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Yellow beach cruisers, contrary to popular belief, aren't just plain old commuter bikes. The bright color can be very fun and a great way to attract attention to your bike. If you're one of those people who rock yellow beach cruisers and look great on them, read on.

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When you have such a bike, it's not just the bike you need. Sure, it does the job. But add some accessories to a cruiser bike, and it's instantly much better. From beach cruiser accessories, to regular bike accessories, there are a lot to choose from. And you can buy beach cruiser accessories very easily. You can turn a city cruiser bike into a completely custom cruiser bike with ease.

A helmet is essential, not only from a practical standpoint, but from a security one too. Get a phone holder for your beach cruiser handlebars, or a mirror that you'd put at the end. There are loads of things that you can add to yellow beach cruisers. And while most of them will make the bike look good, they'll also add a lot of functionality to your beach cruiser bike as well. For example, a beach cruiser bike with basket lets you buy groceries on the way home and carry your laptop or documents to work easily.

Some of the best beach cruiser bikes, such as Peace Bicycles, have some of these accessories, but many others don't. If you want your cruiser bicycle to be much more functional and safer, you'll want them. And regardless of whether you have an excellent geared bike, or a single speed one, you should get them.

Do you get any plain old beach cruiser accessories?

Now, if you went with a yellow cruiser bike, instead of the "regular" black beach cruiser, you obviously appreciate bright colors. Therefore, there's no point in getting accessories that match any bike, from a black beach cruiser, to a black and red beach cruiser. The same accessories that look good on a light blue beach cruiser might not match a light pink cruiser bike that good, or light-yellow beach cruiser bikes for that matter. Get ones that match yellow beach cruisers, and make sure they really look stunning. And not any yellow beach cruisers - for best results they should match your pale yellow beach cruiser, or your pastel yellow bike, depending on what you have.

And yes, there are plenty of them, they work well with both premium, and affordable beach cruisers, regardless of which one you've chosen. They work with men's cruiser bikes, and lady's cruiser bicycles too. So, how would you choose? Well, if you can't, we're here to help. From practical things such as a helmet or a basket, to interesting additions such as a phone holder, we have a list of things that will make your bike look great and add a lot of functionality to it. Let's begin and show you some accessories that make yellow beach cruisers look even better. Keep in mind that there are plenty of other bike accessories as well, but this is a great place to start.

A helmet is your first priority when choosing accessories for yellow beach cruisers

Well, it should be the first priority when choosing accessories for just about any bike, from a beach bike to a racing bike. A helmet is an essential thing for cyclists, and it's actually required by law in a lot of places in the world. Cycling can be dangerous, and accidents do happen, whether you pay attention or not. You might see that stop sign right before the intersection, but someone else won't, and sometimes that's all it takes. Being protected won't do you any harm. Setting it up right is also essential - you can take a look at the video below for help with that.

However, you can't just get any helmet for yellow beach cruisers - you need one that's stylish, protects well, and matches your bike and style. Therefore, we have a few options for you today. All of them have a proven track record in terms of protection, and there are cheaper ones, and more expensive ones. There are some key differences between all of them, so make sure you get the one that appeals most to you.

Giro Trinity - the all-time favorite

When it comes to helmets, a good fit is important. Giro's Trinity has a shape that fits just about anyone, and it's lightweight and comfortable. It's excellent in terms of day-to-day use, and it provides ample protection in case of a crash. There's also plenty of ventilation for those hot days as well - ideal for yellow beach cruisers.

yellow beach cruisers giro helmet

The strap is wide and there's a bulky chin strap. However, it does work very well, and is simple to set up. There's an AcuDial retention system at the back, which lets you adjust the helmet with one hand. The padding on the inside is removable, letting you wash it after a couple of rides if it gets sweaty. This is something you don't always see on a helmet at this price point, and it's very welcome here.

And the part you're all here for - it comes in a number of colors. Sure, you can get it in black or silver, but that isn't what people riding yellow beach cruisers would go for. That yellow colorway will look much better!

Bern Allston - the commuter's dream

If you'd rather shy away from a "traditional" style helmet, there's Bern's Allston. Its Zipmold+ construction will give you a 360-degree Boa system for the best possible fit. In terms of air flow, there are 16 large vents to ensure you have plenty of it. To round things up, there's a soft flip visor that provides sun protection, as well as a moisture-control liner to help you in the heat.

yellow beach cruisers bern allston helmet

The buckle and neck strap are extremely comfortable, and the helmet looks stylish both on the streets, and in your office. If you use your bike as a daily commuter, this is one of the best options. You'll look good wearing it on your head, regardless of whether you're rocking bib shorts and a jersey, or your tuxedo.

In terms of how it goes with yellow beach cruisers, well, it doesn't have to be yellow to match a yellow bike. The blue colorway will look stunning on various shades of yellow. You might even be interested in the orange and blue option, too, or the white and red, depending on what your other accessories look like.

Nutcase Street Helmet - the style variant

If you're all for style and multiple colors, there's nothing better than the Nutcase Street helmet. Available in plenty of colorways, it looks amazing on just about any bike. It also matches with just about any clothing option. Made out of an injection-molded ABS shell and EPS foam, it's durable and made to disperse energy upon impact. For ventilation and airflow, you'll find eleven vents. The three sets of foam pads let you get the fit that you need. If you want a bit more protection, you can even get it with the MIPS system.

The Fidlock magnetic buckle is very easy to snap on. There's also a removable spin dial fit system. Combine this with the foam pads, and this helmet will fit you, no matter what. You also get a detachable visor if you think you don't need one. However, we'd leave it on, it protects you from the sun a bit more. The 360-degree reflective element is amazing once the sun goes down as well.

yellow beach cruisers nutcase helmet

When we're talking matching it with yellow beach cruisers, there are plenty of ways to go about it. From the Pink Lemonade (pictured above), to the Kaleidoscope and Mini Dots options, as well as the Dots and Lumberjack ones, there are truly stunning designs. Depending on what kind of yellow your bike is, as well as your other accessories, you can pick and choose. Or if you'd rather get a plain design, there are always Electric Olive, Lighting, or Bay Blue.

Get yourself a basket that looks stunning on yellow beach cruisers

Bike baskets for cruisers, regardless of whether it's a front or rear one, can be a great accessory. It isn't just from a cosmetic standpoint, but from a practical one as well. If you want to deck out your yellow cruiser bike, you'll want one. And if you use your bike as a means of transportation, and carry things, or stop for groceries on the way back home, you'll want one. Well, honestly, there's no reason not to want one. Let's take a look at three stunning options, all of them should look incredible on a yellow beach cruiser.

Colorbasket Oval Basket - a blue stunner

Even though not yellow, an accessory doesn't have to be yellow to match yellow beach cruisers. Blue is another color that looks amazing, especially this shade of blue. The Colorbasket Oval Basket is a great option, and it's much more than just looks. The basket is made of water-resistant material, which means it won't get damaged when you leave your bike, or ride your bike, in the rain. The cord is synthetic and extremely durable, and won't crack, or splinter. When you compare this to a cheaper wicker basket, this is much safer for your fingers.

That bright blue color has an anti-fade coating on the whole material. What this means is that even if you ride or leave your bike out in the bright sun a lot, the colors won't fade. Now, five months from now, five years from now, it'll still look as blue as the day that you bought it. Each basket they make is actually hand woven, which ensures both strength and quality. It won't start becoming loose after a month of use, like some other products on the market to.

yellow cruiser bikes colorbasket

As far as specs go, you're looking at a 14.5" long, 10.75" wide and 9.75" high basket. This can fit in quite a lot of items, from things you need for work, to groceries. To put everything on your bike, there are two straps that you attach to your handlebars. This is a quick way to put your basket on your bike, and you can remove it in a second if you decide you don't really need it. When you take everything into consideration, if style is important, yet you don't want to sacrifice on durability and practicality, you should take a look at it. It does look amazing on yellow beach cruisers.

Biria City Basket - the front basket runner-up

If you want something a bit cheaper, but still pretty well made, you should take a look at Biria's City Basket. It looks really good, and both the yellow, and mint green color (pictured below) will look stunning on yellow beach cruisers. Whichever you choose to go for, you're getting a finely woven basket that's plastic coated. Due to the coating, it won't splinter, so your hands are safe. It comes in at 14 x 10 x 10", which does accommodate quite a lot of things.

yellow beach cruisers biria basket

It also has a quick release bracket. You simply mount the bracket to your handlebars and attach the basket to the bracket with a quick release mechanism. When you want to carry just the basket, there's a swing up handle at the top, which is extremely convenient. You don't have to struggle with your groceries when you're shopping - just get your basket and attach it to your bike when you're done. Now, a potential downside is that the bracket fits a 25.4mm handlebar. If you have a bigger one on your yellow cruiser bike, you'll need a different bracket. Peace yellow beach cruisers are compatible by default, so if you have one, you shouldn't worry.

If you want something that's cheap and does the job, and looks good while at it, get the Biria City Basket. As we mentioned, get it in green or yellow if you own yellow beach cruisers, and you won't be making a mistake.

Wald 582 Rear Folding Basket - last, but certainly not least

Even though when you're looking at baskets for yellow beach cruisers, you'll most likely know you're looking at a front one, rear baskets shouldn't be excluded. Many people have a problem with having the weight on the handlebars, as this might affect steering. Therefore, a rear basket is a better option for them. Enter the Wald 582. It mounts on the bike's rear rack, and neatly folds into place when you aren't using it. It can clamp to most racks that are up to half an inch in diameter, which is, honestly, most yellow beach cruisers, and other bikes as well.

yellow beach cruisers wald basket

This one is made in USA, and it is ideal for when you want to pack a bag or two of groceries. As we mentioned, when you aren't using it, the basket's base pivots up, and the side walls collapse. The whole thing is 1" thick, and there's a clamp at the top that keeps everything out of the way. When it's open, the whole basket has dimension of 12 3/4 x 7 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches. The 582 model comes with a Zinc plated finish that looks amazing, or you could opt for the 582BL or 582WH, which are powder coated. The whole thing is 2.8 lbs., which is light, and won't add unnecessary weight to yellow beach cruisers when empty.

If you do want a basket for yellow beach cruisers, but don't want to put the whole weight up front, the Wald 582 basket might be the best solution for your scenario. It looks great, it works great, and you can fold it when you don't need it, so it doesn't take up any space. What else do you need?

Yellow beach cruisers need a cup holder!

Well, all cruisers need a cup holder, actually. When it comes to carrying a cup of hot coffee on your bike, a cup holder can solve any potential issue. No spills, no mess, and a really safe way to maneuver around town with your breakfast on the bike. Anyone should have one, as getting your caffeine in the morning is an important thing for a lot of people. So, what kind of cup holders should you get for yellow beach cruisers? We have a few answers for you.

Kroozie 2.0 - The simple, yet efficient solution

Kroozie was one of the first bicycle cup holders. The Kroozie 2.0 is more of an evolution, than a revolution. It improves on a few small things, and remains the budget-friendly, high quality cup holder. If you have yellow beach cruisers, one or more, you need one. The colors to go for would be either Seafoam, or Baby Blue (both are pictured below), and both would look stunning on a yellow cruiser bike.

yellow beach cruisers kroozie

The Kroozie 2.0 has a one-piece construction and is made of stainless steel. The inside has a foam insert which holds your drink snugly, and also keeps your drink either hot or cold. On the outside it is also powder coated, which adds a bit of durability, and ensures that it isn't easily scratch-able. Put one of these on yellow cruiser bikes and you can carry your coffee, or smoothie, or even your beer, wherever you go. It fits drinks that are 12 to 24 oz in size, and the dual screw clamp will fit on any horizontal handlebar.

yellow beach cruisers kroozie

If you're wondering whether you really need a cup holder for yellow beach cruisers, yes, you do. You absolutely do. And the Kroozie 2.0 is a great combination between price and performance, with a touch of durability added to the mix. It really does do it all, and you should give it a shot and see if you like it.

Ibera CupClamp - The lightweight poly-carbonate alternative

If you'd rather get something that doesn't hold your drink that up high, and don't need the temperature to remain the same, you should maybe try the Ibera CupClamp. It's black, so it should look good on yellow beach cruisers, and it' fairly lightweight. The material of choice is poly-carbonate and adds a bit of vibration absorption. If you carry a cup that doesn't have a lid, this might be welcome as it won't spill all your coffee.

yellow beach cruisers ibera cup holder

You mount it on your handlebar, and you can either have the cup on the inside, or the outside. If you got one of our basket suggestions for yellow beach cruisers, you'll want it on the inside. The clamp is easy to mount, and the cup holder itself can be actually removed with the quick release mechanism. Fortunately, this doesn't mean that the whole thing will fall off if you hit a pothole.

As far as compatibility goes, the width of the cup you're using should be at least 3" wide when you're measuring 0.8" from the cup's top. It's best suited for lidded cups or tumblers, and the only potential downside is that if you have a hot cup of coffee, it won't stay hot for too long. There are no insulating properties to be found here. However, if you don't need any, this is a great alternative to the Kroozie.

Origin8 Joe-2-Go - As simple as they come

We can't blame you if you were to mistake the Joe-2-Go for the Ibera. However, it's a simpler, yet more sophisticated option. It trades the polycarbonate for 6061-T6 alloy, which is much more durable, and should last quite a bit. It also trades the quick release clamp for one that can't be removed that easy. This might be a bummer for some.

yellow beach cruisers cup holder origin8

This one also comes in black, and there's just a simple logo at the front that lets you know this is an Origin8 product. Very simple, yet very effective. On the inside, you'll find a non-slip rubber liner, which will hold your cup in place. Speaking of the cup, you can choose between two versions of the Joe-2-Go. Both look great on yellow beach cruisers, but one accommodates cups that are 75 to 78mm in diameter, while the other, larger one, can take 78 to 83mm cups. Depending on what your favorite coffee comes in, you should choose appropriately.

Regardless of what size you want, the Joe-2-Go is one of the simplest, yet most effective cup holders for yellow beach cruisers you can get. It's also one of the cheapest ones, making it an even better solution. If simple and long lasting is what you want, take a look at it.

A phone mount is a must on yellow beach cruisers

You've probably seen that many enthusiast cyclists have some kind of cycling computer on their bikes. They tend to be expensive, and if you only use your bike for commuting and relaxed rides, you don't really need one. You won't need heart rate information, or how many watts you put out at the crankset. All you might need is basic info such as moving speed, and maybe distance traveled or a navigation functionality. Well, chances are, if you have a smartphone, you have this already, and all you have to do is find a way to have it on your handlebars, and not in your pocket. Fortunately, you don't need to spend money on a cycling computer - just get a phone mount. We have a few that look great on yellow beach cruisers, so read on.

QuadLock Universal Kit - the best of the best

The QuadLock is the absolute best way to get your phone on your handlebars. It's safe, it works on any phone, and it has a very innovative way of attaching. With a regular cycling computer, you'd have a bracket on your phone and a mounting system on the computer itself. With the QuadLock, the bracket is actually on your phone, or phone case, depending on how you choose to set it up. You can either get their bike mount and a universal bracket that sticks to your phone or existing case or opt for one of their cases for supported devices. Whichever way you decide to go, you get a very stiff and convenient way of mounting your smartphone to yellow beach cruisers.

yellow beach cruisers phone mount

It mounts on just about any stem or handlebar, provided there's enough room for it, and the blue color matches with yellow beach cruisers impeccably. Supported tube diameters are 25 to 40mm, which covers plenty of situations, such as the handlebars you'd find on Peace Bicycles' yellow beach cruisers. It's very quick to attach and detach, with a twist and lock mechanism. This is a very secure mechanism, and even when you're going over bumps, your phone will stay on your bike.

If you don't mind paying a bit of a premium for a product that has been proven and tested in various situations, the QuadLock kit is the best possible option for you. You won't find an easier solution on the market, and it looks amazing on yellow beach cruisers - what else would you need?

Vibrelli Universal Phone Mount - the budget-oriented alternative

If the QuadLock is a bit out of your budget, or you simply can't justify spending that much on it, this should be your best alternative. The Vibrelli phone mount has a universal cradle that fits just about any phone. You can easily adjust it for your phone, and there are silicone bands on the back as well. Those bands will grip the device firmly and make sure it stays in the mount instead of flying off on the first bump. The whole thing bolts on the handlebars, and there's a ball head that lets you rotate the phone however you want, depending on your seating position.

yellow beach cruisers vibrelli mount

This isn't just a cheaper alternative, but it's also a bit simpler to use. You don't need a bracket on your phone case, or a special case. You just clip the phone on and strap it with the silicone bands - that's it. There's a five-year warranty from the manufacturer as well. You can use it on anything from yellow beach cruisers to motorbikes. You might find cheaper alternatives that claim to do the same things. However, you'll want something that really works, especially if you have a higher-end smartphone.

Team Obsidian Bike Mount - simple, yet very effective

Last but not least, we have something that, quite frankly, we weren't sure would work. When you take the Team Obsidian SILICO bike mount out of the box, all you'll see at first is a silicone band. However, the way that band works is amazing. The mount snugly holds your phone on your handlebars, absorbing much of the vibrations coming from the road. It grips the phone on all four corners, ensuring it stays put. It will mount tightly on yellow beach cruisers' handlebars. You can fit phones of various sizes, and it comes in a few sizes as well, so you can choose accordingly.

yellow beach cruisers silico phone mount

We can't blame you for thinking this isn't safe. However, we have yet to have a phone fall out from this mount and get damaged. It's both budget friendly and very simple to set up and use. If you don't want a permanent clamp on your yellow beach cruisers' handlebars, but instead something you can quickly remove when not used, you'd be hard pressed to find a better solution.

Wrapping things up

When it comes to yellow beach cruisers, choosing accessories for them can be a tricky thing. Not all colors match, and getting black accessories isn't always the best choice. If you can get something that matches, and get some style points while doing it, why wouldn't you? With the accessories above you have a pretty well rounded out kit that you can use on a daily basis - just choose whichever helmet, basket, cup holder and phone mount works for you, and ride on!

Andrej Hadji-Vasilev