maintenance

A women's fixie bike is very easy to service. This ease of maintenance comes from the durability, and simplicity, of fixie bikes. You do not need to worry about multiple gears. Single speed bikes only have one gear to fix.

The Peace Bicycles Difference

Peace Bikes are the only brand that feature fully equipped fixie bikes! Our bikes come standard with rear racks, front and rear lights, double kickstand, and bell. They also range in size, allowing us to accommodate any size rider.

rear rack on womens fixie bike

Robust Rear Rack

Our fixie bikes are much more unique than most sold on the market. For starters, each fixie comes equipped with a robust rear rack. This is a great addition to any bike, let alone a fixie, as riders can now use their bikes for commuting purposes. Whether you bike for relaxation on the weekends, or to work on the weekdays, a rear rack can prove useful.

Front and Rear Lighting System

The second feature that makes our fixies unique is a full front and rear lighting system. Other bikes, if they have lighting systems, it is usually either in the front or the back. The downside there with such bikes is, if you have a rear lighting system, it is difficult to see in front of the bike.

Rear lighting systems are great for letting others know your position on the road. Front lighting systems work in the opposite way. You can see from the front of your bike, but it may be hard for drivers and others to see you if they are behind you on the road. For effectively biking in low-lit areas and at night, you need both. This is where our fixie bike succeeds.

Hybrid Power System

Our women's fixie bike also features a hybrid power system. You can pedal, or you can turn on the motor and coast. Biking with a fixie is physically strenuous and some people may not be comfortable only using one gear for all types of terrain. Luckily, you can work your way up with the use of a hybrid system.

Simply bike as far as you can, turn on the motor to rest your legs, and then turn off the motor when you are ready to continue pedaling. Over time, you will notice that you are turning the motor on less and less, unless you want to.

A Commitment to Safety

A women's fixie bike is an awesome bike, and riding a fixie is a great experience. With our fixies, you can now bike at any time of the day you want, all thanks to these safety features. A rear rack, lighting system, and hybrid power system allow you to bike anywhere, and anytime.

While we prioritize fun (who doesn’t?), we prioritize safety first. Our commitment to safety shows in the commitment we take to perfect our bikes, and to help service our customers.

The Bottom Line

A women's fixie bike makes for an awesome ride. They are safe. They are simple. They are easy to ride. There are few advantages that other bikes have over fixie bikes, even when accounting for bikes with specific uses like track bikes. Join the fixie revolution and understand why so many men and women around the world love their fixie bikes today!

Be Like Sally

Sally made the right decision, not only to bike to work, but to bike using a women's fixie bike. You too can make the right decision by choosing a bike that is low-cost, low-maintenance, fun to ride, safe, and loaded with extra features. There really is no better bike on the market today, especially for commuting, than a fixie bike.

Eric Carriere

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