You decided you were going to get a bike. How do you choose one? Well, join us as we show you six tips to choosing the right bike!


Comfort is impacted by things such as the frame and seating position, tires, handlebars and seat. If all of those things are meant for comfort on your bike, you’ll enjoy every minute of it. We also recommend a chromoly frame and fork which absorbs the road well and is still lightweight, upright seating position bike geometry, comfy non-hard leather saddle, and curved handlebars.


We aren’t just talking about mudguards that will keep you dry and clean, but also wheel guards. As far as accessories go, a bell, a sturdy kickstand and a rack or front basket (or both) should have you covered.


The perfect compromise between weight and stiffness is a chromoly steel frame and alloy components. This is both durable, and lightweight and comfortable. It also helps a lot with the next point, which is …

Rust resistance

Always look for a bike that has components made of alloy, and a frame made of chromoly steel. They won’t rust, and they’ll last you a good while.

Ease of riding

You should go for a multi-speed model. More gears do mean a touch more maintenance, and a bit more weight, but you get a lot more versatility.

Fully Equipped

Get a bike that comes with all the accessories you want standard or you’ll be spending time figuring out what’s compatible which isn’t always so easy.

What’s a good example of a bike that covers all of the above?

If you’ve looked around, chances are you’ve found comfortable bikes, lightweight bikes, or good looking bikes. But have you found one that does all of the things we mentioned? One that doesn’t compromise in any of these six key areas? That’s the “right bike”. And a great example is the Peace Bicycles Dreamer.

You get to choose between a Diamond Frame, and a Step Through model. Apart from the frame type, both are basically the same. They come with a very comfortable ride, alloy components, and a 7-speed drivetrain that makes them a pleasure to ride. They also come with a chainguard, mudguards, wheel guards, front and rear lights, and a rear rack. This makes them an overall very complete bike, one you can just get on and ride immediately!


We’ve had some notable riders!

PEACE is the sound of a revolution in exercizing and commuting. Whereas other bicycle brands are constantly cheapening their products, we are learning from customer feedback and making our products better.

While other bicycle and transportation companies sell bikes, Peace is the only online company that provides fully equipped bicycles that keep you safe, comfortable without going to the store or making multiple purchases buying accessories. Not to mention testing the compatibility of racks, guards, lights and more.

At Peace, we say we like to “ go out and feel like kids again! ”. Our line is a super multitasker that can replace many stops at stores and online searches.

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Peace Bicycles are easily delivered

  1. to your home for you to assemble

  2. 100% assembled and tuned to your door for $139

  3. or to a local bike shop for assembly

They are exclusively sold on the Peace website.

Peace products come in well-packaged recyclable boxes that make assembly easy.

Peace Step Through, a step through for easy-to-get-into, legs that don’t want to lift high.

Peace Diamond, a sporty horizonal top bar that comes with a vintage string coat guard.

Peace Elec, an electrified version of our line that’s interchangeable, lightweight, goes up to 28MPH, and has a battery that lasts for 25 – 40 Miles per charge.



Don’t want to spent another second thinking about assembly? Just choose our 100% assembled to your door option and we’ll arrange assembly and delivery for your bikes anywhere in the USA. Estimated time for delivery: 3-7 days. Here are some of the beach cruisers we offer for sale online:

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Check out all bikes here

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Common Questions we get….

How do I contact Peace Bicycles?

Call us at any time at 847-877-9967. Ask for Mike, Cindy, or Shaneye at our customer service department. We’re available 24/7.


Click the chat box on the site


Email us a

How do you pick the right size?

Sizing is easy. Check out the sizing on the size dropdowns on the product page.

Can you get it fully assembled?

Yes, we have a 100% assembled and tuned option for $139.

Should I buy online? What are the advantages of buying a bike online?

Price Advantage of Buying Direct: Since we do not sell through retailers which charge for promotional costs, we pass the savings on to you.

Product Advantage: With Peace Bicycles you get a bike you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Our Dreamer bikes are sold exclusively on this eCommerce site.

Knowledge/Customer Care Advantage: We stand 100% behind our brand and will provide the best customer experience humanly possibly. While bike shops sell many brands, we sell only one – ours – and are dedicated to it specifically. We can answer any question you may have quickly.

Bike Accessories Advantage: When buying a bike online you can get many accessories that are not available in a local bike shop or a department store. When you buy a bike package at the Peace Bicycles online store, you can get some exquisite accessories with your purchase.

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Common Questions we get….

Try our line of comfortable ergonomic bicycles by PEACE! You’ll love them.

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Where will I get the bike serviced?

All local brick and mortar bike shops would love to service your bicycle.

Can I return it or cancel my purchase?

Yes. We want you to be 100% satisfied ? Return for free within 30 days.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a one year warranty on all frames and forks and (14) days replacement on all other original components and all Peace Bicycles brand repair parts, and accessories.

Is it safe to shop on Peace

Yes. Our website is built in accordance with the latest security standards. All transactions are secure and through either major credit card merchant via Paypal or Stripe.

How soon will I get my bike?

If you buy your bicycle at Peace Bicycles eCommerce store, your bike gets shipped to you the same day or the next day, depending what time of the day you complete your purchase. We use UPS to deliver your bicycle. It takes on average 3 to 5 days to deliver. If you order on Monday, you could have a brand new bicycle at your door by Thursday or Friday.

If I don’t live in the US, can I buy your bicycles online?

Yes. We ship all around the world. Just sent us an email at or text 847-877-9967.

Where can I find Peace Dreamer bicycle reviews?

You can find Verified Reviews on our product pages. Reviews can be of great help when selecting your bike model.

It’s about health. It’s about comfort. It’s about Time.

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What people are saying about us…

Below are a few reviews from people who bought the Dreamer, and they all love it – see for yourself!

“I am so pleased with my Dreamer Step-Through. It is so comfortable to ride. The seating position is gentle on my back and neck and the pedaling is almost effortless. Additionally, it is such a beautiful bicycle. People on the street shout out to me, “Nice Bike!” “Beautiful Bike!” AND, it’s lightweight enough that I can actually lift it into my truck bed and lift it out (and that’s saying REALLY LIGHT.) It makes me smile a lot!” Step-Through in Pink Customer – Carol L. “I am using my bike for commuting to work and such. The reason I choose Peace Bicycles cause it was everything I wanted and needed in a bike all in one package. From the lights to the bell the rear rack fenders chain guard spoke guard and such. Also it looks nice and classic authentic.” – Step Through in Black Customer – Jason L. “Ordered a Diamond, have had it a couple of weeks now. Easily the best bike I’ve ever owned, the miles are so easy on this thing. I get comments every time I go out on how great it looks, too. Kudos!” – Diamond Frame in Cream Customer – Greg R.

“IT is fabulous. Comfortable riding. When it is not raining and in the 30 degree range outside, I am usually pedaling around town at least 2-3 times a week. Would highly recommend. I fell in love with the European Gazelle bicycle when I was in Germany, but unable to obtain a non E-Bike version here in the states. I did a lot of research on similar bikes that were available and I am very happy with my purchase of the peace bicycle.” Step Through Customer in Night Blue – Karen R.

“Your bikes are works of art. Really looking forward to years of use. I hope your business thrives beyond measure. If our bikes perform as well as we hope over the next few months, I think we would like to link your site on our website if that is ok with you. My wife’s a family doc who, quite rightly, continually promotes to her patients preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles, so biking fits right into that…and I know of no bikes locally that even come close to the form, function and beauty of yours. Thanks again for all your help.” Step Through and Diamond Customers in Cream and Night Blue – Paul D.

“My bike makes me feel cool…. It impresses everyone at the pier concerts in Santa Monica and I can ride around Abbot Kinney with my friends. It rained the other day and I have got to say that the guards do a great job of protecting my clothes from getting super dirty!!” – Laura S. “My wife and I ordered a few bikes last Christmas and I’ve got to say they really get us out and riding more. I feel like these are our nice premium car bikes that we take our around the neighborhood to feel the breeze in. Much like a nice car ride around town to break up a day. Also, love the vintage spoke guard on my diamond. Cheers.”
– Frank L.

Wrapping things up

At the end of the day, choosing the right bike for you is all about getting a bike that does the job you need it for, with ease and comfort. It’s a pretty individual thing. However, if you listen to the tips and tricks above, you end up with a bike that you love and will use for years to come.