Corporate and retail


If you’re interested in becoming a Peace Bicycles stocklist in the USA, please contact us at or 1-847-877-9967 (before midday).


Picture your employees riding around on our beautiful bicycles during their lunch break. This keeps employees happy while improving employer image. Now picture your Hotel/Inn/B&B guests taking the bikes out to explore the surrounding city/area. They’ll love the option. Drop us a line and we’ll take care of your bicycle needs with a proposal in 48 hours. Call us today at 847-877-9967 or email us at to learn how easy it is to have bikes delivered and ready for your business.


… although we have 8” of snow on the ground right now and cannot use our bikes until Spring, we love our new bikes! Our new Peace Bikes will be an employee benefit allowing employees to ride to work, ride to restaurants at lunch or ride around town after work.”

Douglas W Pelletier President, Trifecta Technologies

“I purchased two Peace Bicycles (one Seafoam step-through and one Black straight-bar) and these bikes are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been longing to take both of them on long rides (I’m 5’8″, so each frame size will work for me), but the weather has been too crappy to do more than test ride them around the neighborhood so far this winter. Even those short rides, however, have been wonderful, and I anticipate years of happiness enjoying both of my Peace bicycles.

By the way, the reason I bought two bikes is because I have a backyard airBNB and wanted to be able to offer both as rentals when I have a couple staying at my property. The convenience of renting bicycles on-site instead of from a bike shop can’t be beat, and there isn’t another bike in Austin that compares to these two beauties. Plus, being able to rent a couple of high quality and stylish 7-speed city cruisers to my guests will only make my rental property even more unique and full-service for my guests!”

Denise (“East Side Tiny Pad” airBNB host), Austin, TX