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Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D
Step Through 7-speed D

"The upright seating position is gentle on my back and neck"

-Joann S., - Step Through 7-speed D Customer

Step Through 7-speed D

4.63 out of 5 based on 52 customer ratings
52 reviews



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In true Dutch fashion, this easy to get on and off bike features designer styling & an upright seating position. Comes fully equipped in 5 beautiful head turning colors.

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  • 41 - Fits most riders 4'10" - 6'1"+
  • 45.5 - Fits most riders 5'2" - 6'1"+
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Key Bike Features:

  • True COMFORT Dutch style bicycle
  • Upright sitting position frame and handlebar geometry
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleur hub transmission
  • Upgradable to Electric Version
  • Very comfy leatherette saddle
  • Sturdy double kickstand
  • Custom full coat guard and chain guard
  • Front and rear LED battery powered lights
  • Solid rear rack with spring clip for easy goods carrying
  • Fits easily on car rear rack
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How much does it weigh?

34 Pounds

How much can it carry?


How many speeds?

7 Speeds

Product Description

*** In-stock bikes ship in approximately same day before 2Pst or next day ***


cream beach cruiser
We're proud of the amazing reaction our designer Dreamer Step Through bikes get in the streets thanks to their flawless vintage look, unusual signature colors, ergonomic frame geometry, color-coordinated details and luxury balloon tires. Getting on and off is a breeze with the classic Dutch style step through bike frame design.

***What is a step through bike?***

cream beach cruiser

The step through bike, also known as the low-step frame or open frame, is a bike that features a low or non existent top tube. The step through frame was traditionally known as a women's, ladies, or girls frame mostly because of the bikes' ease for riding while wearing dresses or
skirts. Bike designs with a top tube, also called a Diamond Frame Bike, were known as gentleman's, men's or boys. The concept that this is a woman's bike just does not hold true anymore. These days it is common to see men riding a step through bike frame bike and women riding a diamond bike frame as each is simply a matter of preference. A step through bike offers many advantages that are
quite unique. For the rider looking for an easy mount and dismount, the step through offers a perfect solution. This makes it great for a ride that has many stops. With this type of frame there is also less risk of ripping or stretching your clothes when getting on and off while wearing a skirt or dress pants. This is especially true thanks to the skirt guard and chain guard included standard with each bike. These kinds of bikes are also great for
elderly as they're easy get on and off. Also, in the situation where a rider loses balance, they can step through the bicycle without becoming intertwined.


A 7-speed transmission lets you quickly accelerate from start, go fast and climb hills easier.

***Commute and Cruise***

Take this city bike out on a fashionable cruise through town, down a grassy path in the countryside, to the beach for a day of sunning, or for your commute to work. But beware
... heads will turn!


cream beach cruiser
The Dreamer Step Through bicycle comes fully equipped standard. To keep your clothes clean, there are fenders,
custom chain guard and a custom spoke-guard. For your utility, there is a rear rack with spring clip for carrying things / pannier bags around. Having all these features standard saves you shopping time, money and lets you start commuting the same day


For your safety, we included front and rear battery-powered lights to increase visibility at night, and a beautiful golden bell for whizzing through a crowded city. A pair of dual action caliper brakes assures fast, reliable braking. Plus the reflective strips on tires will make you more visible at night.
best comfort bikes on the market.


Achieving maximum comfort is one of our main goals, so we built a high-tensile steel frame that absorbs the road better and along with the raised handlebar allows for upright riding position to save your back. A custom vintage spring-loaded saddle will keep your buttocks comfy and balloon tires will allow for a comfortable ride even on unpaved/potholed roads. At 34 pounds, it's also lighter than most fully-equipped Dutch Bikes. There is also a kickstand for easy parking. Learn more about why Dreamer Step Through Bikes are some of the best comfort bikes on the market.


cream beach cruiser
The quality of our bikes can be seen in many
elements including polished frame welding, stainless steel hardware, 3-layer paint, Shimano transmission, and  balloon tires made with puncture proof Kevlar guard, the highest quality balloon tires available.

***Great Attention To Detail***

You'll also love the attention to detail we put in the designer metal 3D headbadge, color matching grips, saddle with engraved logo and pouch hinges, and bell with engraved logo.

Weight: 34 Pounds (fully equipped)

Step Over Height: 19 Inches

Frame: PEACE hi-tensile steel frame, with bottle holder, fender and rear rack braze-ons

Fork: PEACE hi-tensile steel fork, with fender, light and front rack braze-ons

Handlebar: Alloy

Stem: Alloy

Headset: 1″ threaded steel

Grips: PEACE designer grips, closed Alloy End Cap

Freewheel: Shimano MF-TZ20 7spd 14-28t Freewheel

Crankset: 1/2″x3/32″X44T, steel chainrings, alloy forged crank

Chain: KMC Z51RB, 1/2″x3/32″, anti-rust, steel

Pedals: Alloy, with Kraton black pads, reflectors

Brakes: NEW Front/Rear Alloy Linear-Pull

Shifter: Shimano 7-speed Revoshift twist shifter

Derailleur: Shimano 7-speed

Brake Levers: Alloy V-brake lever

Saddle: NEW PEACE Comfort Saddle

Seat post: Alloy

Seat post clamp: Alloy 1 bolt

Tires: NEW Kenda Balloon, brown

Inner tubes: Schrader valve

Rims: Alloy, single wall, machined brake surface

Spokes: Stainless steel 14G

Chainguard: PEACE full chainguard, alloy

Kickstand: Alloy, center mount, double kickstand

Fenders: Alloy full fenders

Fender Struts: Stainless steel

Spoke guard: Solid plastic with matching color

Bell: Bronze designer bell

Front Light: Battery-powered, tear-shaped light, on/off

Rear Light: Battery-powered, rack mount, with red reflector, on/off

Rear Rack: Chrome plated steel rear rack, w/ fixing stays and steel spring clamp

Wheel Reflectors: PVC, clear

Extra’s: Allen Keys, Wrench

Since our inception in 2014, we have manufactured many bicycles and know that suppliers and factories can sometimes change our bicycle specifications and make it clear that they are “subject to change without notice”. They do this because bicycles are made from 100’s of parts which are sourced from many vendors. For this reason, our bikes may be slightly different from their images, and we cannot ensure that they will be exactly as specified.

Covid has also added a new layer of uncertainty for parts because there is so much demand for parts all around the world. For this reason we reserve the right to change product specifications at any time without notice. Please be sure we’ll always use our discretion to ensure quality.

shipping dutch bike


“Ship to a bike mechanic/ home” is FREE

UPS Ground – Estimated 1-6 business days

Your bike will be shipped as we receive it from production in one of our 85% assembled boxes straight to your nearest bike shop/mechanic or to your home. With this option you will need to schedule an appointment with a reputable bike shop in your area and secure transport of the large bike box or assemble it yourself. (Bike Shops prefer a week’s heads up on average). Average bike shop assembly service costs are $85-$200. To make sure you have the safest possible biking experience, we only recommend assembly by professional bicycle mechanics.


“100% assembled to your door” for $199

Shipped Ups Ground – Estimated 7-10 business days – Turnaround varies on seasonality/schedule of local mechanics.

Your bike will either be shipped to a bike shop, assembled and then delivered or we’ll have a mobile bike repair shop come out and assemble at your location. Bike(s) will be assembled to 100%, tuned, and the mechanic will then fit the bike for you as well:)


If out of the Continental USA:

Please email us at or call 847-877-9967.

*you must take care of all requisite duty and tax.


Alaska / Hawaii

Please email us at or call 847-877-9967.

*you must take care of all requisite duty and tax.


Everywhere else

Please email us at or call 847-877-9967.

*you must take care of all requisite duty and tax.


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with my Dreamer Step-Through. It is so comfortable to ride. The seating position is gentle on my back and neck and the pedaling is almost effortless. Additionally, it is such a beautiful bicycle. People on the street shout out to me, “Nice Bike!” “Beautiful Bike!” AND, it’s lightweight enough that I can actually lift it into my pick-up truck bed and lift it out (and that’s saying REALLY LIGHT.) It makes me smile a lot!


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I was hesitant about a peach colored bike but I am so very happy that I tossed all cares to the wind and bought one anyway. It can really grow on you, you know? I love everything about this bike and when we are together we blend effortlessly into one!


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I’m 61 and have been riding this bike for 2 weeks in seafoam. May I first start by saying that it’s a total joy as the saddle hugs your bottom and the upright frame make it an extra joy ride! I thought the Seafoam color was going to be lighter, but it’s actually very translucent and I like to take picture of it in different lights. Mike was easy to work with and I’ve got to say they have really good customer service which is uncommon!


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I am very much enjoying my cream colored Dreamer Step-thru model. While production on the initial run ran way past the delivery date, it is not uncommon in a manufacturing process to experience this. The long wait was worth it! Yes – you will constantly get comments. Lock your baby up with a quality lock. Aside from the visuals, I live in a very hilly community and I appreciate the 7-gears that transition pretty smoothly. Important: I have MAJOR back issues and have been thru surgery, etc. I will tell you that I am able to ride my Dreamer comfortably. The upright position really is helpful. I had troubles with my light not working but I was sent a replacement pretty quick. All in all, I would make this purchase again.


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Stunning, everyone asks me about my bike!! Smooth ride too. I just Wish it had a double kickstand!


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Not only does this bike looks nice but it rides nicely for a commute or general biking. I added a basket and carrier bag that fit nicely. I am impressed with the seat because when you ride over a bump or roughness, you don’t feel it. It was easy to put together. It has two lights, front and back which can be turned on or off. I received a lot of compliments on my first ride of 10 miles.


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    my bike is for exercise, grocery runs, visits with friends, riding with friends, and because I love to ride, alone most times. only activity that makes me feel free as a bird – as if I’m 10 once again !

    aspects: name…who could resist anything with the possibility of peace?
    for dreaming, whether a precursor to execution of a dream or
    plain wistful dreaming — like breathing. no spandex, living and riding in whatever garment of the day. it’s nostalgia…… without a tinge of
    feeling manipulated…….aesthetically — lots of energy for an inanimate object 🙂


    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Just bought this bike to do as the Dutch do and ride my bike to the store etc. without getting my pants stuck in the chain. Puts your body in a comfortable position. It is very cool looking and smooth and fun to ride. Makes me smile. I purchased a Nantucket basket from amazon as well for the authentic look and function. Bike Arrived in just a few days. Love it!

We go the extra mile to ensure quality

Our bikes undergo a strict CPSC testing process to ensure they meet USA Biking standards.

Frequently asked questions

How do I contact Peace Bicycles?

1)Text us any time at 847-877-9967 or
2)Email us at or
3)Use our Chat box.

What are the assembly options?

1) Choose FREE shipping at checkout and send the bike to your home. Assembly instructions and all tools needed are included inside the box.
2) Choose FREE shipping at checkout and
send the bike to your bike shop/mobile mechanic service of choice.
3) Choose our 100% assembled option, and we will arrange 100% assembled delivery to your door.

What is the tire size of your Step Through and Diamond Bikes?

We use mostly 26 x 2.15 balloon tires which provide both cushion and speed.

What is the difference between Internal and Derailleur Transmissions?

Internal transmissions are premium, more weatherproof, feature an improved internal gear mechanism for a smoother ride, are less to maintain, and allow you to change gears without pedaling.

Derailleur transmissions are still our most popular style and do an awesome Job yet you have to pedal when changing gears.

I'm in between the 41 and 45.5 size bikes. Which size should I choose?

If you’re in between sizes, we recommend the 41 size. The only difference between sizes is the length of the seat tube which the saddle stem can always replace. This way if you’re right on the cusp you can always lower the saddle if you need. With a 45.5 it could be too tall.

4.63 out of 5
Base On 52 reviews
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