Here at Peace Bicycles, we truly want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase* If for any reason you are not satisfied after buying an IN STOCK bike, you may return the product within 30 days following for a full refund.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT REFUNDS FOR PRE-ORDERS: pre-orders not applicable; pre-orders that are in route ( on way to you ) are not applicable; pre-order bikes are made to order, reserve your bike, and are not refundable. Bike manufacturers require large MOQ  (minimum order quantity) orders to place bikes into production and pre-order funds are used to secure the manufacturing of these orders.

SHIPPING DATES ARE ESTIMATES: There may be delays from Covid-19 side effects that are out of our control including parts shortages ( bikes are in great demand around the world and even one part can stop production to a halt ), covid-related slowdown like new variants which slow down inspection at port etc., and port congestion delays because ports were not designed to take in such a high influx of ships. Currently bikes are taking sometimes 3-9+ months longer to come in for some models because of these delays. Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure you get the bike you want. 

We’ve been around for 14 years and our aim is to make you a happy customer. We want you to know these things upfront and understand why we have such a policy. We try very hard to get these bikes to you asap and hope you’re staying healthy!

*100% assembled to your door not applicable